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Red Clay Charter School Is Illegal!

Bill Lee’s running mate turned a blind eye.

The Red Clay School Board President needs to step-down for standing by and allowing an illegal charter school vote.

During the May 2007 Red Clay School Board meeting Delaware College Preparatory Academy along with Prestige Charter school gave presentations to the board and community. After those presentations the board voted on waving board rules that prohibited them from voting on the charter applications during that meeting.

The community in attendance was outraged by the board’s decision to call for a vote. The community was denied the legal right to comment on the presentation or ask questions of these charter schools nor was the community given proper notification of the board intent to vote on these applications.

The decision prior to the vote was for a “Provisional” approval and the charter school leaders would have to come back by December 2007 board meeting for a full approval. However, when a board member made the motion for the vote he neglected to say “Provisional” before the words charter schools application. The vote was read into the official record as an approval for these charters. Delaware Secretary of Education stood behind Red Clay board vote deeming it legal

However per provisions (h) and (i) within Title 14 Education Free Public Schools, Chapter 5, Charter Schools § 511, Approval procedure were clearly violated.

(h) Within 5 days of deciding to consider an application, the approving authority shall form an accountability committee to review the charter school application. The accountability committee’s report to the local school board shall address the approval criteria set forth in § 512 of this title. The committee shall meet with the applicant in the course of its investigation and provide the applicant the opportunity to review and comment on the committee’s report 15 days before it is issued to the approving authority. The committee’s final report shall be provided to the applicant and be made available to the public.

(i) After giving 15 days public notice, the approving authority shall hold public hearings to assist in its decision whether to approve a charter application.

My position is not to have these charter schools applications revoked but I insist that Delaware College Preparatory Academy charter be transferred from Red Clay to DOE. Prestige Charter School charter was previously transferred to DOE for other reason. I also urge our state legislators to eliminate the provisions in the charter school laws allowing schools districts to approve charter school application. I expect Attorney General Beau Biden to get involve and enforce our state laws that governors public schools and assist the community whose rights were violated.

The evidence is quite clear Mr. Biden, Red Clay abruptly waived board rules to place the votes for these charter applications on that evenings Action Item. Therefore it was “impossible” for the board to claim they followed provisions (h) and (i).


Mike Ramone is a good egg!

Mike Ramone has been a good friend and understands the core issue in education and knows we need to address the root causes.

You know when you make phone calls and send E-mails to get no response or vague responses pretty much indicates the other party doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your views or opinions. Surely mine aren’t always perfect but I do take time to review data, reports and network with other parents. I am not one for sitting by talking about what to do but rather one who will step up and confront the issues head on. Other’s sincere opinion and views do help me reshape mine.

As for Mike Ramone as person not a Republican I can say he does pick up the phone and responds to E-mails. I believe his style of being a state representative will be reaching out for the community consensus and blend it fairly with his positions.

No Kilroy is not flip-flopping! Do remember the last few years involved with the GOP I have networked with many of legislators o both sides. Being involved gives you the opportunity to socialize beyond phone calls and E-mails. I left the GOP because one Copeland whom I thought was for all this social justice failed to show his colors when needed the most. He failed to stand behind a local movement that intended to make a real statement and hold local school officials accountable. Copeland was a no show because his attachment to agendas that serves the more affluent. Sure his constituents are more upper-middle class and above. But, he and all other local legislators have an obligation to all Delawareans. Also I feel the GOP’s effort to attract more minorities is shallow and the views on the grassroots are, the grassroots represents the worker bees not the voice of the party. Its classic organizational downward communicate.

Mike Ramone sure a loyal party person however, his businesses were hand built through hard work by him and his family. It wasn’t build through Wall Street investors. Small businesses are vital to Delaware and Mike has a working foundation that will help promote small business and help other small business grow. Until this state government can effectively promote an environment to attached new businesses our economy must sustain it self and small businesses is whats driving our current Delaware economy.

