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Maverick Kilroy back in the saddle!

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It wasn’t that long ago residents of Red Clay Consolidated School District were asking were did the money go?

Now they want to know were did the money come from!

That would follow Red Clay closing out the 2008 fiscal year on June 30 with a better-than-anticipated $4.7 million carryover in local and state money, Floore said. That was up from her original projection of a razor thin $260,483. The district’s tax receipts were greater than anticipated because delinquency among taxpayers was not has high as anticipated. Moreover, greater revenue led to greater interest earned, she said.”

We went from a projected carryover of $260,483.00 after $10,000,000.00 budget cuts to an actual carry over of $4,700,000.00.

Though I had my beefs with the CFO, I can honestly say she was doing a good job in “retraining” district managers in being more conscious to their departmental expenditures and balances. I don’t think the former CFO was skilful in developing consistency and uniformity in accounting practices among the district department managers.

I suspect there were way more poor financial practices being conducted by department managers who lack proper training then the district let on. I doubt the board and the superintendent were aware of the seriousness of the accounting decencies. The current CFO does have the ability effectively train the department manager shaping them into an effective business group. $4.7 million dollars just doesn’t appear from nowhere and I suspect have this amount was something lost previously through inadequate training of department managers.

Services to the students and teachers needs were severely disruptive last year and they felt the pain! However, it looks like Red Clay is on solid footing to real financial recovery.

Don’t get me wrong her folks I still have bad feelings on how I was rolled under the bus about data file transfer. I am still pissed that no one in the Red Clay administration was held accountable and the lack of leadership among the senior board members.

The CFO has dug us out of this mess and I am sure she will stand guard over the district finances to prevent another financial meltdown. However, will still have a serious issue
of no real financial transparency.

The community will most likely no continue the fight for true financial transparency and don’t count on the likes of Senator Charlie Copeland to be a partner in this fight. He made a choice of being in bed with the good olds boys and girls of the school board to support them in their charter school agenda! He will not stand in the face of his pals and publicly criticize them for the financial failure nor will he stand by the brave few in Red Clay that will continue to call for full financial transparency! Copeland is a sellout!

As many of you know I was quite ill with severe sleep apnea and it has been six months since I started my treatment! It cost me a job of 28 years and caused great stress in transitioning into a new job. I am working in the same field, transportation management and same transportation industry. Part of my new responsibilities is coordinating military personnel family relocation working with service members and various branches of military and government agencies. Also, I handle domestic and military international relocation and play a role in overall quality control.

So, I will be getting back into the battle zone aka Red Clay.
Obviously we’ll be booting out another board member in May 2009 and Bob A hopefully will be retiring the end of 2009. Also, it won’t be long before we purge the rest of the old guard of the school board.

I am here to tell you folks! If we don’t secure real financial transparency within the next two years there will be hell to pay when the next referendum comes around.

I’ve been checking out Fix Red Clay and the issue involving overcrowding at Brandywine Springs Elementary School to a point they may need mobile classrooms! This school seems like a safe haven for local parents who want their children close to home and I can’t blame them. However, there is clear indication that Pike Creek and the Hockessin area needs move building space that can only be achieved through another capital referendum. Folks of this area, it won’t happen until we get full financial transparency. Not because the community demands it but because the community needs it to ensure the inequalities throughout Red Clay can be address. Red Clay is a community white, black, rich and poor! Everyone can win if we fight for all the children. Red Clay cut 10 million dollars last year and still manages to come up with 4.7 million at the end of the school year.

Those of you who have kids in high school and soon will be leaving the system! Just remember on thing! Someday you may have grandchildren going to public school in Red Clay and you’ll be back in the fight again! So, when you kids are off to college please stick around and help make Red Clay tomorrow better for other children and perhaps your grandchildren.

See you at September’s board meeting and save me a Green-slip


McCain rubs his VP choice in Hillary’s face

McCain Made Wrong Choice For VP

“CNN) — Sen. John McCain has picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, a senior McCain campaign official told CNN on Friday.”

