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Delaware DOE Teaching Certification Obsolete ?

145th’>http://legis.delaware.gov/LIS/lis145.nsf/vwLegislation/HB+102/$file/legis.html?open”>145th General AssemblyHouse Bill # 102


Section 1. Amend subsection 1260(a)(1), Title 14 of the Delaware Code by deleting the current language and replacing it with the following:

“(1) Either:

(i) Hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university in a coherent major or its equivalent, which shall be no less than 30 credit hours appropriate to the instructional field; or

(ii) Hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and are enrolled in the Teach For America program or a teacher residency program and have completed all pre-service requirements for such program and, where applicable and available, have achieved a passing score on an examination of content knowledge, such as Praxis II, for the area in which such individual will be teaching;”.

Section 3. Amend subsection 1261(b)(1), Title 14 of the Delaware Code by adding the following at the end of that subsection:

“A teacher entering a Delaware school through the Teach For America or a teacher residency program shall be considered in compliance with this requirement if such teacher has completed the 200 hour pre-service training provided by Teach For America or the pre-service training requirements provided by the teacher residency program.”

Section 5. This Act shall sunset 3 years subsequent to the date of enactment.


I hope the Red Clay School Board ask the see the application of the six Teach For America teachers to ensure their qualification meets the letter of the law.

We need some serious oversight of this program and somebody needs to be held accountable. Hopefully the new school board don’t have a love-fest with the new superintendent and just give him the space to make a difference but hold him to task.

Though the money being used to pay for this program is federal. However, that stimulus money was for creating jobs not bumping teachers out the door to install others associated with a political agenda.

I do see this as strike one against our new superintendent and a waring to the board that they cannot allow contracts of this extent until they are fully informed and have time to review. I feel all contracts should be approved by the board even ones not subject to the bid laws. This political move really set the trust level back a few notches. Faith is a two way street. If you expect us to have faith in you then you should have faith in our recommendations.

This legislation suggest that DOE’s teaching certification program is obsolete and has no value. Teachers in private schools don’t have to be certified by DOE and perhaps the only reason there is state certification is to create jobs at DOE. If a Teach for American teacher can come in with 5 weeks of training and no degree in education and be of higher quality than a state certified teachers it proves DOE is a bit obsolete.

Now we must look at the University of Delaware programs for education majors. Per Markell, Castle and Carper any good college student call teach public schools. Is student teaching a waste of time and perhaps we should have Teach for America handle the last leg of education for those wanting to be teachers.

Perhaps I am being too hard on Teach for America, however, once again Red Clay does things without really informing the public. For something this radical you would think a real case study by the district would be performed before committing to a three year contract. However, Bob and Merv believes in Rodel and their vision and that Rodel’s green light is all Red Clay needs.

The Contract was nothing but a political payback to appease Rodel and to further one’s career after leaving Red Clay. These political weasels will put extra effort and resources in place to support these six TFA’s to ensure their success. So now Red Clay certified quality teachers needs to babysit these TFA’s and treat them like one of their struggling students.

Markell pulls a Minner good-bye GM

I cannot believe Jack sat on his ass and did nothing to sell Delaware GM Boxwood Road plant as a good site for the Chevy Volt.

Instead of kissing Rodel and Skipper’s ass in getting Teach For American into Delaware schools Jack should have been working to keep jobs in Delaware.

I have lived near GM Boxwood Road pretty much since 1955 when my parents ( me 1) moved to the area. I went to school with many of the GM workers and they have been good neighbors. Many of the small businesses rely on GM and now that’s gone.

Dam Jack you fucked my neighbors and live long friends.

Jack, you said this to the News Journal;

“The facility is equipped with what I understand to be one of the most modern and finest paint facilities in the industry,” Markell wrote. “It would be a waste to see this facility, and its personnel, scrapped.”

My response;
Markell Cars aren’t cell phones!

Jack you said, ” what I understand to be”. Dude it means you didn’t know shit and relied on one of your aids.

Shit, I would have cut them a deal for no taxes on that plant for three years if they would have built the Chevy Volt there.

So what now Jack, let your buddy Paul Clark build townhouse on the Boxwood site? I hope TFA Wendy Kopp is proud of herself for pimping you for the Broad Foundation and the Rodel Foundation. O yea Jack, lets tell the world who Wendy’s husband is, Riachard Barth CEO of Kipp Foundation. Shall I tell the community about the Ciba-Geigy connection with you and your education bedfellows? Jack is there something you need to tell the people?

Sure we can blame Minner and Bush but dam Jack you’re off track! Stop kissing Rodel ass and serve the people!