The miracles of science; Tetrafluoroethylene

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I was visiting another local blog that had a topic on Obama’s 3 billion dollar tax break for producers of corn-based ethanol and had a brain far re: Hydrogen powered cars and Nafion XL MEA (Membrane Electrode Assemblies) came to mind. MEA’s are a critical componet for the advancement of Hydrogen Fuel Cells. DuPont is making wonderful advancements with Hydrogen Fuel Cells. however, we must always consdier the human health risk factors.

Nafion is a sulfonated tetrafluoroethylene based fluoropolymercopolymer discovered in the late 1960s by Walther Grot of DuPont.[1] It is the first of a class of synthetic polymers with ionic properties which are called ionomers. Nafion’s unique ionic properties are a result of incorporating perfluorovinyl ether groups terminated with sulfonate groups onto a tetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) backbone.[2][3] Nafion has received a considerable amount of attention as a proton conductor for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells because of its excellent thermal and mechanical stability.”

As you can see Tetrafluoroethylene is a componet;
“Regulations DOT Tetrafluoroethylene is considered a hazardous material and special requirements have been set for marking, labeling, and transporting this material”

“When administered by inhalation to F344 rats, TFE induced renaltubule neoplasms, hepatocellular neoplasms, liver hemangiosarcoma, and mononuclear cell leukemia. When administered by inhalation to B6C3F1 mice, TFE induced liver hemangiomas and hemangiosarcomas, hepatocellular neoplasms, and histiocytic sarcomas. No adequate human studies of the relationship between exposure to TFE and human cancer have been reported (IARC 1999).”

Life on Earth does suck because trading off one Poison “fossil fuels” for other alternatives does have impact of our lives. I’ll admit Tetrafluoroethylene appears to have concerning health threat during any production of product with this compound. However, what impact with products containing such material have on landfills and junkyards?

Somewhere between Kilroy being an asshole and stupid is a nerd. The old science minded Kilroy awoke because of the panic with the Swine Flu. It’s ashamed that we aren’t this concerned with all the environmental hazard labeled under cute names. I have greater fear of Delaware’s drinking water than I do the Swine Flu. God only knows where I come up with this shit because none of it was on my GED test.

Once the Red Clay School Board Election is over and done with you may see Kilroy post more information about the hidden hazards we breath, drink and dump in old mother Earth.

Swine flu! Relax, I think with all the shit in the environment you need to start worrying if grandchildren will be born with multiple limbs and without eyes.

Don’t worry about mother Earth because there will come a day she will purge mankind of her back. She will heal in time.

Laz be nice and don’t pick on the family


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  1. “Family”??? I AM The Family.

    But I eat out of cast iron skillets, not teflon. And then, some studies show men get too much iron out of cast iron cookware, causes heart attacks.

    And I do drink out of the healing Sacred Spring of my forefathers in the deepwoods, and I make sacrifice of the beasts of the purifying forests to nurish my transient form, to appease Gaia, and the cougar spirit.

    ….and being a consummate misanthrope, I stay away from the stinking consuming lowbrow masses that are asses who are destroying mother earth. I hang with my tribe in the deep woods, we are protected from ALL EVIL CORPORATE created plagues and petty human sickness, and we are well armed and the red tailed hawks watch our backs. BEWARE the cougar, it does still live in the deep woods, tred lightly and respect our sacred groves,….. BEWARE ALL!!!! , who enter here, a curse and plague will be on the house of those that come to defile and poison the sacred groves and springs of our forefathers.


  2. Laz said…
    “some studies show men get too much iron out of cast iron cookware, causes heart attacks.”

    Not from the iron but the fat cooked in it!


  3. nope. the IRON!!!!


  4. There you go Laz! you da man!
    See paragrah 4 re: deep frying

    “Actually, cast iron cookware does “leach”iron into food and that can be an advantage, not a disadvantage, particularly for pre-menopausal women who often don’t get the 18 mg of iron they need daily. A study published in the July 1986 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association showed that cooking in cast iron skillets added significant amounts of iron to 20 foods tested. For example, the researchers reported that the iron content of three ounces of applesauce increased from 0.35 mg to 7.3 mg and scrambled eggs increased from 1.49 mg to 4.76 mg of iron”

    “On the other hand, this extra iron can be a disadvantage for people who get an overabundance of iron in the diet. There’s plenty of iron in red meat, beans, lentils, millet, chickpeas, dark, leafy greens, molasses, dried apricots, dried peaches, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, scallops, clams, oysters, soybeans, and many other foods.”

