Red Clay School Board has some soul searching to do! I hope the new committee will have a real voice !

I’ve often wondered! What if Bobby Kennedy wasn’t assassinated!

Riddle me this Delaware professional educators

Public education in Delaware is managed by many with PhD’s and making damn good money.  Call them generals ! And the bottom is classroom teachers we’ll refer to as privates. Throwing out the bullshit union static, many privates have ideas and needs to help better address the needs of at-risk students and you can better there are call for parent intervention.

It comes down to this question, why is it we employ such high skilled leadership from the Delaware Department of Education to school levels we continue to fail the most neediest students?

A private is only good as his / her general. When a general is not available for comment we must question that leadership. To say nothing in fear of saying something wrong is worst.

Our schools are not failing ! Leadership is!  


Red Clay board member nails it “white privileged”

Red Clay forms equity panel to address racial disparities / NewsWorks

The idea to form a committee and change policies was proposed by board member Adriana Bohm, who attended Red Clay schools and is now a sociology professor at Delaware County (Pa.) Community College.

This would have never happen if didn’t have a sociologist on the board.  Far to long Red Clay has focused on the status quo within and the bellyaching  there’s not enouhg money to raise the bottom. We can’t same them all is a pisspoor excuse!

“We are at a critical historical juncture and it is our responsibility as school board members to move deliberately to enact racial justice through equity,” she said.

Dear friend, there the racist that walk amoung the eleistist in Red Clay are not happy with such a committee. They fear feeder-pattern reasignment that will address racial disparites in student population is various Red Clay schools.

Declaring that she was the first person on the board to ever publicly use the term “white privilege,” Bohm added: “To ignore racism and white privilege, especially at this time, supports the reproduction of the racial caste system which stunts student success.”

You go girl ! 

District Superintendent Merv Daugherty also was unavailable Friday.

Sad !

Board President Michael Piccio, a restaurant manager, said he doesn’t believe that “structural racism” exists in the district, but hopes the panel can help district officials figure out how to reduce the achievement gap and look at other areas where there are disparities, such as discipline.

I agree not structural racism ! However, deep in the fibers of Red Clay’s ignorance is the cancer of racism! Call it an unconscious reflex.  Red Clay needs a serious community outreach program and not controlled by a district agenda but rather based on transparent feedback from the community. Far far too long the system dictates what is needed to address the concerns and they fall short. The answers and solutions are within the community and within the kids. I think it is time to include students in the conversations.

Wanxiang now owes $2,015,608.27 ! Will buyer Harvey Hanna be required to pay or is there a backroom deal ? What does Red Clay know ?

Harvey Hanna to buy former Fisker site, sources say; plans include job creation , The News Journal

It looks like the former GM automotive plant on Boxwood Road will have a new life after all.

Harvey Hanna & Associates is under contract to purchase the property near Newport, sources familiar with the deal confirmed. 

Thomas J. Hanna, managing director of the Newport-based company that owns and operates office and warehouse properties, declined to comment on a possible deal.

Harvey Hanna is said to be finishing its due diligence, and the sale will be finalized within the next two months, according to sources. A sales price is not known. 

DSEA King Matthews makes profound statement ! Sort of !

Red Clay to begin work on racial equity plan in October  / WDDE 91.1

But others are skeptical.  Delaware State Education Association President Mike Matthews, also a Red Clay resident, worries one committee won’t be enough to address racism as well as issues affecting English Language Learners, LGBTQ students and those with disabilities.

“I support the action item to create an equity committee,” Matthews said. “However, I have misgivings in considering the events of this past weekend in Charlottesville, I don’t think this is enough. The topics mentioned in the equity committee resolution – most of them are topics you can get people in a room to talk about. English language learners, LGBTQ, children with special needs. There’s one topic in that list that we as a society continue to not want to discuss. We need to start having conversations about race: conversations that for too long have been ignored because they make many people who look like me uncomfortable. I want to have those conversations. I’d like to see this board take a broader look at race, systemic racism, institutional racism – all of that on its own.” 

Right on King Matthews! I think we can narrow it down to equity for all with in the human race. The should be no prejudice against people of all colors , religion , LGBTQ and ethnicity. I fear Red Clay will go through motion with a policy but no action plane to change to old ways which turns a blind eye to de facto segregation. Red Clay is the charter authority over CSW and DMA and such a policy should apply to all the Red Clay touches.

