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Kilroy Reports for Submarine Duty

What a pain in the ass steam heat is!!! But it’s dam good! We’ve owned this old house now for about 10 years. When we looked at with the realtor I was like holy shit when I seen the heating system, pipes everywhere! It’s a major event getting it ready for the winter! What’s neat about it, it’s zone heating with thermostat for upstairs and down! Mrs. Kilroy and baby Kilroy were bitching it’s cold so had to fire the beast up this afternoon. So it’s bleed the air out of the pipes, purge the compression tank, check the gages and the it off to get the fireplace ready! Hopefully the price of natural gas don’t spike!

Copeland – Delaware Talk Radio Interview

I just finished listening to Delaware Talk Radio’s Randy Nelson interview (interrogation) with Senator Charlie Copeland.

Randy didn’t dream up his line of questions as they reflect the concerns on main street Delaware.

The Lead pack! Who cares he did nothing illegal and the fact is Denn as Insurance Commissioner did take money from the insurance industry and promised not to. Copeland did make any promise not to take the issues to what some perceived too negative. The mailer themselves again did Copland violate the law? I am voting for Obama but the same hardcore democrats ridiculing Copeland aren’t doing the same against Obama for his negative campaign It’s all bullshit politics all the way around!

Education! Copeland still doesn’t get it! 17 Charter schools in Delaware with 8 under federal and state academic review or watch! This is a fact! All he has to do is going online and look at the school profiles. The successful charter schools are playing the twisted admission rules allowing them to draw on the best and brightest for public school “and” private schools. Copeland feel close to 50% of the charter schools are superior much higher than traditional public schools. Duh Charlie, give the traditional public schools the same ability to pick and choose students and toss the undesirables out, you’ll see the same results as charters. This is why a Lee-Copeland administration won’t work because Lee would give the keys the car that drives education and Copeland would totally destroy public education including charter schools.

Copeland in a Markell administration would not have the keys to the car or the liquor cabinet. Markell’s plan is balanced and Copeland would get the biggest education of his life. Markell and Copeland could hammer out the difference and bring the all legislators to the table.

No doubt there are many many problems is pretty much on state agencies and the common denominator is money! The State of Delaware has a broken financial structure and nothing will change until we fix it! All candidates and I mean all are blowing smoke up our asses! We cannot improve our schools with yearly state budget cuts! Hear me well and my Red Clay friends, education in 2009 will take the biggest cut in the history of Delaware public schools! Chrysler 1000 jobs, GM over 400 jobs, Invista 300 jobs? and more to come! This will have a ripple effect on Delaware’s economy causing less state revenues.

We don’t need a state wish list or a multi page book! We need just a one sentence plan, “reform state finances and bring them to full transparency.”

Throwing Markell and Copeland together will “force” both of them and their parties to get their heads out of their asses!

A government out of control is only a reflection of the people not in control!
Check out the great website on the history of Delaware’s Governors
Delaware’s Constitution was changed in 1897 to include the office of Lieutenant Governor in the year of 1900.

The Delaware Constitution of 1897 as amended
§ 19. Lieutenant-Governor; election, term and qualifications; President of the Senate; compensation.

“Section 19. A Lieutenant-Governor shall be chosen at the same time, in the same manner, for the same term, and subject to the same provisions as the Governor; he or she shall possess the same qualifications of eligibility for office as the Governor; he or she shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote unless the Senate be equally divided.”
“The Lieutenant-Governor, for his or her services as President of the Senate, shall receive the same compensation as the Speaker of the House of Representatives; the Lieutenant-Governor, for his or her services as a member of the Board of Pardons and for all other duties of the said office which may be provided by law, shall receive such compensation as shall be fixed by the General Assembly.”
§ 20. Vacancy in offices of both Governor and Lieutenant-Governor; officers eligible to act; disability of Governor.
Section 20.

