OMG Copeland lands the first punch of the knock out!

Charlie Copeland just rolled out some new aggressive campaign ads and the grand slam due out this weekend!

Those who ruled out a Copeland victory are now show signs of deep concerns! I’ve been hearing comments such as “ Denn is riding on Markell’s coattails and it’s turing off Markell voters.” Markell is very safe and is a shoe in!

Call me crazy for my Markell-Copeland administration analogy but many are buying into the concept. People are tired of the political wars in Dover. Markell has a great plan and Denn’s plan only mirrors Markell’s. Copeland can bring many of the stubborn Republicans to the table. Copeland’s future and ticket to the U.S. Congress relies on bring open government and financial transparency. Markell “needs” his help!

Just like children not getting along where parents force them to play together a Markell-Copeland administration will do the same for the children in Dover.

Why is Copeland pushing open government and transparency and Denn just sits on the bench?


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