Black lives only matter during election time and in the mean time, racial bias laws continue to separate African-American children from their parents using bars and razor wire.

How is it Liberals rise up to defend those violating federal law as the enter the United States illegally and then don’t shit about the unjust incarceration of African-Americans who have full natural American citizenship?

The services required to provide care and housing for illegals could be better served delivering the promise to black America.

The jobs in American that not even African-Americans want have been devalued by illegals who work for half.

If we’re going to hand-out Green Cards to the promise land how about keeping the promise for those who were given a Red , White & Blue Card on the day they were born in America!

Why is black American being push to the back of the bus so that illegals can get on?

Then there are the MM’s of the world who call for move funding for public education to address the needs of at-risk African-American students. As long as teacher unions protect those who are forced to VT to the lowest performing schools often high poverty / minority schools because they received unsatisfactory evaluations, poor African-American students will continue to struggle. Poverty is a profit center in public education. If we were to effectively close the achievement-gap many would lose their jobs. Why move kids off the poverty train if it jeopardizes the union gray train.  Same old Same old! Ho long is long enough ? 


Obama caught telling white lies about immigration

Breaking News ! Bill Clinton share Trumps views on illegal immigrants

Bad Ass 2016 Shelby GT350 at Boulevard Ford Lewes Delaware. Ask for AJ

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Charter School of Wilmington needs radical leadership change ASAP or kneel before DSEA! @project_veritas

Charter School of Wilmington educators vote to join Delaware State Education Association , The News Journal Published 4:28 p.m. ET June 4, 2018

In a statement, CSW President Sam Paoli did not respond to questions about why teachers might want union representation but said he will respect the outcome of the vote. 

 “While we do not think the choice was best for the school and its stakeholders, we remain committed to ensuring that CSW continues its legacy of academic rigor and remaining the best high school in Delaware,” he said. “To that end, we are focused on bringing the CSW community together in a unified effort to foster the culture of inclusiveness, excellence and, achievement that our students and parents expect and perpetuate.” 

Apparently you have a serious defective in your thought process and you clearly expose the CSW model is that teachers aren’t stakeholders.  

The union discussion has been ongoing at Charter School of Wilmington. In a May 2017 letter to staff, Paoli and the school’s board questioned whether or not DSEA had charter school educators’ best interests at heart.  

With the new DSEA’s leadership political posture that clearly suggest a political bias to the”extreme” liberal left the victory is sweet! If there were a medal of honor for union leaders MM would receive one. CSW represents everything unions hate about elite charter schools.  If CSW moves under the umbrella of DSEA the domino effect will begin. Other charter schools will fall.

My recommendation to John C and the other board members is to embrace a close shop union and create a healthy environment of due process for all staff not just teachers. If you don’t build a capacity of trust and real partnership the mother ship DSEA will have the hooks in CSW. Better make some leadership changes A.S.A.P in good faith.  Go with the other Sammy with the red tie. 

Paoli and the school’s board said joining DSEA could hinder the school in its quest for academic excellence. Their letter to staff also warns that union dues or “budgetary changes resulting from additional expenses to the school that would inevitably follow unionization” may result in teachers getting paid less. 

“Regrettably, DSEA has a long history of opposing charter school efforts, and your dues would be used to support their anti-charter school agenda,” the letter says. “There is a reason that no charter school in Delaware is part of the DSEA, and we believe it is in your best interest to keep it that way.” 

Fucking clueless !! The egoistic leadership of CSW is all the reason to unionize. The ” letter” OMG! It’s like a slave-master throwing salt on an open wound he inflicted. The damage is done by the leadership and you better break out the peace-pipe before there is a union war.  CSW teachers and all staff needs due process but more importantly respect as professionals the are. When you have leaders who never walk in educators shoes you end up with just what happened. 

In a separate document, titled “Top ten reasons why DSEA is not the answer,” teachers are encouraged to vote “no union.” 

No. 5 on the list says “No matter what the DSEA says, they cannot guarantee you job security — only you can do that!” No. 10 says: “You don’t need a third party to do your talking for you.”

What next ? Is he going to go into the parking lot and bust headlights and right tickets? 

Charter school advocates say unionization can cost schools flexibility in how they do scheduling, professional development, teacher evaluations, pay and dismissals. For instance, charter schools that don’t have collective bargaining agreements can more easily replace staff that isn’t performing well. 

Kendall Massett, executive director of the nonprofit Delaware Charter Schools Network, has said in the past that it is charter schools’ flexibility that makes them successful. 

And in comes Baldwin Frankenstein! Flexibility like keeping at-risk minorities out?

I am hear to tell you ! If the CSW board don’t act now and work with a closed shop union and create real collaboration and respectful partnership the house the unibrow built will come down.

If you let MM and DSEA in the house the beginning of the end is near!


Open Mic for Charter School of Wilmington Teachers

Kilroy’s Delaware is extending an invitation to all Charter School of Wilmington Teachers to weigh-in on the recent union vote.