On the education front I know Mike Ramone knows the needs for a balanced education system that promotes “options” but at the same time not walk away from what needs to be fixed in public schools such as financial accountability.

Lee’s castle in the sand may go out with the tide!

The cards seem to be in Bill Lee’s favor in winning the primary. However, if Protack shows a strong showing it could hurt Lee’s chances in the general elections. A vote for Protack in the primary may not necessary be a vote for him but rather against Lee.

Lee’s strategy of laying back letting Makell and Carney go at it is a bit risky. If Markell defeats Carney in the primary them Lee doesn’t have the Minner administration factor to bash Markell as he would have if Carney were to win the primary. Then again, Carney wins the primary it won’t be a given Lee would win. With Obama drawing in more voters and surely more democrat voters I suspect this would favor Markell or Carney. If Markell were to lose the primary he will back Carney 100% as will his supporters and the same of Carney. Will Lee back Protack if Protack were to win the primary?

I understand Lee position on not debating Protack as he doesn’t want to bring attention Protack but it does show a sign of weakness. Lee’s refusal to take part in the debates in front of the Hispanic community sends a message that they are not as important as Lee’s ego or let’s just say his strategy. This election should be about the people’s needs not the candidate’s.

As far as Lt. Governor, it’s pretty much a given Matt Denn will be our next Lt. Governor.

Delaware Republicans Blows Delaware Democrats

“The Republican Party endorses a candidate for
President of Wilmington City Council…and he’s a

“Saying it’s important for voters to support the person
not the party, former State Representative Herman Holloway, Jr. announced his candidacy.”

“The son of long-time State Senator Herman Holloway,
Sr. says he’s still a Democrat, but struck an agreement with the Republicans because he saw it as the only way to bring his good ideas to the

Holly Shit! This is nothing more than a political blow job and the Republican leadership is the one on their knees!

I was reprimanded for openly support Richard Korn and was warned I could lose my position as Chairperson of the 19th RD. Looks like I go out of Dodge at the right time.

Herman Holloway Jr. is a good community leader and carries some of the old soul of the civil rights days. But come on Herman the Republican are behind the charter school movement that doesn’t do shit for the high poverty children. Red Clay pretty much re- segregated the city schools. Bill Lee and Copeland proclaim charter schools are a success when in fact the high poverty schools struggle and are failing. Copeland did shit to save Marion T.

Copeland’s 4th Senate District Free for All

Primary State Senate 04 – Dee Durham (D)
Primary State Senate 04 – Michael S. Katz (D)
Primary State Senate 04 – Richard L. Abbott (R)
Primary State Senate 04 – John D. Clatworthy (R)
Primary State Senate 04 – Michael Fleming (R)

Look at all the horses in this race! I think Katz will pull off a primary win for the D’s and Clatworthy will squeak by for the R’s.

Here is where shit gets hard for me! I don’t know Katz at all so somebody fill me in!

As much as I am pissed at Copeland for going Elvis on the Red Clay financial meltdown and turning a blind eye when Red Clay violated state law in approving the last charter schools I am not going to drag John Clatworthy down. John supports charter schools and choice schools however he realizes the impact of the student discipline problems has on all students and teachers. John doesn’t have the clout as Copeland. So my guess is he has to earn his way with the people and taking a broader approach to the educational issues. Copeland to me is just narrow minded and on a one track charter schools and choice solves all the problems. John’s father did quite well in business but wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He worked long hours in pushing pizzas in his Shakey’s Pizza Parlor and progressed from their. The old man wasn’t handed a family business but rather built it himself.

My guess is one of the first lessons John’s father taught him was how to be humble. I hope if elected John remembers how to be humble and help make public education from charter schools, choice schools, magnet schools and traditional schools a public educational system fair and equitable. I think all these options in education can work together as long as all students interest is at heart.

Here are some Clatworthy’s postion

Ideas to Achieve Educational Excellence:

“Improve our public schools by empowering parents through expanding school choice and charter schools.”

