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Lavelle to run for governor 2012?

Does DL Jason oppose open government?

Question of the Early Evening

July 30th, 2009 • By jason330

“When the The Caesar Rodney Institute’sGarrett Wozniak puts up a database allowing students to go online and look up how much their teachers make (or don’t make), I wonder if he’ll put his salary info up as well. For the sake of…you know… transparency.”

“What’s good for schools is good for so-called non-paritsan think tanks right?”

Come on Jason are you for open government or not? CRI isn’t funded by the state and it’s government we want to be transparent. I am not all that thrilled seeing teachers’ salary by name however they are state employees. Blaming Garrett, others members and sponsors of CRI for doing the right thing when government refuses to do so is unjust. Big deal if he gets paid for his role. Who cares who donates and we should thank them for providing the means for the public to see the truth.

Governor Markell made an executive order ordering the state checkbook online by July 30, 2009 which seems not to have materialized. Perhaps I am wrong! Can anyone provide me a link to Markell’s promised state online checkbook?

Make note it was Copeland and Lavelle who stepped up and introduced legislation to require the online checkbook.

What’s interesting here is those behind CRI didn’t have to make the information public and could have milked the data for political agendas. CRI has been on the drawing board for some time and I am glad they didn’t back-down when Markell made his announcement promising online checkbook by July 30th. Perhaps Markell should just fund CRI to follow through on his failures.