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Arne’s Chicago charters unionized

Chicago Charter School Teachers Join Union
by James Park, Jun 22, 2009

“Teachers at three Chicago charter schools voted overwhelmingly last week to join the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff (Chicago ACTS), an affiliate of the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) and (AFT).”

This is not only historical but a low blow to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Arne Duncan was the former Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Schools. Arne Duncan was responsible for getting charter started in Chicago.

Unions, charter schools, and the Arne Duncan National School System
“If Arne Duncan accomplished anything in Chicago besides avoiding the potholes in Hyde Park, it was the establishment of a handful of charter schools. The core value of the charter school is its freedom from union structure and restrictions. However, just last week the teachers at the three campuses of the Chicago International Charter School (CICS), voted to unionize. There were rumors and reports of increasing teacher workloads, larger and larger class sizes, and high personnel turnover in the magic kingdom of the charter schools. Furthermore, there is a bill sitting on the governor’s desk that would make it easier for charters to go union. Duncan’s school reform may have the same effect on us as Chinese food; we’ll be hungry again in an hour.”

(thanks for the heads-up Nancy)

DOE Sleeping on the $$$$$$$$$ Job?

I went online to review the public schools financial reports and they are a mess! Charter schools are the “worst”. Each public school and charter school are to put at least a monthly financial report online. However, I don’t think Delaware Department of Education spelled out previous month. Some schools don’t even have a monthly report and others are months old.

Jack Markell or Matt Denn take a few minutes to log on to DOE’s website and go to the school profiles and follow links to each school. Start with the charter schools. After you are finished find the person at DOE who is in charge of monitoring school finance records and walk them to to front door of DOE and ask that they not come back.

Somebody needs to set some uniformity and standards requiring timely online financial reports. There is no excuse for this mess and somebody at DOE needs to be FIRED! Also, all school board minutes must be online. The data for the minutes and monthly finance report must be archived online for at least three years rolling.

I’ll be putting a detailed report together revealing the inconsistencies. There is no excuse for this mess and perhaps some of our schools are shuffle money around to cover their asses.