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Red Clay Object Codes Now Online!

Attached are links to the Red Clay Consoildated School District’s Object Code Report for March 2008 / Year to Date.

The Reason I quit the Red Clay Consoildated School District Community Finanical Review Committee was because, I was led to believe the report couldn’t be E-mailed as a pdf. file and couldn’t be posted on the district’s webpage as a stand alone file to maintain security of the finanical data base. It didn’t take a fucking PhD to figure it out and took a half-whit like me with a GED and pocket full of college credits to presents this to you. A certain school board member claims it would be a major investment and finanical hardship to provide such service to the community. Well, it didn’t cost a dam penny!

In my opinion, certian members of district and a certain board member seem to want to keep the community in the dark like mushrooms covered in shit.

Our state legislators refuse to step in and help deliver the finanical transparency the Red Clay community demands. Our governors want to be and Lt. Governors want to be take no interest in what the Red Clay Community wants which is rightfully their.


Delaware State Legislators failed their community

Public schools belong to the public and those who are employed and serve on school boards are public servants. I don’t like the term servants and is not meant in the negative term. However, the taxpayers provide funding for public schools and expect good stewardship of taxes received for the benefit of public school children.

Local school districts exist for the benefit of a sense of local public control. However in Red Clay’s case there isn’t any legislative oversight to ensure local control is equally shared.

We have many affluent state legislators living in the board of Red Clay who can obviously see failed school board leadership who has lost the ability to effectively lead. Basic board rules and protocol are constantly disregarded negatively impacting public schools and the rights of local taxpayers.

The ultimate breakdown can be traced back to ineffective legislation and disengaged local legislators. The local taxpayers who fund public schools seem to be at the bottom of the food chain not top.

When the state auditor’s report comes out it will reveal clear facts that Red Clay School Board is not in control and the board leadership is nearing incompetence. State bidding laws once again will be violated re: FOF and no legal action will be taken by the Attorney General’s office. The state legislators will continue to point fingers at each other and their will be no real transparency laws passed.

Those running for governor of Delaware appear to be living in their own world ignoring the basic breakdown in local control of public schools. They are boasting plans to save the state of Delaware but yet can’t even pitch in to save a little school community called Red Clay.

It is obvious in Delaware the public are servant to those elected to serve them. Many of those elected officials including school board members are engaged in build a charter school network to fix the so-called public schools. However, it is ironic that those wanting to fix public schools have actual abandon their duties given to them and are the root cuase to failures within Delaware public schools

Public schools are worth saving and the answer is accountability that starts from the top down, starting with elected officials. It’s a dam shame children are failing because of adults who are responsible for their education.

New School Board behind the Eight Ball

The writing is on the wall the next few years will be lean years for the Delaware State Budget. This includes public school funding.

The energy crisis has not only caused high prices at the gas pumps but impact the price of goods and services. Healthcare cost is another service that is at crisis level.

All the increased costs are passed onto the consumers and Red Clay School District is a large consumer. Despite the financial meltdown, cost of doing business in Red Clay has been going up and will continue.

Red Clay’s current cost saving initiative is all about the impact of the financial meltdown. However, next year when the current cut student services are restored as promised the district ability to maintain services may be strained. Stop before you attacked me and just putting aside with the financial meltdown and tell me how much is Red Clay’s finances impacted by inflation?

The next operational referendum will come sooner than we all think and if this district isn’t truly on a new course of openness and real transparency the new school board may be fighting old battles.

In 4 years every board member other then Jack Buckley and they two new board members will be gone. My advice now, its time to set the course that the public is demanding. Financial transparency is tops on the list and real open communication is needed. There is nothing stopping Red Clay from publishing the monthly IBU driven Financial Report and a separate monthly /YTD Object of Expenditure Report on the district website. If any board member or district finance person tells you this can’t be done they are an F’ing liar! I have the physical proof on the Object of Expenditure Report / YTD.

We cannot move forward until we purge the existing cancer sitting on the Red Clay School Board, they are killing this school district and failed to delivery the demands of transparency. The referendum may have been for the kids however it also saved the asses of stubborn old fools sitting on the school board.

