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Is Kilroy committing political suicide ?

Revised 07/01/2008


RUTH ANN MINNER 185548 50 . 9 %

WILLIAM SWAIN LEE 167008 45 . 8 %

FRANK INFANTE 10753 2 . 9 %

FRANK INFANTE 1450 0 . 4 %

With the Delaware democratic party fractured at its core Bill Lee is the clear winner. Republicans aren’t going to swing Markell’s way and Protack will fair well pulling in many votes that would have went to Carney because Markell pulled the stirngs to bash Carney.


Carney wins the primary he would pick up 65% of Markell’s supporters because they would rather vote for Carney instead of Bill Lee. However, with all the bashing of Carney by Markell’s goons Bill Lee just might pull it off. Markell obession to win to satisfy his ego will expose the truth about how the Democrats failed by electing Minner and Carney! They might actually wake up and realize we do need to clean house in Dover.

Do the math, Bill Lee only lost by 4.11% and with the Delaware Democrats in disarray it won’t be hard to pick up a few %.

Those who keep busting on Bill Lee about his age need to be very careful as this state is filled with old folks who just might get pissed off to work to elect their fellow senior Bill Lee just for spite. Jason, go talk to your grandparents about old people! Tell you what, for an old man Bill Lee is in better shape then many of the bloggers who make fun of his age. Markell’s gang refers elderly people like Bill Lee as too old to be part of government but yet Markell wouldn’t have any problem taxing the shit of of seniors. What kind of message is Markell sending, one hand he claims to care about healhcare for the aging and on the other hand, old people are usless?

As far as education, Bill Lee was on the dump DSTP bandwagon way before any elected offical and Bill Lee pushed the 3 Teired Diploma issue into the debates and forced Minner to support dumping them. John Carney even jumped on dump the 3 Teired Diplomas bandwagon. Bill Lee many have loss but he helped parents to victory cracking the foundation of DSTP.

Before I give my full support to Bill Lee I will sitdown with him and discuss his views on charter schools. I am hoping he will support Conduit Loans for charter schools (Conduit Loans are not state funded and are special commerical loans). I will ask that he required DOE to complete a study on the distribution of state and federal educational grants to ensure high poverty charter schools are getting their fair shake. As I’ve said in the past , overachievers need a place to learn to their potential but we can’t lose sight of the needs of low performing children. I would also hope Bill Lee supports better finanical transparentcy of educational dollars from DOE to each school disitrcit. Being that education represents one third of the state budget ( sorry Al , you were right) that public education would be a great place to start with real finanical transparency. I would present my case to support changing the charter school law that only permitts DOE to approve charter school applications.

We need change in Delaware as the democrats clearly indicate by their dislike of thier Minner and the riff Markell is causing within the party.

All I can said to Bill Lee is if Carney emerges victorious from the primary is look out! If Markell only has the old man card to play God help him!

I have a major political crossroad ahead of me and it’s not about not support charter schools, its about finding ways to meet the needs of all students in the fairest possible way. Traditional public school teachers should not be the scapegoat for the charter school excuse when in fact state government has failed to provide accountablity of all stakeholders including parents and school boards. Local Red Clay legislators failed to address the needs of the Red Clay community during the finanical meltdown because they were too busy planning charter schools and supporting Red Clay School Board’s hidden charter agenda. We need to promote diversity in public education in a fair and equable way for students and teachers.


Iraqi Men Have No Balls!

The war in Iraq is over! The Iraqi men are a bunch of cowards who don’t want to fight for the freedom for themselves and families. They rather be animals in a zoo with American troops being their keepers throwing them food.

A loss of a single human life is terrible however; America had it’s Civil War and emerged as a united country. United States can’t stay in Iraq forever and as soon as the troops leave even in 10 years from now Iraq will fall into full scale civil war.

Honestly, if the Iraqi men don’t want to stand up and secure their country and freedom it’s unfortunate. American is dying and our way of life and quality of life has turned to shit! We are paying dearly for this war and will pay even when we retire because today’s financial losses will impact our financial needs of our golden years.

There is an old method of teaching a child how to swim and that is throwing him in the water! It’s time for the cowardly men of Iraq to get in the pool or be thrown in!

It’s time for the American troops to step back to the Iraqi boarders and secure all incoming and out going traffic aka terrorist coming in to help their brothers and ones fleeing the Iraqi men who has the balls to take back their country.

