Apology to Ms. Christine O’Donnell

Dear Ms. O’Donnell:

I want to apologize for taking my antics too far without considering your feelings. You have some wonderful caring friends who have enlightened me to my insensitivity. So I want to say I am sorry.  I look forward to apologizing to you in person.



13 responses to “Apology to Ms. Christine O’Donnell

  1. So Christian of you Kilroy, the apology, but sounds a bit like YOU are hitting on her now LOL.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Bud, why do you have to get ingnorant ? sometimes we do need to step back and check ourselves. I stated that I was trying to turn thing around when I moved to this blog site. no be nice! I took things to far joking at Christine’s expense. Besides, I have a hunch she will be our next Delaware U.S. Senator and I don’t want her sending the feds after me.


  2. Don’t worry about the feds, they are a bunch of Nancyboys. The chick is a dim bulb anyway, talk about ignorant. Perfect for U.S. Senator, eh.


  3. Bud,

    What part of baseless personal attacks are you not getting? Kilroy has simply asked nicely that you refrain from the type of post you just made. What is hard about that request?


    • Is she a Delaware politician???? Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it. Lets see, we have Biden who helped bring scamming MBNA to DE and ruin NCC. Biden supported the folly of war in Iraq. Obama picked him for the moderate Catholic vote, and a pretense of foreign policy expertise. Now Obama regrets his choice. Carper, the ReplicanDem panders to whatever crowd gets him elected, no scruples. Cut me a break!!!!! John.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Bud, I allowed your comment to come through you made your point!


    • thanks buddy


  4. Nice Anonymous

    Kilroy –It’s interesting how you spend a few months trashing people, then you apologize to them. Does this make you feel better? Perhaps it makes you feel big and important. It does not -make you such – it points out what a shallow, pathetic person you are.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Hey Nice Anonymous thaks for stopping by.

      You are assuming again! How can someone feel big and important for apologizing?

      Fine ,I am shallow and pathetic ! Sorry to see you follow in my footsteps with the trashing.


    • He does honestly feel bad, and Kilroy is as humble as they come. I interpreted it as him razzing Mike, if this chick is such a big bad politician, she best has “broad shoulders” What party is she, anyway? I mean like, who cares about Delaware politics, backwater DE!!


    • Okay, I just read some of her issue statements, she definately deserves to be labeled an anochronisn and an IDIOT. She wants to help Delaware farmers by increasing the ethonal crap. Dear girl, it takes more in oil to make the ethonal, than the ethonal suplements. You want to drill offshore for more oil,dear stupid girl, have you heard of global warming??? Alternative energy will help you score points, not more oil and refineries. You want to increase the value of the dollar so oil prices become cheaper. Tell that to the Chinese. She is a Reaganite, bankrupt ideas ain’t gonna win an election. sorry Kilroy, she ain’t playing with a full deck nor in the 21st century.


  5. kilroysdelaware

    Bud, I do feel bad and it was another anonymous who really made me step back and take a look at how far I took the BS. I even went back and deleted the post.

    No humble as they come! Just am able to step back once in while and be open to others.

    O’Donnell is Republican and a bit too far to the right for me. She has broad shoulders and much goes with the turf however the other anonymous whom I thought was a troll was actually a decent person.

    The other Anonymous named “Nice Anonymous” may be a Red Clay troll.

    This issue with O’Donnell was, the Anonymous felt I was being disrespectful to women through my remark about O’Donnell. I can see that.

    I could have said too bad freedom of speech and all that but the guy had a point.

    I am trying to turn it around for myself and that’s one reason to move to this blog host site. At least I can screen some comments and no feed into them just for spite. I need to keep the issues just that and do better not to personalize them against those behind the issues. It not a matter of changing , just being more tactful!


  6. kilroysdelaware

    Bud Frenzi,
    “Alternative energy will help you score points, not more oil and refineries. ”

    I am for alternative energy. Hydrogen, geothermal and solar


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