Tyler Nixon to stand guard in Dover

This American veteran of Desert Storm isn’t afraid to get dirty. Let’s send him to Dover to cleanup wasteful state government. It’s time for the next generation to set the course for our children and grandchildren.

Send the new guard to rid Dover of the old closed government guard! We need good men like Tyler Nixon to guard the future and liberties for our children and senior citizens.

How about you World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq vets and current military members! Let’s give one of your own the opportunity to defend your rights and homeland from wasteful state government! Tyler Nixon will work hard for your well deserved benefits.

Little Star So Bright

Twinkle twinkle little star I know your not far.
You will always be the sunshine in my heart

Little Tabby is like beautiful stardust shinning through
the clouds is heaven.

The tears is heaven do rain down and brings
ocean of heart aches.

Yes so close but so far and the emotional crunches
make it hard.

The beast is no longer feared and is nothing. A new
day is near. So no longer fear as I hear your pain.

The universe is large and can be so empty but hang
onto the stardust who will bring warmth and light

Rambo Nixon to Invade Legislative Hall

Hot new photo of Tyler Nixon! Shout out to Gunner at 8th & I, thank you for hooking me up with Army archives!

Like many veterans Tyler Nixon doesn’t like to brag or discuss some of the tragedies of war but we need to honor him and give him the opportunity to serve the people of Delaware.

No, serving in the military doesn’t give you a ticket into politics however, Tyler Nixon is an accomplished individual who set objectives in life and achieved them.

Our state legislators have loss sight of objectives to provide open government and financial transparency.

The 4th Representative District needs to step-up on November 4th and hand Tyler Nixon his marching orders! We need leaders in Dover willing to fight for the people and have the perseverance to prevail.

If you want to do battle with Dover then send a real warrior down there to kick some ass!

It’s time we invade Dover and send today’s warriors to be tomorrow’s leaders!

Tyler knows as I, grunts eat before command and it’s time for the command in Dover to get in back of the chow line.

OMG Copeland lands the first punch of the knock out!

Charlie Copeland just rolled out some new aggressive campaign ads and the grand slam due out this weekend!

Those who ruled out a Copeland victory are now show signs of deep concerns! I’ve been hearing comments such as “ Denn is riding on Markell’s coattails and it’s turing off Markell voters.” Markell is very safe and is a shoe in!

Call me crazy for my Markell-Copeland administration analogy but many are buying into the concept. People are tired of the political wars in Dover. Markell has a great plan and Denn’s plan only mirrors Markell’s. Copeland can bring many of the stubborn Republicans to the table. Copeland’s future and ticket to the U.S. Congress relies on bring open government and financial transparency. Markell “needs” his help!

Just like children not getting along where parents force them to play together a Markell-Copeland administration will do the same for the children in Dover.

Why is Copeland pushing open government and transparency and Denn just sits on the bench?

Elect Tyler Nixon

Did Matt Denn call Copeland a baby killer?

HB 472 McWilliams

Copeland Y = Yes

This bill creates a procedure by which the Child Death, Near Death, and Stillbirth Commission will perform reviews of maternal deaths occurring in Delaware. The review is to provide meaningful, prompt, system wide recommendations in an effort to prevent future deaths and to improve services to pregnant women. This bill also extends the timeframe from 3 months to 6 months for expedited reviews of all child abuse and neglect deaths and near deaths and provides for compliance with the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act requirements pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 5106 a(b)(2)(A)(x).


Talk about negative campaigning! Matt Denn’s radio ad claiming Copeland didn’t support legislation dealing infant mortality is pretty much an out right lie

Copeland accuses Denn of “promising” not to take campaign contribution from the insurance industry and exposed the fact Denn went back on his promise!

Matt Denn the Saint Christopher of Delaware in turn made attack ads saying Copeland voted against legislation that deals with infant mortalities. Matt you are a sick political terrorist holding a baby in front of you to save your own political life! Shame on you Matt.

Vote Markell-Copeland administration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big John Brady Is The Right Choice

It’s Our Turn To Support Tyler Nixon

No hope for the Dover dopes !

Del. ranks low in transparency
State found to be 43rd in nation in open government, ethics
By GINGER GIBSON • The News Journal • October 28, 2008

Delaware found itself near the bottom of a state-by-state ranking of open government, transparency and ethics regulations released Monday

Sen. Karen Peterson, D-Stanton, who has advocated for open-government legislation in the Senate, said she was not surprised by the ranking.

“It’s pathetic, it’s truly pathetic,” Peterson said. “The First State is darn near last.”
Peterson said efforts to reform open-government legislation have been derailed in the Senate, where bills often became the victims of the “desk-drawer veto.”

