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Obama the fly murderer

After seeing the video of our President Obama killing an innocent fly and then beating his chest like a great worrier makes me wish I never voted for him.

The “fly” was one of God’s beautiful creatures and had every right to exist as Obama himself. You might think it’s a joke but the murdering of this fly reveals a flawed president. As much as President Bush was a dipstick he never displayed such violent behavior.

Mr. President I know you are a big fan of Kilroy’s Delaware but I have my limits to the types of visitors I permit on my blog. Sir, consider yourself banned from Kilroy’s Delaware. Joe you are sill welcome to visit but please don’t take the road Obama did.

Joe, explain to the president here in Delaware being one of the smallest states we have great respect for the little things in life even flys.

President Obama when you get a notice of lawsuit from my attorney Tyler Nixon, Esquire don’t laugh as if it were a joke. I feel you owe me 10 million dollars for this trauma. Wait; make that 12.5 million because Tyler Nixon will charge me 20% attorney fees.

Mr. President, many consider you a role model and your actions in killing a poor innocent fly will be mimic by million of young children.

Sir little do you know what you think is a harmless action has pushed North Koreans to the brink. You see, in North Korean killing a fly is a capital offense. President Obama because of your action the world will fall into World War III.
Shame on you Mr. President

End of the Red Clay road for Kilroy, sort of !

Early this year I stated once the new board members are in place and Merv takes over as superintendent I would turn the page and work with Red Clay.

I realized many of you feed off the hate and drama but all good things much come to an end. The intention of my blog was never meant to be a hate machine against Red Clay. Things really turned bad when the district had its financial meltdown where no one was held accountable. Also I wasn’t please with outright lies being told to me about the ability to put financial files online. I got tired of the bullshit and in April 2008 I actually deleted my blog. I was encouraged by many to hang in there. So I restarted Kilroy’s Delaware. I am not pleased with how the TFA contract went down and unfortunately I feel Merv was a player in the rush to secure the TFA contract. TFA could have waited to need year once Merv and the new board are in place. I will address the board tonight about the TFA issue.

Looking forward, I will be blogging on education issues without personalizing them in a negative way towards Red Clay. I will be shifting focus on state legislation associated with Delaware education and issue on the national level including USDOE. Also, I will be blogging on general topics and politics.

No of this means I am going belly-up on speaking out on the issues. The Red Clay stuff is really getting old! I will go back to the old days were I communicated direct with the superintendent, district department staff and board members. I am still a member of the Consolidated Grant Parent Advisory Council as a community representative and I enjoy being a member. I am looking forward to working with Malik Stewart the need Red Clay Manager of Title 1. Things can get done in a more peaceful way or at least no in an open public way.

So I’ll be winding down my Red Clay bitching and ranting by July 1, 2009. FYI, keep an eye on the district’s webpage. A new look and features are coming July 1, 2009.

Jury Duty yes or no?

A person I’ll leave anonymous ask that I’ll post this web-link for them.
20 Effective Ways to Avoid Jury Duty

In Kilroy’s opinion, I understand it’s a civic duty however in financial hard times serving on a lengthy court trial hurts many.

There use to be a time citizens could put there name in a jury volunteer pool reducing the need for random selections.

I’ve served jury duty in the past and at the time my employer paid me the difference. But that’s not the case with many employers. There should be a law that employers are required to pay their employees the difference between Jury duty compensation and their pay. The employer should then take this as a tax write-off.

I cannot sit on a jury trail where the death penalty is to be consider.

Five Kilroy’s Gold Stars on HB 233

145th General Assembly

House Bill # 223

Primary Sponsor: D.P. Williams Additional Sponsor(s): Rep. Keeley & Sen. McDowell

CoSponsors: Reps. Barbieri, Longhurst, Manolakos, Mitchell

Introduced on : 06/16/2009


Synopsis: The intent of this legislation is to ensure that a child is not denied a hot breakfast or hot lunch because the child’s parent has failed to replenish the child’s account for charged meals and/or future meals.

Current Status: House Education Committee On 06/16/2009

Actions History: Jun 16, 2009 – Introduced and Assigned to Education Committee in House


This is outstanding legislation becuase a child should never go without a proper meal because his or her parent(s) fails to do their job. The cost should be added to the child’s account and there should be a fine if the parent doesn’t clear their account by the end of the school year.