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Moving forward re: Skyline Middle School

I’ve been doing some back channel communicating regarding the concerns at Red Clay Skyline Middle Schools.

I’ve been pretty hard on some district administrators on the Skyline issue. Just so you know, I get frustrated when we blame the “system”. There is no system! There are people who are paid to lead. So unfortunately the King’s men get bitched-slapped for failures of the King. The changes in feeder-patterns at Skyline was the Kin’s doing! Kilroy understands we can’t expect assistant supers and building principals to come out and bash the King. Kilroy is pretty hard on Little Sammy and indeed I need to step-back. I guess spinning my wheels bitch-slapping Little Sammy is a waste of time. So call this a Kilroy Kodak moment. Little Sammy I am sorry for leaning on you too hard. Your job can be thankless. However, what I do can also be thankless! At the end of the day Red Clay is “our” community!  

I sat through the last board meeting and watched one by one Skyline parents step-up to the microphone and express their concerns to the board. I also watched district leaders and the Skyline principal defend their efforts to address the problems. The “fact” is the district is making efforts to address the problems and realizes it needs to freeze school Choice for Skyline.

So here is my recommendations! I know there is collaboration between Skyline parents and school /district administration. Certainly Skyline’s PTA should have an active role. What I think we need to see is a shoulder-to-shoulder monthly report to the board. Meaning parents selected to represent all  parents stand shoulder-to-shoulder with district administrators (Little Sammy in this case) and the school principal during the presentation to the board.  The solutions should come from the collaboration between the district, school and parents within Skyline. Skyline parents made their point loud and clear! So, they need to be at the table addressing the solution.

As far as my voice in this issue, the community has a responsibility to engage and lean on the district when they see concerns. Skyline’s mess was created by senior leadership in Red Clay including the school board. Red Clay is starting to come apart at it’s seams and OMG, the merger with Christina’s Wilmington schools and students will be too heavy. 

 We’re in the era of social media and the days of “its the system” for lame-ass excuses are over! So are the days off bashing the King’s men! I also feel in the case of Skyline,  I think its time for Merv to step around from the table and address the board from the public microphone! 

Theo Gregory is thinking in the right direction re: Wilmington Edcuation

Education must be part of Wilmington’s solution to crime Delaware Voice Theo Gregory

The proposed Office of Education and Public Policy would focus on this broader need for the city to have a voice in education – and such engagement would institutionalize our city’s role in ensuring that our youngest residents receive a proper education and are afforded every opportunity to pursue their dreams and ambitions

You’re on to something Theo ! The reason the white parents tend to have it their way in Red Clay is because, they have VOICE. But I am here to tell you, moving more city kids under the control Red Clay is a big mistake. Wilmington needs it’s own high school and adequate middle school seats and Wilmington children need preferential Choice transportation with preferential Choice seating.  The agenda to reform public education to address the achievement gap between black and white students has shifted to a college readiness agenda that leans towards whites using funding meant for the disadvantage children. The NCLB Wavier allows such flexibility AND the wavier allows the state and district to disregard Title 1 Section 1118. That is why section is being eliminated in the NCLB rewrite. Section 1118 was the heart  and soul of Hicks Anderson movement! It gave Title 1 parents real voice at the table. Theo, where are the district and school level Title 1 PACs? They did away with them via some lame-ass white excuse. But it was because parent were gaining too much VOICE and district and DE DOE struggled to contain that VOICE.  Theo, what happen to the Delaware State Parent Advisory Board? THEO WHAT HAPPEN TO TITLE 1 VOICE? 

Why did Governor Markell Defund The Delaware Parent Advisory Council and eliminated it?

Under the charge and authority of the Delaware Department of Education, the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC) is a statewide organization of parents, fostering collaborative efforts with local school districts and communities sharing goals and focusing on student achievement and parental engagement.

The Council was originally founded by William “Hicks” Anderson in the 1970’s with the mission of providing Title I parents an opportunity to assume leadership roles and to have input into school Title I programs.

Over the years, the role of the Council evolved within the scope of Title I mandates and expanded to act as liaison between local school districts and the Department of Education to ensure compliance with Title I law as well as provide assistance to the state’s Department of Education for its Consolidated Application for Federal Funds.

