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Arne Duncan lays down the law to charter schools!

“The charter movement is putting itself at risk by allowing too many second-rate and third-rate operators to exist,” he said. “Charter authorizers need to do a better job of holding schools accountable – or people will, by leaving.”

Dam, I was getting ready to write Arne Duncan off. If we’re going to hold traditional public school’s feet to the fire we need to do the same with charters. However, Arne you need to check out Delaware’s charter schools because there is a major division of poverty between our charter schools. It’s starting to look like the old segregation days.

Hey Arne when traditional public schools fail the distircts just move poor performing teachers to other district schools. So in Delaware no body leaves they just VT.

Matthews bites the big one! LOL

My recent post busting on Matthews for tying me and Mike Protack into the same sentence for part of his reasons to end his blog had Matthews biting the bait! LOL!

Mike Matthews and I are good friends who like to have a laugh. We both know the serious side of blogging but understand there is an entertainment element to it.

Take Delaware Liberal, Delaware number one blogger. The DL folks know how to entertain, be serious, provoke debate and have a good time. DL tends to piss some local bloggers off but the real joke is those who take the DL bait and let DL control them.

Blog are nothing more then personal soapboxes and they are a lot of working keeping updated interesting, informative and entertaining. Bloggers do tend to get bored and it’s a challenge and near impossible to post articles that aren’t provoking drawing out negative reactions. If blogs were nothing more than community information centers there wouldn’t be a need for comment section.

As far as Down With Absolutes, Mike Matthews is always searching for the niche to differentiate himself from the other blogs. His live blogging from Legislative Hall is amazing and twisted in is his wisecracks. Same goes for live blogging at Red Clay School Board Meetings. Matthews brings you there on the fly and perhaps his wisecracks reflect what’s going through the attendees minds during the meeting. Many times I would love to yell out to the board, “what the fuck are you doing”. For those of you who don’t attend board meetings Matthews comments are pretty much on the money.

I hope Mike doesn’t shut down his blog but face the challenge to continue his efforts to find that niche and continue to be of services to the community. Blogs are sometimes like a big kitchen table where we all sit around debating, bitching and laughing.

Mike sure it is a pain in the ass however so is attending board meeting but someone needs to do it.

Drama Drama Drams, LOL LOL LOL !