Per Duncan Delaware is “lying” to our children.

Due to ‘No Child Left Behind’ law, some states lowered standards By Kay Mathews.

“A federal study found that, in order to avoid sanctions under the No Child Left Behind law, almost one-third of states studied lowered their academic proficiency standards in recent years”

“The study by the U.S. Department of Education’s research arm found that some states “had been redefining proficiency down, allowing a lower score on a state test to qualify as proficient.” From 2005 to 2007, 15 states lowered their proficiency standards in fourth- or eighth-grade math or reading. Those states, according to the study, that lowered one or more standards were: Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Eight that raised one or more standards were Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia.”

“The New York Times quotes Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as saying, “At a time when we should be raising standards to compete in the global economy, more states are lowering the bar than raising it. We’re lying to our children.”

DSTP “Cut Points” Approved by Board of Education  “Dover, Del.–October 20, 2005 The State Board of Education today approved recommendations from Secretary of Education Valerie A. Woodruff to adjust some performance standards or “cut points” for reading, mathematics and writing at grades 3, 5, 8 and 10 for the Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP). The State Board also approved cut points that have been established for the first time for grades 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9 in the same content areas”

Don’t worry folks, Markell and his business roundtable  associates has Arne Duncan and Joe Biden in their pockets. Race to the Top funding is a done deal for Delaware! 

Arne Duncan’s Australian Sex Tape

You need to trust Washington


National DSTP in the pipeline

Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently announced that the federal government will be spending up to $350 million to create standardized tests compatible with whatever standards are agreed upon by the Common Core State Standards Initiative. So far, 46 states have signed on to participate in the drafting of the educational standards.

Race off the Cliff

National Academy of Sciences Releases Report: Will Duncan/Obama Listen

“Today, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report critiquing Obama/Duncan’s “Race to the Top” agenda, affectionately known around here as the “Race off the Cliff,” or “Duncan’s Dumbo Circus.” Below are some key snippets that, hopefully, Arne has time to read between his pick-up games and bogus “Listening Tour” appearances [all bolds mine; h/t to George Sheridan on”

Arne Duncan caught on tape wheeling and dealing

Check if out! Arne Duncan in blue shirt or obviously the only white guy. This video appears to be from when he was CEO of Chicago’s schools.

Testimony of Arne Duncan  House Education and Labor Committee Thursday, July 17, 2008

“Let me also thank Representative Danny Davis for his longstanding leadership on a myriad of policy issues from this committee that have benefited the Chicago Public Schools.”

Yea Arne don’t forget to thank him for the bacon and eggs in the backroom deals

Arne Duncan masturbates at the U of D

“The best ideas in education are never going to come from Washington,” he said. “They’re always going to come from the local level.” Arne Duncan

What a fucking idiot ! Duncan’s $4.35 billion dollar Race to the Top plan was hatched in his own head. His plan takes more local control away from local school districts and give “Washington” greater control. Furthermore, why is that states have to compete for a piece of the Race to the Top pie ? Why can’t individual schools compete for a piece if the pie? Nearly $900,000,000.00 million dollars of Race to the Top find will go to administrative fees from the states DOEs, school districts, charter school management companies. Markell will reduce the states budget for public schools and supplant it with federal monies.

“Delaware has a chance, I think, to lead the country. This is a state of manageable size. … Delaware can help lead us where we need to go,” said Duncan.

Yes, federal takeover pushing Duncan plan for one uniform set of standards nationwide followed by one standardized test hold teachers accountable not governors, state DOE’s, superintendents, principals, and failed business plans such as the business roundtable’s DSTP. Local school boards along with teachers will be the first to take the fall. WE DON’T NEED A FEDERAL DSTP!

Duncan said he also wants to push the agenda for the K-12 side of education, and the money to drive that change has to be dramatically increased.

Duncan wants “change” to drive federal takeover of public schools beyond federally funded programs. Just like  NCLB,  ADWA (Arne Duncan Wants it All) his vision won’t come with 100% funding which will draw from local tax dollars. What we invision won’t be reality until we can pay for it.

“Simply propping up the status quo doesn’t get us as a country where it needs to go,” he said.