“and in case of removal, death, resignation, or inability of both the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor, the Secretary of State, or if there be none, or in case of his or her removal, death, resignation, or inability, then the Attorney-General, or if there be none, or in case of his or her removal, death, resignation, or inability, then the President pro tempore of the Senate or if there be none, or in case of his or her removal, death, resignation, or inability, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall act as Governor until the disability of the Governor or Lieutenant-Governor is removed, or a Governor shall be duly elected and qualified.”

Kilroy’s spin! The Delaware Lt. Governor is nothing but a bride in-waiting with no position of real power! There is nothing in the law indicating the Lt. Governor must be of the same political party of the governor. For some reason the minds of Delawareans feel it best that they are.

It’s so convenient for opposing party to point all the wrong doings at the sitting administration. With a Markell-Copeland administration pointing fingers wouldn’t happen as much because both parties would share the embarrassment.

Delaware political parties are in gridlock and the unwilling to end the divide is victimizing the people of Delaware. Like clueless cattle going to slaughter Delaware vote continue to vote with in the two party systems. Many say we need a 3rd party but all agree it will never happen! Voting for a Markell (D) – Copeland ( R ) administration would be close to some sense of a third party. They would be like two cats tied at the tail hanging over a clothesline! The choices would be either work together or claw each other’s eyes out. Our state governor for too long has control the lives of the people and have failed to maintain balance in the quality of life for all Delawareans. Yet, Delawareans sit back and do nothing creative to change our government. I am just saying a Democrat governor and a Republican lt. governor would be a radical move and I feel may be the key to unlocking the Delaware political gridlock. I’ve been learning to share the values of both parties but I value the rights and freedom of the people first!

The existence of government is to serve the people but yet we agree many in public office serve themselves first! The good people of Delaware have “allowed” themselves to become the servants to those elected as servants of the public. It’s time for a new direction to push our political parties together to serve those whom they claim the mission in political office was sought!

A government out of control is only a reflection of the people not in control!

We can no longer hand over control to a divided government and must take action to unite government and a Markell-Copeland administration is an option. Sure the odds are remote and you all will be back after the election to rub it in my face! However, call me a loser when the odds are great we will continue to lose under Delaware political gridlock!

Delaware Political Marriage! Markell & Copeland

I will be voting for Jack Markell and I urge everyone to vote for Jack Markell! Pretty much all my previous negative attacks against Jack Markell were rooted in my concerns with his association with the Rodel Foundation aka Vision 2015. He has received thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from the founders of Rodel and many involved in Vision 2015. I felt because Jack was on Vision 2015 bandwagon he would repay Rodel for their contributions by promoting Vision 2015 when he became governor. I get pissed every time I hear or see a new save the world education reform program! Many of the same business people associated with Rodel were behind DSTP and those dammed 3 Tiered Diplomas. I was labeled a misguided parent back in 1997 when I started to speak out against DSTP. Make note DSTP didn’t roll out until the spring of 1998. Some of you may remember my war with Senator Sokola over DSTP. Even with Sokola it wasn’t just a blog rant. I met with him hours upon hours one on one.

I started warming up to Markell after the Lead Report pretty much picked apart public school finances and revealed the possibility of million of dollars in savings. Well, somebody was hearing my concerns on how are we going to pay for Vision 2015. So my negativity toward Markell was rooted in concerns with education.

My good friend Mike Matthews questioned me as to my dislikes of Markell and said, “why don’t you just talk to him?” So what the hell, I E-mailed Jack Markell and we had a nice chat by phone and a few E-mail exchanges. I told him straight up how I felt and that I couldn’t say I was sorry for feeling that way. Jack Markell has a grasp on the concerns with public education and knows we need to find balance with charter schools, magnet schools and choice schools. But I feel he has concerns with the entire picture and knows public education needs to be fixed. I feel he agrees that there is mismanagement from the top down and certainly poor management of school finances. Many of you know I go into rant about the achievement gaps and minorities issues in education but during my conversation with Markell he touched on these issues. He went into a rant himself on the issues and wow, somebody actually gives a shit! My involvement in politics and blogging is pretty much centered on my concerns for public education. Don’t ask me why a guy with a GED and pocketful of college credits gives a crap about education. Maybe it’s because I realized how much potential I had but blew it! Maybe I want to see other not give up and push the system to not give up!