Wow! For sure we’ll have real history in the making, the first African-American President or the first Female Vice-President. Either way history will win but what impact will it have on mankind?

We’ll I guess it’s time for Kilroy to suck up to Joe Biden that’s if I want an invitation to Obama / Biden Inauguration. Come on Joe cut Kilroy some slack, Ferris Wharton put me up to busting on Beau during his bid for AG!

Joe, here is the game plan! It wouldn’t look good if you were to bust on McCain’s VP choice! So, I’ll make a deal! If you cut Mike Matthews aka Down With Absolutes in on a ticket to the Obama / Biden Inauguration, I’m make sure he’ll do all your dirty work and go national pouching on Sarah Palin! I know he’ll be throwing his chances of being Mr. Mike O’Donnell out the window however, I am sure he’ll do it for Old Glory!

New Castle County Clark’s Cash Cow!

Anonymous said…

“It’s great that Dunn knows all about Red Clay politics, but I would rather he concentrate on County business. The County really has no need to be involved in school stuff.”

Interesting comment! But did you know when the county votes on reassessing property values Red Clay will get more money” The school tax rate is base per 100 dollar of assessment. The Delaware Secretary of Education supports property reassessment! Says the county needs to do their job!

I wouldn’t be upset if my county taxes were raised to support our county police or EMTs but in no way in hell would I support across the board property reassessment that would give Red Clay more money! We need to see full complete financial transparency of Red Clay School District before I support such a plan.

The “It’s for the kids” card has done played out and the new emerging Red Clay school board better wake up soon and come up with a plan for full financial disclosure.

Bill Dunn does know Red Clay politics, county politics and state politics. What does Paul Clark know? How about milking the county cash cow?

The odds aren’t in Bill Dunn’s favor as he doesn’t have the financial backing to run a high profile campaign against someone who is in bed with realtors and contractors.

If Dunn looses it will be the taxpayers of New Castle County that will pay the price!

Hopefully those political leaders who support Dunn will step it up and make it happen.

Either way it goes Red Clay School Board need not dream about property reassessment!

Update 08/29/08: this was in my E-mail this morning! Here is proof of an agenda to raise school taxes without a referendum! The Secretary of Education and School Disitricts are in on it! But yet they fail to deleiver full finanical transparency of our education tax dollars! It will be a cold day in hell before I support HJR-22! I say let’s delivery transparency before delivering more money for Red Clay to mismanage!
The following Legislation was Signed by the Governor:
HJR 22 – OberleSignature
Date: 7/1/2008Effective

Soonze Journal’s Williams bloging from Denver

Ron Williams blogs from Denver

Ron Williams takes a look into all things politics.

The Big Copeland Question?

It’s obvious Charlie Copeland will not be elected the next Lt. Governor of Delaware!
He isn’t on the ballot for his current senate seat therefore politically he will be out in the cold!

What will become of Charlie Copeland ?

People of Delaware

Being a Flower Child of the 60’s and 70’s I often wonder what happen to Power to the People! Also, what happened to the Civil Rights Movement!

Using Red Clay School District as an example I must say the people failed to hold the power accountable! Sure we elected two new school board members but where is the movement to ensure these new board members will step up and openly push for the financial transparency demanded? But the community doesn’t have to wait for new board members to take action. The people can gather in strength to demand change now! Don’t want comments on Red Clay. Just using them as an example

One person is a nuisance, three are a pain in the ass, 10 is a concern and 100 hundred can force immediate change! What impact would 1,000 or 5,000 people have in a small state like Delaware if they were to take to the streets and protest? Sure the Delaware Republican and Democrat Party represent a political voice but it’s all political BS as we have not strong rallies or large public protest. Open Government! 5000 people publicly protesting surely would get notice and perhaps push the issue. The power of the vote only happens every few years. So what about the time in between?