To protect your identity use a nick-name of your choice and if you are paranoid create a bogus E-mail via Yahoo or another free E-mail provider. 

The rule is, be respectful to others commenting and if you mention CSW administration by name or board members please down make them personal attacks. Be objective to the issues.

FYI , I support organized labor and when it comes to Delaware Public School teacher “associations”, the local voice is the heart and soul of what’s best for members. The external voice aka DSEA sometimes fuels the hate towards unions. Not for being union but for their leadership drifting into broad national partisan politics. Those paying DSEA dues shouldn’t fund misguided egos. Remember CSW teacher association!  Be your own voice and don’t let DSEA be your voice! 

To the CSW board. It’s obvious you have structural leadership deficiencies within the board and / or with school administration. Obviously , your new problem was self-inflicted! Face it ! You don’t have financial resources to spend time in court and feed the mouth of your founder, the Don. 

Kilroy has a long standing policy of not outing those who comment.  I believe , in debate their is truth. 

Publius are you going to sit there and not weigh-in? Crawl-fish Daddy, stop watching reruns of I Love Lucy and engage. To Don. What the hell did they do to your charter school grand-baby CSW? 

O Henry ! CSW Teachers votes yes to become unionized !

See the news over at Kevin’s sandbox ; Charter School of Wilmington Teachers Vote To Unionize And Join DSEA

I can tell you one thing, CSW fiances doesn’t allow much reserve for legal battles with union protected teacher.  

But I don’t get it ! CSW teachers have all the best tools and the most well behaved students ! Is the charter school pay that bad?

One thing for sure the Don must be pissed and might shave that unibrow off!

Kevin pulls Mike M’s pants down

Lawsuit bitch-slapping Delaware public schools for state’s failure to serve students mental and behavioral disorders misguided! DSEA asleep at the wheel !


Lawsuit: Delaware schools are leaving children in poverty behind


Clearly, Christina School District doesn’t have enough resources to support students struggling with mental or behavioral problems, Antwi said. She thinks the school does the best with what it has, but there just isn’t enough money.

And what services is DSCYF providing? Delaware pubic schools have become nursemaids for failed state services. Mental health issues among children children are often associated with dysfunctional. Public school teachers are trained and certified education not mental health. Giving public schools more money isn’t the answer. Monies taking out of school budgets to address mental-health needs is wrong and misguided. The are a level of behavioral issues school can deal with but when it extends identifiable mental-health diagnoses such as Conduct Disorder or Opposition Defiant Disorder school don’t have the capacity to provide “treatment”. School guidance counselors though not trained mental-health providers have been hijacked by building administration to perform other duties. School guidance counselor shouldn’t be acting as career counselors. 

Jeffers Brown, her son’s principal, pointed to several workshops that teach staff how to cope with students’ emotional and behavioral issues.

Wasted workshops ! Training teachers how to “cope” isn’t providing treatment for students.

The lawsuit, similar to ones filed in 45 states, seeks to have more money given to schools with large numbers of low-income students, special education students and English language learners. 

That funding would allow school districts like Christina to invest in tools that could help those students succeed, as districts in New Jersey now do. And it could keep experienced teachers from fleeing jobs in those schools that can be overwhelmingly stressful.

Now we come to Title 1 funding. Federal Title 1 funding meant for supplementing reading programs has also been hijacked. With FlexEd and the rewrite of ESEA aka NCLB school superintendents can “creatively” dip into the Title 1 $$$ pot.

According to the lawsuit, funding inequities harm students from low-income families, students with disabilities and students who are learning English. Schools struggle to hire specialists who can help them, and test scores for disadvantaged students are far below state standards set by the Delaware Department of Education in its new Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, plan.

The test scores are skewed and invalid. Last year’s Delaware high school graduates was a generation of students who endure radical standardizing testing and curriculum standard changes from DSTP, DCAS and no the Smarter Balance Assessment with pilot test in-between. 

“There’s this perception that these kids come from a poor community and that their parents don’t care,” she said, making it clear that she would do anything possible to help her son succeed. “But where you live doesn’t define who you are.”

Sadly , low-income parents often lack the education skills to effectively  help their children with their homework. Also, low-income parents have little voice in being part of the decision-making team in their child’s school. Way back, William “Hicks” Anderson knocked-down doors that let the way to the National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents all having state level chapters. Many of the Title 1 parents were members in the now defunct  Delaware State Parent Advisory Committee. Governor Markell defunded DSPAC  to pave the way Race to The Top.  Under federal law aka Title 1 Section 1118 Title 1 parents were required to be parent of decision-making of academic programming and services as it related to Title 1 programs. The rewrite of ESEA aka NCLB is now  Every Student Succeeds Act,( ESSA) eliminated Section 1118 giving Title 1 that unique “power”. In fact Race to The Top was illegal because it didn’t comply with Section 1118 that was still federal law. But Governor Markell was successful in getting waivers to this provision

In comes DSEA! This in not a pot-shot at classroom teachers! Its a pot-shot at DSEA leadership who jumped in the Race to The Top bed with Governor Markell and Skipper of Vision 2015 Rodel nut-jobs. No one engaged Title 1 parents for their weigh-in! I won’t go into the “limo deal”.