Senator Charles Copeland! Many think I must be suffering from a multi personality disorder. I was for Copeland then against Copeland and then for Copeland. Yes he did piss me off and I walked from my involvement in the Delaware GOP because of him.

Charlie and I use to communicate quite often on education issues particularly on Red Clay concerns. We chatted at many GOP functions and pretty much he accepted me for who I was and under stood my passion. In my opinion many people latch on to Copeland because of his social status. When yout poor you surely can identify your friends but when you’re of Copeland status it must be a bitch to tell real friends apart from ass kissers. Though many will not believe it there is a regular guy side to Copeland.

Our rift came as a result of Red Clay School District’s 2007 financial meltdown. As a regular at board meeting and close ties I knew before some others all wasn’t well. As Copeland was pushing his school finance transparency legislation I was pushing Red Clay to establish a community finance review committee. I made a public request and lobbied board members. They really had no choice because Red Clay was on the verge of being placed under DOE Financial Recovery and they would have required a committee. However, my vision for the committee and what Red Clay agreed on exceeded any requirements of DOE. It came to a point Red Clay was baulking on moving towards full financial disclosure. Trying to get requested data was like pulling teeth and the district refused to provide monthly object code of expenditure reports and continued their monthly reports based on IBU’s. Then Red Clay pulled a stunt approving charter school applications in violation of state laws governing the approval of charter schools. To this day Red Clay denies the fact they did not provided the required 15 day public notice and denied public input prior to the board’s vote May 1997. The public record clearly has the facts documented. The charter schools in question gave their initial public presentation the same night as the board vote. After the presentation, the board waived its rules and put the charter school vote on that night’s action items and proceeded with the vote in favor of these applications in clear violation of the law.

With the letter of the law in my hand I communicate to DOE, legislators including Charlie Copeland. I was counting on Copeland to step up because he was big on school reform. However, DOE snub me and Copeland said in couldn’t infringe on local school board control. Throw in the bullshit with Red Clay and the games they were playing with the Community Financial Review Committee and sticking their asses at the charter school laws with DOE wiping their asses; I was just left there like some private in a battle zone with commanders nowhere is sight. So, excuse my language but said “Fuck it” to the review committee and “Fuck it” to the Delaware GOP and “Fuck it” to Copeland.

I went onto months of blog rants against Copeland to vent out my feelings. But, why in the hell did I flip back to supporting him for Lt. Governor? No doubt Copeland may be part of the problem in Dove however; they all are part of the problem down there. Markell is our next governor that’s a given! However, I see Denn as Lt. Governor just creating another Minner-Carney administration. Denn has all these plans but has no power to implement them and they pretty much mirror Markell’s plans. We will still have the political gridlock in Dover between democrats and republicans. I feel it’s time for real change that may force both parties to get their heads out of their asses.

Education represents the largest portion of the state budget tipping the $$ at over one billion dollars. No way in hell is Vision 2015 going to implemented until there is money. In fact with more declined is state budget forecasted, the school districts have been warned future cuts may be coming in 2009. There is so much waste and mismanagement of public education funding its unbelievable. DOE is a waste in itself! Financial transparency is needed statewide for all agencies. So let’s start with public education the biggest expense to the state budget. It will not happen with a Markell-Denn administration because Markell nor Denn has the pull to bring the Republicans to the same table. Here’s were Copeland comes in! Copeland can bring the republicans to the table and hammer out legislation. But more importantly, we would tie a Republican and a Democrat to the governorship. When was the last time we had a Lt. Governor holding the Governors feet to the political fire.