“Require that at least 70% of education expenditures are spent directly in the classroom where it will benefit the students. Entirely too much money is being wasted on administration and bureaucracy.”

“Help children with discipline problems by removing them from the classroom and providing them an opportunity for alternative education where they cannot disrupt the education of other students.”

“Implement merit incentive pay for Delaware’s teachers. Our highest performing teachers should receive the highest compensation.”

John was always square with me and when he was regional GOP Chairman for the Millcreek Christiana Region he always allowed me the time I needed to express my concerns with the educational issues.

I don’t know Katz and Abbott so from a political persepctive I can make the call. I just know from a personal persepctive John treated me square and with respects.

Matt Denn has Vision and Copeland is blind!

Matt Denn believes that a focus on responsible spending in education is important to better serve today’s students, and to rebuild the public’s confidence in the public schools. Spending wisely is the right thing to do today for our kids, and it is the right thing to do for the future in laying the groundwork to expand public support for our schools. If Delawareans believe that our schools are using their money wisely, they will be much more likely to support those schools in the future.

Matt’s four-part plan for school funding reform includes:

Establishing A State Educational Funding Floor.

The State of Delaware should devote the first six months of 2009 to working with parents, teachers, and other experts to (a) determine which categories of education spending provide direct services to children and which do not, and (b) establish what percentage of total district funds are appropriately spent on those categories that provide direct services to children. That percentage should become a legal floor for each local school district: a specific application to the Secretary of Education and a waiver should be required for any district seeking to spend less than the educational funding floor on direct student services.

State Auditing of Local School District Contracts.

The state should routinely audit the terms of and performance upon contracts that local school districts enter into with private parties.

Creation and Training of Local District Financial Oversight Committees.

Committees of parents, teachers, and financial professionals from each local school district should be created to monitor the spending decisions made by local district school boards. Those committee members should be trained in local school district finance by state Department of Education officials.

Formal Consideration of LEAD Committee Recommendations.

A committee of experts has made recommendations to the state that could save tens of millions of dollars—money which could be redirected into classroom instruction. Some of those recommendations are feasible, others probably are not. But to date, no formal consideration has been given to the LEAD Committee’s recommendations. In early 2009, the state must make some hard decisions about which recommendations are achievable and which are not, and start the process of implementing those that can be achieved


Copeland’s Plan! Doesn’t have one !

Copeland wants to transform public education into selective charter schools and selective choice schools. In doing so he’ll turn the hands of time back to 1954.

Copeland holds up high the successes of affluent charter schools but sweeps the failing 24% of Delaware charter schools under the carpet!

Copeland doesn’t provide DSEA with a clear vision to his educational plans and slams all public school teachers as if they were trash because DSEA didn’t endorse him.

Copeland doesn’t confront Red Clay on their financial wrong doings because he doesn’t want to infringe on their local autonomy.

Copeland did not attend any Red Clay board meeting during the aftermath of the financial meltdown in his own Senate District. Copland did not attend any newly formed Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee meetings, a committee I had to public request to be formed. Copeland couldn’t even show up to offer support.

Copeland fails to see the failures of charter schools and has ZERO concepts of the mechanics of school choice. He has this notion that any students can choice to any school they want. Maybe so but if you’re black and do have transportation to the nearest choice bus stop your shit out of luck.

Copeland fails to see good kids who are not troublemakers struggling academically can’t attend world class charter such as Charter School of Wilmington. Indeed Charter School of Wilmington isn’t for the academic weak however, Copeland answer is to build charter schools for struggling black students to give them a sense of school ownership. Wait, did we have that back in the 50’s. Copeland needs to reach further back in history to Roberts vs. City of Boston 1848-49.

Roberts’>”>Roberts v. City of Boston: 1848-49 – Suit Challenges Segregated Schools, Court Backs Segregation, Suggestions For Further Reading

Charlie it’s time to delivery the promise and end the two tiered education systems one for the elite and the other for their servants.