What a fuck-stick! Duncan comes to town to support Rodel’s mission led by their puppet Jack Markell who charged $50.00 a ticket. Also, how much did it cost the taxpayers to cover the cost of all those from DOE and the school districts like Merv who should be at their desk doing their real jobs not serving Rodel? Why was this event on a school day? Why wasn’t it free like at the Carpenter Center? Surely Skipper could have footed the bill.

The $4.35 billion stimulus is a great opportunity on the local level, and his education department is looking for states that are willing to raise the bar, he said.

Dip-shit Duncan, we did that with DSTP long before  NCLB and Governor Carper bent over for the business roundtable who crafted DSTP. Also, it was the researchers at the U of D who stepped up and proclaimed DSTP flawed and forces teachers to teach to the test.

In addition, Duncan addressed the need to improve student assessments, to open schools beyond six hours a day, five days a week and nine months a year, to continue teaching the arts within the school curriculum, and to make sure the best teachers go to places where they are needed.

McFly McDuncan, you’re talking increasing education funding by a least 25%! That’s 250 million dollars from the state, 65 million dollars from local taxpayers, 225 billion dollars from the feds. How in the fuck are you going to put the best teachers where needed when you assoicated schools of high poverty that often struggle in part due to social events beyond the school doors?

“There are no good schools without good principals,” Duncan said during a question-and-answer session. “They just don’t exist. So you can argue that this is the most important thing you can do.

The assignment of principals is done by the superintendents and approved by the school boards. Those asignments in most part are done based on who will kiss the superundents’ asses and keep their mouths shut. Principals are giving budgets but at told how and when to spend them. 

 “His focus on some local control and allowing districts and states to approach things is refreshing,” Meney said.

George get your head out of your ass! Duncan wants more charter schools in the Colonial School District because your teachers like all others throughout Delaware have failed students. George, why is RTT tied to requirements states will increase more charter schools?

Tuesday’s conference, titled “Vision 2015 and Delaware’s Race to the Top,” also included speakers such as Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and Paul Herdman, chairman of the Rodel Foundation, a major financial backer of Vision 2015, an education reform plan that seeks to make Delaware a world leader in education by that year.

There you have it, Jack Markell and his puppet masters. Many of the same ass-wipes who pushed former Governor Tom Carper to sign DSTP that was crafted by the business roundtable. Markell Markell “recveived  1,000’s of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ campaign from the founders of Rodel and Markell was molded by the as a  Rodel Fellow at the Aspen institute where WBD is a board member .   ” Governor Markell is a Henry Crown Fellow and a Rodel Fellow at the Aspen Institute.”

Deadliest month ever on Obama’s watch

October is deadliest month ever for GIs in Afghanistan

“The deaths bring to 55 the total number of American troops killed in October in Afghanistan. The previous high occurred in August, when 51 U.S. soldiers died and the troubled nation held the first round of its presidential elections amid a wave of Taliban insurgent attacks.”

Obama beats his own record of 51 in August.  The general calls for more troops and the president sits on his ass! Dam shame our own president and vice president ties the hands of the commanders in the field who are requesting more troops.

Afghanistan another Vietnam, a politicians war!

Biden and Markell’s 10 a.m announcement

Update 10/27/2009: Joe Biden wins the day !

I’ll have to admit it looks like Joe Biden was the one to pull the rabbit out of  hat not Markell. It’s obvious Joe Biden was the driving force in getting Fisker to come to Delaware.  Markell can take all the credit he wants but Joe Biden is the hero of the day. So, looks like Beau Biden may get a boost out of Joe’s magic. At least we know for sure Joe’s stimulus money will produces new jobs!   

Look for Biden and Markell to make an announcement at the G.M. Boxwood plant 10 a.m. Tuesday October 27, 2009.  looks like Fisker auto is a done deal!


Fisker website

Arne Von Duncan

“Perfect Storm for Reform”

He reiterated his plan to overhaul the landmark No Child Left Behind Act, including not allowing states to set their own standards, which, he said, led to a dumbing down of standards in many states, including Illinois.

Again, federal takeover of local control of America’s public schools

He wants comprehensive data systems that allow states not only to track student performance every step of the way, but track teacher effectiveness and relate it back to their colleges of education.

Kind of odd accountablity=  student to teacher to teacher’s teacher. So what’s the plan to hold administrators and state’s DOEs accountable?  

What next hold the doctors  who delivered the failing students accountable?

That’s all we need a DSTP on the national level!



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