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Kilroy’s letter to Red Clay Board TFA Round 2

Dear Red Clay School Board Members,

I feel Red Clay should send letters home to parents of students who will be assigned Teach For America teachers explaining the program and requesting a parent signature giving the district permission to assign their child to a TFA.

We send our children to public schools with the expectations they will be provided educational services by a qualified state certified teaching professional or a professionals who are using the alternative route to certification. The goal for establishing the alternative route to certification was to attract established professional such chemist and engineers to address the shortage of math and science teachers. Teach For America teachers are not long term committed professional seeking employment in Red Clay.

We pay school taxes base on the assumption Red Clay will use that tax money to ensure qualified teachers are in place to serve our children. If Red Clay is saying TFA will be paid with Title 1 funding we then have a legal issue. Title 1 under federal law requires “Highly Qualified” teachers. Red Clay cannot use Federal Title 1 dollars for non Title 1 teachers. TFA cannot be considered an SES provider becasue the TFA treachers are direct hires if Red Clay.

Sending a letter home isn’t enough and that letter needs to be return signed by the parent agreeing or disapproving of the placement of their child in a TFA class. If a parent doesn’t return it, then it should be considered a no.

I would think many educated and affluent parents would reject a TFA teacher for the fact they are not education professional and have no goals of remaining in Red Clay for long term assignments.

You as board members are to ensure students are being educated by the best teachers possible. Hiring recent college graduates who do not make a commitment to Red Clay’s long-term vision is counterproductive to the positive growth of Red Clay. Our poorest students need the highest qualified teachers not the least qualified.In my opinon you must obtain parental permission to have their child take part in this TFA social experiment as a matter of respecting parents and students rights.

State Legislators don’t know federal legislation

“NCLB defines a highly qualified teacher as one that is fully licensed by the state and endorsed in the subject area with no licensure requirements waived on an emergency, temporary or provisional basis and who demonstrates competence in the content areas taught.”

145th General AssemblyHouse Bill # 102
Primary Sponsor: Schooley
Additional Sponsor(s): Sen. Sokola
CoSponsors: Reps. Barbieri, Kovach, M. Marshall; Sen. Henry
Introduced on :

“The mission of Teach For America and teacher residency programs is to enlist our nation’s most promising future leaders in the movement to eliminate educational inequity. This bill would enable the implementation of the Teach For America program and teacher residency programs on a state-wide basis.”

“Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, candidates enrolled in the Teach For America Program or a teacher residency program shall, where applicable and available, have achieved a passing score on an examination of content knowledge, such as Praxis II, for the area in which such candidate will be teaching prior to taking full responsibility for teaching a classroom;”.

Delaware HB#102 cannot superseded federal law governing Title 1 “federal” funding. Teach For American teachers can not be paid with any Title 1 funding nor can any designated Title 1 funding or Title stimulus funding used for their recruitment, training or professional development.

Let’s get this straight with HB #102. Per Delaware State Law, TFA teachers must pass Praxis II prior to taking full responsibility for teaching a classroom. Wilmington University is going to prepare these TFA’s in 5 weeks how to formulate lesson plans, understand Delaware’s state standard and pass the Praxis II?

Our state legislators are clueless to federal laws governing federally funded programs and it’s apparent that Red Clay’s superintendent lacks respect for those laws. Title 1 funding cannot be used for non Title 1 services in which TFA’s are not highly qualified.

Hear me well Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee, you are walking on dangerous grounds if you don’t track the funding for these Teach For America Teachers because there will be no excuse when the investigation comes.

Red Clay Put On Notice

The Peyton Place Red Clay bullshit is getting old. You have a hand full of us willing to walk the talk and speak out at board meetings and all these cowardly anonymous that likes to attack those of us who follow through on our word fail to show thier faces.

As far as Teach For America, be prepared for many years of them being with us because it appears our new superintendent is on board with TFA. I will continue to speak out on education issues such as TFA and state and local issues and laws impacting Delaware’s public education.