My point is we all bitch and we all know what’s’ wrong with our closed system of government in Delaware but yet we fail to step up and demand the necessary change!
The people are on the losing end of the stick because they lack the will to step up and take actions.

The Civil Rights Movement! Where did go? I suspect that there are so many community social programs that strongly civil rights minded people see, to be taking the bait cashing in on the hush money. Obama running for President wasn’t driven by civil rights but rather political ambitions. However, his quest is raising hopes that what the civil rights movement failed to do will somehow help delivery the dreams of equality. Winning the presidency would surely indicate equality does exist at the highest level and perhaps raise the hopes of all minorities to persevere and not let the inequities be cause for giving up.

Obama does raise the hopes of all people that just maybe we as Americans can join together to end the ignorance of social barriers. Does McCain represent business as usual? In deed we need change in government but we also need change in attitudes among the people! Education, the big key involves attitudes of parents in that they need to step up to there responsibilities and unite to hold schools really accountable.

It is the people who are to empower the government and hold them accountable to serving our need. If we don’t unite as people and breakdown the barriers we all lose!

Iraqi men finally grew some balls! Let go of them Bush!

What part of get out of Iraq doesn’t George Bush understand?

Iraqi men finally grew some balls and Bush keeps dicking them around trying to extend the security agreement! Now we’re talking the end of 2011 for 100% U.S. troop withdraw. We need to be out of Iraq by the end of 2009 and out of Afghanistan by the end of 2010.

It’s really time to the United States to focus on the war of poverty at home, the war on illegal immigrations at home, the war on closing the achievement gap in our public schools.

The money that is going to be pissed away in Iraq between now and December 2011 could help secure the above mentioned concerns!

It’s time George Bush to end this insane direction!

I like John McCain but he shows no really commitment to pull the plug on the Bush nightmare!

My biggest concern with Obama is his inexperience in foreign affairs! However, looks like he has that base covered! Last time I voted for a Democratic was for Carter!

What do I have to lose if I vote for Obama / Biden ? What would I have to gain if I vote for McCain? Most likely my life won’t change and will go on! However, voting for Obama / Biden may help save some young soldier’s life in a senseless conflict in Iraq where the Iraqi men appears to finally grew some balls!

Joe Biden – Euducation

Joe Biden

I was online checkout Joe Biden’s position on Education. Looks like Mrs. B will keep his ass straight on the educational issue. Hopefully Copeland, Lee and O’Donnell will log in and see the educational issues are deep and complex. Revising DSTP as needed doesn’t necessary address the complex issues. Copeland and Lee’s dream to build and all charter schools system in Delaware doesn’t address many of these deep-seeded issues. Senator Charles Copeland is in denial that Delaware charter schools systems is re-segregating students. 17 charter schools in Delaware and 8 do not meet federal standards and all are high poverty and predominately African-American students. Copeland, Lee and O.Donnell want to run from fixing our public schools whereas Joe Biden wants to address the issues.

Hopefully Joe Biden agrees with me, let’s fix the problems is public schools rather then running from them like Delaware State Senator Charles Copeland. Copeland turns a blind eye when his own school district violates state laws and mismanages the taxpayer’s monies!

Joe Biden might have a big mouth as many of us do in Delaware but at least he doesn’t have his head up his ass like Charles Copeland and his local political bedfellows!

O’Donnell accuses Biden of being out of touch with real issues impacting Delaware! Hollywood Christine can’t charm her way through the real hardcore issues impacting public school!