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Charlie just in case you forgot, kids are people too!

Kilroy’s Red Clay Exclusive

This video was taken uncover at an event at Bob A’s house!
Bob A overjoyed when Mr. Becnel was reelected as board president threw a down home party. It’s rumored that Raging Cajun Doug Kershaw and Bec were college roommates.

The menu this evening was:
Grilled Alligator Tail
Stewed Nutria Rat
Cajun Fried Turkey
Crawfish Gumbo
Pecan Pie

Comment section closed on this post, just wanted to take a little time out from bitching for a little fun.

Now don’t be making fun of Doug Kershaw because I used to live in a little town called Orange Texas on the board of Louisiana for about year and half back in the mid 70’s. Hold your seats; I am a fan of Doug Kershaw and all that Cajun food! Well maybe not the Nutria Rat but then again a few shots of Ever-Clear and everything taste like chicken!

Copeland Turns a Blind Eye for Red Clay

Re: Red Clay Delaware College Preparatory Academy approved May 2007 after the board wavied board rules and put vote to approve charter application on May 2007 board action items.

Red Clay School Board violated Section (h) and (i) of the following law! Senator Charles Copeland refused to get involved becasue he doesn’t want to infringe on local school board control! He’ll turn a blind eye to his politcal charter school bed fellow but yet blames democrats for not wanting to support his school finanical accountability legislation.

Free Public Schools
§ 511. Approval procedure.

Red Clay did not follow this “shall” provision in the law and the school board president is well aware!
(h) Within 5 days of deciding to consider an application, the approving authority shall form an accountability committee to review the charter school application. The accountability committee’s report to the local school board shall address the approval criteria set forth in § 512 of this title. The committee shall meet with the applicant in the course of its investigation and provide the applicant the opportunity to review and comment on the committee’s report 15 days before it is issued to the approving authority. The committee’s final report shall be provided to the applicant and be made available to the public.

Red Clay did not follow this “shall” provision in the law and the school board president is well aware!
(i) After giving 15 days public notice, the approving authority shall hold public hearings to assist in its decision whether to approve a charter application.

Burning the DSEA Witches at the Stake.

Bill Lee’s vision on public education is delusional!!! Lee and Copeland thinks burning the DSEA witches at the stakes will release public school from hell!

This is all he can mustard up on his webpage!

EducationDelaware’s school children need a Governor who has the political

“Delaware’s school children need a Governor who has the political independence to say that we will pour no more money into a broken education system until we’ve fixed it, until teachers and administrators are held accountable, not just our children. Then we’ll spend what it takes to attract and retain our nation’s best teachers because quality teachers are the key to quality education. Then we’ll give them the authority and tools they need to do their job. One thing that we can do immediately is increase the percentage of our education dollars spent in the classroom, which means more resources for our students and teachers and a forced reduction in administrative costs. We will also protect and preserve a parent’s right to choose their child’s school. That right is under heavy attack from the special interests who thrive in our broken, status-quo, bureaucracy-driven education system. School choice and charter schools are a necessity for parents and children who have been failed by our current system and must be protected.”

Copeland vision for public education in equally Delusional as Lee’s.

This is all Copeland can mustard up on his webpage

Education Reform

Charlie knows the power of an accountable school with involved parents. Charlie believes that there is no reason why our public schools cannot perform as well as our private schools. Therefore, Charlie has been an active proponent of Charter Schools and School Choice. Competition among schools for students will lead to better schools. It already has with most of our Charter Schools. Decreased bureaucracy means more money for our great public school teachers. Our teachers today are getting less from each education dollar than ever before. This cannot continue. Charlie has co-sponsored numerous bills to promote school choice and accountability in Delaware.

This is John Carney’s vison for public education including Restructuring DOE. I think his plan represents a better direction for public education. Restructure DOE, now that’s starting at the top of the food chain!