The Charlottesville incident is morning into a political football whereas the Liberals a stoking the flames to politically capitalize. The ugliness we are seeing in this country was here before Trump and will be here after he is gone ! And as right as I was about RTTT, you can bet Trump will be stepping down half-way through his term.

Back to the real issue at home aka Red Clay, the roots of racism in Delaware public education is anchored within. No preferential choice transportation for our Wilmington children and bar at the doors of a Red Clay charter school locking out the most neediest students and magnet schools the are charters wicket step-sister.

At the end of the day, the community particularly the city of Wilmington community  has failed to stand and demand! The energy within Wilmington protesting and spinning their wheels over Charlottesville could be better served confronting Red Clay unwillingness to address the prejudice within. It took electing a sociologist to the school board to advance the concerns with a committee.  But odds are the district is pacifying the call to stand politically correct during this crisis in America. If any board member voted no they would be labeled a racist. 

School board member Adriana Bohm introduced the resolution, and in an impassioned speech said last weekend’s events in Charlottesville underscore the importance of racial equity work in schools.

So ironic that the silver-lining of Charlottesville helps advance the conversation and may ( no holding my breath) yields an action plan on Red Clay’s part. God bless Adriana for the courage to stand and say, enough is enough! 

Red Clay forms committee to address racial equity ! Well start will ending CSW discriminatory “Specific Interest” admission preference!

School Board Motion for Equity Committee and Policy
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Equity Committee would be committed to reviewing and changing the district
practices related to racial equity in education. Educational equity means raising the
achievement of all students while:
 Narrowing the gaps between the lowest and highest performing student; and
 Eliminating the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student
groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories.

How about preferential Choice transportation for out high poverty Wilmington children ? You can’t have Choice if you don’t have transportation!

Red Clay’s Cab Calloway aka magnet school under pressure to accept more Red Clay students!

School Board Motion for School Choice Committee
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We move that the district establish a committee to develop a concrete plan (preferably with options) to be presented to the Board at its March 2018 meeting for implementation in the 2019 SY, designed to significantly increase the Red Clay student population at Cab Calloway School of the Arts, consistent with the state preference law and to significantly increase the number of Red Clay under-represented schools enrolled at Cab Calloway. The committee should be open and inclusive and, at a minimum, include teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members and should hold meetings open to the public at which public input is welcomed.”

Delaware’s Dems cuts senior prescription assistance program.

Delaware Prescription Assistance Program Ending, Worrying Seniors / WBOC 16

DOVER, Del. — A prescription assistance program offered by Delaware to help people who cannot afford or have difficulty paying for drugs or premiums under Medicare Part D is ending on Aug. 31, a move causing some concern for seniors.

We can afford to waste money teaching 3rd graders how to speak Chinese but we can’t afford to make sure their grandparents have needed medication.

“It was part of Governor Markell’s original budget proposal, retained as part of Governor Carney’s recommended budget, and kept by the JFC. The cut was part of the budget bill that was passed and signed into law in early July,” she said.

Handy work of the ruling democrat party in legislative hall! Perhaps we should cut their prescription plan paid for by the take payers.

You can bet they’ll twist it back on the republicans and even go as far as to blame te president. 

OMG ! Trump needs to fire Sessions ! “Could be a civil rights violation or hate crime” Hello! Dude plowed down those standing against White Extremists !

Virginia Car Attack Possible ‘Hate Crime,’ Sessions Says b

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told NBC News in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that federal authorities are in no rush to file charges in a deadly Charlottesville car attack and that it’s still not clear what those charges might be.

“It very well could be a civil rights violation or a hate crime, and there might be other charges that could be brought,” Sessions said during an interview at the Justice Department. “So we are working it intensely on the assumption we may well might want to prosecute him. We’re also working with the state and local authorities that clearly have jurisdiction, too. And often they’re the ones that have the best charges.”

INSANE !! Why is Sessions protecting these hate groups? Trump needs to fire his ass!

Damn shame the crisis in Charlottesville morphed into political warfare!

As the political left and right battle it out the issue at heart racism goes unaddressed. 

I ask, what steps are being taken in Delaware to address racism embedded in our Delaware public school system and I am talking the education laws? The blend of traditional public schools , charter schools and magnet fails to meet the fair and equitable public education promised for all.

