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America Sold to Communist China


I am all for a stimulus package but this one seems like smoke and mirrors that isn’t doing anything to address the imbalances in foreign trade barriers. Why has our American government sold out the American economy to “Communist China”?  Bush and Obama are all for promoting democracy but why in the hell did they sell the deed to America to Communist China. God help American when our new landlord gets pissed off and demands paymnet!


Obama’s first real blunder

UPDATE ! Congress give Obama’s Cash for Clunkers another 2 billion dollars. So when it ends in November how does it help boost auto production?

Obama’s Cash for Clunkers is a financial disaster and more.

The Cash for Clunkers program will not jump start recovery of the auto industry. Sure it would help reduce new car inventory but would not do anything to increase production.

If Obama wants to get gas guzzlers off the road he should push for a federal registration tax on all 8 cylinders and above engines in vehicles. Exempt vehicles that are registered to a business. Add a federal transfer tax to the same vehicles.

The auto industry claims they are selling to the demands of the consumers but yet the auto industry created much of the demand through advertisement hype. Why is it that American has the most gas hogs on the highways? 

As far as the Cash for Clunkers, Obama under-estimated how many American’s would take the offer? An abrupt end with thousands of application in the pipeline will shaft dealerships causing them to eat the Cash for Clunker rebates. Car dealers are now add signed wavers to the dealing meaning if the government defaults on deal the consumer will be stuck with the $$$$$ ball. 

Those of you planning on running out there and take advantage of Cash for Clunkers beware; you’ll sign a waiver that may come back and bite you. 

Also, what oversight is in place to endure the clunkers were junked and off the road? What did Delaware’s Attorney General Office do to be proactive in this program?

Perhaps bailing out the auto industry that did nothing to save auto manufacturing jobs in Delaware, Obama should have gave a $10,000.00 Cash for Clunkers deal to the public. The billions used to bailout the auto industry could have been funneled to the auto industry via the consumer. Americans paid for the auto industry’s cash bailout and now pay for Cash for Clunkers.

There are many people who with even the Cash for Clunkers deals will not commit themselves to car payment debt.

Nostradamus Kilroy

Kilroy Knows

Kilroy Knows

Digesting all the expert economist’s opinions the U.S. economy should show sustainable growth by the 3rd quarter of 2010.

In my opinion, Delaware’s economy will lag behind the U.S. economic recovery. I have no doubt we’ll see another round of budget cuts next year. I am sure Markell will deliver a leaner size government and the only sustainable job growth will be in education.  Also, healthcare services will expand with Delaware’s aging population. However, it would be enough and we’ll need to address budget concerns.

Better days may be ahead however, the middle-aged employees laid off during the recession may need to face the fact that their $$$$ hay days are over. The expansion of the job markets will be filled by young entry level professional and employees. The middle-aged worker is a burden re: healthcare risk factors that are used to set employer healthcare premiums.

Minorities in Delaware will lag behind in the job markets and the influx on illegal immigrations will pickup.

Those who feel small business is the future of Delaware needs to wake up. With small business comes small pay. However, if we can get some small business in the manufacturing sector we’ll have a chance for better paying jobs. Small retail businesses and even another Wal-Mart will only produce low paying jobs.

As Delaware’s economy expands the need for affordable housing will be on its heels. By the second quarter of 2011 Delaware will see improvement in new home construction which helps those in the trades. As far as laborers, this is where we’ll see many illegal immigrants working.

As far as Kilroy, Kilroy will adapt and survive.

Looking down the road at election year 2012, Jack Markell could be on shaky ground for reelection. Healthcare cost will still be eating at businesses bottom-line and I foresee some small business eliminating employer share of healthcare cost. Running a business with 1 And 2% profit margins doesn’t leave much for reinvestments. If I were a betting man, I will put odds on Lavelle making a run for governor and would not rule out Dave Burris for a run a Lt. Governor. But if Matt Denn seeks another term it would be a long shot for any republican to beat him. Yea, Kilroy is wacked because when Kilroy jumped ship to support Markell he still opposed Denn. I’ve taken the time to get to know Matt Denn and he is the real deal. Denn puts more effort in being a sincere person than being politicians. My involvement in regards to Lt. Governor’s race will be in neutral.