DSPAC members participate on state committees and play an intricate role within the state’s Quality Review process, reviewing school improvement activities in local school districts.

With today’s changing educational environment, the mission and charge of DSPAC continues to evolve and align with new initiatives all targeting student achievement. Today, the DSPAC is inclusive to all parent groups and advocates on behalf of all students and parents throughout the state of Delaware, no longer exclusively representing Title I.

As we continue to embark upon our mission, we remain focused on our goal to have Delaware parent groups, school districts, local businesses, faith based and community organizations represented within our membership.

We invite you to join us as we work together to bring family involvement to the forefront of education. For more information, please contact our office at 302.722.7206 or visit our website: www.despac.org.

Our Mission

The purpose of the DSPAC is to strengthen the partnership between parents, local school districts and the Department of Education in order to enhance educational opportunities for all children in the state of Delaware

DSPAC used to be a powerful parent organization embraced by former Secretary of Education Valerie Woodruff and Governor Minner. Key parents were in the mix of things going on at DE DOE and were the first to weigh in on issues. DSPAC had a strong alliance with The National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents .

Title 1 is the core of ESEA and the DSPAC’s beginnings was strictly for Title 1. However, as time when on DSPAC shifted to represent all programs within the Consolidated Grant: Title I, Part ATitle II, Part ATitle II, Part D , Title III, Part A , Title IV, Part A ,Title V, Part A ,Title VI Part B

Governor Markell knew the power of this group ant that they asked questioned and raised concerns about direction of education impacting those service by the Consolidated Grant and one of the first request in the NCLB Wavier was to side-step Title 1 Section 1118. Markell viewed Delaware PTA as his sounding board and mouthpiece. However, the PTA mission isn’t rooted in addressing the injustices of how the system puts black and poor children second. When DSPAC was kicked to the curb the Markell administration started to raid Title 1 and other federal funding shifting those funds toward his master education reformed plans. All his college to career agenda sounds wonderful. However, federal funds are being used to benefit all students, even the more affluent. 23.5% of all federal funding in Delaware goes towards administration. Then there is all the compliance such as required testing, another 33.4%. Title 1 classroom education materials are being charged off to federal funding like Title 1 whereas, normally state and district funds bear the expense. in the end less than 50% of funding goes toward “teachers and paraprofessionals”.

The DSPAC was the watchdog when it came to expenditures of Title 1 funding. “Years ago” before current administration,  Red Clay was busted for misallocations of federal funding. When I was a member of the DSPAC and Chairperson of Red Clay’s District Title 1 Parent Advisory Council, Red Clay was busted for rubber stamping parents’ names on the Consolidated Grant Application as participants in the grant committee.

The sad part about Markell’s disbanding of the DSPAC is the disrespect he shows towards civil right as it relates to public education and William Hicks Anderson. Hicks was the godfather of the movement for real meaningful involvement of parents in the plan and review of education programs serving children. I am blessed to have worked with many of his disciples when I was a member of the DSPAC and only wish I was involved when Hicks was alive. But sister Crosby touched me with his spirit and sister Gibson as amazing mentor providing me insight.

If black lives matter Governor Markell why have you silenced the DSPAC?  We know Jack! You want to make sure black parents are spoon-fed your white Wall Street education agenda. Well Jack, when the sun comes up early January 2017 when you ass is finally out of office the truth will be told. Valley Girl you better get your cover-story ready because you wouldn’t believe what was intercepted in the dumpster!    



DelTech calling for funding from local property tax assessment

Delaware Tech pushes property tax proposal November 19, 2015 Delaware State News by ·

DOVER — Delaware Technical Community College’s president called for top budget officials Thursday to support a bill that would impose a property tax on all state residents.

Senate Bill 137, filed in June, would treat DelTech like the state’s three vocational school districts, creating a fund supported by a tax on assessed value of real estate. The legislation would create a tax maxing out at $1 for every $1,000 in assessed value. DelTech administrators say the proposal would cost most homeowners less than $10 in the first year.


