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DSTP a deep seeded Delaware politcal agenda ?

I don’t know who Veritas is over at FixRedClay  but he/she knows the issues assoicated with DSTP.

But I say , DSTP has lowered the bar for many students who have no problems meeting their academic achievement. DSTP has taken the art out of teaching and watered it down. Title 1 the core existence of NCLB aka ESEA that has been around since 1965 has provided high poverty children with extra help.

The failure of Title 1 is a result of the “managers” of education taking a supplemental program and making it supplant.

Without Title 1 NCLB would implode. The requirement of testing and accountability associated with NCLB were added because many U.S. legislators were ready to dump Title 1. There have been move gains in closing the achievement gap between 2000 NCLB and 2009 than 1965 ESEA and 2000. Manager of education were given a wakeup call that federal supplemental education dollars are not “supplant” and the schools must be accountable.

Teaching is an art that requires a level of passion and creativity. The failure of managers who set the stage for the harsh but necessary federal accountability has “forced” teachers to teach to a test focused on bring students up to minimal academic standards at the cost of holding higher achieving students back.

The key indicators of a student’s path to academic success can be known by the time a student makes it to the third grade.  The intensity of early intervention is nothing more than a band-aid for many students who lack a support network that is necessary beyond the school day. DSTP has proven one valuable thing which is, intense intervention is needed from K-12 and middle schools are in dire need of serious intervention resources.

The cost of K-12 intervention required to close the achievement gap would be at the cost of providing things like AP courses and services to allow those with the ability to reach for their highest potential.  

DSTP is viewed upon as an evil flawed test and many forget and perhaps have no clue of its history. DSTP is not a test but rather a program representative of legislators, Tom Carper and Ruth Ann Minner who appeased lobbyists who funded their campaigns. It’s ironic that the save legislators who helped delivered DSTP point the finger at teachers for the failure but yet those same legislator no see the flaws within DSTP.

DSTP has done nothing but forced the frontline and most valuable education service providers “teachers” to dumb down to a social experiment called DSTP aka a social shipping post beating children for the failure of Delaware state legislators, Tom Carper, Ruth Ann Minner and a Delaware business roundtable who felt they knew best than those more qualified in education.

Perhaps there was a hidden agenda within the creation of DSTP that set it up to failure in order to justify the advancement of charter schools within Delaware. There is a deep seeded agenda to bust the teacher’s union no to improve education but rather the seed in busting all government employee unions. The teacher’s union is the big domino and when it falls the others will tumble down.

Children and their education needs are secondary to the political agendas that have to do with power struggles. The reason school board election is not at the same time in Delaware (November) as the general election is legislator long ago  felt it was necessary to keep a level of separation of politics from intruding in Delaware public schools.

Desegregation in Delaware schools lit the political fuse in efforts for the status quo to tactfully circumvent forced busing. The level of political influence ran deep enough to allow racists to hold the political pens that crafted charter school and choice school laws.

The odds are if desegregation did not take place the need for charter schools today would not exist. The argument that minorities do participate in charter schools by “choice” has some validity. However, the same argument was made years ago that minorities were not denied a free public education but obvious their school assignments wasn’t by choice. Some say we still have segregation within Delaware public schools via quirks Delaware charter schools laws that allows selective admission where students are denied entry based upon poor academic achievement. It appears that Delaware charter schools have a dividing line in admissions that sorts underachieves and overachievers whereas DSTP results factor in at certain charter school.

I don’t question the need for charter schools and magnet schools. However, I question those Delaware politicians and the so-called Delaware educational reformist involvement in devising the DSTP that was doomed before its implementation in spring 1998. Now that the momentum for advancement for charter schools has firm footing the preplanned political failure of DSTP has served its purpose. Ironically it was teachers not legislators who pushed for the growth model method of assessment and now it’s a wonderful idea supported even by President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Why wasn’t the growth model a wonderful idea back in 1998 when educators who weren’t in the pockets of politician?

Though no way comparable to war crimes, the negative impact DSTP has caused to Delaware public schools has unjustly harmed children. Tom Carper is a U.S. legislator sponsored by those who dictated to him their blueprint for educational reform. As Carper signed the DSTP legislation he proudly claimed, his pockets were being filled with funding to run for senate. Holding teachers and schools accountable for failing to meet the DSTP standards at the same time praising Tom Carper for his contributions to Delaware educational reform is a social injustice.

Years ago then Governor Tom Carper told a bunch of third graders at a school assemble to “shut up”. Tom Carper also told leading educators and education researchers who were experts in their field to shut up after the pointed out the obvious flaws within DSTP.

NCLB is flawed but DSTP was in emotion long before NCLB. Bottom-line is DSTP does have a face and that face belongs to Tom Carper. When Tom Carper boasts about reforming Delaware’s public education please remind him of his DSTP blunder.

Accountability starts at the top not the bottom and when there is a breakdown at the top it’s those at the bottom paying the price.    

“1997– design of the authority from a state board to the governor. Legislation is passed mandating a state testing program, and the State Board approves the DSTP. Legislation creates the position of Secretary of Education, shifting position of authority from a state board to the governor.”