I am at a major political crossroad in my life and I can honestly say participating in many of the local blog debates and enjoying many insightful blog posts has really help me. But do note, I see no one Delaware blog as any kind of political expert. If there was one individual blogger expert I would think they would be a well paid political analyst. Some bloggers do bring more to the table and other crumbs like me. Some disagree and will never admit they agree as their egos stand in the way.

My niche may be related to educational issue but the economy and quality of life for all of us deeply concerns me. America is dying and the human race is killing mother Earth. America proclaims itself the leader of the free world and yet we are so destructive of our own quality of life and our children’s future. We use to be the model for the world that was so envious of us! But now many despise us! We hold our religious freedom so dear but we try to transform religions that are ten times older then America.

This song, America, America by Blood Rock 1971 (Ed Grundy & Rick Cobb) use to be and still is my favorite song of all times. It was one song back in the day you didn’t need to be stoned to comprehend. The part that get’s me is “Your children are the fossil of today.”

Take a look at our children of American, they are afraid and forced to grow old sooner that we had to. They live in fear and despair knowing the adults are destroying their planet. We fight to place them in good schools but yet fail to stand to secure them a good planet.

Each bullet and bomb spent in Iraq is killing America and demising the dreams of our children’s future. We have enough troops in Iraq if deployed back to American our boarders could be protected and our brave troops can rest at night with their love ones beside them.

America, America

Walking in an empty cement parking lot
it’s snowing
and my face
has taken on a winter storm.

I remember how good friends we used to be
now knowing
we were younger
and protected from your harm.

America, America
you are so far away
your children
are the fossils of today.

And though there’s joy in happiness
I cannot say
your absence fits
the joy of living.

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie !!!

“I just don’t think they need to stop charter schools to study it,” Hudson said. “[Deputy Secretary of Education] Nancy Wilson could easily work with the charter school network and the teacher’s union to resolve issues without a moratorium”
Debbie, Debbie, Debbie ! You live in Red Clay and you can’t see the Red Clay school board poisoning the charter school movement??? The little scam on the conditional Red Clay charter approval that were an actual charter approval wasn’t addressed by any local legislator! The vote was put on the action items the same night of the votes! The public was permitted due process! The discussion prior to the vote was for a conditional vote May 2007 whereas the two potential charter schools were to come back to the district, board and community by December 2007 for full approval didn’t happen.

Debbie, Debbie , Debbie, the Red Clay board president didn’t interrupt his less seasoned fellow board member when that board member reelected to state “conditional” charter before the word “charter.” Districts lawyers concluded that the call for the vote though was read into the record was incorrectly worded stands as a legal vote for a full charter. Also, even the call for the conditional charter was inappropriate as there is no such thing as a “conditional charter” within the charter schools laws pertaining to approval of charter school application.

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, you weren’t at that board meeting and a matter of fact you have attended very few board member in your district.

The Red Clay school board is running their own charter school agenda that required them to transfer local funding this April to the Delaware College Preparatory Charter at a time the board cut programs to Red Clay student and forces local school principals to cut spending on basic supplies such as copy paper and paper towels for students to wash their hands.

Bob A gets $30,000.00 worth cherry veneer office furniture for his new digs! Why Debbie tell me why?

Sure point your finger at DSEA for screwing Delaware Military Academy application for a Conduit Loan but don’t point the finger at them because Red Clay is playing politics with some elite local legislators. Debbie, introduce legislation that only permits DOE to approve charter school applications. The current Red Clay school board leadership is exhibit A to support my cause. Also, we need legislation prohibiting legislators form sitting on charter school boards and committees. I feel it distracts legislators from their real duties representing all students and promoting fair an equitable education for all students. One more wish Debbie, we need to address funding needs for charter schools. They deserve equal operating funding and the current funding structure is flawed.

Don’t take this personal as something the best of us drift too far to the right! Let’s get back to center!
Charter schools are assets and need to evolve through a level playing field and not by hidden agenda involving stealth legislators.

Senator’s Blevins move was bold and provides just little opportunity to study some of the concerns.

As far as Red Clay I hope to hell the board elects new board leadership at its next meeting in July! We need to turn the corner and mover forward for the sake of all Red Clay students and get a board the is focused on meeting the needed of students within the current Red Clay schools. I hope you take the time to encourage the change is needed.

