Daily Archives: June 28, 2008

Iraqi Men Have No Balls!

The war in Iraq is over! The Iraqi men are a bunch of cowards who don’t want to fight for the freedom for themselves and families. They rather be animals in a zoo with American troops being their keepers throwing them food.

A loss of a single human life is terrible however; America had it’s Civil War and emerged as a united country. United States can’t stay in Iraq forever and as soon as the troops leave even in 10 years from now Iraq will fall into full scale civil war.

Honestly, if the Iraqi men don’t want to stand up and secure their country and freedom it’s unfortunate. American is dying and our way of life and quality of life has turned to shit! We are paying dearly for this war and will pay even when we retire because today’s financial losses will impact our financial needs of our golden years.

There is an old method of teaching a child how to swim and that is throwing him in the water! It’s time for the cowardly men of Iraq to get in the pool or be thrown in!

It’s time for the American troops to step back to the Iraqi boarders and secure all incoming and out going traffic aka terrorist coming in to help their brothers and ones fleeing the Iraqi men who has the balls to take back their country.

I am at a major political crossroad in my life and I can honestly say participating in many of the local blog debates and enjoying many insightful blog posts has really help me. But do note, I see no one Delaware blog as any kind of political expert. If there was one individual blogger expert I would think they would be a well paid political analyst. Some bloggers do bring more to the table and other crumbs like me. Some disagree and will never admit they agree as their egos stand in the way.

My niche may be related to educational issue but the economy and quality of life for all of us deeply concerns me. America is dying and the human race is killing mother Earth. America proclaims itself the leader of the free world and yet we are so destructive of our own quality of life and our children’s future. We use to be the model for the world that was so envious of us! But now many despise us! We hold our religious freedom so dear but we try to transform religions that are ten times older then America.

This song, America, America by Blood Rock 1971 (Ed Grundy & Rick Cobb) use to be and still is my favorite song of all times. It was one song back in the day you didn’t need to be stoned to comprehend. The part that get’s me is “Your children are the fossil of today.”

Take a look at our children of American, they are afraid and forced to grow old sooner that we had to. They live in fear and despair knowing the adults are destroying their planet. We fight to place them in good schools but yet fail to stand to secure them a good planet.

Each bullet and bomb spent in Iraq is killing America and demising the dreams of our children’s future. We have enough troops in Iraq if deployed back to American our boarders could be protected and our brave troops can rest at night with their love ones beside them.

America, America

Walking in an empty cement parking lot
it’s snowing
and my face
has taken on a winter storm.

I remember how good friends we used to be
now knowing
we were younger
and protected from your harm.

America, America
you are so far away
your children
are the fossils of today.

And though there’s joy in happiness
I cannot say
your absence fits
the joy of living.