Joe Biden on NCLB (At least he admit he was pulled into NCLB but now knows the truth) “It was a mistake. The reason I voted for it, against my better instinct, is I have great faith in Ted Kennedy, who is so devoted to education. But I would scrap it–or I guess, theoretically, you could do a major overhaul. But I think I’d start from the beginning. You need better teachers. You need smaller classrooms. You need to start kids earlier. It’s all basic.”
Hire more teachers and pay them for smaller classes

You don’t need a doctorate to know there’s four things everybody out there knows we have to do. Every parent knows it intuitively. Got to start kids to school earlier, got to put them in smaller classes. In order to do that you need 100,000 more teachers, but you’ve got to pay teachers. The pay’s not competitive, and lastly you’ve got to provide access to college, and that costs money. And we can easily pay for it. It’s about our priorities.
Source: 2007 Des Moines Register Democratic Debate Dec 13, 2007

Laid out a $30 billion plan over five years for education

An excellent teacher should be judged by whether or not that teacher outside of the classroom improves themselves and their teaching skills. My wife got two master’s degrees and a doctorate degree. That’s merit pay. She went out and she gathered this additional knowledge, not just being a good teacher. Here’s the problem with simple merit pay, based on the principle. Who makes the decision, based on merit pay? There should be teaching excellence. We should demand more of our teachers in continuing education and participation after school and in school. But you’ve got to pay them. The idea you start teachers at $28,000, in most states, where, in the countries we’re competing with, they start off and they graduate their graduating seniors are getting the same pay that engineers are getting in those same schools. I’ve laid out a $30 billion plan over five years to 16 years of education is what our kids need. They need to start two years earlier and be guaranteed two years after school.
2007 Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada Nov 15, 2007

For longer school day & school year, & 16-year minimum

I proposed it in 1987. We should go to school longer. We should have a minimum 16 years of education. We should be focusing on the socioeconomic disadvantaged, mostly minorities in inner cities. That’s something we’ve ignored. We pay no attention to it. We pretend they’re the same circumstances as every other kid in America. They start off with half. Half of the education gap exists before they set foot in the first classroom. That should be the focus.
Source: 2007 Democratic debate at Drexel University Oct 30, 2007

$3000 tax credit for college for anyone earning under $150K

Q: Since education is a great equalizer, shouldn’t a college education be free?
A: Absolutely, positively, unequivocally. As president, that’s what I would push for. The idea that 12 years of public education is sufficient in the 21st century is ridiculous. I have a thing called a college access program. I would allow every single solitary family making up to $150,000 to be able to have a refundable tax credit of $3,000 per student. Everyone under $50,000 now qualifies for a Pell Grant. I would change them from $4,300 to $6,300 plus the refundable tax credit. It would mean every child in America, every qualified person in America, under an income under $50,000 would have $9,300 to go to any state university in their state in America for four years. But we have to change our mind-set here, and lead with early education, with pre-Head Start and Head Start. The whole Biden plan for starting early and college as well, that whole plan costs less than $18 billion a year.
Huffington Post Mash-Up: 2007 Democratic on-line debate Sep 13, 2007
There needs to be performance-based pay for teachers

Q: What about merit pay for teachers?
A: The one thing any teacher can tell you is that the last person you want to judge your performance, is the administrator of the school. That’s the first thing everybody figures out if you teach. There needs to be performance-based pay. The way to do it is start at the front end. Pay those people who perform in undergraduate school. Give them the alternative to be able to go. They’d get the same pay as an engineer gets to go in and work as a math teacher, or as a science teacher. So you start performance-based pay by, in fact, paying the best- performing students who want to teach and give them a chance. Every other major country in the world is starting these students at the same salary as they start their engineers. We should be able to do that. My father used to say, “Don’t tell me what you value; show me your budget.” If you, in fact, value education, then it should be equally as important as engineering or anything else.
2007 Democratic primary debate on “This Week” Aug 19, 2007

Teach sex ed in schools; including prevention methods
Senator Biden supports comprehensive and age appropriate sex education that includes science based prevention methods.
Source: 2007 HRC/LOGO debate–written questionnaire Aug 9, 2007

Sent kids to private school after death of their mother

Q: Do you send your kids to public school or private school?
A: My kids did go to private schools, because right after I got elected, my wife and daughter were killed. I had two sons who survived. My sister was the head of the history department. She was helping me raise my children at Wilmington Friends School. When it came time to go to high school when they had come through their difficulties–I’m a practicing Catholic–it was very important to me they go to a Catholic school.
Source: 2007 YouTube Democratic Primary debate, Charleston SC Jul 23, 2007
Overcome racial achievement gap with early education