Years ban on new Delaware charter schools at hand

Update 06/26/2008
144th General AssemblySenate Joint Resolution # 11 w/SA 1 + HA 1, HA 2
Senate Passed On 06/25/2008 04:26:37 PM

The three up and coming charter schools will be protected from the moratorium thanks to those legislators who are personally involved with these charter schools

First Responder Charter School (I wonder who the dean of this school will be?)

Aspira Charter School of Delaware

Gateway Charter School

I want to thank the supportewrs of this legislation that give us time to stop and think about the direction of charter schools and to make sure they are not being influenced by politicians who want to serve their political donors not the interested of all children.

I hope the state legislators change the charter laws so that DOE only approves charter schools, legislators prohibited form sitting on charter school board and committees and better funding for charter schools including the right to utilize Conduit Grant.

Many think I oppose charter schools however I don’t. We need to purge charter school of political poison and let charter develop on their own with true site-base management and fair and equitable laws. Make not many of the problems in traditional public schools are directly connected to poor legislation and lack of real actuality and real financial transparency. Do we want the same legislators failing public school building new charter schools?

House OK’s charter ban resolution By Associated Press

“Opponents say the moratorium is not needed and falsely implies that there is a problem with Delaware’s charter school system”

Lazlo Toth at his best !

“I’m committed to making wind power a reality in Delaware, for our economic and environmental future,” said Carney. “We need to change the way we do business in Dover, and that includes finding new sources of clean energy and new ways to bring jobs to our state. The commitment I secured from Bluewater Wind will create green collar jobs and allow us to get in on the ground floor of an emerging industry. It is critical that all sides come together to make the Bluewater Wind project a reality.”
John Carney

lazlo Toth said…
“ground floor of an emerging industry” ???? Not really, wind power has been around hundreds of years, and I can remember 25 years ago cruising into Palm Springs on my way to the crystal clear starlit nights and the smell of the desert in bloom of Joshua Tree, and seeing mile after mile of wind turbines generating electricity,,,,25 years ago!!!!( but then Cali is a more progressive state, MPG standards and pollution , way ahead of rest of nation, and still way behind the Europeans. And what are Delaware politicians doing to create a Hydrogen auto infrastructure…NADA .effing idiots!!! But , yes, to the IDIOT Delaware politicians, with their “progressive” brains, NOT!!! always stuck in the ground floor. Thank Allah for the mega rise in the price of OIL, and may it double again…MARKETS are great in determining PRICE, almost worthless in determining COST, as we destroy the earth with our greed for low priced carbon source energy……..Delaware offers a great subsidy for solar installations, a meager kickback for geothermal…but every little bit helps……our building codes are absolutely bogus in terms of energy usage and conservation, our mass transit system sucks, ……..but Allah and the Bush speculators will make sure we ultimately become energy conservers and alternative efficient energy users…..we are well on on way to bankrupting the nation with their GREED. And the GREENVILLIAN soccer moms and downstate chicken farmer moms, can polish their huge hulking Ford and Chevy gas guzzling SUVS in their driveways as they rust and fade away……

Kilroy had the pleasure of meeting Lazlo at his Montchanin Chalet. I was shocked when I learned of his true identity and I am sworn to secrecy. I know old Laz can be over the top and push the line taking pot shots at the some of the Red Clay leadership but the man knows the players quite well.

John Carney still deserves his due for getting wind power under way in Delaware.

Markell to ride on Carney’s coattail

News Journal reports;
Carney: Deal will help economy

Lt. Gov. John Carney today praised the wind energy contract between Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind, saying it would not have happened without an outpouring of public sentiment and pressure from Sen. Tony DeLuca and Carney.

Carney credited his work during the negotiations this spring between Bluewater and Delmarva will being an important in motivating the parties to come to an accord

Carney also collected names on an online petition of more than 3,000 public supporters of the project.

“This was a victory for the people of Delaware and I want to thank them for voicing their support for this -project,” he said.

I’ll bet you come tomorrow morning Jack Markell will proclaim he brokered the Bluewater deal. Markell doesn’t have the stuff to pull of what Carney did to help broker the Bluewater deal. When it comes down to hard nose politics to get things done Carney is way out front of Markell.

Pool Boy Carney has really impressed me these last few months. “Victory for the people” Carney says. Carney clearly knows its all about the poeple and not about his personal ego! Good for Carney. Markell can’t buy his way into the hearts and souls of the people of Delaware and soon you’ll see his Hollywood media bliz that will backfire in his face.