Title 1 is really where my heart is and I am hopeful Malik Stewart Red Clay’s new Manager of Title 1 effective July 01, 2009 will help carry the torch William Hicks Anderson lit. There are federal laws that ensure parents have the right to be involved in the design, implementation and review of Title 1 programs. I can tell you this, Title 1 parents were not involved in the decision making re: Teach For American. Red Clay feels federal funds are theirs to control and manipulate. However, federal laws dictates otherwise.

There are many racist stereo-types out there spouting off as why high poverty black children make up the largest portion students below the achievement gap. The reality is the poor minority children fail because their community leaders fail. Mayor Baker is on board with Teach For America and doesn’t have one f’ing clue what’s going on in public schools such as Red Clay. Has Mayor Baker ever attend a Red Clay school board meeting and address the Red Clay community? Fuck no! I see community leaders come out to school board meetings to help save a sister’s job but they don’t speak up for the inequities in black children’s education. When the superintendent made an admission that he employs teachers in Red Clay’s poorest schools less qualified than TFA’s non teaching majors the minority community leaders didn’t even blink. Warner schools is being allow to fail so that the Red Clay school board can close it and spilt the students up between Sortilege and Highlands. As Delaware College Preparatory charter school, a Red Clay chartered schools expands it will draw more students from Warner. Warner school building in underutilized as much as 50% and can’t even meet the class size law.

Malik has a great burden to carry as the keeper of Hick’s Anderson’s torch. For those who don’t know, William Hicks Anderson is pretty much the godfather of Title 1 going back to the early 1960 and Hicks was a true civil rights activist focusing on ending the inequalities in public schools. Hicks would march in the Red Clay superintendent’s office and hammer his fist on the super desk.

The National Coalition of Title 1 /Chapter 1 Parents roots are deep within the spirit of William “Hicks” Anderson and honor him at every one of their events. Each year this organization holds regional and national conferences and lately for 5 years Red Clay is reluctant to send Title 1 parents. Instead they would send Red Clay central administrators. These conferences are geared for parents and Title 1 teachers. The fee and travel are paid with federal funding not local funds. I assure you with Red Clay pissing away $300,000.00 on TFA as a political pay back for Jack Markell parents will not be going to these events. However, as one who carries one of “Hicks” torch I will be Maliks guardian angel and be up his ass to ensure “Title 1 Parents” attend these events. Malik touch base with Brooks Brother Blunt and he’ll tell you I’ll be on patrol. I can hear Lillian’s calls to Malik telling him, she warned him not to leave DOE and go to Red Clay with John Allison there dogging the district on Title 1. But I’ll give Malik credit because he knew me before taking the job as Red Clay’s Manager of Title 1. I know Ron Huston is down at DOE helping Malik clean out his desk. Ron don’t fill Malik’s head with bullshit on how to roll me under the bus. I’ll get Whiterspoon’s butt up here and straighten all your asses out and God help your asses if I get Ms. Crosby out to remind all of you of the law.

I hope the Twins are reading this about keeping dad’s dream alive because I have no intention to letting it die. I’ll have no problem being a thorn is Arne Ducan’s ass!

Malik you best keep a score card on the Red Clay Teach For American teachers because you’ll be the fall guy when the shit hits the fan. Title 1 dollars are being spent on TFA teachers that don’t meet the “Highly Qualified” rules for Tile 1. We’ll be coming for the documentation to substantiate expenditures of Title 1 funding and that goes for documentation on from TFA fron $300,000.00 Red Clay pissed away. Merv, I am here to tell you I have the energy. Red Clay Community Finance Review Committe I suggest you put a plan together on keep documentation on every penny assoicated with Teach For America because there “will” be questions. Jack Buckely new president of Red Clay school board the ball will be in your court.

Keep an eye out for communication from Washington, DC.