A Commitment to the Classroom

Real, positive change happens in the classroom at each individual desk. John believes we need to take a more personal, student-driven approach to education, and make decisions based on how they will impact student achievement at this most basic level.

Carney’s “Commitment to the Classroom” includes five main focus areas: the restructuring the Department of Education, developing and supporting high quality teachers, helping principals become instructional leaders, focusing on improvement in middle and high school, assessing student achievement.

Restructuring the Department of Education

• Decentralize the Department of Education and create regional learning centers that provide professional development opportunities, a Principal Academy, and school improvement teams.

• Promote clear and consistent content standards that will be implemented in every school.

• Develop and expand partnerships with the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, our other institutes of higher education, and the business community.

• Raise expectations for our best and brightest.

• Identify and help those students who have a learning disability or need extra help earlier in the process.

Developing and Supporting High Quality Teachers

• Provide appropriate, useful professional development opportunities targeted to the needs of teachers through the professional learning centers.

• Work with the Delaware State Education Association to develop a new career ladder for our teachers, one that will include advanced positions like master teacher.

• In collaboration with the DSEA, develop incentives to recruit and retain teachers where we need them most – in math and science and at high-need schools.

• Work with the DSEA and local districts to create the best working conditions possible for our teachers.

• Implement schedules that allow teachers to plan for their classes and collaborate with colleagues.

Helping Principals Become Instructional Leaders

• Use the Delaware Academy for School Leadership’s program and Principal Academies in our regional learning centers to provide cutting-edge professional development programs for principals.

• Urge the districts to give principals more autonomy in making decisions about staff, budget and instruction for their building.

• Ensure that principals can easily access data on student performance, staffing and finances to allow them to make the best decisions they can.

Focusing on Improvement in Middle and High School

• Institutionalize, through regional learning centers, the Models of Excellence in Education program and support sharing partnerships statewide between schools that have raised student achievement and schools that are looking for new ideas.

• Direct the Department of Education to play a more active role in preparing children and families for changing expectations, especially in the transition from middle school to high school.

• Connect children and families to schools and teachers. This will build on successful models from around the state that allow teachers to become advisors and in-school mentors to their students.

• Build on the efforts of the P-20 Council to raise graduation rates, increase student success and make college more accessible to children beginning in middle school. This includes continued outreach to promote the SEED scholarship program.

• Coordinate with current efforts by the University of Delaware to educate and prepare Delaware students about what they need to do to continue on to higher education after high school.

• Work with schools and districts to identify the best ways to create extra time for those students who need to get back on track.

Assessing Student Achievement

• Implement a testing system of summative and formative assessments as a replacement for the DSTP, and allow our students and teachers access to the best diagnostic tools available.

A Better Learning Environment

One of the key ingredients to a strong education system is a more positive learning environment in our schools. One thing John has learned through his Models of Excellence in Education program is that it’s teachers, principals, and school leaders who set the tone for a school. They create an atmosphere that promotes student growth and development.

Improving Schools’ Abilities to Recruit High-Quality Teachers

• Eliminate the 90-day qualification period new teachers must complete in order to receive health benefits.

• Improve the state’s use of technology in attracting new teachers, starting with integrating each school district’s website into the state’s recruitment system.

• Work with the Delaware State Education Association and school districts to revise the internal transfer process. Several districts allow teachers to transfer positions, both internally and externally, as late as July 30th. These late transfers can be disruptive to a school and often lead to less qualified teachers being brought in to fill an immediate need.

• Develop a new career ladder for our teachers, working with DSEA, that includes advanced positions, such as mentor and master teacher. Advancement should be based on standards, best practices, and professional development, rather than years of service and degrees earned.

• Direct our best resources toward high-need areas, such as math and science and schools that have fallen behind, including loan repayments as recommended by Vision 2015, and a new system for recruiting highly-skilled professionals who have retired or are looking for a career change.

Promoting School Safety

• Make better use of technology to support school safety. If properly used, surveillance cameras and metal detectors are a great deterrent against the theft, property damage, and violence.