Q: In 2006 the unemployment rate of black high school graduates was 33% higher than the unemployment rate for white high school dropouts. To what do you attribute this inequity?
A: One of the things that we all talk about is this achievement gap. We should remind everybody that the day before a black child, a minority child, steps into the classroom, half the achievement gap already exists. The moment they walk into that school, they are already behind.
And that gap widens. And it widens because we do not start school earlier. We do not give single mothers in disadvantaged homes the opportunities that they need in order to know what to do to prepare their children.
You’ve got to start off and focus on the nurturing and education of children when they’re very young, particularly children from disadvantaged families. You’ve got to invest in starting kids in preschool at age four. And you’ve got to make sure you have smaller classrooms & better teachers in the disadvantaged schools.
2007 Democratic Primary Debate at Howard University Jun 28, 2007
Pay teachers more to get better educational results

Q: Compared to Japan, China & India, we have fewer young people getting science & engineering degrees. How are you going to reverse this brain drain?
A: Change the fundamental way we educate our children. There’s two things everyone knows: the smaller the class size, the better the outcome; and the better the teacher, the better the outcome. In those very nations named, a teacher makes as much as an engineer. If we want the best students in the world, we need the best teachers in the world.
Source: 2007 South Carolina Democratic primary debate, on MSNBC Apr 26, 2007
FactCheck: Japan pays teachers more, but not India & China
Biden may have made an overbroad claim about teacher pay. Asked why China, India & Japan have more students than the US pursuing degrees in science & engineering, he said: “In those very nations, a teacher makes as much as an engineer.” Perhaps that’s true, but his campaign couldn’t document it fully. Biden aides cited an article from a 2005 issue of Phi Delta Kappan magazine saying, “In Japan, teacher salaries are comparable to those of engineers.” But the story makes no mention of China or India.

Source: on 2007 South Carolina Democratic debate Apr 26, 2007
NCLB needs more resources, but also is fundamentally flawed
Q: What do you plan to do about No Child Left Behind? Do you believe that this issue is simply one of never having provided the resources to carry out the original mission of the program or are there other fundamental flaws inherent in a program with so much emphasis on teaching to the test?
A: Both. I sleep with a teacher every night — my wife. She taught high school — had three remedial classes and two advanced classes. Those kids in the remedial class went from sixth grade to 10th grade, and they were still penalized. Those kids in the advanced class, she didn’t have to do a thing with. They passed the test. There is something fundamentally wrong with it. And we’ve underfunded it by about $70 billion. We know the problem:
1. Classrooms are too big; we need smaller classrooms, period.
2. A lot of teachers are going to be retiring. We need a program where we attract the best and brightest students coming out of our colleges to be teachers, and pay them.
2007 AFSCME Democratic primary debate in Carson City Nevada Feb 21, 2007
Princeton was last Ivy holdout to admit women & minorities
SEN. BIDEN: I want to set the record straight on Princeton. Many of us are perplexed by your answers regarding CAP, the organization. The thing that puzzles me is that it was, I thought, a pretty widely known debate that in the Ivys, the one last holdout, fighting to not admit as many women and fighting not to admit as many minorities, was Princeton. And there was a whole battle over it, as you heard referenced in terms of the Wall Street Journal and mailings to alumni. When you listed CAP, was part of your rationale for listing that on the application that you thought that would appeal to the outfit you were applying to, the people looking at your resume?