DSEA current leadership has shifted to an ultra-political organization taking in part of undermining President Trump way beyond his position on education. Sadly paid positions paid by many classroom teachers via dues aren’t focused on the micro fibers of whats really going on with the needs children of poverty.

At the end of the day, wonderful public school classroom teachers endure the burden of being labeled failures for failed administrators who have their heads up the political asses, ill-equipped union leaders who gravitate towards the call of their mother-ship. Classroom teachers and parents of at-risk students are in the same forgotten boat. If classroom teachers and parents of at-risk parents are able to sit-down with a non-union , political or administration script we might see a pathway to addressing the real needs. 

The Education Department had no comment on the case. Gov. John Carney’s office pointed to new investments outlined in his proposed 2018 budget and said they will give students more support.

And yep the Rodel sucking members of the education department will get their Carney pay raises. And back again to pouring more money on misguided plans without parents of at-risk students input.

More to follow…………….. 

Who Protects Kids When Teacher Unions Won’t? The DSEA and NEA Response To Shocking Video Is Horrendous!

Exceptional Delaware 2018

Project Veritas released a video on May 2nd about a teacher union president that clearly shows him admitting the union will lie and manipulate to protect a teacher in a student abuse situation.  The responses from the union president are shocking.  Even more shocking are the responses from the Delaware State Education Association and the National Education Association to help members deal with this video. I am putting the video up which you can see below.

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Forget about doing the right thing :The stage has been set for property reassessment to increase “public” school funding.

School District Consolidation Task Force issues final report 

Continuing the failed management of Delaware public education by pouring more money into public education by victimizing taxpayers is immoral.

Delaware state legislators must fund traditional and charter schools as they do votech schools. Votech schools local funding via property taxes are set by the state legislators. Have you ever heard of a referendum for a Delaware public votech school? By requiring all public schools local property tax rate set by state legislators will force better financial management of all public and charter schools. When will DSEA come out and push for the needed change? Perhaps when it’s leader get his head out of national politics and focus on what he is getting paid for. The “D” in DSEA means Delaware ! But then again, the “D” could be for his performance as a DSEA leader.  We need radical changes in how Delaware public schools are funded and financially managed by superintendents. 

Being honest somethings offends friends. However, offended friends may not be friends

All I can say is shame on you and choke on your ego ! When leaders have no integrity their followers have no leader!  

The implosion of the former G.M. / Fisker Boxwood Plant will implode Red Clay local school taxes.

Former GM plant on Boxwood Road to be demolished, Harvey Hanna says in exploratory plan , The News Journal Published 7:00 p.m. ET April 16, 2018

After demolition of the near 3-million-square-foot facility, the Boxwood Road plant will be home to a business, fulfillment and distribution campus spread across four buildings with a smaller footprint than the previous structure.

Meantime back in the ranch Cowboy Merv is keeping the $$ card close to his chest. No one is talking about the property reassessment that lowers the value of this property whereas it would low school taxes to be paid, Who know what the property value will be after the demolition.  But in the interim Red Clay will see less property taxes being paid from this property.

For Fiscal Year 07/01/2017 – 06/30/2018 TOTAL SCHOOL DISTRICT TAXES DUE 2,015,608.27   

School District 

RED CLAY   38913100  2.31400 / 100   $900,449.13
NCC VOCATIONAL 38913100   0.16030 /100  $62,377.70
Total Current Tax    $962,826.83
Prior Balance             $907,570.23
Penalty                         $145,211.21

Tax History as of 5/5/2018 3:00:02 AM Do the math on what has been paid since Bill issues on 7/25/17


7/25/17 tax bill appears to be based on assessment value of 38913100 and this appears to be current assessment value: 

Tax/Assessment Info


Land: 5700200
Structure: 4100000
Homesite: 0
Total: 9800200
County Taxable: 9800200
School Taxable: 9800200


At 9,800.200.00 x last year’s 2.314 per 100.00 assessment this would equal $227,235.00 for Red Clay in contrast to $900,449.13 = 673,214.13 LESS in Red Clay School Tax. And this will be less once plant is demolished. 

Now I am no CPA but this what I see. But at the end of the day, there is an impact in Red Clay school taxes that will have to be made up through another referendum shifting the burden on others. The sad part of all this is, Merv is hiding in the corner like a scared mouse. Red Clay taxpayers need clarity on this issue and its impact. 

Holy EPER ! Has the time come to question the $$$ need of extracurricular activities?

I understands extracurricular school activities help shape students as individuals beyond classroom academics. However, with teachers being underpaid and deficiencies in material needs of the classroom the time has come to question what $$ is the priority of needs?

Spit is out! Should we need to consider cutting  after school extracurricular ?