Daily Archives: September 22, 2008

Red Clay playing Russian Roulette with The 14th Amendment

I have recieved some interesting feedback on the follow concern that supports merit and for the record I support continuing Choice transportation for in-district students!
Conrad and Cab do not have a feeder patterns as they are an all Choice magnet schools with specific admission requirement. Regardless of specific admission requirement the schools are Red Clay Choice schools. Red Clay is now faced with a discriminatory dilemma. If they eliminate Choice transportation for all Choice schools the board would require to vote on excluding Conrad and Cab. Can you imagine these schools with no bus service. Many say to those who Choice their children too bad it was your choice not to go to your feeder pattern. So, wouldn’t this apply to Cab and Conrad? Would providing these district Choice students transportation and not all district Choice students transportation be unequal in the eye of the Fourteenth Amendment?