The ugly events in Charlottesville where racist people were given a permit to hold their march of hate is a reminder of what has existed for hundreds of years. How many times must we yell fire before we stand together and put it out?

Why does it take such a horrify event to rally white people to stand and protest hate and racism? The ugliness is with us everyday and we can’t save the next generation until we combat the ugliness within our public school laws. 

So sad when the adults engage in political warfare while doing nothing to address positive change in our Delaware public education system that address the ugliness within. 

At the end of the day; Our Delaware children of color remains undeserved and subjectively held in an emotional slave-state.

The sad events in Charlottesville continues to fuel the debate on racism in America. Yet we see laws in Delaware that keeps our minority children in chains.

We can’t change tomorrow if we don’t address the white lie of today.

The original call for reform of modern-day public education was rooted in closing the achievement gap between black and white children. Since the inception of ESEA 1965 the progress of closing the achievement gap has been dismal. Billions up billion of dollars have been spent to address “the achievement gap”.

Delaware in ability to “care” about the achievement gap led to the desegregation of Delaware schools. But desegregation didn’t address the achievement gap. Starting day-one of what some called force-busing in Delaware the influential racist that breeds in our state started a movement to tactfully circumvent the desegregation order via Choice School, Charter School And Magnet Schools.

The Choice School legislation is nothing more than a fell-good legislation. Former Delaware Governor Carper and Markell preaches Delaware students can choose their public schools. Yea if there are open seats! Then there is the lack of transportation afford our poor Wilmington children. Parents are required to drive the children to a bus-stop within the choice school or drive them directly to that school. Why hasn’t our legislators effectively address this issue!

The Magnet School legislation: See Choice school and magnet schools have an entrance test. Red Clay’s proclaims Conrad magnet school was a response to failure to meet objective of NLCB. As PTA President at the time, I attended DE DOE’s Quality Review. The findings of that meeting required Conrad to devise and implement a School Improvement Plan. I was part of that committee. The came the seeds to change the name of Conrad to remove the stigma of failed NCLB. At this point there was no mention of a magnet school for Conrad. Just a turnaround plan. I actually suggest the name Woodcrest Academy. The plan to return the high school component of Conrad  started day on of its closure. A promise was made and the promise delivered. However, if anything, the high school component school be the magnet school. Conrad has two magnet schools within, grades 6-8 and 9-12. Conrad’s 8th grade students must reapply to attend grades 9-12. And now we’re back to the same transportation concerns.

Charter schools: This is not an attack on charter schools but the seeds that were sown by some elitist within. The charter school legislation was crafted by those who wanted to create a charter school that caters to white affluent children and to keep out at-risk minority children. The charter school law allows filtering out at-risk student where the majority are minority children.

It comes down to this: All Delaware publicly funded K-12 schools should have admission doors that swing the same way for ALL children.

We cannot effectively address racism if we don’t address the social injustices within Delaware’s public schools.

We must engage the broad nationwide debates regarding race fueled by ugly events around the country. However, we need to demand the end to the racially motivate education laws of Delaware that harm our “society” and keeps Delaware an emotional slave-state. 

OMG ! Rodel is trying to cover their stinking scent



It is that time of year again—the release of Smarter Assessment and SAT results. The Delaware Department of Education officially released data in late July. While reactions were mixed (see the official release from DDOE, as well as The News Journal’s reaction), we tried to look behind the numbers to shed a bit more light on the results.

We should focus on the whole student, not just the test. Statewide test scores are important, but they are just one of many indicators of student success. While Delaware makes progress across other areas (like graduation rates, early college and career experience, workforce participation), there continues to be a need for cultivating the social and emotional development of our students. To see more on how social and emotional learning can impact students, check out our Social and Emotional Learning page.

How in the F can you focus on the whole student when millions of dollars are pissed away on a test seeded by corporate America ? The problem with Delaware’s public education is rooted in the Rodel political high jacking of local politicians.

If DSEA really wants to move in the right direction and return control of our public schools to the public they my cut all ties with Rodel.



Weak-kneed Obama defers war with North Korea to President Trump

President Obama did nothing to stop North Korea’s long-rang nuclear ambitious and advancement of their long-range missiles.

Yea yea yea! Trump is going to get us into a war! Bullshit !! President Obama’s lack of leadership just kick the can down the road. 

An attack on Guam IS AN ATTACK ON AMERICA !