Mitt Romney will be the GOP’s horse in the race against Obama. Obama’s downfall may be the inability to deliver promises to the middleclass in which many middle-aged middleclass laid off worker won’t retake their place in the growing economy. I jumped ship because I believed in change and hope and nearly eight months in office Obama did nothing to save my job. This is the first time in 35 years I am without healthcare and now is the time I need it most. Don’t get me wrong, I do blame Bush for this mess but it was Obama who sold the bill of goods for the stimulus and his stimulus is bailing out state government. What about Main Street? Joe, I have grandmother’s antique wood frame enamel top kitchen table that I might have to sell to save the house. Joe, Obama is having a happy hour a professor and a cop to cover his ass. How about inviting an unemployed man that has been working for the last 38 years not living off the government over for dinner? 

Kilroy’s; Life is a beach

Every year around Thanksgiving my family starts planning for summer vacation.  Last Thanksgiving I advised my wife it may be best to skip vacation for 2009 because of taking a pay cut of 10% was an indicator all wasn’t financial well at work.

As many of you many know, in September 2007 I started a new job after leaving my former employer of 28 year. Since then that company has been purging some high salary employees / middle management. Most likely I would have been laid off from there. So leaving at the time in 2007 might have been the right thing to do. When I left that job I gave up four weeks vacation and had to start over at the new employer with one week .

I had a habit of saving one week vacation for emergency. So in 2008 I sent my family on vacation without me. Actually, my wife went alone because my son who had started a summer job wasn’t in a position to ask for a week off.  

 For the last 15 year my family and my wife sister’s family went 50/50 on a beach house rental. After years of vacationing in various places such as Ocean City, MD, Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Chincoteague / Assateague and Nags Head, Nags Head was the chosen future destination.

We would start planning on Thanksgiving and make final beach property rental selection in February. However, this past Thanksgiving I advised my wife since her employer didn’t give any wage increases and my employer cut everyone down to a four day week with a 10% pay cut it wasn’t advisable that we go on vacation. We broke the news to my wife’s sister’s family and they felt bad.

My wife worked out a budget scrimped and save and raised the money. But I stuck to my plan to not go with my family on vacation because I needed to save that vacation week for an emergency. If no emergency, I would spread the five vacation days out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So this year a few weeks before vacation I was laid off. The family encouraged me to just go on vacation since we already paid out share of the beach house rental. Well now, on unemployment drawing a little more than a third of my salary finances are critically tight. In order for me to go with my family on vacation we would have to board the dog and the cost of my participation would add to the expense. Also, my wife’s other sister and children will be joining them. Adding a third family helped cut rental cost for the other two families. So if I were to go this would add to a space issue. The third sister is bunking with my wife in one bed room, two boys bunking in another, two girls bunking in another and my wife other sister and her husband in another.  So, I am the odd man out.

I’ll stay home to continue the job search but it’s not looking promising. My field is transportation management and my goal is to stay in the field of perhaps other type of management job. Also, my wonderful Brittany spaniel is getting up there in years and boarding her or leaving her with a neighbor would break her heart. This dog has been an amazing friend and sometimes my only friend. So she and I would have a lazy-dog vacation. She is getting old and each year is a blessing.

Good news (if you want to call it that) my diabetic adult son still in college did qualify for Medicaid. My wife is still on her employer’s healthcare plan and it would put us in a position to lose our house if I we’re added to that plan. We’re going to survive by the $$ skin of my ass. I’ll have to ask for a college loan payment modification. I still owe, $36,000.00 in which was hope to have paid off by the time I retire in 11 years. The modification would end that plan.  But it doesn’t matter; with the crash of the stock market trashing my 401K it honestly doesn’t look like Kilroy will ever retire.

