Daily Archives: June 26, 2009

Moving Red Clay Forward

I am going to do my best to eliminate all the Red Clay Peyton Place drama on Kilroy’s Delaware. July 01, 2009 approaches and that is the day Kilory’s turns the corner.

The real issues in “education” go beyond the Red Clay drama and certainly not within the personal lives of board members, teachers and administrators. The struggles between labor and management are very complex and are only compounded state and federal legislation.

Many visitors to this blog and others enjoy the comfort of being anonymous and those whom I know enjoy my promise not to expose them. I realize there are those who must keep their identity anonymous and I respect that.

I’ve been attending board meetings for a good 12 years now and my complaints I post on this blog are the same complaints I present eyeball to eyeball with board member and Red Clay senior administrators. You’ll see the F-bomb here on occasion and I assure you the F-bomb is delivered in person when need be and it’s a two was street because the F-bomb comes back at me.

As far as who is fucking who and personal matters of board members, teachers and administrators they are no interest to me or this blog. I believe in the First Amendment however if you want to come here and spout off the personal attacks to the above to the extent of their sex life or family life please sign your name, E-Mail and provided a phone number.

I am not about hate and more about social justice for all. There are many agendas in education coming from all directions, good and bad. Something it’s hard to believe those presenting the agendas and I may go on the defensive. However, I am capable of adjusting my positions. Education is full of ugliness beyond belief. Sometimes I believe kids don’t come first as education has become an industry and has loss much of its passion. To suggest only classroom teachers have passion and not administration is a bit distorted. The taxpayers have been fairly good to educators in pay, healthcare and retirement benefits.

I am asking that your comments not be of personal attacks of sexual or family nature. I might say something like, Arne’s position or agenda is fucked-up but it’s isn’t calling him a mother-fucker. However, I have been pretty good about not using the F-bomb.

I apologize to those who enjoy coming to Kilroy’s Delaware enjoying all the Red Clay drama laced with personal bullshit but the party is over. Folks, just keep the sexual, family and outright sick attacks out of the comments. If this doesn’t suit you just move on and don’t visit Kilroy’s.