Delaware Killed America

REVISED 7:50 PM 10/24/2008
People just do get it! Between the great depression and the end of World War II there wasn’t much of a middle class. Many of the children that went to war were those of immigrants and were living at home. Also, farm boys leaving the fields and men living in boarding homes.

After the war the United State became the benefactor of the new industrial revolution. Europe’s manufacturing capacity was in ruins due to the massive wartime bombing. China, Japan and the Far-East manufacturing capabilities were null. The United States manufactured the tools and equipment to get the rest of the world’s manufacturing factories up and running. The price to subdue Japan into keeping the peace was to bring them into the world economy. Same goes with China and others Far-East countries. Why would a business partner of the United States want to war with the United State or it’s allies sabotaging their own economy?

Steel use to be one of the U.S major exports! Our government sat back and allowed Japan to dump their government subsidized steel in the U.S. One of the biggest mistake the United States made was to export advance technology. The biggest contiuning mistake is the United State allowing other countries to slap duties taxes on American exports making them more expensive. Send an American made washing machine to Mexico and it’s probably 50% duty tax. The world economy is not on an even playing field. Blame the American unions that’s, crap, many of the Asian countries enslave children in factories for pennies a day. The American unions were a result of a worker revolt in the United States because the U.S. government turned it’s back on the atrocities U.S. employers imposed on workers. Why do you think we have stringent child labor laws and other worker protection laws? OSHA wasn’t a gift to the workers! It was the unions who forced the government’s hands to enact safety laws to protect workers.

The middle-class population aka the gap between rich and poor exploded after War World II.The U.S. governments desire to rule the world and promote freedom piece-mealed our manufacturing jobs overseas. Think about it, way don’t you see “duty tax” on a foreign car invoice? Now the government allows out sourcing of HR Services and Customer Support Services to foreign countries. What the hell is left for the American people! K-Mart and Wal-Mart!

Those “Delaware” candidates selling small business as the way to go are full of shit. Small business equals small paychecks that don’t put workers any where near middle-class status. Delaware’s middle-class are “doomed.” The real fallout of the selling of the American economy will come when the children of the baby-boomers reach retirement age. No company paid pension and it’s very doubtful employer’s share of 401K contributions will still exist. As we can see today the fleecing of American’s investment by the ills of Wall Street scum is screwing the baby-boomers

Taxation, take a look at your paycheck! 30% goes toward state, federal, local, Social Security and Medicare. Add in utility taxes, gasoline taxes, tolls, surcharges and all the Mickey Mouse taxes and we’re near 50% of our income.

Thinking about another American Revolution! Not going to happen! Well at least not by arms! If 5,000 people marched on Dover and demanded open government and full financial transparency of state affairs, it will be done!

American particularly the middle-class has lost their will to be free! The expectations of the United States Constitution are not a given unless one stands up for their rights. Many look at minorities and say they equal opportunites but are lazy. If true why then did it take a Civil War to free the salves and why did it take all the way up to the 1960’s to ensure and protect the rights of minorities?

Middle-class white American is going to have a rude awaking because they are being pushed down the social scale and when they cry foul those cries will go unheard. Welcome to poverty white middle class! Your ghettos won’t be the inner city but mobile home parks!

Delaware a state that started a nation will become, Delaware the state where America died!

What are Delawareans? They are people who decided to allow themselves to become the servants to those elected to be “their” public servants!


4 responses to “Delaware Killed America

  1. Where have you been?

    There is only one thing worse than a ghetto…… . a trailer park.


  2. Where have you been?

    There is only one thing worse than a ghetto…… . a trailer park.


  3. You represent the heart of Delaware, for sure.


  4. You represent the heart of Delaware, for sure.