Please help push the new school board members and current board members to elected new board leadership this July. The support today can help gain the community’s support when the next referendum comes around in three to four years. They can play the cards, it’s for the kids.” That card has been played once too many.

Red Clay School Board President Time is UP ?

Red Clay lawyer blasts auditor aide’s disclosure
Dollar figures allegedly divulged in e-mail to district resident

The district had to make about $10 million in budget cuts last year to avoid a deficit, and a state Financial Recovery Team told Red Clay it faced “major structural problems and organizational issues” that had to be acted on to prevent further financial hardships. It spent a good part of last year poring over district finances, including assigning an official to work on-site.

“It seems to me they’re trying to make this a major scandal — probably in response to the audit report that will be coming out soon,” Wagner said of the lawyer’s letter. “If they think using this type of tactic is going to have us back down from our findings, that is not going to happen.”

The school district is responding specifically to the e-mails and not to the audit, Nash said.

“We have been through this in the past, and we are not trying to impede procedure at all,” she said. “We are not the ones who stepped outside of procedure.”

Kilroy’s Spin

OMG when the auditor report hits the street the Red Clay School Board president will have no place to hide and nobody to blame but himself.The Red Clay Tea Party is over and its time for the school board leadership to hit the road. I have lived in this community pretty much since 1954 and never remember such scandal and incompetence school board leadership. It amazes me that one man can divide and rip a community apart.

The superintendent offered his resignation and the board president voted to reject it! To me this is a sign of poor leadership and near total incompetence.

What tops it off is the state legislators living in the Red Clay School District seem to support the board president’s vote. No legislators to date has come to a Red Clay School Board Meeting to openly object to the board decision not to accept the superintendent’s offer to resign. Sure the superintendent could have just quit however the fact remains he is the only person in Red Clay to offer his resignation after the financial meltdown.

After the auditor’s full report is released with more damaging information it will be time for the board president to step down. I keep hearing the term, “It’s for the kids.” So when will the board president step down for the kids!

Once Wagner’s report is out the United State Department of Education Inspector General may be making a house call.

Markell to give Vision 2015 CPR (Cash Promised Rodel)

$29 million in education cuts leave little for Vision 2015 initiative
By JENNIFER PRICE • The News Journal • May 24, 2008

“The Vision 2015 reform effort lost what little state money it had coming next fiscal year after lawmakers trimmed about $29 million from the education budget this week.”

“Paul Herdman, president of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, which helped develop Vision 2015, said the state should be focusing on long-term solutions, and not short-term changes.”

“Though Herdman understands the constraints of a budget crisis, he also sees an opportunity to look at how the state maximizes every dollar going to educate Delaware children. He points to the many cost savings identified in the Leadership for Education Achievement in Delaware report released earlier this year. The governor-commissioned committee, which found up to $158 million in annual savings, made recommendations including consolidation of purchasing and coordination of administrative services among districts. Other Leadership for Education Achievement in Delaware suggestions, such as exploring the consolidation of school districts and offering employees retirement plans such as 401(k)s instead of pension plans, would take more time and political will to accomplish”.

Kilroy’s Spin

Don’t worry Mr. Herdman, if Jack Makell gets elected he will take care of your Rodel and Vision 2015. After all, the Rodel founder gave Markel major campaign contributions.

I agree Jack Markell is a outstanding business man. However what do businessmen like jack do best? Yep, take care of other businessmen.

I am glad to see John Carney step out of Minner’s shadows, The reason I’ve been hard on John Carney is because he didn’t step out of Minner’s shadow and presented himself as her political clone.

Folks get it straight there in not a Minner / Carney administration. There never was,  Minner calls all the shot and John Carney had no voice.

John Carney support Rodel’s Vision 2015. However he is no fool and knows the cost constraints. John Carney has a network of really community-minded people surrounding him. Carney has the network of money-bags who are looking for polical favors in return for the support such as Rodel.

At this point if I were to jump political ship I would Jump on the Carney Bandwagon. However, all my trash talk against Carny in the past I’d get thrown off.

I’ve watch Carney and Markell go at and I honestly must say to Carney would be better for education. Little do many know John Carney publicly support the elimination of the 3 Tiered Diplomas and had his reservations about some components of DSTP.