If I could have two wishes in life one would be my adult daughter 33 in September continue road of happiness and health. She does have MS and it is being controlled. She has a wonderful loving boyfriend for the last few years.  The other would be seeing little Kilroy graduate from college. He did attend three years at Kutztown University as geology major but employment status switching jobs 2007 and the economy stressed the shit out of him. Last summer and fall he worked at Wal-Mart pushing shopping carts and saved enough money to pay his own tuition for this past spring semester, summer session and this fall session at Del-Tech. This summer he attended school and accommodating jobs pretty much null.  The closes related field to geology at Del-Tech is environmental engineering.  So, that’s the field he is in and unfortunately not too many related credits transferred from Kutztown. Hopefully next summer he can find an intern job or something in his related field. We’ll have some yard sales or something to raise needed tuition and book money.

Looking back on life I should have just became a custodian in a public school. If I would have applied myself as I did in my current field I certainly would have been a supervisor. Also, low cost healthcare, pension and would be enjoying vacation with my family.

Material things in life are nice but can never replace the quality of life itself.  

Will Markell meet his deadline?

May 7, 2009

Governor Markell: Delaware State Government Will Open Checkbook to Public

“The online checkbook will be the product of work done by the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Technology and Information, the Department of Finance and the Government Information Center. These agencies are working together to build the necessary technological capacity to support the project. The work will be completed in time for the online checkbook to open by July 30.

“The public will be able to view information on expenditures made by state agencies and school districts. The database will also be searchable by vendor and will be updated quarterly.”

Man in the mirror; Bush / Obama

I think we all can agree especially Jason that George Bush dropped the ball as president. His strength was the ability to manipulate congress in supporting his war efforts. Perhaps if he didn’t invade Iraq our troops would be out of Afghanistan by now.  George Bush manipulated the congress and the people with the fear factor associated with 9-11. Bush’s obsession with the war on terror distracted him from addressing the failing economy. Sure Bush gave us the tax rebates which was better than bailing Wall Street out. But in the end he did bail Wall Street out and screwed Main Street. Bush could have done more to address the failing economy much sooner.

I voted of President Obama and Joe Biden because I wanted that change and Obama and Biden seemed to be in tuned to Main Street. However, Obama seems to be taking on an obsessive behavior reflective of George Bush. President Obama’s Bush obsession is, give me want I want because it will create jobs. Obama is playing politics trying to manipulate the American people saying those who oppose him in Washington oppose creating new jobs and fixing the economy.  Here we go with the , if you’re not with me you’re against me crap!

The bailout of the auto industry saw a loss of jobs and no new jobs. How many men and women are building cars in Delaware today? ZERO ! The banking industry laid-off thousands. Education saw some job gains particularly in temporary summer programming. Many of those jobs were taking by fulltime teachers who rather work during the summer than have off. Did any new workers benefit?  Obama’s stimulus to the states like Delaware enable the states to save government jobs whereas, if there was no stimulus money to prop-up the state budget state workers would have been laid-off. I have mixed feeling about this because I don’t want to see anyone loose a job. However, sharing the pain to an extent those in already in pain gets a knife in their backs with high taxes on top of being unemployed has nothing to do with sharing the pain.

I voted for the man of change and now I am unemployed and have no healthcare in which I had for 35 years. My unemployment benefits are subjected to federal tax but not state. I make too much on unemployment to qualify for healthcare assistance bur yet the taxes on my unemployment goes toward paying for healthcare for Obama and Joe Biden.

Healthcare reform, Obama once again ties his obsession of getting the reform bill passed by August recess as crucial in creating jobs and ending the recession. Noting in life is free especially coming from the state and federal government; somebody has to pay for all this reform. Those on public assistance aren’t going to pay. Those on unemployment pay taxes on those benefits. The rich seem to have many tax loopholes and low income folks pay little. It will be as it has been for the last 50 years the working middle class footing the bill.  