It’s time to stick it Dover and what better way then tie them up with each other. Now for the crack-heads, who think Copeland would challenge Markell in 2012, put down your pipes. No doubt in four years the economy of the U.S and Delaware will be on the upswing. Markell of course will take credit for it and will be reelected. Also, the laws of averages are with Markell as the last four Delaware Governors served two terms. Also, if things are still screwed up it would be blamed on the Markell-Copeland administration. Charles Copeland given the chance would rather be a Delaware U.S. Congressman. Now let’s think hard, who do we know that is a Delaware U.S. Congressman? Perhaps someone tall, old (sorry Mike) and is a very good friend of Charlie Copeland?

What do I get out of this? Let’s see, maybe Copeland will make me his communications director? No that won’t work my grammar sucks and I might slip with the fuck word every now and then. Let me run his printing business? Nope, I might print money. Dinner with the DuPonts? Well maybe only if Mike Matthews could join us. Wait, I doubt it! Last time I had dinner with a wealth family I got kicked out for driving the servants crazy by stepping on the come here you peasant button under the dinning room table.

My reward would be seeing full financial disclosure of public school finances! Now if Copeland wanted to name a school after me that would be fine. But, it better not be a charter school!

Good people of Delaware get your head out of your asses and vote for a Markell-Copeland administration. The purpose of electing a governor and lt. governor separately must have be for securing the balance of power! Let’s take the power and let’s force them to work together for once!

Markell – Copeland Forcing Government to work

Count down 13 days to go!

Day 13 – October 22, 2008
Some folks are saying Jack Markell’s propping up Matt Denn will cost both votes! Markell may be fearful that Copeland might actually win! Sure a governor needs a yes man by his side and Denn is it! Markell no doubt has the win himself but is he supporting Denn for the sake of the people of Delaware or the sake of keeping the pressure off himself while in office?

Matt Denn is having problems standing on his own feet. Markell is trying to pull him out of the political quicksand! People are starting to see Denn’s weakness. Denn is a great guy but we need leadership and if Denn can’t get himself in office without a wet-nurse, Delawareans are once again screwed.

Copeland said; “I’m not going to be Bill Lee’s lieutenant governor or Jack Markell’s lieutenant governor,” he said. “I’m running to be Delaware’s lieutenant governor.” Denn will only be Markell’s pool boy!
Vote Markell (D) Governor and Copeland (R) Lt. Govenor

The Delaware Democrats and Republicans can’t get it together so let’s give them a push !!! We have more to gain with a Markell-Copeland administration then to lose!

Many feel no matter who get’s in office life in Delaware will be the same old miserable life! We’ll let’s turn the table and force government to work together or endure a miserable political life themselves!

forcing government to work together !!

Call me crazy, nuts, wing-nut or even asshole but a Markell-Copeland administration is best for Delaware.

Call me crazy, nuts, wing-nut or even asshole but a Markell-Copeland administration is best for Delaware.

Copeland (Republican) stays in check and Markell (Democrat) stays on guard! We’ve given each party over the years the opportunity to restore Delaware to the nice town in once was! Neither party has delivered and the Dover political cold war needs to end!

Just like fighting siblings or school children not playing nice the best remedy is to put them in timeout and then making them work together!

Enough is enough Dover and a Markell-Copeland administration is needed to end this political cold war!

Denn is a great guy and nothing personal but Copeland will be the bridge builder! So Bill Lee nothing personal old friend but it’s time for the children to be forced together and work things out! You know how these kids are and we must stick them in the same timeout until they learn! Enjoy you well deserved retirement!

Mr. Denn, your desire to provide healthcare to all Delaware children is appreciated however, what about mom and dad’s healthcare. We need affordable healthcare for the poor and the middleclass that has been caring for the poor and state legislator’s healthcare needs. Matt, we’re tapped out and paying out the ass to keep the sorry ass coverage we have. Healthcare is just one concern and nothing will get done until the Democrats and Republicans can both get their heads out of their asses! A Markell-Copeland administration will start that process!

Delaware wake up and put Markell (D) and Copeland (R) at the same table! It’s time for a 3rd party and this is the best option!