Carney doesn’t owe Rodel anything however, he supports many of t he cost setting plans within the cost saving report that could save education $158,000,000.00. I think Carney would redirect that saving to educational programs at the classroom level.

The only way Rodel’s Vision 2015 will survive is if Markel wins and gives it CPR (Cash Promised Rodel)

Red Clay Cries Foul Because State Procedures Were Not Followed

From: “Nash Pati D”
[Add to Address Book]
CC: “Peterson Karen”,
“Maier Pam”,
“Manolakos Nick T”
“Sokola David”,,
“Gilligan Robert”,
“Sorenson Liane”,
“Hudson Deborah”,
“Becnel Irwin”,
“Wilson Martin”,
“Fleming Paul”,
“Cavanaugh Charles”,
“Vavalla Peggy”,
“Buckley James”,
“Linarducci Gary”,
“Andrzejewski Robert J”,,,,,,
“Scoglietti Robert”,
“Davis Jennifer”,
“Wagner R. Thomas”,
“Draper R. Ronald”,
“Lofink Vincent”,
“Carney Jr. John C.”,,,
“Cathcart Richard”,,
“Wagner Nancy”,
“Shupard Susan”,
“Spence Dorcell” dspence@DOE.K12.DE.US,
Spence Terry”,
“Woodruff Valerie”
Subject: Special Investigation & Performance Review of the Red Clay Consolidated School District
Thursday, May 22, 2008 4:48:24 PM

All, The information in this e-mail exchange contains significant factual errors and violates agreed upon procedures for an audit. The matter has been referred to our legal counsel. When Red Clay receives the final report, we will respond publicly as appropriate. Thank you, Pati Nash, public information officerRed Clay Consolidated School District(office) 552-3715(cell) 540-6823

Kilroy’s response to all:(I did in fact respond as noted below)

With all due respect Pati: (not directed at you as a person, I know you are just doing your job)When did the Red Clay School Board become conerned with procedures? They waive board rules that were established to maintain accountability and provide the taxpayers of Red Clay as sense of local control but yet denies the public rights to comment before action items.

The Red Clay School Board throws egg on the faces of the local taxpayers but yet when thrown at them its a foul! What about state laws violated by Red Clay such as contracts for NOR and FOF.

Shall I attached what was E-mailed to me by someone in the district that proves the Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee was lied to about the ability to E-mail financial data?

Legislators hear me well, you have let the situation in Red Clay spin to a critical level and abandon the good people of Red Clay. While you are out of session until January 2009 after November’s elections parents will be working hard to hold those legislators accountable at the polls as they did school board members.

You failed as leaders to deliver real transparentcy and leave the community to the Red Clay wolves!

I am sure the “board” response to the public after the report is viewed will be vague as the ones in which state bid laws were violated.

John Allison

Get your free Jim Jones Kool-aid visit Linden Park

Charter high school to specialize in Homeland Security
By Andrea MillerStaff Reporter Posted Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The First State is about to be first again, says New Castle attorney Thomas Little, when it opens a Wilmington-based high school dedicated to preparing young men and women for front line careers in Homeland Security.On March 12, Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security organizers signed a contract with Innovative Schools Development Corporation, a nonprofit consultant that will help them get a charter, secure a facility and funding, and open their doors in Wilmington by 2010.

Kilroy’s Spin

Even another charter school coming to Red Clay ?

I wonder who the new dean will be?

Why Wilmington-base high school? The other northern school district doesn’t charter schools. So it’s down to DOE and Red Clay?

The Red Clay Seize on Baltz

The community speaks and Red Clay School Board says TFB we’re in charge not you! Amazing The News Journal reports Red Clay’s position and doesn’t even seek input from parents or teachers. Looks like the News Journal report is nothing more then a press release by the school board.

Meantime back on the ranch Charter School of Wilmington does not pay rent for space. CSW only reimburse Red Clay for utilities and maintenance at a cost of $235,000.00 a year.

The children and parents of the Baltz community will be severely impacted by an unnecessary business decision. Why not just charge CSW $350,000.00 rent for space in addition to the Utilities and maintenance. This is will offset the lease at Linden Park and the remaining balance of the lease will be more manageable and give time for a long term solution.

What’s interesting the district seem willing to work with the Baltz community before the board election and now the revealed their plans!

