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Red Clay magnet schools covered by Choice Law.

Anonymous was so kind to provide me with legislation that gives Red Clay or any other school district the ability to exclude students from magnet schools. There is no magnet school law just Choice laws and Charter laws. The attached section of the law applies to Red Clay magnet schools because they are all choice schools

However, the method Red Clay restructured Conrad throwing out students that Red Clay couldn’t meet their needs defeats the restructuring per NCLB. The intent of NCLB restructuring was to address the inability of the school to meet the educational needs of students within. Shipping students out to other schools especially with no intervention plan waiting for them and the receiving schools is wrong. Stanton becomes a school for the Conrad undesirables doesn’t sound just.

I can only hope with a new focused school board, Red Clay can put a real intervention plans together to address those falling below the achievement gap in our middle schools. Moving students around between the schools without serious thought to addressing the concerns is a disservice to the students being moved around, students in the receiving schools and the teachers in the receiving schools. As Conrad grows I am afriad it will be like Cab only serving 50% of Red Clay students. Red Clay needs to take care of Red Clay taxpayers children first and don’t forget it’s Red Clay taxpayers footing 100% of capital needs. Those parents who’s children attend Conrad that refer to the old feeder pattern children as trash seems to not care where they end up as long as it is not Conrad. So it’s like they are putting their asses in the faces of Stanton parents

Thanks again Anonymous and please share your views on my opinion as to where the old Conrad feeder pattern children are shipped out to and impact on those schools. I know they can apply at Conrad with preferenc. As for the other children that don’t meet Conrad standards don’t you feel there needs to be serious intervention for them so the problems at the old Conrad aren’t just passed onto schools like Stanton? Now be nice, no one was calling you an asshole and I am OK with your little insults. You made the connections between the Choice law and magnet schools so thank you.

Anonymous said:


§ 405. Criteria for approval or disapproval. (a) Each receiving district shall adopt and make available upon request a policy regarding the order in which applications for enrollment pursuant to this chapter shall be considered. (b) Prior to the applicable application deadline established in § 403(a), each receiving district shall adopt and make available upon request a policy establishing criteria for acceptance or rejection of applications and setting priorities for acceptances. Such criteria shall be reasonably related to the nature of the program or school for which the application is submitted. Such criteria shall include the authority of the receiving district to reject an application based upon the requirements of any applicable existing individualized education plan relating to an applicant who has special needs. The policies adopted by each district shall, at a minimum, give priority to the following categories of students in the order listed: …(siblings, etc.)

“Did you catch the part: “Such criteria shall be reasonably related to the nature of the program or school for which the application is submitted.”?

HB 139 Flawed $$$$$$ Schooley at it again!

(2) For an eligible child whose family income is greater than 200% of the FPL, the family may purchase a healthcare benefit package, determined by DHSS and subject to any necessary approval under federal law, that provides benefits identical to those provided to an eligible child covered under this section.

Nowhere in this legislation does it state how much the premiums will be nor does it put an income cap. Another financial time bomb for Delaware’s budget. Should the legislators voting on this bill know the cost? I CAN TELL YOU WHAT WILL HAPPEN! Employers will drop family coverage and tell their employees to put their children on CHIP. Schooley put a price tag on this legislation and tell the those interested how much the premium cost! Another Delaware legislation without a full impact studys.

Schooley if you want to address healthcare cost why not allow small business to get the same rates at the State of Delaware. Why can’t I pay the same as you Rep. Schooley?

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Kilroy doesn’t support HB 139
HB 139 (allowing parents of children who earn too much to qualify for the CHIP program to purchase membership for their children in the program, increasing health insurance coverage for kids)

Random Drug Testing Needed at USDOE


“ In the second of four major policy speeches on the priorities for the “Race to the Top” Fund, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced last night that the Department of Education will commit up to $350 million of the $4.35 billion Race to the Top Fund to support states in the creation of rigorous assessments linked to the internationally benchmarked common standards being developed by states.”

“Additionally, the ARRA allocates $650 million for the “Invest in What Works and Innovation Fund.” The money will be awarded to school districts and non-profit groups with strong track records of results. Guidelines and applications for the competitive funds will be posted on the Federal Register next month.”

Were does Arne Duncan dream up all these programs to spend our tax dollars?

“Race to the Top” = Race to the Bank

I am all for raising achievement and standards but Arne now wants us to redo our standards and curriculum aligning it with an international benchmark and I say he is nuts. Delaware is in the process of developing a new state assessment test and we can’t just keep reinventing a save the education plan because of some peckerhead down in Washington has a brain fart.

“Invest in What Works” I say lets invest in more classroom teachers and reduce class sizes K-12.

Hey Arne lets invest in more teachers reducing class sizes. Let’s call it, Smaller Class Sizes for Bigger Results.

All this money being pissed away on new programs could be better served actually reducing class sizes.

Kilroy doesn’t support HB 139

HB 139 (allowing parents of children who earn too much to qualify for the CHIP program to purchase membership for their children in the program, increasing health insurance coverage for kids)

Current CHIP rules:
Meet income eligibility requirements (please see the 200% Federal Poverty Level chart); the number of people in your family.


I am getting my head handed to me because I don’t support HB 139 because it allows parents “who earn too much” to qualify for CHIP.

200% of poverty level for a family of four is $42,400.00 a year. So HB allows those making over 200% of poverty level to qualify. HB 139 doesn’t specify the income cut off point.

My comment on FixRedClay was I felt parents who “earn too much” need to cut back on things such as expanded cable, going out to dinner and things like that.

I feel all children should have healthcare and I feel all adults should have healthcare. But I do feel parents who “earn too much” do everything to cut expenses to provide the needed healthcare.

But again, HB 139 does not have an income cut off for allowing those who “earn too much.”

In your opinion what should be the financial income cut off re: HB 139?