HB 117 passes house!

4 responses to “HB 117 passes house!

  1. Kinda feel like that, eh?

    If you look at the voting roster, there is nothing partisan about it, either. Rep Nick, whose connections to education are obvious, voted for it, but Rep Cathcart, who has worked closely with Appoquinimink for a long time voted no. Rep Kowalko voted no, but Gilligan yes. No clear line there. Right now, from those four, Cathcart and Kowalko are my friends and Nick and Gilligan, not so much.


  2. RSmitty said…
    "If you look at the voting roster, there is nothing partisan about it, either."

    The reality is, it's not the end of the world. However, the only downside is, the requirement to be registered voters. Then again how many current school board voters are registered? I’ll take a wild guess that 75% are registered voters.

    Many question? Since everyone needs to be registered voters and with the election in November will those voting in school board elections be required to vote at polls per instructions on voter card. Current you can vote at any poll within the district.
    School board terms now go to 4 years from 5 and that’s not too bad.

    The biggest downside is, even if a school referendum is really needed many will vote the next board member up for election out because those who have no serious interest in education don’t favor raising school taxes.

    When will our legislators step up and get tough of real waste in education such as what Red Clay just did with Teach for America committing $300,000.00 over and above the pay and benefits they pay these 6 TFA’s?

    Again, it’s not the end of the world and in the long run if there are problems it will be back on the legislators not the school boards.


  3. bad bill. bad law. While I agree it's not the end of days, thnat's no good reason to just let it go or pretend it doesn't matter. Keep the memory of those voting yes fresh, and CALL YOUR Senator.


  4. Keep the memory of those voting yes fresh,
    Rep Q Johnson, RD8, whose wife was elected to the Appo School Board in '08, voted yes.

    Yup, this will be remembered.