Complaining does not to help the situation as the school controls the district and your children’s lives.

Let’s just hope the new emerging school board takes better responsibly and stewardship of the needs of our children.

Live Red Clay Board Cam

There is now a wireless webcam installed at the board meeting.

Red Clay Will Break Free of the Deadlock!

I guess for all of us there comes a time to stop bitching and move on for the sake of Red Clay. I gave my opinions on the bogus charter school vote, the concerns with Title 1 SES federal grant monies and the bogus game the board president is playing with the Community Financial Review Committee. I’ve emptied all the anger out!

If the “good” board members can’t step up and fight the scam that was ran re: conditional charter vote then TFB for all. If the feds don’t come in with a federal OIG audit TFB for all. I don’t know for sure on the SES but the game playing by the district to provided substantiation raised my concern so I reported to the USDOE OIG. The other BS games the board is playing blocking full financial transparency. I could not sit at that table and be board puppet. I’ll hope the new board members make good on that transparency otherwise when they find the need for the next referendum they will not have the support of the community. If not then it’s TFB

Now looking towards better days, good luck new board members and to those that need to go and refuse to step down, your day is coming.

Bob A will retire and I’ll put odds on by June 2009, time will pass quickly!

Who will be the next superintendent? If we get an outsider applying the community needs to investigate their past. My preference in this order is Mark Z then Merv D. (Lazlo and all keep it clean!) Be objective! Teachers and staff come on in and give us the anonymous inside scoop but keep it clean.

Mark Z: I’ve work with him on the District / Parent Accountability plan and no, I didn’t quit, I work very hard with Mark and Buzzy. I was the one who demanded the accountability contract be a three way not just parents. Dr. Fisher and I didn’t see eye to eye however, it became a three way deal. But do note the accountability plan was an attempt for Red Clay to cut themselves out of the state plan. Anyhow, Mark Z was great to work with and seemed to be a very serious man and from other’s opinion so far he is a man of good integrity. I think by his leaving Red Clay was a clear signal that he wasn’t happy with the situation.

Merv D: Seems very professional and connects quite well with parents. He was at the district’s consolidated grant parent advisory committee. He gave a presentation on Title 1 SES (no my concerns) program and how it works. He even admitted the complexity of SES which in deed it is, offers needed help with flexibility. He and I know the federal documentation required is quite tough and if not right the district could incur penalizes including loss of future grants. Also, DOE just made the consolidated grant process like a game of Where’s Waldo ! ( be nice were not taking where did the money go).

Mark Z and Merv D both know the inside issues and the new expectations of the community. I know of others in the district that could do a wonderful job but these two stand out.

Please add your two cents but please keep it clean because I don’t want to delete comments. Most parents don’t know Mark and Merv up close so I think the teachers and staff

It really a no win with the current board members excluding Buckley who I am still keep an eye on! Jack has bee n digesting much of what’s going on around him and I think he wants a clearer picture before he strikes. Paul Fleming, I have reservation because he seems to be getting hooked in by the master. However, I did talk to him on the phone a few months age and he has deep concerns for the dropout rate which was a motivator for him to run for school board. Paul vote will be needed to give a 4 to 3 vote in favor of a new board president and vice president in July. So parents give Paul Fleming a call and ask him for his support in change of board leadership.

Please understand there a handful of parents including Fix Red Clay gals working very hard for real change. Please at least call Paul Fleming and ask for his support! We really need to break this deadlock and look towards a positive future.

Hey Laz, for really give us your sincere input!


Is John Carney finally growing some balls?

Markell also said he would consider eliminating the state transportation reimbursement for private and parochial school students as a cost-saving measure for the cash-strapped state — a position that distinguished him from Carney and Protack.

The school transportation reimbursement is worth about $3 million annually. It is distributed to families who enroll children in non-public schools. Many use their share of the money for tuition expenses or other reasons, and eliminating the reimbursement was among the cost-saving suggestions made in January by the Leadership for Education Achievement in Delaware (LEAD) Committee, established by Gov. Ruth Ann Minner.
Neither Carney nor Protack would cut that money.

In fact, Carney said, the state saves money when students enroll in private and parochial schools — and it saves more than the $3 million spent on the reimbursements.