The honeymoon is over for President Obama and the sermons on change now must be delivered. As far as health care President Obama needs to pay for his own health care out of his own pocket. This way when he looks in the mirror he’ll see the American people not George Bush.

It’s time for Obama to walk the talk!

No pity party for Kilroy

One of my favorite lines is, “it is what it is”. Life’s journey takes you for amazing ride and being laid off is a sad part of the journey.  I have no doubt as I was being laid off someone out there was being told they had cancer. Perhaps a mother lost a child during child birth or a parent being told their teenager was killed in an automobile accident. I had a bed to sleep in last night and some poor fellow out there didn’t.

Here is how I prepared for this life changing event. In my younger days say 25 years ago I purchase a “new” car on the average of 2-3 years. However, I realize through the trade-in process the deprecation factor. I got wise in 1995 and purchased a  1994 red Jeep Cherokee, the same red Jeep Cherokee you see me driving today 2009, 14 years later. In 1998, I purchase a 1997 black Jeep Cherokee for my wife however that jeep was on its last leg May 2008, 11 years later. We wheeled and deal with Ford and purchased a new 2008 Ford Fusion. I don’t own bank credit cards just AMX pay as you go. Department store credit card $0 balance on the one we have. I have a nice home with a nice mortgage payment with all its wonderful maintenance and utilities including “basic” cable, car insurance (basic on two cars and full coverage on the Fusion), food and incidentals. Pre-planned before my layoff, my wife and son are going on vacation without me. This saves on boarding the dog and one less mouth to feed and dad’s fishing trip during vacation.

I have no pension from any previous jobs. I had it all mapped out and did all the right things necessary. With unemployment I’ll manage but life will be very tight and I don’t have a dime to spare others.  

Its sucks losing healthcare insurance after 35 years of coverage through an employer plan. But it is what it is and I can’t afford healthcare insurance. Hopefully little Kilroy’s Medicaid application is approved and I don’t see any reason why not. If not I’ll guarantee I will be invoicing the White House for any personal expenditures and cc: Joe Biden. 

I’ll have three adult children not living at home all fending for themselves. I’ve been working full time since I was 16 years old. Many of you know I was married to my first wife at the age of 16. Even then, I didn’t take public assistance. As a matter of fact, prior to my old son being born when I was 17 years old someone offer to get us public assistance for the prenatal care. I had my pride and refused and save and paid 100% of the prenatal care and the hospital bill. 

All these years I went to work paid my taxes and didn’t ask for public assistance and paid my Social Security and Medicare for others. Its suck I must collect unemployment and I hope to find a job at the income level I am accustom. Does the system owe me? Maybe or maybe not however, what the system owes me is respect for all the years I did what was expected of me to be a productive citizen. It does hurt that even the tax that will be taken on my unemployment will help pay for President Obama’s and Vice President Biden’s healthcare at a time I get none.

There are people out there who live above their means and don’t plan for the bumps in the road and expect the world to save them. Me, I expect respect and some sense of support for all the years I supported the needs of this country.

I say to all of you reading this, don’t think you are immune because many of you are like I was, worry yourself sick everyday it will be your last day at work.  You wouldn’t believe the daily panic attacks I ensured. I had a very detailed orientated job were one slightly incomplete document or procedure could cost the company money or delay in payment. Yes there were those chest pains. I use to say that I would end up having a heart attack at my desk. The job was bad enough during good economical times but the recession was like someone put a 100 pound weight on your chest.

Kilroy has a prediction! When the economy starts to recover say in about a year and half and when employers will be rehiring employees or new employees, it “won’t” be the middle-aged professionals. I say to you young folks under age 30 take this time to finishing your schooling and prepare yourself for an expanding economy. But please never forget this recession and live frugal and save your money. Screw the new cars, drive the ones you have into the ground. Get an AMX card and pay as you can afford and not go into credit card debt. Do you really need full-boat on the cable? Do you really need a $100.00 all the bells and whistle cell phone with internet? Dam, Kilroy has 3 cell phones for the family and that bill is $95.00 for all three.