ALITO: Well, Senator, as I’ve said, I don’t have a recollection of having anything to do with CAP. So all I can say is that I put it down on the ’85 form and, therefore, I must that been a member at around that time. By the time I entered Princeton, there were many minorities in my class. It went coeducational while I was there.
Sam Alito Senate Confirmation Hearings Jan 11, 2006
Joe Biden on Voting Record
Voting for No Child Left Behind was a mistake
Q: Everyone else on this stage who was in Congress in 2001 voted for No Child Left Behind. Would you scrap it or revise it?
It was a mistake. The reason I voted for it, against my better instinct, is I have great faith in Ted Kennedy, who is so devoted to education. But I would scrap it–or I guess, theoretically, you could do a major overhaul. But I think I’d start from the beginning. You need better teachers. You need smaller classrooms. You need to start kids earlier. It’s all basic.
Source: 2007 YouTube Democratic Primary debate, Charleston SC Jul 23, 2007
Voted YES on $52M for “21st century community learning centers”.
To increase appropriations for after-school programs through 21st century community learning centers. Voting YES would increase funding by $51.9 million for after school programs run by the 21st century community learning centers and would decrease funding by $51.9 million for salaries and expenses in the Department of Labor.

Reference: Amendment to Agencies Appropriations Act; Bill S Amdt 2287 to HR 3010 ; vote number 2005-279 on Oct 27, 2005

Voted YES on $5B for grants to local educational agencies.
To provide an additional $5 billion for title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. Voting YES would provide:
$2.5 billion for targeting grants to local educational agencies
$2.5 billion for education finance incentive grants
Reference: Elementary and Secondary Education Amendment; Bill
S Amdt 2275 to HR 3010 ; vote number 2005-269 on Oct 26, 2005
Voted YES on shifting $11B from corporate tax loopholes to education.
Vote to adopt an amendment to the Senate’s 2006 Fiscal Year Budget Resolution that would adjust education funding while still reducing the deficit by $5.4 billion. A YES vote would:
Restore education program cuts slated for vocational education, adult education, GEAR UP, and TRIO.

Increase the maximum Pell Grant scholarship to $4,500 immediately.
Increases future math and science teacher student loan forgiveness to $23,000.
Pay for the education funding by closing $10.8 billion in corporate tax loopholes.
Reference: Kennedy amendment relative to education funding; Bill
S AMDT 177 to S Con Res 18 ; vote number 2005-68 on Mar 17, 2005
Voted YES on funding smaller classes instead of private tutors.
Vote to authorize a federal program aimed at reducing class size. The plan would assist states and local education agencies in recruiting, hiring and training 100,000 new teachers, with $2.4 billion in fiscal 2002. This amendment would replace an amendment allowing parents with children at under-performing schools to use public funding for private tutors.
Reference: Bill
S1 ; vote number 2001-103 on May 15, 2001

Voted YES on funding student testing instead of private tutors.
Vote to pass an amendment that would authorize $200 million to provide grants to help states develop assessment systems that describe student achievement. This amendment would replace an amendment by Jeffords, R-VT, which would allow parents with children at under-performing schools to use public funding for private tutors.
Reference: Bill
S1 ; vote number 2001-99 on May 10, 2001

Voted YES on spending $448B of tax cut on education & debt reduction.
Vote to reduce the size of the $1.6 trillion tax cut by $448 billion while increasing education spending by $250 billion and providing an increase of approximately $224 billion for debt reduction over 10 years.
Reference: Bill
H Con Res 83 ; vote number 2001-69 on Apr 4, 2001

Voted YES on Educational Savings Accounts.
Vote to pass a bill that would permit tax-free savings accounts of up to $2000 per child annually to be used for public or private school tuition or other education expenses.
Reference: Bill
S.1134 ; vote number 2000-33 on Mar 2, 2000

Voted YES on education savings accounts.
This Conference Report approved tax-sheltered education savings accounts. Status: Conf Rpt Agreed to Y)59; N)36; NV)5
Reference: H.R. 2646 Conference Report; Bill
H.R. 2646 ; vote number 1998-169 on Jun 24, 1998

Voted NO on school vouchers in DC.
This legislation would have amended the DC spending measure, imposing an unconstitutional school voucher program on the District. Status: Cloture Motion Rejected Y)58; N)41; NV)1
Reference: DC Appropriations Act; Bill
S. 1156 ; vote number 1997-260 on Sep 30, 1997