Carney’s aggressiveness with TommyWonk’s and Dave Burris’s persistence was the winning combination!

Carney’s Leadership Secured Original Commitment to Bring Bluewater Wind to DelawareJune 13, 2008

“I’m committed to making wind power a reality in Delaware, for our economic and environmental future,” said Carney. “We need to change the way we do business in Dover, and that includes finding new sources of clean energy and new ways to bring jobs to our state. The commitment I secured from Bluewater Wind will create green collar jobs and allow us to get in on the ground floor of an emerging industry. It is critical that all sides come together to make the Bluewater Wind project a reality.”

Green collar jobs ! Ouch get back Jack !

Looks like Pool Boy Carney has become Delaware’s number one Lifeguard

Markell beats Carney over the head with Minner!

Visit Down With Absolutes and jump in on the Markel Vs Carney debate.

My point is, Jack Markel beating Carney over the head tying him to Minner like he is responsible for Minner screwing Delaware up. This will split the Delaware Democratic Party. Why ? Because Markel using Minner as a negative against John Carney which sends a message that Minner is in fact a screw up and should have never be voted in office. That would me the democrats made an error in supporting Minner. In other words Markell is in directly telling the democratic votes they screwed up but it’s OK we’ll just pin it on John Carney.

Is Jack Markell a Democrat or Republican? Why beating up your own party and us Minner as a negative campaign tool? Well, maybe the salesman (Makell) doesn’t have a good product to sell himself.

Kilroy Esquire re: All-Day Kindergarten

Update June 20, 2008 per today’s News Journal
“In addition, the panel included $2.2 million to begin full-time kindergarten in the Red Clay School District. Brandywine and Lake Forest already are included in the proposed budget.”

Red Clay Referendum Feburay 2008

This item asks for your approval to raise an additional 15 cents per $100 of assessed value effective July 1, 2008, 5 cents per $100 of assessed value effective July 1, 2009, and 5 cents per $100 of assessed value effective July
1, 2010, for a maximum increase of 25 cents over three years.

Income from the levy will be used for current operating expenses to support educational programs in the district, including the following:

– Restoring school instructional budgets
– Updating technology
– Implementing district-wide full day kindergarten
– Reinstating after school activities and middle school athletics
– Purchasing new textbooks and library books
– Operating cost increases (e.g., salaries, benefits, transportation)
– Increasing security for schools and buses
– Re-establishing required year-end balance


As Adopted in Convention, June 4th, 1897,
with Amendments Made Subsequently thereto
through August 1995.


§6. Property Tax; use Limitations.
Section 6. No property tax receipts received by a public school district as a result of a property tax levied for a particular purpose shall be used for any other purpose except upon the favorable vote of a majority of the eligible voters in the district voting on the question. (Section 6 added l980).


144th General AssemblyHouse Bill # 397 w/HA 1
Primary Sponsor: Miro
Additional Sponsor(s): Sen. Sokola
CoSponsors: Reps. Hudson, Maier, Manolakos
Introduced on : 05/01/2008
Long Title:
AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 14 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO LOCAL SCHOOL TAXES.Synopsis:This Bill prohibits local school districts from collecting the local share of funds for all-day kindergarten until such time as the State share for all-day kindergarten has been appropriated.Current Status:House Passed On 06/18/2008 02:34:14 PM

AMEND House Bill No. 397 on line 5 by inserting after “appropriated” the following: “or the district has sufficient funding separate from the State, including private funding”.

Ladies and gentleman of Red Clay! The Delaware State Constitution forbids taxes raised by levy aka local referendum in this case to be used other than particular purpose.

Per the Ballot associated with Red Clay’s successful February 2008 Referendum the district was asking the community for monies to implement district-wide full day kindergarten. The ballot did not state local portion of full day kindergarten. No this was no Red Clay agenda to build a loophole to full fund full day kindergarten on the backs of the local taxpayers. No one knew in February or when the referendum was plan that there would be issue with state funding.

Though House Bill 397 indicates. “This Bill prohibits local school districts from collecting the local share of funds for all-day kindergarten until such time as the State share for all-day kindergarten has been appropriated,” real doesn’t mean that as the amendment to HB 397 permits the school district to full fund full day kindergarten.