For those of you who received far worst news then losing a job like news of cancer, loss of a spouse or child, my heart is with you. There is always someone out there is has it worst than you so count you blessing.

Moving through the Delaware Soup Line

On Tuesday the 21th I reported that my experience with the unemployment office in Newark went really well and the folks working there showed compassion. I haven’t received an unemployment check yet and must send in the weekly card this weekend.

Today, I took little Kilroy 23 years old to the Hudson Center to apply for Medicaid. I’ll be honest, I am very paranoid of the system. I’ve never had a need for state services and I guess, I  formulated my opinions based on other’s comments. We were at the Hudson Center at 1:30 pm and there wase only a few people in line. The lady at the front desk was friendly and directed us to the area for Medicaid services. We waited in line for only 10 minutes and was greeted by another friendly helpfully person. The application was easy and folks there were available for assistance. We prepared ourselves by bringing little Kilroy’s birth certificate, SS card, Photo ID and some medical information. His application with copies of information was taken. The caseworker assigned by alphabet based on last name wasn’t available. Apparently she was off for the remainder of the day. All indications are little Kilroy will qualify for Medicaid. Hopefully all will be approved soon. We have about two months supply of his diabetes medication on hand. Last month I was getting the willies about losing my job and made sure to go online and order the next three months supply.  So far so good.Now all I need is my first unemployment check and little Kilroy’s medicaid application approved.  

Kilroy’s Journey Continues

Thanks you all for the words of support on the last post. You guys know I am pretty much an open book so why no share the fall from middle-class.

Today my wife check in at her job to see how much it would cost to add my son to her heathcare policy, $400.oo bucks a month! Not going to happen! Can’t afford it! My son is 23 anda diabetic. My wife called Delaware social services and I’ll be taken him to the Hudson Center to apply for Medicaid. He is still in college and couldn’t find employment for himself that covers healthcare. The job market is tight for all ages.

Honestly the worst thing that could happen to me is I could die and my life insurance and 401K would pay off the house. However, though many of you Kilroy haters would love to see me drop dead and that’s  not going to happen.

Though many may not believe I am a Christian but I am.  I can tell you for sure God has saved me a long time ago even from illness  after my birth. I was quite sick my first year of life and had to have blood transfusions. But that’s not when he really saved me. After my first divorce at the age of 18 ( I was married at 16) I live a reckless live drinking and driving up to speeds over 100 miles an hour. Up until that point God did always somehow protect me from myslef and everyone I put at danger . However, one night driving home from the bars in New Jersey were 18 year olds could drink at the time (1973) I was driving drunk in a convertible (1963 Ford Galaxy) going 85 miles an hour down I-95. I heard a strange noise and when I slow down so did the noise. When I sped up so did the noise. This happen with in 5 minutes of my home. The next morning my mom ask me to run to the store for her. 200 feet from our house my front wheel fell off. Were taking in reality of a five minute moment time from when I heard the noise in the wheel and from when I arrived home. If the wheel fell off as I was driving 85 miles an hours on I-95 you folks wouldn’t have Kilroy’s Delaware. This is a true story 100%. I really woke-up after that incident  and realize it was a warning.

 I am one for believing it is selfish for one to pray to God for personal needs other than to be healthy. Not matter what I’ve been through in life and no matter what turns in life this unemployment situation takes me, I know there is someone far worst off than myself. I walk the road God set me on and must trust in it.  If I become destitute then so be it.

The world is full of more takers than givers. Though I may have strange analogies however, I have a tendency to feel and can feel sorrow from the world around me. The human race is dying at their own hands and the human suffering around the world is in excusable. I can’t save the world and I am but one voice. I don’t fear death buy for certainly fear the pain of dying.

I am not at fault for being laid off as I always put my heart and soul into my work. Part of my work dutieswas to coordinate military members and their families relocations, domesticand internationally. I always did all I could to make sure the transfer was a ssmooth as possible and for sure  paperwork associated with military relocations was unbelievable. Though this was all apart of  my job responsibilitiesI felt good going the extra mile to ensure our service members and their family were cared for. I believe a paycheck is compensation for doing a task and the reward is in how well you perform that task.  I am old school when it comes to customer service.

