TFA = TFB to the public! Politicians know best for public education!

Update 6:30 pm. TFA teachers will be in the Title 1 schools and salaries will be paid by Title 1 a federally funding program. The $300,000.00 is coming out of the Title 1 federal stimulus fund. Funds are not coming out of local taxes. The contract wasn’t required to go out to bid because of a little loophole compliments of the governor and those who “crafted” the legislation.

There is high level politics going on with this one and TFA really mean TFB to the public. I feel bad for some of the poor charter schools who didn’t get sponsorships.

It will be up to our board members to require the distirct administrators to provide documentation tracking this ridiculous political driven social experiment. Pretty much this issue with TFA goes like this, the rat race is over the rats won.

Rodel, Skipper, Markell, Castle (pig) and Carper (pig) pull the little Red Clay puppet’s strings. The ball will be in Merv’s court and hopefull he stays in the Red Clay circle and not the ones with the political asswipes.

Don’t go there Laz (smile)


3 responses to “TFA = TFB to the public! Politicians know best for public education!

  1. ChangeinHeart

    Thanks for this update. I knew that the specific schools getting the money did not have excess money in their budgets to pay for these teachers. I suspected Stimulus Funds (Politics) was involved.


  2. ChangeinHeart said…
    “I suspected Stimulus Funds (Politics) was involved.”

    It is fact that education stimulus funds are being used for the $300,000.00 and the TFA’s pay is coming out of normal Title 1 funding. If thier pay was coming out of stimulus that would me more teachers. The TFA’s teachers are filling position of those the district didn’t renew contract blaming funding. Surely they didn’t tell them there contracts weren’t being renewed because they weren’t qualifed.

    There for in this $300,000.00 isn’t being used to create new jobs as what the American taxpayers were told. The $300,000.00 is bing used for political purposes to advance Rodel’s agenda, political agenda and the agenda of one person leaving Red Clay.


    The Broad Foundation is a major supporter of Teach For America’s efforts to broaden and deepen its growing teaching corps and alumni program in large urban school districts across the country. Teach For America corps members teach in schools in 29 regional sites. Since 1990, more than 20,000 corps members have committed to teach two years in low-income rural and urban communities. The Broad Foundation has committed funding to Teach For America’s 2006-2010 national growth plan, as well as investing in the expansion of Teach For America’s New Orleans corps.