As far as Red Clay, the states legislators are saying if you want full day kindergarten bend over! This is a lame piece of legislation for the legislators to try to weasel their way out of their obligation and responsibility to our school children. It’s call another unfunded state mandate. They put Red Clay and other district in a corner to figure out how “they” are going to meet the need of full day kindergarten.

If state legislators fail to deliver funding as promised for state share and Red Clay can mustard covering the cost and delivering all that was promised then go for it, I support you. However, it is rolling the dice on local funding in a very unstable economy that could lead to a call for another referendum sooner then later.

To the community and parents “please” pickup your phones and call your local legislators and rip them a new ass! The legislators need to delivery their end of the bargain and provide the state share. There is a time to bitch at Red Clay but this is not that time. It’s time to bitch and bitch very loudly at your local legislators for their inexcusable method of pass laws without identified funding.

I don’t she how Red Clay can pull it off with this tight economy and state budget cuts as it is.

Stand up and fight now or don’t come back after no full day kindergarten and cry the blues. You have the power so use it.

Go Johnny GO !

“The state Democratic Party’s executive committee on Wednesday night endorsed gubernatorial candidate John Carney Jr., giving the two-term lieutenant governor his third party endorsement in the past month.”

“We’ve worked very hard, and it’s been very much a grass-roots process. It’s a boost for the campaign,” John Carney Jr. said.”

It’s no surprise that Gov. Minner’s hand-picked successor was the choice,” Jack Markell said.
John Carney has really stepped out of the Minner shadow and appears to be the leading democratic contendership for Delaware governor. Looks like Pool Boy climbed the Lifeguard Tower and is no king of the pool.

Mr. Markell, what a crybaby! Do you really think with all Minner’s screw-ups in this state hand picking a successor would benefit John Carney? Get real, John Carney’s steamroller is getting heated up and is about to roll over your ass!

No All-day Kindergarten ?????????????$file/legis.html?open
144th General AssemblyHouse Bill # 397 w/HA 1
Primary Sponsor: Miro
Additional Sponsor(s): Sen. Sokola
CoSponsors: Reps. Hudson, Maier, Manolakos
Introduced on : 05/01/2008
Long Title:


This Bill prohibits local school districts from collecting the local share of funds for all-day kindergarten until such time as the State share for all-day kindergarten has been appropriated.
Current Status:
House Passed On 06/18/2008 02:34:14 PM

AMEND House Bill No. 397 on line 5 by inserting after “appropriated” the following: “or the district has sufficient funding separate from the State, including private funding”.

With passage of this legislation does this mean no state funds for All-day Kindergarten?
Why would the legislators need to pass such legislation if the state planned on providing its share of state funding?

Either way, I’ll give the legislators credit for this piece of legislation that make sure Red Clay keeps it hand off of local tax monies levied for a specific purpose as noted on the referendum ballot for All-day Kindergarten. I had a few sparks with a board member at one of those Red Clay Town Hall Meeting about the tax laws. He didn’t believe it was one the ballot. Dam, the board was the one that called for the referendum and should know the ballot procedures. Just another example of how the board is out of touch.

Hopefully foe those parents who need All-day Kindergarten it all works out in your favor. I voted for the referendum to support All-day Kindergarten by certainly not for the sake of the school board.

I was glad that some sharp legislators listened to my concerns. We cannot trust Red Clay until we see full financial transparency and the purging of the good old boy board network.

Delaware heading back to federal court?

Is a pro charter school governor a good thing for Delaware or will a pro-charter governor push us back into federal courts to impose desegregation of Delaware racially unbalanced charter schools?

John Carney, what’s your opinion?

Jack Markell, what’s your opinion?

Bill Lee, what’s your opinion?

Mike Protack, what’s your opinion?

WDEL Al Mascitti 10:00 am June 18, 2008

Tune in to WDEL 10:00 and hear Al Mascitti and Dana Garrett of Delaware Watch discuss the Proposed moratorium on charter school applications. Tune in to this program as I am sure there will be heated discussion and debates.
Call in or E-mail WDEL and let Big All know if you support a 1 year moratorium on new charter schools. Do we need a cooling off to study where charter schools are at, where they are going and are they fair to all students? Check out Dana’s blog Delaware Watch posts on charter school issues.