Holloway needs to take back the streets

By IRA PORTER • The News Journal • October 21, 2008

Safer walk to school buses sought

Council president candidate wants classes starting hour later

“City Council president hopeful Herman Holloway Jr. hosted the community meeting, trying to rally support for a plan to have schools start classes an hour later so students will not have to walk to bus stops in the dark.”

God bless you Herman but an hour later in the morning equals an hour later in the afternoon, rapes occur 24-7!

What about a neighborhood watch at the school bus stops? Where is the Hope Commission’s plan? If you can’t rally parents of Wilmington to take back the classrooms you’re not going to get them to take control of bus stop safety! Rosa Parks stepped on bus full of danger and stood her ground and the community step up to supporter her. Herman, the residences of Wilmington need to take back their streets and protect their children! The only way the Wilmington community is going to take back the streets is take to the streets.

Charter School of Wilmington Rent Debate Heats Up

Quiet talks have been going on with Charter School of Wilmington and some Red Clay folks in regards to the rent issue.

The Delaware State Auditor weight in and feels Charter School of Wilmington should pay rent. The lowest end of the rent scale the auditor indicates was $1.2 million dollars a year. Certainly to insist on $1.2 million dollars would break the back of CSW as they are getting screwed by state budget cuts.

CSW serves about 51% Red Clay students which bring them the Red Clay local share of operational school taxes. The other students bring the share of local operational school taxes from their sending school district. Charter schools do not get capital expenses and cannot hold referendums to raise capital funds. The Red Clay taxpayers voted on an approximate 23 million dollar renovation package for the Red Clay Wilmington Campus that houses CSW and Cab. I voted yes on this package because even though only 51% of CSW students are Red Clay residence we cannot deny them their needs. Also, the building does belong to the taxpayers of Red Clay and must be maintained.

When the charter protestors come out of the woodwork many will be non-Red Clay residences that pay no taxes toward capital expenses. To be honest because CSW and Cab (a Red Clay magnet school) can’t attract enough qualifying Red Clay students to fill the seats both these school would not exist. So it is important to accept the fact out of district students are needed to keep these schools alive.

Keep in mind, of the 23 million dollars Red Clay local taxpayers only contributes 60% $13.80 million dollars and the state contributes 40% $9.20 million dollars. It’s my understanding that the combined Red Clay student population of both these school is about 53%. There for 53% of the $9.20 million dollars is $4.87. So, this leaves approximately $4.32 million dollars of Red Clay local capital taxes benefiting out of district students. A local parent pointed out the unique relationship between CSW and Cab in the sharing of programming and extracurricular activities.

So we are only talking about $4.32 million dollars. My opinion as fair compromise where that Red Clay doesn’t profit from CSW I feel at best CSW pay $200,000.00 a year in rent. I think it would be a gesture of good faith on the part of CSW toward the taxpayers of Red Clay.

Red Clay has had a pretty much hands off approached to CSW as that they way is should be. I know for fact a certain board member keeps some pressure on CSW to ensure Red Clay student presence stays intact.

Red Clay does not indirectly subsidize its other charter schools beyond transferring the appropriate local operational tax. The intent was never to put CSW at financial advantage over other Red Clay charter schools as CSW was the first charter in Red Clay. So there is no hidden agenda to screw other charter schools.

Is it too much to ask CSW to pay $200,000.00? I know board members are struggling with this issue.

My concerns with charter schools are more with the 8 failing charter schools and the fact when the state legislators are force to address the issues they most like will make serious changes in charter schools admission that “will” impact the dynamics of certain charter schools such as CSW. Until a day we reform traditional public schools to the level of quality they one had we will need charter schools. More power to parents who step up and want to ensure their children get the best education possible and more power to parents who defend their charter schools. But hear me well; this issue with CSW is not the beast that will bring it down! 25 charter schools in Delaware with 8 failing will. DMA did finally obtain a Conduit Loan out of state which saves this school thousands of dollars yearly. The finances of public schools are in dire need of reform and the greatest benefactor will be all students charter, magnet, choice and traditional public schools.