• Expand the Positive Behavioral Support Project statewide to give teachers strategies for teaching social skills and preventing problematic behavior on both an individual and school-wide level.

• Implement the Criminal Justice Council recommendation to create a School Based Teen Court that will help juvenile offenders get back on track.

• Address the causes of violence and other distractions that impede student progress by expanding access to counseling, anger management, and conflict resolution in our schools.

Increasing Parental Involvement in Our Schools

• Direct the Department of Education to work with local schools and districts to give parents more access and information about student assessment and school curricula.

• Create a common scorecard that teachers and parents can use to share information about student improvement, family-school interactions, and the overall satisfaction of educators, parents, and students.

• Improve the use of technology so that schools can communicate ideas and concerns quickly and more often with parents.

Expanding the Use of Community Resources to Extend the Learning Environment

• Build stronger partnerships with community organizations and businesses to provide more support for students. The active participation of the business community in after school activities helps the parents who are employees and better ensures a qualified and productive workforce in the future.

• Work with community centers, the Y, PALs and Boys and Girls Clubs to expand participation I after-school activities to more students.

• Form partnerships with community resources to have more after-school programs in the school facilities, eliminating transportation problems and other obstacles and allowing more students to participate.

Red Clay Class Action Lawsuit ?

This complaint will be forwarded to the Red Clay Consolidated School District’s School Board Secretary Bob A and the Delaware Secretary of Education Ms. Valerie Woodruff.

Dear Dr. Andrzejewski Superintend and school board secretary

and Ms. Valerie Woodruff Delaware Secretary of Education.

Please consdier the follow my offical complaint in regards to Red Clay’s charter school procedure process.




Free Public Schools


§ 511. Approval procedure.

“(i) After giving 15 days public notice, the approving authority shall hold public hearings to assist in its decision whether to approve a charter application.”

Re: Delaware College Preparatory Academy.

Red Clay never gave public notice that they planned on giving authority to this new charter school at the board meeting May 2007. There was “no public hearing.” This charter school gave a community presentation at that board meeting and without affording the public the right to the community. Red Clay waived board rules and place the vote for on that night’s Action item Agenda!

When members in the audience became openly verbal that the board was calling for a vote the board indicated that the vote would be only a “Provisional Charter Approval.” However once the announcement was made that Delaware College Preparatory Academy was in deed a charter school acknowledged by the Delaware Secretary of Education I raised public concerned that the vote was only provisional and this school was required to return the board by December 2007 board meeting to identify a location for their school and a financial report.

Red Clay being concerned with allegation that their vote was illegal the board decided to put the Delaware College Preparatory Academy Charter Agreement on the May 2008 board agenda under action item B

Red Clay contends that their public record indicate that the board member who made the motion for the so-called provisional vote that board member neglected to say provisional charter approval and said “charter approval.” After seeking legal counsel days prior to May 2008 board meeting the board removed action item B. with no explanation to the public.

I feel Red Clay’s refusal to acknowledge through their failure to follow board procedures whether directly or indirectly violated Title 14, Chapter 5 Subsection 511. I further feel that their actions and treatment towards me for questioning their action has cause the community harm and myself harm.

In no way do I want to stand in the way of Delaware College Preparatory Academy’s desire to provide educational services to needed students. I feel the remedy to satisfy my complaint and the offense against the community and myself, I request the charter application for Delaware College Preparatory Academy be immediately transfered to the Delaware Department of Education.

My other option would be to move forward to form a class action lawsuit against Red Clay Consoildated School District, its superintendent, the board members presiding May 2007 board meeting and the Delaware Secretary of Education.

I feel my concerns have merit and prefer not to cause the district or state financial loss through litigation.

A prompt response would be appreciated


John M. Allison

Aspria Charter School
Check out post on Aspria of Delaware a new charter school to serve Hispanics.

Checkout their organization link via FixRedClay, this organization has some powerful corporate financial backing.