“I don’t think we ought to eliminate it,” Carney said. “It’s a small amount that we pay and … it’s been ongoing for 20 or more years.”
Protack said the money allows parents to make choices.

“We made a decision based on our faith,” said Protack, whose sons attended public and parochial schools. “If you take that away, somebody will have a fight on their hands.”

Kilroy’s Spin:

John you are 100% correct in that the state saves money when parents choose private and parochial schools.

All decisions to send children to private and parochial schools aren’t based on faith, many prefer parochial schools because of the quality of education.

These parents pay their share of public school taxes and we need to at least offer them some relief.

My God John “Pool Boy” Carney you impress me! Tell us how you will reform public school financing to reduce the waste and redirect it into the classrooms where it is needed. 3 million dollar is a drop in the bucket compared to the real waste. Markell’s plan is just a backdoor tax! It would cause parents to pay for bus transportation on top of Markell’s tax raising plan.

Bring Your Barf Bag Tonight

I’ve never decided not to attend a board meeting because I didn’t what to look at the degusting board members! However, I’ll sit this one out because I had enough of the board president’s playing the community for assholes. If questioned about the charter vote being “conditional” he’ll blame the miscommunication on Gary L. “If” Gary made an error reading the vote into the record the board president knew at the time and just sat their like a patient at Sunnybrook Farm. I just hope Buckley and Fleming at least put up an argument because it’s no different then the financial meltdown, somebody needs to be accountable and they all let Gary L read the vote in the record incorrectly.

I’ll be back next month to be part of the real transition to bring Red Clay back to the community and the start of the downfall the worst board president this district has seen

Red Clay Legislators Stab Community in the Back

How much local Red Clay tax dollars did Red Clay transfer to this new charter school? How much local Red Clay dollars did Red Clay spend in legal fees to cover their ass with charter sneak attack? How many Red Clay teachers will loose their jobs due decease in enrollment in Warner and Shortlidge? Why isn’t the required local tax transfer to Red Clay charters schools listed individually on the district finance report? Board response to all of this, none of you dam business!

Where are our the dam state legislators who know dam well Red Clay school board president ran an agenda to slip this charter school in without public comment before the vote! November is coming and it time to take all the trash out of Red Clay.

Let’s give a big thanks to the state legislators living within Red Clay school district!

Thank you back stabbers ! Thank you for allowing the Red Clay School Board to denial public comments before their vote ! Thank you for allowing Red CLay school board for waving the rule so they could vote for a full charter when misleading the public thinking it was a conditional charter! Thank you legislators, we’ll repay you in November!

Delaware legislators living in the Red Clay School District stabs the Red Clay community in the back !

Red Clay Snaked the Community.

Red Clay School Board is removing Delaware College Preparatory Academy from board action item B.

The board claims the vote at May 2007 board meeting was for a full charter not conditional as I witness and the news media reported. They are going to blame Gary because, when Gary made the motion he didn’t say conditional and official legal board meeting minutes reflex charter agreement not conditional. Make note, during the board discussion was for a conditional charter vote. I am told the tape recording for that meeting is nowhere to be found and assume this prevents the legislators from reviewing the facts.

Make note the board waived the one meeting rule and when they took the vote. The public was not givien the right to comment between the presentation and vote. This is an injustice and an insult to the community.

I want to wish will all sincerity Delaware College Preparatory Academy the best of luck and much success. The concern is not about them but about the deceitful school board!

It is fact that Delaware College Preparatory Academy did receive the start up funding. Make note Red Clay is now required to give Delaware College Preparatory Academy from board local tax revenues collected this year. The CFRC is in the dark on this one.

Nothing will ever change in Red Clay until we purge the cancer for Red Clay school board. Our teachers, good administrators, students, parents, taxpayers and community at large are being held hostage by a deceitful Red Clay dictatorship.

Folks you loose again !

Just in Delaware Secretary of Education communicated to me Red Clay legally hold the charter and the only way to transfer it to DOE is by legislation!

This charter agreement needs to come out of the Red Clay school board’s hands. The board president know dam well the intention was a call for a conditional charter agreement and the public had a right to comment before a full charter authorization. The community rights were violated!