Senate Speaker Pro Temp Sen. Thurman Adams, D-Bridgeville, the man in charge of that desk-drawer power, could not be reached for comment but released a statement: “I think that, next year, something will happen with open government because it seems like everybody’s running on it,” he said, referring to promises of open government being made by many candidates this campaign season. “But I can’t tell you right now what the final form will be.”

Gov. Ruth Ann Minner has remained largely silent on the issue of open government, but released a statement about the rankings.

“I have long believed that Delawareans have a right to know what happens in the state government their tax dollars support,” Minner said in the statement. “I have always tried to be open in the processes that affect the people of our state and will continue to do so.”

Kilroy’s Spin:

Minner is full of shit ! 8 years as Lt. Governor and 8 years as Governor she has done nothing to promote open government!

This reinforces my concern with a Markell-Denn Administration as it will only carry on the traditions of closed doors. Again like a broken record, Markell has a wonderful plan and Denn is a decent person. However, it’s time for real change in shaking up the state government and yes Copeland can be that wedge in a Markell-Copeland administration.
All the wonderful talk about world class schools, smaller class size, better teachers, better pay, world class healthcare and all the campaign promises from all parties come without a clue how its going to pay for it.We need real change as in open financial transparency of our schools! It time and long over due!
Nothing will change until the political gridlock in Dover is broken! After the election we’ll be hearing about more budget cuts in education. Taxes will be raised with no transparency. Red Clay will still violate state law at will for the sake of, “it’s for the kids.”

State Legislators Responsible for Dropout Rate

Education summit to address rising school dropout rates
By JENNIFER PRICE • The News Journal • October 26, 2008

“It is not enough to merely raise awareness of the dropout issue,” said Education Secretary Valerie Woodruff. “We must act and act now to keep more youth in school.”

Kilroy’s Spin:
Amazing we’re back to debating on educational reform! Prior to the rollout of DSTP in the spring of 1998 “before” NCLB (NCLB was enacted in 2000) educators, education researchers assigned by DOE and our state legislators and a handful of parents including me all raised serious concerns.

The attempt to hold students accountable for the failure of the adults who control their lives and public education was a social train wreck. DSTP was originally designed to measure achievement to better address student academic deficiencies. The state legislators and the Governor Tom Carper took their marching orders from the business roundtable.

For all its efforts DSTP has a negative impact on the high school dropout rate. The year prior to DSTP the dropout rate was 4.7%. The 9th grade dropout rate now exceeds that of the 10th grade. Attempt to change the method of tracking high school dropout has skewed the historical data and the high school dropout rate may even be higher.

At a Red Clay board meeting I heard a board member say; students leave the district or perhaps the state and attend other schools without us knowing. Well duh, if a student moves out of district or state and enrolls in another school, that school will call for the records be transferred. Would this be an indicator that the student did not in fact dropout?

We now have legislators and candidates for governor and lt. govern saying they will do away with DSTP. We’ll duh, DSTP replacement was put on hold because of budget cuts. Also, replacing it would require approval by USDOE re: NCLB, duh! Blame NCLB? No so fast! For years and years since the onset of ESEA schools and states were given billion of dollars which many say were mismanaged. Title 1 the biggest federal grant that provides “Supplemental” funding for reading and math to serve high poverty children has been used to “Supplant” public school funding. NCLB took a left turn when is deviated from targeting the closure of the achievement gap between black and white students.

However, Delaware missed the mark by allowing political agendas such as allowing Red Clay’s hand in crafting the charter school laws that we’re driven by those wanting to build schools that created the bright-flight and did nothing to with addressing the achievement gap. The creation of Charter School of Wilmington that has an admission process that excludes students performing below the achievement gap was designed by Red Clay. We can debate the needs of “all” students however, at a time when the focus was on improving education to address the disparities Red Clay focused on catering to the elitist in the community.

Delaware has 17 charter schools with 8 under academic review or academic watch with the 8 being high poverty and predominately African-American students. Within the Delaware charter school system the achievement gap is much wider then in traditional public school system.

The education system is broken at the top starting with state legislators who refuse to believe there are serious cracks in the Delaware charter school laws. Bill Lee will hold up the successful charter school proclaiming this is the way to go. He’ll bash teachers in traditional public school failing to meet the standards but says nothing about teachers in the failing charter schools. No doubt he’ll take the news about the high school dropout rate and use it to further is proclamation that charter schools are the way to go!

Our state legislators are hands on in building charter schools even though there are major flaws at the same time they ignore the needs of traditional public schools. It’s evident that education is being driven by politcal special interest at the board levels of local business not based on classroom needs. Red Clay school board violates charter school approval laws and state contract bid laws and local politicians living with in the bounds of Red Clay turn a blind-eye and are actual part of the Red Clay charter school agenda.

The concerns with the high school dropout rate are a result of the reckless agendas of state legislators who sellout our children particularly black children for personal political gains.


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