I Thought I Should Actually Honor Jack Markell

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Property Tax Reassessment only in Red Clay is unconstitutional

So to fund the wrong-headed merger of Christina School District’s city schools into Red Clay school district we’ll need to consider tax reassessment of Red Clay properties. But surely I not that stupid! I know we’re talking about New Castle County.

But why should taxpayer living in Appoquinimink help fund Red Clay? But surely I am not that stupid (Watch your step Publius). Surely Appo gets a bump in funding. 

Folks it comes down to this! We all know we keep pissing away money funding tradtional public schools in a formula that isn’t working. Its not a matter of money but rather how that money is spent. Local funding is being used to backfil the loss of Race to The Top funding and state budget cuts to the district. Overbloated adminstrative cost and consutling cost and OMG legal fees. Then their is all the bullshit travel.

The political leaders and the so-called civil rights leaders of Wilmington refuse to take respondsiblity of their community! And no wonder Wilmington is Murder Town U.S.A.! Wilmington school children are eqaully underserved by all districts. HOWEVER, we’re back to needs based funding. If that is the core issues moving students from one district to another does NOTHING! 

Those living in New Castle County following the news in regards to Wilmington city school children better wakeup! Property Tax Reassessment will include all of New Castle County resident and buisness property. This reassessment will be a three-year rolling reassesment. That means every three years properties will be subjective to reassessment.  

I am sorry to report, Red Clay board members are flirting with the wrong side of history and have agreed in principle to a plan if funding sources are found including reassesment ! The reality is, they never should of agreed in principle. They should have done their review and just said, we can’t come up with a plan that ensures the quality of all students will improve with such a merger and we feel the finanical pressures would be overwhelming. WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY KENNY!  

Just say it John Carney; U.S. shouldn’t receive fleeing Syrian cowards

Carney defends his vote for restrictions on refugees Jon Offredo, The News Journal

Carney told The News Journal on Wednesday that he would want to suspend the intake of military-aged single male refugees from Syria, but still allow women, children and families into the country. Combat-aged single men not attached to families make up about 2 percent of the almost 1,800 refugees admitted into the country, according to the U.S. State Department.

John Carney, we need to include able-body married men and fathers in that group of cowards fleeing Syria.

Seriously, don’t you think able-body men should defend their homeland and fight these terrorist? Why do we continue to send our fathers and son into “domestic conflicts” of other countires to to ensure their freedoms? 

Publius gets schooled by Ron Russo



Only one Skyline student feels unsafe! MY ASS

Combined Report (2)

The principal of Red Clay’s Skyline Middle School conducted a “student” survey and reports only one Skyline Students feels unsafe. That’s what was presented to the Red Clay school board last night and the board praised them for it! What fuck is a matter with this board! How is it with Skyline’s bullying representing 1/4 of all bullying in the district can make such a statement? 42 Offensive touching! WFT!

Kenny, you are in denial !! Merv shame on you! Cathy PLEASE DON’T ever consider practicing criminal law! The two clowns had you eating out of their hands! 

Hear it for yourself go to 30.00 on the sound file , this is where the bullshit is getting shoveled. 

State Board Passes Opt-Out Penalty Against Schools

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The Delaware State Board of Education just passed the Delaware School Success Framework with the opt-out penalty multiplier included.  This is a very sad day in Delaware: for students, parents, schools, educators, and citizens.  I feel sad for all the students who are going to be pressured non-stop to perform well on this test.  I feel sad for the parents who are going to face an enormous amount of pressure against opting out.  I feel sad for Delaware.  This is your legacy Governor Markell.  Shame on you.

The vote passed with four yes votes: Gray, Heffernan, Coverdale, and Rutt.  Bunting abstained.  Melendez and Whitaker were absent.  Can’t blame them, wouldn’t want this vote showing.

This fight has just begun.  The DOE obviously wants a war with parents, and they just got it.

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Only 1 student at Skyline feels unsafe and Red Clay board bit the hook

It’s been awhile but, I attended a Red Clay board meeting tonight at Conrad. Other activities was taking place in the school and parking lot was jamed with cars parked in the firelane. 

