Daily Archives: November 16, 2008

Bush Surrenders Command of U.S.Troops


Iraq approves security agreement with the United States.

2009, U.S. Troops placed under Iraqi authority.
2009 U.S. Troops to leave the streets of Iraqi villages, towns and cities.
2009, U.S. Troops will not be allowed to raid Iraqi homes without approval of an Iraqi judge and government.
2009, U.S Troops to handover all military bases to Iraqi control.
December 31, 2011 total U.S. Troop withdraw from Iraq.

Obama’s plan calls for all combat troop withdraw by the middle of 2010

President Bush should be impeached for surrendering America Military Troops to the command of the Iraqi Government. However the sellout President of the United States will be leaving public office this January.

Do you think these people are going to be happy with the new agreement?

The time is now for a 100% troop withdraw!