    “It is a particular risk for those with an inherited metabolic disorder called hemochromatosis or iron overload disease, believed to affect as many as one million Americans. If you have any blood relatives with the disease, ask your physician about the screening test for iron overload, called the transferrin saturation test. Symptoms that could indicate iron overload include fatigue, heart palpitations, joint pain, non-specific stomach pain, impotence, and loss of menstrual period. Remember that excess iron can act as a pro-oxidant, increasing free radical formation and risks of heart disease, cancer, and accelerated aging”

    “One caveat about cast iron cookware: don’t use it for deep-frying. (You shouldn’t deep-fry anyway.) Iron can accelerate the oxidation of fat and cause it to become rancid.”

    “When choosing iron cookware, look for products with a fine, smooth surface, which will take better to seasoning. Avoid pots and pans with pits, ridges, cracks, chips, seams and jagged edges. Good quality cast iron is uniformly gray and the same color inside and out”.

    “Be sure to season cast iron cookware before you use it. Coat it inside and out with vegetable oil and then heat it in a warm oven for at least an hour. You may want to repeat this a few times before using your new cookware. The seasoning process will make the cooking surface of your pots and pans “non stick”; if you don’t season, the surface will rust every time you wash the pan. Try not to breathe the fumes while you’re seasoning the pan. After using cast iron pots and pans, wash them in warm water with a detergent, but do not soak them or scrub them with scouring pads, which can ruin the seasoning, meaning you’ll have to do it all over again.”
    Andrew Weil, M.D.


  5. Yo dude, Dr Andrew Weil
    is a major dude…..did alot of his research in the jungles of S. amerika. w/ hallucinegics : ) got his MD from Harvard, very hollistic.
    I have been studying diets for years. I don’t have anything bad shit in my house. I do binge occasionally by eating a half gallon of Breyers Butter pecan in one sitting, or massive amounts of cheese from trader joes……I eat a mixture of Hunter/gatherer( unfortunately I don’t walk 20 miles a day, only 2 or 3), Adkins and the Mediteraian……I eat alot of wild salmon and sardines and wild game……..great book, “win the War within” Floyd Chilton Phd…..stresses an ANTI-Imflamation diet……I will loan to you if you want to borrow.

    Don’t drop cast iron…I dropped my great grandmother’s number 10 Made in Piqua OH skillet off the stove a week ago, broke the damn handle off, I was bummed, can still use it roast in…..and don’t ever use soap to clean


  6. Laz said…
    “I eat alot of wild salmon and sardines and wild game……..great book,”

    Yea man I love that salmon, bit time Omega-3. Don’t get much wild games however at my old job of 28 years I quite two years ago one of our driver lived in Newfoundland and would bring me moose meat and Canadian Cod Fish and I’ll talking major filets. I haven’t been out to sea for Tuan, Wahoo, or Mahi-mahi! dam good eating!

    I lost 20 pounds since we last met. Big on Tofu and veggies with lot of fresh ginger root. Also, bean sprouts. The Newark Farmer’s market across from the WMCA on kirkwood hwy has amazing variety and amzing selection of fish!

    “10 Made in Piqua OH skillet off the stove a week ago, broke the damn handle off,”



  7. “tofu and bean sprouts??? u have turned into a veritable granola vegan LOL ……so, could not comment on the “state checkbook” story u recently posted. Does that mean there is transparency??
    school district transpancey on a micro level???


  8. LAZ said…
    “tofu and bean sprouts??? u have turned into a veritable granola vegan LOL ……

    Getting there! Iam not really into alot of meats these days. Don’t trust all the growth hormones shit they give animals.

    “Does that mean there is transparency?? school district transpancey on a micro level???”

    Line items expenditures will be online and this should make them nervous as a fox in a hen house. We’ll be able to see names of vendors and payees! Not sure how detailed it will be for what! Markell did deliver the call for online check books. If someone have a question about an expenditure they can file a FOIA on the given check transaction! The is good! Kind of like you get to see the needles in the haystack


  9. cool…..I know you will be all over those docs ; )