My wife hugged me yesterday and told me everything will be alright but I am more concerned about her and my son then about myself.

I filed for unemployment yesterday and haven’t received a check and should next week. However, here is something unbelievable. I ‘ll received the maximum amount of unemployment  subject to “federal tax”. I elected to have the tax withheld because surely if I didn’t I would do fool things like pay my mortgage or buy food and then not have the money to pay the tax when due. Here is the big kicker! President Obama federal stimulus added an additional $25.00 federal funding to my unemployment check and it’s subject to “federal taxes”. I am being tax on the federal taxes I paid out of my paycheck when I was employed. Here’s another one, if I took an early withdraw on my 401K which isn’t much to make sure I’ll keep up with my mortgage, car payment, son Parent Plus College loans or untiles I’ll pay a federal penalty for early withdraw. But get this, I would be require to claim any 401K pay -outs as income and would loose my unemployment  for that week or more ? But if you had money in a savings account and withdrew that amount wouldn’t count a reportable  income.

So if anything throughout this ordeal, I feel the pain many unemployed people feel. I will survive and if I become destitute.

Kilroy gets the AX

The recession takes another job!

For some of you this is great news seeing Kilroy down but others know I am a survivor and have perseverance.

I worked in the moving industry where my duties included being a Military Move Coordinator, International Move Coordinators and cargo claims manager. The moving industry has been hit hard due to the poor housing market and corporate layoffs. Unfortunately for the moving industry in this area RE: BRAC the shipments are inbound. I only handle storage needs on inbound shipment and the real money was on outbound. The government divides of the government and military moves as not to create a monopoly with one carrier. All the local major employers have cut back on employee transfers.

Over the last year I’ve watched fellow employees one by one get laid-off and all had more time in the company than I.

Two years ago I walked away from a job of 28 years and joined this smaller company. A few coworkers from my old job also have been laid off. So, doing the what if doesn’t real help the situation.

I get the max on unemployment and Obama’s extra $25.00 week unemployed stimulus. So that’s $355.00 a week but I must pay federal taxes on this earned income. If I liquidate any of my 401K or IRA than it counts as income and I could lose my unemployment. So my weekly income is less than the 925.00 and the 835.00 after cut in pay and I certainly can’t afford Cobra re: Healthcare. So, good-bye healthcare for Kilroy. The mrs. will put baby Kilroy on her company plan at an additional cost. We can’t afford to add me. So, I guess, I am all for Obama’s heathcare plan, has to be better than none!

Anyhow, the social-worker came out in me today as I observed the interactions as the unemployment office. We had to take a number and mine was #92 which put about 30 people a head of me. It’s weird, not much chatter from those waiting but you can feel the despair and sadness in the air. There was one lady that seemed to have the system down and knew all the in’s and out. Over and over I heard the unemployment employees tell people you must actively look for a job and you just can’t sit home and collect without making an effort.

I went over the next stop to register for the online joblink database. People there were helpful but face it there are limited jobs out there. I am not sure if they offer any IT training program but it might be something that interests me.  

It’s going to be a bitch for me looking for something in transportation management.

I am very resourceful and will survive.      


Robert Gates to mothers, send me your children.

Gates announces Army increase of 22K soldiers

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Robert Gates has announced that the size of the U.S. Army is being increased by 22,000 to help meet deployment needs around the world.’

Deployment around the world means Afghanistan! How long does it take to train Afghanistan men to defends their own country from terrorist ? More American body-bags will be heading to Dover.

As long as Pakistanprovides safe haven for “terrorist” the United State wll never win the war. I say start cutting foreign-aid to Pakistan until they purge the terrorist.  Obama didn’t help things by signing a new arms deal with India. Can someone help me by telling me who India needs to protect themselves from?

Well, at least the 22,000 increase for the Army will help offset unemployment numbers.