Many of you will be out of the charter school system when the house of cards will fall! Today 32% of all Delaware charter schools are failing! Do you honestly think the legislators will sit back and do nothing? Many of these failing charter schools need funding and direction to obtain better community outreach programs. Changing the admission standards of all charter school requiring them to accept failing student will only spread failure across the charter school network and will do noting to address student failure.

For the wise ass who wants to throw the fact my son went to CSW you have no clue as to what you say! I was one of the nut parents to battle the Three Tried Diplomas and the ridiculous DSTP, I don’t need to put a résumé of my contributions because it’s not about me! Many attack me because I care about high poverty students and minorities. Suggesting CSW pay reasonable rent isn’t the same as calling for its closure which is ridiculous.

My vendetta is getting Red Clay to focuses on giving all schools within Red Clay the attention and respect. Their violation of state charter school approval laws as they did in 2007 will be the demise of any school district approval charter school application. The law “will” be changed to give DOE the full authority to approve charter school application and oversight.

So my friend take you cheap shot but I’ll still respect your rights and do encourage you to stand up for “your” child and their school!

Kilroy’s News Journal Letter October 19, 2008

Give this GOPer a Markell-Copeland administration

I departed the Delaware GOP as chairperson for the 19th Representative District, state convention delegate and state committee member because I felt Charlie Copeland wasn’t taking an active aggressive stance in the 2007 Red Clay School District’s financial crisis .

Copeland did introduce legislation requiring districts to put their line-item expenditures online. However, that legislation never made it to committee. Though Copeland didn’t take an aggressive public stance and tap into the outraged community, the fact remains he fired the first warning shot that the day will come for financial transparency.

Education represents the largest portion of the state’s budget. It is the best place to start with financial reform. Any hopes of implementing Vision 2015 depends on how much money can be saved. Pumping more into a financially broken and mismanaged system will continue public outrage.

Despite my personal beefs with Copeland, he is better suited to be the next lieutenant governor. A Lee-Copland administration would not serve the community well.

However, a Markell-Copeland administration would give a sense of stability and balance of power, the left hand will be watching the right hand. This state must move towards financial transparency and a Markell-Copeland administration might just be that ticket to accomplish that goal.

John M. Allison, Wilmington

(This letter to the editor is how I honestly feel. Markell has a great plan but we need the Democrats and Republicans to get their shit together and deliver the community fiananical transparency of public education for starters. As far as me slapping Copeland around on this blog. What other means did I have to express my anger at his lack of engagment. Copeland needs to be reflection of the people at the bottom of the GOP not the top. The party grassroots can no longer be the worker bees without voice. The communitcation can no longer be downward! They can shun all the breakaways they want but the fact remain it is the Delaware Republican Party who is in denial. Mike Protack was slapped around by the party and sure he slapped back. However, On Delaware Talk Radio last week he announced he support the party an will vote for Bill Lee. I guess he is a better man than I because I cannot support a Lee-Copeland administration because it would only feed the exsiting party status quo. We need a win for the people of the Republican party not a win for the party! Some say Copeland has his eyes on Washington D.C. when Castle decides to call it quits. Copeland needs to get his head out of his ass and work the party from the RD’s. We need a leader that supports all the troops even the privates in the RD’s. Markell is the closes thing the Democrats have to a Republican and I hope his head doesn’t become as big as Minner’s. We need to restore the order in Delaware where the public needs to stop being the servants to the public servants they elected!)

Talking Road Kill

Wild Night at the Bull’s Eye

I had at great time last night at the Bull’s Eye. Tyler Nixon joins us and the more I drank the better I liked him. He is a very conservative young man that reminds me of Clark Kent! But dam, sure enough he seemed like a political Superman. This guy really gives a shit about the community and justice for all people. I study his website a little closer. It’s simple and to the point! Also, I managed to navigate with my GED. His issues seem appealing to the intellects of Delaware and the everyday Joe. (dam, Joe is getting one hell of a workout this election cycle)

Nixon is the kind of Republican I like, more towards the center and sharp on all issues!

