Go Johnny GO !


“The state Democratic Party’s executive committee on Wednesday night endorsed gubernatorial candidate John Carney Jr., giving the two-term lieutenant governor his third party endorsement in the past month.”

“We’ve worked very hard, and it’s been very much a grass-roots process. It’s a boost for the campaign,” John Carney Jr. said.”

It’s no surprise that Gov. Minner’s hand-picked successor was the choice,” Jack Markell said.
John Carney has really stepped out of the Minner shadow and appears to be the leading democratic contendership for Delaware governor. Looks like Pool Boy climbed the Lifeguard Tower and is no king of the pool.

Mr. Markell, what a crybaby! Do you really think with all Minner’s screw-ups in this state hand picking a successor would benefit John Carney? Get real, John Carney’s steamroller is getting heated up and is about to roll over your ass!

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