Daily Archives: June 12, 2009

Red Clay Is Ass Backwards

On the agenda for next week’s board meeting is “Teach for America Program Overview”. How f’ing lame is this?

The Red Clay superintendent signed the political contract deal giving away “only federal money” to the tune of $300,000.00 with no prescribed oversight and now tries shovel the bullshit to cover the political tracks! Folks “only federal money” is your tax dollars and it should not be used for political purposes or to advance one’s private career.

What fool is going to stand up there any cover the administration’s ass with bullshit unproven lies?

You would think Ms. Wendy Kopp would get her ass down here and give the presentation herself. After all this is the first time Teacher for American comes to Delaware.

What we need to hear is why in the hell does the super have such free authority to engage in a $300,000.00 contract without board approval? The board needs to end this shit ASAP. All contract “must” be reviewed and approved by the school board.

A little bullshit sweet talking about TFA that has no proven record in Delaware won’t win the public over.

Wendy Kopp, if you believe in Teach For America you need to sell it to Red Clay yourself. We cannot trust the little mouse that does dirty deeds for Markell and Rodel. O shit, what am I talking about TFA is in bed with Arne. Never mind Wendy do come to Delaware. Go

Folks, there should have been a community presentation by Teach for America in person before any contracts was sign.

It’s hard to believe Red Clay is starting with a new administration and board and the same old dishonest bullshit is starting all over. Look like Wilmington University get a piece of the Red Clay pie.

Will Markell sign HB 76?

Next week June 17, 2009 at the Red Clay school board meeting, Red Clay swears in two new board members. I wonder if Governor Markell will sign HB 76 that passed the House and the Senate before the swearing in?