There was this other person who joined us and dam I thought he was going to stick a fork in my head. I had to go outside to see if there was a State Hospital recreation bus in the parking lot. I just commented being part of the ROTC wasn’t being in the military and this guy went Rambo on me. This wing-nut even carried an American Flag with him. I drank some more and dam, this guy had some deep feelings on social and educational issues. I didn’t catch his name because he gave about five! Matthews told me his name was Mr. Sybil! I thought that was an odd last name for man. So Mr. Sybil if you’re reading this, I enjoy our conversations.

Matthews, holy shit! The more I drank, the more he looked like that creature under the sink in the cartoon The Flintstones. I am like holy shit, one minute I am dodging forks and next chicken bones flying out of Mike’s mouth. Like, what the F is this place Wing-nuts and Wing-bowl! How embarrassing, one of the owners of Bull’s Eye Mickey not John Carney’s brother kept going to the Pathmark to get more food. Every time Mike ordered more food I heard a voice coming from the kitchen saying, “no fucking way.” Then we would see about four sets of eyes peering around the corner. A voice would say, “which one Clark Kent or the big bacon-boy?”

This night was a zoo! I had no choice but to drink some more! It got to a point I started to see an angel. Her voice drowned out Mr. Sybil’s voice and the garbage disposal sounds coming from Matthews. She kept saying her friend may be coming! I am like cool, another angel! Her angle friend never showed up! I guess she had broken a wing! Or perhaps peeked in the window and saw Matthews spitting out wing bones and decided to fly off to save her own wings.

Next thing I knew, I woke up with a furry ass bitch next to me! I looked over and there was my sweet Brittany Spaniel Betsy Ross Allison laying there waiting for me to wake up. I went downstairs and my wife was on the sofa. I said, “Why are you here?” She asked me if I was digging in the dumpster at the Bull’s Eye. I said, “Come on I just had a few Seven and Sevens, maybe ten but they don’t smell like garbage. Then I started laughing and told her about Mike looking like that creature in The Flintstones. She said fine but we’ll talk about the blonde hair later! Dam, angels are real!

Red Clay Skating on Thin Ice!

Here we go again! I am not putting any cards out on the table on this one! However, my friends in high places in Red Clay! You know who you are and you know what you did! Get it through your heads, parents are united and the political voice is growing! You want to piss on parents who are trying to do good but remember what happens when you piss in the wind!

To my spellchecker friend what hell are you doing? Shark Boy, have you lost your marbles? I respectfully request you undo what you just did! Some people are honestly trying to help so don’t piss on them because the community will piss right back on you!

To all parents and community members: Mike Matthews from Down With Absolutes and and I will be at Bull’s Eye Kirkwood Highway tonight October 17, 2008 from 7 pm until Midnight. Join us ! Drinks and food are on you! It will be a great time to network with people who care about the issues.

Those of you who want to participate in Red Clay Community Education Action Committee please come on out and help move this plan forward. It’s time the parents and community have a political lobbyist voice like all the other stakeholders!

Cab only 52% Red Clay Students ?????

I received an E-mail indicating Cab only has 52% Red Clay Students and I assume the rest are from out of district.

I find this hard to believe because Cab is one of the most popular schools in the state. It’s my understand part of the admission process is an audition which I feel is strange because Cab is a school of learning. If a student was a master at one of the arts then they would be overqualified for Cab.

One would think Cab a district magnet school not a charter school would be 100% Red Clay students. Also, I thought there was waiting list.

Can someone please expand on this and please correct me if I am wrong! I am just trying to verify the information re: 52%. I went online and it appears the detail of student population of Cab isn’t this defined.

Red Clay 0 Students 1

Out in force, parents and students stepped up to the microphone to speak out against the elimination of Choice transportation.

