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Breaking! Mike Matthews drowns !

I regrettably must report Mike Matthews of Down With Absolutes has drowned.

Mike Matthews has been drowning is self-pity for the last few days.

“Disillusioned 20-something blogger looking for the following types of individuals to take over the reins of Down with Absolutes!”

Matthews says to those willing to takeover his blog,
“None. Having to deal with Kilroy’s misspelled rantings and Mike Protack’s continual defense of the Republican Party is payment enough”

Now I can handle the insult in regards to my grammar however, putting me in the same sentence as Mike Protack was very hurtful. Mike Protack wants to take rebuild the Republican Party whereas I just want them to get their heads out of their asses.

The sad part is, everyone dropping by with comments saying more or less good-bye when they should be giving Mike encouragement to go on and perhaps redefine himself. I guess that’s how fellow blogger do it to reposition their blog ratings. Rather than be a brother or sister and show some support they rather kick Matthews to the curb for a few blog rating points.

Steve Newton says
“Mike,I agree that you should shut down rather than sell out. Just ask Al Levin how that’s working out for him these days (all those bazillions aside–after all, you’ve got Kilroy, Protack, Anonone, and the memories).”

Kilroy takes another kick in the balls by Newton. But yet I stand ready to support Mike Matthews no matter which way he goes. Mike and I had some great times and laughs.

Joanne Christian says
“Selfish request though…don’t do anything until we have a state budget


Sure Joanne let Matthews call everybody in Dover a mother-fuckers and you sit in the shadows. 😉

Tyler Nixon says,
“Thanks for the memories, ya bastid.”

Here’s a guy that makes a living of off slips and falls on Wilmington’s sidewalks. With my poor grammar, I am not sure what “bastid” means but I think he referred to Matthews as an asshole.

Joanne Christian says
“Close this chapter, remembering it is only a chapter”

Dam this chick puts one in Mike’s back an then chest! 😉

Mat Marshall says,
“Yeah, this more or less needed to happen. This blogging shit is toxic.”

No here’s is a guy who was blogging from his potty stool and once he learned how to piss standing up he closed down his own blog. Matt. Jesus still loves you! FYI there is a God.

Dear Mike Matthews,

I ask that you not shut down your blog, Down With Absolutes. The absence of DWA may create a vacuum bringing down all the other local blogs. Protack will loose the only public exposure his name receives. It will be your fault if the Delaware Republican Party doesn’t get rebuilt. Now do you really want Pricilla out on the street?

I realize someday your mom will require you to pay rent which will force you to say, “Dam mom if I have to pay rent I’ll just get my own place”. For real, I know someday you will be in classroom teaching kids and must present yourself as a role model. Certainly we can’t have students visiting your blog seeing your comments calling their school board president a mother-fucker.

As far as the comments left on your post, I think you can see who your friends really are. Really nice of them to say wow it’s been great sorry to see you go and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

I know about the upcoming job this August and I am excited for you. I suggest if you want to disengage from DWA that you perhaps start a new blog with a fictitious name and keep it secret. Don’t even tell your mother. I know if you bail you’ll be lurking the blogs.


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