Voted YES on $75M for abstinence education.
Vote to retain a provision of the Budget Act that funds abstinence education to help reduce teenage pregnancy, using $75 million of the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant Program.
Reference: Bill
S 1956 ; vote number 1996-231 on Jul 23, 1996

Voted NO on requiring schools to allow voluntary prayer.
Cut off federal funds to school districts that deny students their right to constitutionally protected voluntary prayer.
Reference: Bill
S.1513 ; vote number 1994-236 on Jul 27, 1994

Voted YES on national education standards.
Approval of national education standards. Status: Bill Passed Y)71; N)25; NV)4
Reference: Goals 2000: Educate America Act; Bill
H.R. 1804 ; vote number 1994-34 on Feb 8, 1994

Rated 91% by the NEA, indicating pro-public education votes.

Biden scores 91% by the NEA on public education issues

The National Education Association has a long, proud history as the nation’s leading organization committed to advancing the cause of public education. Founded in 1857 “to elevate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching and to promote the cause of popular education in the United States,” the NEA has remained constant in its commitment to its original mission as evidenced by the current mission statement: To fulfill the promise of a democratic society, the National Education Association shall promote the cause of quality public education and advance the profession of education; expand the rights and further the interest of educational employees; and advocate human, civil, and economic rights for all.

In pursuing its mission, the NEA has determined that it will focus the energy and resources of its 2.7 million members toward the “promotion of public confidence in public education.” The ratings are based on the votes the organization considered most important; the numbers reflect the percentage of time the representative voted the organization’s preferred position.

Live Democratic Convention Cam with Sound

On the side bar I put a link to a Live Democratic Convention Cam feed with sound.

Kilroy’s Brain Farts

After reading Down With Absolutes Precious takes a stand! I started to leave a comment but ended up with a rant! So, I decided to just make my rant a Kilroy’s post.

There are few people I miss since my departure from the GOP party and Priscilla is one! We all have our political bullshit side and much of it is in the name of the game!

Last election cycle I spent a few hours helping out stuffing envelopes and Priscilla joined in many times. Priscilla is quite down to earth and she gets a kick out of Mike Matthews.

Bottom-line is now with Biden running a VP it’s over for Christine O’Donnell and Priscilla knows it! O’Donnell crying foul because Biden still will be on the ballot for senate and shows she is not ready for the big league! Priscilla has to be a good team player and a nursemaid to O’ Donnell crying like a little school girl!

Many of the rifts in the Delaware GOP Party weren’t caused by Priscilla or even Terry Strine. Some of the regional party leadership acts as if they are elected state officials or having some special royal party status. Priscilla tried to work with Protack however others just kept stoking the fire.

If Biden is truly as bad as she claims then wouldn’t his bid for VP be good for the GOP? Biden may put his foot in his mouth from time to time but I rather see that then him with his head up his ass like Carper! Carper Stills thinks DSTP is a good thing he signed into law!

The Delaware GOP won’t hit rock bottom until Copeland is gone! Copeland is the point man that brings in the big contributions. I do feel a bit sorry for Copeland because take away his name what do you have left? Charlie won his senate only because of his last name. Just as Beau Biden won the AG’s seat! The days of the good old boy politics are gone! Maybe your name will get you in the door but from there its sink or swim!

The Delaware GOP Party has loss sight of the meaning of “The Grassroots.” Copeland and O’Donnell are classic example of why the GOP is cracked to its core!

Copeland thinks the grassroots (people) are servants working like little worker bees on the GOP plantation. O’Donnell is not too far off! During the Delaware GOP Convention she visited the delegates while in caucus given her little pep rally. I’ve attended many business conventions and seminars and I am here to tell you O’Donnell’s BS motivational pitch sounds like something hatched out of watching Tony Robbins and Dr. Dwayne Dwyer motivational DVDs and a Electrolux Salesman’s DAV How To Sell!