See What Senator Charles Copeland has to say on the issues. See Senator Patty Blevins Senate Joint Resolution # 11 w/SA 1 Jun 12, 2008 – Passed by Senate. Votes: Passed 12 YES 8 NO 1 NOT VOTING 0 ABSENT 0 VACANT

Antagonistic teachers union has undue influence on future of charter schools
Letter to the editor.

Sen. Blevins has stooped to partisan vendettas
Yet another letter to the editor

Charter Schools can be controversial
DSEA spin om charter schools

My position on charter schools is I support the concept but I don’t support the political agendas behind them. The laws needs to b change so that only Delaware DOE can approve charter school application and that no state legislators be permitted to be associated with charter schools financial and sit on charter board of directors.

Many of our problems associated with traditional public schools are a result of inadequate legislation hold holding administrators accountable with teeth. How can a school district violate the contract biding state laws three times and not be punished?

The state legislators continue to pass unfunded and under-funded education mandates to drag on local taxes and current funding. Full-Day Kindergarten is another underfunded state mandate. Do we want the same legislators not stepping up to address the serious issue with traditional public schools build new charter schools?

Let charter school evolve by themselves with parents, educators and local business supporters run the charter schools. The legislators need to make sure charter schools are fair to all and not let Delaware charter school represent re-segregation.

As far as the recent concerns with DSEA, I’ve been know to slap them around on some charter school issues such as conduit loans. Sure DESA will want to maintain traditional public school for the sake of self-preservation. However, there is a political movement to undermine the teacher’s union and charter schools are the wedge. Why are we building charter schools for mostly white students and one for mostly black students? Take a look and you’ll see many of the charter schools predominately black students failing to meet the standards and on the verge of collapsing like Marion T Academy whose charter was revoked this year.

Links to a few of my other comments

New Jersey parent chaperone sued for $700,000.00
New Jersey parent chaperone sued for $700,000.00 for the death of a student. Does Red Clay School District carry liability insurance to cover parent chaperones during field trips?

A Red Clay Bright Spot !

2007 School Rating Status: Superior

Wm. C. Lewis is a Dual Language school that teaches all children in English and Spanish to develop biliteracy and foster respect and value for the cultures of our diverse learning community.

% American Indian 0.0
% African American 16.2
% Asian American 0.2
% Hispanic 82.9
% White 0.6

Other Characteristics
% Limited English Proficient 65.0
% Low Income 85.7

Exemplary Programs
We have received national and state recognition as a distinguished Title I school. We have a quality extended day program- In this, before and after school as well as summer program, students are offered a student-centered curriculum that includes hands-on learning, homework support with a 1 teacher to 10 student ratio.

Help One Student T Succeed (H.O.S.T.S.)
The H.O.S.T.S. program at Lewis School has celebrated its twelfth year. This intervention program assigns students in need with mentors who help them with reading skills. Thanks to the cooperation with community members, Padua, Ursuline, and A.I. DuPont High Schools, we were able to serve over forty children through this program. Prearranged packets are ready for the mentors when they come to work with their child. This one-on-one instruction is most valuable for these children.

Reading Success from the Start
Lewis School uses an innovative instructional strategy called RSS to help students with deficiencies in reading. This technique is being employed to help students increase their reading skills. A number of teachers have been trained in this instructional technique to be used in the classroom. In addition to the regular classroom setting, students receive instruction in a small group setting on a daily basis. Students who have been identified are taken from their regular classroom to work with a teacher who has been specifically trained in this technique.

Staff Development
Lewis teachers are continually taking advantage of training, such as Differentiated Instruction, Smithsonian Science,and use of technology as an instructional tool. It is modeling of life-long learning that enhances instruction.

No dicispline problems at this school

Lewis is an amazing story and poverty in this school doesn’t stagnate student achievment.

I have attended many Title 1 function in Red Clay and the Hispanic parents are quite impressive. They don’t let their language barrier stand in the way of coming out to events and ask questions.

I can’t image Lewis school being this impressive without strong parental involvement. Appears Lewis has the right combination of teachers and administrators working together to help these children reach their potential. However, what become of the forward progress of these students once they reach the middle school level? Hopefully their achievements at Lewis give them the perseverance to puce themselves to be successful students.

If ever a school deserves national recognition William C. Lewis deserves top honors.

I hope those spying on Kilroy’s from Washington D.C. take notice of this and recommend Lewis for a national award. How about it Rookie, you think you can put a good word in for this amaizing school.