So here is the scoop! Parents and students from Skyline Middle School once again decended on the school board with their complaints of overcrowding and how the school is unsafe. After most of the parents left board members stuck-up another conversation about Skyline. And get this, the schools principal said, a student survey was take and only 1 student reported feeling unsafe! One of the district admins was standing next to the principal reinforcing that survey! The Red Clay board member bought this BULL SHIT and actually complimented the principal! And this was after the board listen to parents complaints and review data showing troubling student behavoir trends at the school.

Others new there was the talk about reassessing property taxing on a three-year rolling basis. More talk about the possiblity of Red Clay getting authority to raises taxes without referendums. But this was all in relationship to the possible merger of Christina School Dsitrict students into Red Clay. Red Clay would gain 6 Christina school buildings. I ask on a side-bar about the condition of those buldings re: capital needs and was told Christina wouldn’t let Red Clay’s inspectors in. Folks this shit is getting ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this merger happens senoirs can kiss their senior citizens school tax discount goodbye. Things are so bad current Red Clay board members palnning on running for reelection might be faced with opposition.

Delaware College Preparatory Academy is pretty much done! The accountablity committee’s report drove about 10 nails in DCPA coffin. If Red Clay votes not to renew DCPA’s charter the school would be forced to close at the end of this school year.

I ran into Publius’ adoptded son Mr. Matthews and he is not happy with Kilory’s edgy blogging referencing him. Yea, I know I’ve been had on him. But this thing with the opt-out has me pissed. I just feel labor has more to gain with the opt-out than parents. PTA Queen Yvonne addressed the board and pretty much trashed The Smarter Balanced Assesment and that was music to my ears! The fight shouldn’t be about the op-out but rather removing the Smarter Balanced Assesment from out schools. AND GUESS WHAT ??????????????????? Red Clay school board vote to support parents right to opt their children out of the test! And there is a call for legislators to over-ride Markell’s veto! At the end of the day, the test isn’t they problem as Markell is the problem. Markell is the worst Delaware govenor on public education reform in the state’s history!   

Will Red Clay be required to return disputed referendum mony back to taxpayers?

Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee Tuesday, October 13, 2015

II. Referendum Lawsuit Ms. Floore explained the ACLU suit with Red Clay for the referendum procedures. Our attorneys filed a motion to dismiss. A Motion to Dismiss is not argued on the merits of the case. The judge ruled not to dismiss. The judge added to his ruling that we could avoid a trial with a revote. The Board will receive the advice from the attorneys on the process moving forward. Ms. Thompson also said there will be discovery, which will be expensive. We could ask for summary judgment. She further explained that there was talk about appealing to the Supreme Court right now. It will get very expensive really fast. 

Mr. Clampitt asked what would happen if the claimants prevail? Ms. Thompson stated we lose the referendum. The collected money would be in question. Mr. Piccio asked if the collected money is being placed in escrow. Ms. Floore explained that there was no “stay” on the tax ordered. We are using that money for salaries and supplies and those things promised in the referendum. Mr. Piccio stated that whomever loses, will appeal. Ms. Thompson stated the people who brought the case to the ACLU aren’t paying the fees. Mr. Clampitt asked to we have any idea of the cost of an election. If we simply had another vote, we could avoid all of the cost. Ms. Thompson stated we could hold another vote without the events we had at the time of the first time. Ms. Floore explained that Christina held a referendum on the same day as ours, with events and their referendum did not pass. The factual elements in the judge’s opinion are not correct. Ms. Floore has not had any conversations with the attorneys. Mr. Clampitt believes that the Board should have this information so they can do a cost analysis and make a decision based on that. Ms. Floore said we cannot go back in time to February 2015, the conditions that existed at that time, no longer exist.

Red Clay Charter School Accountability Committee Recommends NO Renewal of DCPA’s Charter

It is recommended that the Red Clay Consolidated School District not renew the Charter for the Delaware College Preparatory Academy.

 DCPA has been on probation since 2012

 Enrollment concerns

 Financial concerns

 Academic concerns

 Compliance concerns

It’s time to end this charter school cat and mouse game! Red Clay has done their best with what they had to right this ship and it’s time to sink it.  Red Clay administrators lack the skill-sets to effective provide oversight to ensure DCPA serves children with high quality education services. Damn Red Clay adminstrators in charge of DCPA oversight couldn’t even get the school to post board meeting minutes in a timely manner.