You can’t blame the Delaware GOP Party because Copeland’s claim to fame is how many pieces of legislations sponored even though less than 10% were actually enacted into law. Why is he the party’s golden boy? Easy, because he shits the golden eggs to fund the party! Now beyond the politics Copeland is a hardworking family man like many of us. O’Donnell has some wonderful personal core values. It’s a shame they both can’t better promote the personal core values because political they have nothing valid to offer!

I used my Q Clearance to get this video!

Biden’s motorcade to New Castle County Airport! Dam good night vision lens

Family and friends were given early notifcation of Biden planned departure and gathered to cheer him on!

Copeland is Mr. Magoo!

“Copeland sponsored legislation in the Senate that would give greater discretion to judges when handing down sentences. The reform would reduce prison crowding and allow judges to reduce sentencing for first-time offenders, but also couple them with rehabilitation programs, creative use of community service or other programs, Copeland said.”

Copeland is full of shit ! The rehabilitation program needs to in place before weakening the sentencing law! Whatever happen to, “If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime?” The reform will reduce overcrowding in prison and crowd the streets with more criminals!

Charlie you want to cut some of these guys break? Why do we cut the sentences in half for drug pushers if they rollover on the next guy up the foot chain and when we get the local kingpin then, 25 years with no parole. Sex offenders; cut their time in half it they sign consent to have their fucking dicks cut off! Copeland wants to go soft of crime for a few votes!

“A moratorium on charter schools is moving in the wrong direction,” Copeland said.

Yea Copeland, you just want to go full steam ahead and as long as the white charter schools are doing fine why bother to stop and figure out what is wrong with 17 state charter schools where 8 aren’t meeting federal standards! Again, as long as the white charter schools are doing well who gives a shit about the poor black charter schools? There are real concerns with educating high poverty children no matter if thye attend traditional public schools or charter schools. Charlie Copeland is blind as Mr. Magoo when it comes to the deep-seeded concerns in education.

Is Copeland turning his back on re-segregation of our public schools system?

Copeland and Lee ridicules traditional public schools teachers because poor minority students are failing but Copeland says nothing to charter schools teachers failing the same student population!

Thank God Copeland will be out of a political job come January 2009!

Say what you want about Mike Protack however, he has a better grasp on the educational issues then Bill Lee and Copeland combined!

Copeland turns a blind eye when Red Clay School Board breaks the law and now he wants to cut criminals a break that victimizes hard work decent law abiding citizens.

Charlie let the judges, police and community including victims discusses the concern. We don’t need a Charlie Copeland fix all plan!

Digging for Ancestors

Someone ask if I would repost this post on genealogy! So here you go!
For those of you that have an interest in genealogy I like to share some links to free sites.

This site Higginson Books offers many books on various families, state and, cities. Books aren’t free and you must purchase.

There are some really good paid sites such as:
If you have family going back to the Mayflower or around that era this site is great.
I was able to trace our family to 1641.
Jamestown Society is another helpful site. I was able to trace our family to two members that were part Jamestown first settlement.

I was able to trace our family back to about the year 1100 with reasonable printed documentation.

I have been doing family genealogy research for about 10 years now and in the process of condensing the data into about 100 page book.

I follow a few family members migration from New England and Jamestown to a place call Farmer’s Castle a garrison built in Belpre Ohio in the around 1788. They were member of the Ohio Land Company who after the American Revolutionary War help forge the western frontier.

Through my research I was able to trace one of my wife’s ancestors to signers of the Leedstown Resolution a petition written by Richard Henry Lee protesting the Stamp Act of 1965. Some of the main organizers and signer was Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, Samuel Washington, Charles Washington, Lawrence Washington and wife’s ancestors Jonathan Beckwith and William Brockenbrough. A few years ago there was reenactment of the signing of this document and my son was invited to stand in for his ancestors.

If your into genealogy and needs some research help, let me know.