As obvious as it can be, minorities are not happy with the state’s failure to ensure an equitable education for all students. In defense of Red Clay public school teachers they have done a Superior job with ELL students of all nationalities.

It is really sad that our state can’t provide a system that can effectively meet the needs the diversity of students. Hopefully our next governor can lead the way to reform school finance and drive more resources to the classrooms. Though one would think with more charter schools serving minorities the burden to effectively address educational needs of students with some many disparities in traditional public school would ease. However, the state’s student to teacher formula isn’t driven by needs.

Though this school represents time to celebrate for the Hispanic community it should also represent a sense of loss for of state government. The bottom-line with Copeland and Lee’s plan to abandon traditional public school for an all charter system is, who gets out of the public school Copeland and Lee has given up on first. Who will be left behind?
Obviously out Special Ed students and students of all color whose parents don’t care enough to get involved in that they will leave their children in a system Copeland and Lee abandons.

As Lee and Copeland fires their Vergeltungswaffe 2’s at DSEA they are failing short of intended targets and landing on poor children.

Diversity in education needs isn’t that bad but with 24% of Delaware charter schools failing the need to address disparities still exist. The next governor of this state must has the skills to work with all groups including DSEA to address the real problems and surely school finance is the first place to start.

Where will this new school be located? Obviously close to the community it intends to serve. I hope for the sake of this school that Red Clay isn’t involved in their charter school application and that DOE handles it. Charter schools can be located anywhere in the state with a state charter approval even Red Clay.

Lee / Copeland’s Corn Bread Not Done In Middle

Bill Lee candidate for Delaware Governor 2008
“We will also protect and preserve a parent’s right to choose their child’s school. That right is under heavy attack from the special interests who thrive in our broken, status-quo, bureaucracy-driven education system. School choice and charter schools are a necessity for parents and children who have been failed by our current system and must be protected.”

I keep going back to Lee’s webpage hoping to see a more define position on public education however noting new!

Parents can choose Charter School of Wilmington or Cab Calloway but it doesn’t mean they’ll get that choice!

Parents of Christina Schools District can choose a Red Clay school but it doesn’t mean they’ll get that choice!

Parents of good well-behaved low performing black students can choose Charter School of Wilmington but it doesn’t mean they’ll get that choice!

Bill Choice is an option but not a guarantee
“Parents and children who have been failed by our current system and must be protected.”

Bill who is the system? DSEA is only part of the system. Your running mate introduced school financial accountability legislation and couldn’t even get it into a committee meeting! He didn’t even have enough political experience to rally his own party or rally his own community or rally parents in a school district like Red Clay that was in the mist of a major financial crisis! In the attached video he refers to Red Clay’s financial crisis as “a near crisis in Red Clay.” Near Crisis, what fucking planet does he live on! He doesn’t want to offend the Red Clay School Board status quo because he is in bed with the political charter school agenda that involves certain unethical members of the board!

The system also is the Family Court system that has failed! They order delinquent young people whose behavior is a direct result of dysfunctional families to detention centers but send parent home and don’t require them to get counseling. Pubic schools are embroiled in behavior chaos and you blame public school teachers because they can control them. When you were a judge your offenders had prison guard standing by to protect you!

The System also is district school administrators who are not held accountable for financial mismanagement. A PTA Treasure who misuses PTA funds goes to jail. But a district superintendent gets a healthy raise and a bonus

The System is school boards who fail to follow basic rules and waives board rules to put critical issues on the action item agenda at will denying public input. The board approved a new charter school by means of unethical deceptive tactics. Your boy Charlie Copeland a Red Clay resident turns a blind eye!

The system also includes you and Senator Copeland who insulted all public school teachers because Ms.Grogg doesn’t kiss your asses. I must assume because Senator Copeland is in bed with special charter school interest that all republican senators are fuck-wads!

Do we want a narrow-minded Delaware Governor and Lt. Governor in charge of the Delaware system?