I thought I saw a tear coming out of the corner of board member Peggy Vavalla’s eye as the students pleaded their case. Peggy set the stage for the no vote which keeps current Choice transportation intact. The rest of the board members folded!

A total of 40 people requested to address the board with a few declining after there concerns were raised by other speakers. Many others were in force to support the cause.

Only one candidate for public office showed their face! Mike Ramone was in attendance and seemed to know everyone in attendance. Politicians tend to show their faces when there are happy events but this event could have easily ended in disappointment. Mike Ramone’s opponent didn’t bother showing up!

Red Clay has painted themselves in this corner and now must keep a tight rein on the budget and the board may have to give up a few Surf and Turf dinners. Merv and Bob might have to shop at Sears instead of Brooks Brother. But for real, Red Clay must step up and restore schools like McKean and Dickinson to the desirable status they once were and from what I hear is these schools are in the process of doing that. Each year the board will revisit the Choice transportation issue and have the option to take action in a real financial emergency.

Jack Buckley has valid points about restoring neighborhood schools and keeping students in those feeder patterns. However, it appears it won’t happen by the iron fist of the school board! Looks like the board painted themselves in another corner and will be forced to work very hard to get these schools to a desirable level. If they had any sense they would form a committee of board members, administrators and students, no parents. We need to let the students tell the educators what then need to see change in schools. My opinion every high school should have a world class band, drama department, choirs and all the things students enjoy. We can’t have world class schools if half of them are treat as second class by their own school board.

Another interesting event took place last night. The fine gentleman from Odyssey Charter School was requesting the board to expand their charter to add more students and to approval splitting the school into two building locations. Personal, I see nothing wrong with two locations. But the jar dropper was when Becnel asked about Red Clay student preference! The gentleman looked like a deer in the headlights and I thought he was going to say, “What you talking about Willis.” It appears Odyssey Charter School doesn’t give Red Clay student preference and they get in line like all students.

Here is a portion of the Delaware Charter School Law, Title 14 Chapter 5, section 506;
(3) Students enrolling in a new (nonconverted) charter school may be given preference under the following circumstances as long as the school has described its preferences in the school’s charter:
a. Students residing within a 5-mile radius of the school;
b. Students residing within the regular school district in which the school is located;
c. Students who have a specific interest in the school’s teaching methods, philosophy, or educational focus;
d. Students who are at risk of academic failure;
e. Children of persons employed on a permanent basis for at least 30.0 hours per week during the school year by the charter school

Notice the word “may” I love this word in laws as it represents the so-called loopholes in the law. The person(s) behind crafting this law purposely put these loopholes in.

Red Clay did approve this schools Charter and can “request” that Odyssey Charter School give preference to Red Clay students however Red Clay authority to approve charter schools cannot superseded state laws. If they demand Odyssey to require to accept a certain parentage of Red Clay students then Odyssey does have grounds for legal rebuttal. “May” is a strong word in the legal texts. The only way Red Clay can tract the number of actual Red Clay students in Odyssey in through they number of current students transferring into Odyssey. Also, it my understand that if a parent of a child in private school wants to go to a charter school they first must register in they public school district they live as there are finanical transaction between the districts and charter schools.

What get’s me is, why aren’t the Red Clay signed Charter agreements online for the community to see. Why should I the taxpayer file a FOIA to see this document when it could be posted on the district webpage in less the 30 seconds? Why isn’t the data available that indicates the number of students from each school district in any given charter school? Well the fact is they law doesn’t require it!

Next month Odyssey will return to the board in efforts to gain a yes vote and will indicate they have put a preference in place for Red Clay students. However, always remember that “May” word as it in not a definite! Certainly being located in Red Clay Odyssey does attach and admit Red Clay students. Also, remember for each Red Clay student that attends Odyssey the district loses revenue as it’s require to transfer a major portion of per student local funds to charter schools even the ones they didn’t charter.

I honestly feel Red Clay needs to end its charter school agenda and fix the existing Red Clay schools. Why involve ourselves in building new schools when we have broken ones in dire need of repair?

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