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Red Clay Fed Title 1 Stimulus

Jack Wells said…
Kilroy:“When did the Board approve the budget for the stimulus Title I money?”

The federal stimulus is just arriving and I do believe it will fund the Title 1 summer programs. However, the stimulus will be a two year package and will rules applying to its usage the district just can’t grab what they want to covering existing budget program. The Stimulus is not a bailout and is meant to create or save jobs. Re: Teach for America, one could question the use of federal stimulus because it does not create or save jobs. The jobs being filled are one the district chooses not to fill with others because there is a shortage of qualified teachers the fill those open positions. Red Clay claims that because there are not enough qualified teacher applications that they must outsource to Teach For America.

Make note this is not meant to disrespect TFA because in reality its not there fault the district and the board are playing this shortage of qualified teacher card.

The mighty DSEA stands by and fails to legally call Red Clay out for misappropriation of federal stimulus money. There is not shortage of qualified teacher applicants in Red Clay and using the supplemental Stimulus money as a means of supplant funding is illegal.

Our governor, legislators and secretary of education are turning their backs on this issue because of Washington and Dover politics, the political ties are too strong for any successful legal challenges. DSEA is quite aware of the no win situation. We the federal government turns a blind eye it’s a loss cause.

As for TEA welcome and please do your best to accomplishing your mission. Shout out to Mike Wang, dude sorry TFA is getting dragged through the Red Clay mud but look at the fibers within. My family has been in Red Clay 100 years and please don’t blow me off as some kind of naysayer. Just give us your best and reach out to parents and remember you humble beginnings. Any future expansion of TFA in Red Clay will be based on your success. Prove us wrong or prove you’re right.

Repairing Delaware’s public education

*Requiring Delaware legislators to notate all funding sources on proposed legislation.

*Delaware legislators must mandate state laws stating that if a school district falls into financial recovery the superintendent must be relieved.

*Delaware legislators need to enact laws holding parents more accountable for the child’s participation in public schools. Truancy laws need to be taken seriously and parents must be held accountable subjected to fines and loss of any state public assistance. Money talk’s bullshit walks! Parent must be required to engage in meaningful school conferences when deeded urgent by the school.

*Delaware legislators must enact laws calling for one set of teacher certification strengthening provision for highly qualified teachers. Being deemed a highly qualified teacher must have some sense of great achievement and those earning certification via alternative means must be required to teach in a classroom for three consecutive years of filed of expertise.

*Delaware legislators must enact laws forbidding payment / reimbursements of tuition for those district administrators seeking advance education degrees.

*All district contracts with service and supply vendors be approved by the local school board. (I hope in Red Clay the school board quickly adopts this policy. New board members, when the board president asks if any member have anything the want to submit to the board under Item V of the board agenda please say yes! Say, I like to make a motion that board review contractal approval process with the intent to require all district contracts be submitted to the board for approval.) What’s the hold up Mr. Buckley ?

*Creation of district teacher assignment committees whereas all teachers be assigned to a schools ending all VTs. However, all teachers must be assigned to their field of study and certification. The teacher assignment committee would be made up of a teacher union representative, district administrator, board members, teachers and school level administrators. The district superintendent would be responsible for providing the teacher assignment committee with preliminary teacher assignment.

*Teachers assigned to schools within the city of Wilmington be given pay adjustments to offset city wage tax.

*For school district who adopts the teacher assignment plan the state share of teacher’s salaries be increased by 5%.
In a nutshell, we need teachers assigned to schools base on the level of needs of given schools with the goal to assigned teachers with the greatest experience to the school with