Let’s review! DSEA sucks, the Republican Legislators suck because they didn’t help fight for Copeland’s transparency legislation ( I did), the Democrats sucks because they are not Republicans, John Carney sucks because Minner doesn’t kiss his ass, I suck because I refuse to be a Republican because Copeland left me high and dry, Bush sucks ( well OK I agree), DSTP sucks ( I knew that long before you and your pet monkey), NCLB sucks ( No Copeland Lee Blows) and life isn’t fair!

24% of Delaware charter schools are failing and as long as failing students from traditional public schools transfer into failing charter schools Copeland charter school special interest group are happy. Real nice plantation he is running! It’s like giving land to sharecroppers but telling them they have to use mule and plows not tractors and combines.

Government needs to fix the failing system from the statehouse not the school house! Copeland can’t do his job at the statehouse what the hell is he going to do at the schools house.

Being Sunday I can explain it like this; we are the keepers of the glorious garden and our children of all colors are our seeds. We must water and nourish each seed to Gods plan. Let no one men through political greed ration the food and nourishment created by God to serve only one color. He who looks up for the return of Christ need not as Christ dwells in the children. Neglect them and thou neglects Christ! Never forget Jesus Christ was a public school teacher and it was government who tied Christ to the cross for all his students to see.

George Carlin political fundraiser concert for Copeland!

Red Clay SEX Scandal

Red Clay Sex

Don’t let Red Clay School Board or dip-shit legislators fool you!

School Excellent Exaggerated

News Journal July 17, 2008

“Red Clay was among the districts in which last year’s scores left leaderslooking for ways to make big improvements.”“After continually low test scores for several years, Conrad Schools of Science began providing extra time in reading and math as well as after-school programs. The school, formerly named

“Conrad Middle, is transitioning into a biotechnology and
health career-focused high school.”

“This year’s test results show the improvements under therestructuring plan: 71 percent of eighth graders passed the reading test,compared to 63 percent last year. In math, the percentage of eighth gradersmeeting the state standard went from 50 percent to 64 percent.”

In two years Conrad will be rated Superior and I support their mission. However, the gains in student achievement in compassion to previous yeas will be skewed. Start falling of 2008 Conrad will be an all choice magnet school. Students in the current Conrad feeder pattern have be assigned other middle schools and students who did not attend Conrad this year will Choice into Conrad. Bottom-line the school rating will go up due to attracting of higher achieving students and purging the undesirable low performing students. The schools poverty level will drop and as well as the African-American population. The issues are not debating the all Choice policy. It is to pointing out the obvious fact that the student population is changing and achievement data will improve. Yes we want this school to improve but those students who were part of the failing Conrad are just being shuffled around without the district providing intervention.

The low performing students whom in many cases have parents who don’t care what school they get assigned to will just go for the ride. What happens to the school ratings the low performing students get reassigned to?

We should celebrate the restructuring of Conrad and wish it success. But we should also not forget the school board sat back and let Conrad deteriorate to the condition it was in order to create the new Conrad. The plans we’re in the making for four years prior to last years opening of this new program. The school board cut Conrad’s Title 1 funding a few years ago when in fact it was showing results. The schools refused to assign and SRO to Conrad to help address the discipline problem.

I hope Chuckie don’t use the New Journal report as part of his propaganda campaign because he will be embarrassed! I did save my notes from when I sat on the Conrad reorganization committee. Shall we talk about the committee’s trip to a Virginia magnet school! Play your best cards Chuckie because I have a Royal Straight Flush that will beat you.

Charter School Debate Video

Charter School Debate Video
Markell presents a rational veiw of charter schools.
I think he understand how fraigle the charter school
movement is and wants to keep it on track by ensuring
it’s direction is fair to all students.

Republicans wants to forge ahead and are not concern 24% of Delaware charter schools are failing. 17 charter schools , one loses charter this year and 3 other under academic review = 24% failing