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Minner on Secret Biden Mission???

This classified weapon was developed in Delaware with Joe’s blessings.

I’ve also intercepted classified documents indicating Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner’s trip to Germany is really a spy operation and that Minner may be part of a plot to pass this secret weapon to Iran via Germany. Iran has been in the market for a stealth weapon and this pumpkin cannon may be that weapon.

When asked, Carney played dumb and Markell said she better have a purchase order. Lee responded by saying, we’ll I hope that thing can shoot watermelons because I know a guy who has plenty of watermelons and would love to get a peice of that $$$ action. Copeland’s response was he didn’t want to infringe on Minner’s foreign affairs activities. When Joe Biden was questioned his response was, Delaware? What state is that in?


Is calling the Lt. Governor’s race taboo?

Seems like no one wants to go out on a limb to call the Lt. Governor’s race for Copeland or Denn other then myself calling for Copeland! I am call for Copeland because see Kilroy calls it for Copeland and Markell / Copeland left hand right hand.

Delaware Liberal threw out some bait and nobody is going near it!

One thing seems agreeable is, Jack Markell will be the next Governor of Delaware. Jack has been trying to pull Matt Denn on his coattail but Jack won the primary because the democratic voters are looking for a new direction and major changes in the governor cabinet appointees. Jack is what the people want, someone close to center! Jack has the right stuff to work with both sides. However, the race between Copeland and Denn is another story!

As you can see with my election predictions on the sidebar I am not flip-flopping back to the Republican side. I am back were I belong in the middle! You can see I support Obama for President and Jack Markell for Governor. Also, you may see me leaning more to the right on other candidates. I personally know the candidates on the R side like Mike Ramone and John Clatworthy and base my support from knowing the candidates.

Let’s face it, having disappointments coming from both parties Democrat and Republicans. As for Delaware I think have a Democrat Governor and a Republican Lt. Governor might just be the balance needed. Copeland is way too far to the right for the sake of the party and I am banking on him moving towards the center where the real world is! I’ve busting on him for some time now as other he surrounds him playing the Emperor’s New Clothes bullshit just to be his friends! What a life it must be to have so-called friends attached to your ass for the sake of social status. Matt Denn is a very personable person but hasn’t really walked the political gauntlet and know one really know how much balls and grit he has. This may be the same reason Jack Carney was defeated! John waited to long to break away from being stigmatized by Minner. Nothing personal Jack you have my support and vote but would be nice to see someone on the inside to keep or feet to the political fire.

Same old Red Clay!

See FixRedClay for the rest of CFO’s response.

Per CFO:
“If a choice student doesn’t ride a feeder pattern bus to a school, assuming they ride, the only bus left to get the student there is a “choice” bus which is what totaled the $181,000 choice cost last year and is projected to cost over $200,000 this year. This is estimated to be $310 per student.”

Let’s go with projected cost of $200,000.00 for this year! It’s already in the budget! Some board members want to cut choice transportation now. “Cold Turkey” Becnel suggest to end it after next year 2010-2011 to better prepare parents and let student finish out the school where they currently choice.

Conrad and Cab being all choice schools with no assigned feeder pattern meaning no feeder transportation will still have curb side transportation while parents of other choice students will be required to drive their children to the feeder bus stop in the Choice school or just keep their children in their own feeder school. They do have the opiton their children to and from school directly or car pool.

At best 50% of the above cost will still be incurred re: Conrad and Cab. The district will be saving $100,000.00 plus inflation.

We can debate the pros and cons of Choice schools and certainly Choice transportation is luxury for Red Clay students as other district don’t offer this service. But this is about another underhand Red Clay agenda.

However, certain members of Red Clay Consolidated School Board claim it’s about saving money and they are being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money. The increased cost is about $20,000.00 compared to last year. Mr. Buckley prefers that we end choice transportation now because he is concerned with the transportation cost. I have one thing to say to him and the other board members who want to got “cold turkey,” kiss my butt! Tell the truth that it’s not about the money it’s about wanting students to attend their feeder schools and how the district mismanaged the Choice program by allowing certain favorite schools to go over capacity. Schools should be capped once the school hits capacity and that goes for sibling preference. TELL THE TRUTH!!!

The board members didn’t even know the cost saviings of choice transportation nor did the Red Clay Community Finance Review Committee!

Red Clay hires numerous consultants to be nursemaid to district administrators who should know there jobs! Also, what the hell are the people at DOE there for? We have over 200 employees at the Delaware Department of Education, don’t they provide support services to the district? Furthermore, the consultants Red Clay hires are paid most with Local and federal funds. If the state feels school districts needs outside consultants then there should be funding by the state.

We’re asked to trust the school board on this matter but yet this is the same school board “refusing” full financial transparency! They continue to control transparency and continue to play the parents and public for fools!

Hear me well my good friends in Red Clay! Parents will unite and parents will establish a political voice!

This board (except for the two new members) allowed Red Clay to piss million of dollars on their watch! This board refuses to set a timetable for full financial transparency! One by one those board members responsible for the financial meltdown, violation of state bid laws and violation of state charter school approval laws will be pluck of the school board like a warts on a pig’s ass!

Next board election is next May and goodbye to that member! The other’s day will come. Do remember folks, to this day no one was ever held accountable for the Red Clay financial meltdown of 2007!

Stop the lying; it’s about wanting students to attend school in their feeder pattern! Fine, just tell the dam truth! How can this community trust lying administration and lying board members? Show some dam passion and end choice transportation after school year 2010-2011. This give you time to find a way to assigned those old Wilmington High feeder students and find a way to fund Cab and Conrad without alienating other parents.