Hey moms of high school student tell your boys and girls not to make a commitmentto serve in the Army under the delayed entry program for a free Ipod. Those recruiters can be slick carnival sideshow shysters. You know the guys, “hey kid come here let me talk to you for a minute”.

More troops in Afghanistanwill destabilize Pakistan. They will be more U.S. raids into Pakistan and it will piss off the Pakistan people.

How about we fight the terrorist I mean criminals on the streets of Delaware?

Online Public Schools

What Are the 4 Types of Online High Schools?

Public Online High School Pros:

“accredited diploma at no cost. Their parents don’t need to worry about paying for expensive private virtual programs which can cost upwards of $1,500 a year. State-wide online public schools are generally working with the state’s education department. Unlike online charter schools, they are generally not viewed as a threat by local districts. They tend to be more stable and receive less public scrutiny. “

Public Online High School Cons:

“Most public online high schools adhere to a strict curriculum and schedule. They are less flexible than the majority of online charter schools and private programs. Students attending public online high schools may not have access to many of the extracurricular activities and curriculum choices available through other alternatives. “

Perhaps an online program might be good for some disruptive and non-focused students. Put a grade 9-12 lesson plan online with books in pdf format and at the end of each lesson plan the students takes a test online test. Perhaps three times a month the students comes to the school to complete tests in person. Say, midterms and finals.

I know a fews years back there was this virtual charter school that cam knocking around Delaware and at the time no on was warm to the idea.

But I must say there is much danger with online charter schools that would possiblydraw from state public education dollars. The oversight to ensure students were actually engage with be an enormous task.

I honestly give these types of online schools the thumbs-down. The only way I can see Delaware using such a concept is for alternative education for disruptive students.

Just thought I’d throw this topic out there.

U.S. Troops treated like mall cops

Baghdad imposes new limits on U.S. forces

American officials see link between restrictions and recent spate of attacks

Control of all forces in Iraq now belongs to the Iraqi government. U.S. troops are being turned into mall cops.

Time to bring all U.S. troops home from Iraq. Let the Iraqis stand up and fight for their own freedom. Bring our troops home will full fan-fare, job well done!

S.O.S. Obama, Delaware needs more State Troopers

Delaware is getting to be like a wild-west town. It makes me sick the violence Delaware is breeding. The murders and robberies are out of control.

I’ve said it before; Delaware needs about 100 more troopers on patrol. I am not sure of the cost but let’s start with 15 million dollars a year.

What business or corporation finds Delaware an attractive place to do business and have their employees live? Delaware is turning into the melting pot of the Mid-Atlantic.

With all this billions upon billions of stimulus dollars floating around one would think our governor or elected officials would requests stimulus money to “create” new jobs in Delaware law enforcement. I see the need for more police not just for protecting the people, but for protecting and securing the integrity of Delaware’s economy.

As far as City of Wilmington, forget it, there is nothing in the city worth risking your life for. I would love to go to some events at the DuPont Theater or the Grand. But it’s not worth the risk going in to the city. New Castle County is just as bad as Wilmington with all the random robberies.

I guess the out of control crime in Delaware isn’t an issue until out of control crime hits Hockessin, Centerville and Greenville. Governor Markell lives in a bubble with all his personal security. Jack, don’t pull a Minner on me by saying, you have to expect things like this during a recession!

It seems every generation comments, “crime wasn’t this bad when I was growing up”.  Honestly, can you imagine what crime in Delaware will be like in 10 to 20 years from now?  

Do we wait for the Indians to overrun the fort to fight back or do we keep the fort secure now? Pay now or pay latter? Waiting to address these concerns will only cost Delaware more victims and heartbreaks of crime. Do we pay to build more prison and warehouse young men who see a gap in street security and decide to go for it or for more police to deter crime and reducing the pain and suffering of victims?

Out of control crime does and will have an impact on economical revitalization.

Does anyone in Dover have the skills to secure some federal stimulus money to create “new jobs” in law enforcement?