Now this is what you call a Delaware White-Wash!

$468,000 being spent to investigate state government racism , The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell announced Monday his administration will pay a consultant $468,000 to investigate anti-discrimination and diversity policies within state agencies, more than a year after a controversy erupted over allegations of racism instate government.

“I remain committed to ensuring that we foster a healthy, supportive, and responsive work environment,” said Markell in a statement.

Ivy Planning Group, a  Rockville, Maryland, management consulting firm, will conduct interviews with supervisors, visit various offices and survey state employees anonymously about workplace problems, among other actions.

The group will present a report to the governor’s office by the end of 2016, before Markell finishes his second and final term, said Jason Miller, a spokesman for the governor. The term of the contract is scheduled to extend until Sept. 30, 2017

Markell was part of the discriminatory practices by turning a blind-eye!  I think we would be better off to ask Governor Carney to do a better job of running government in a non discriminatory way and create more diverse leadership. $468,000.00 would be better served feeding the homeless!

I wonder what brought all this about ?? Jack not able to sleep at night ?

Pastors look to next governor to fix discrimination Karl Baker, The News Journal8:07 p.m. EDT July 28, 2016

Yep I agree !

P. Diddy! OMG Righteous !

Did a Delaware charter school slip into the red ?? Has the time come requiring IBU “and” MBU reports?

Delaware Academy of Public Safety Security Monthly Financial Report as of July 31, 2016

Did FY2016 end in deficit exceeding surplus ?? Look at 11 “other expenses”.

Look at new budget FY2017 ! Salaries take a hit!  

Where is this school’s June 30th financial position report? They refer to their monthly financial reports as monthly budgets!  

I am pretty sure the law requires submission of preliminary FY budgets July 1 and final budgets around December after September 30 unit count! 

Look at this school’s Citizen Budget Oversight Committee and keep in mind under the law the Delaware Department of Education is required to assign a DOE staff members as “a committee member” on charter school’s CBOC.

  • 9 March 2106  *Note: Meeting cancelled*

  • 13 April 2016  *Note: Meeting time changed to 5pm*

  • 11 May 2016

  • 8 June 2016  *Note: Meeting cancelled*

  • 10 August 2016 *Note: Meeting cancelled*

  • 21 September 2016

No minutes posted for May’s meeting because there was no June, July or August meetings to approve minutes prior to public view! Also, making 

The follow was from the CBOC April 2016 meeting and I assume minutes approved were from the last meeting held in February 2106:

I. Roll call The following persons were present: Charles Copeland, Dennis O’Brien, Herb Sheldon, Felix Santiago, Richard Riggs and Ronald Patterson.

Are they all committee members ??

IV. Adjournment

Herb Sheldon, adjourned the meeting at 5:40PM. Minutes submitted by:

Herb Sheldon, CFO, Acting Commissioner

Minutes approved by: Charles Copeland, Board Chairman

“acting commissioner” OK I give ! WTF is a commissioner?

Minutes approved by the chairman? And I assume CBOC chair? WTF ??? Shouldn’t the committee as a body approve the minutes not the chair??

Folks the question of capital funding for charter schools must be off the table until we have clear consistent transparent financial reports. The CBOC law has been established and as far as charter schools CBOC; the Delaware Department of Education is “required” to have a DE DOE representative at the table. Obviously with the many CBOC meeting cancellation of this charter school a reg flag is flying high! 

Once again we must question the leadership of the Delaware Department of Education and the competency of the Delaware State Board of Education that doesn’t question these matters during their monthly charter school reviews!  

Should parents of charter schools fear John Carney ??????? Watch Carney’s comments!


P.S Markell was only blowing smoke up the union’s ass!

Will Delaware Governor John Carney really take K-12 education in postive direction??

Carney avoids hot button issues in education plan, The News Journal

Candidate wants to turn the state Department of Education into a support agency instead of a regulator

Professor Newton hits a home-run with calls for DE ED reforms Posted on  

Hey professor Newton ! Sounds like Carney may be listening to voice of reason ?

Kilroy said this Possible new legislation regarding state board of education Posted on




“The attitude I would like us to see is that we’re all in this together and everybody is rowing in the same direction,” Carney said. “What I hear from teachers is that they are constantly being told to change direction, so I think we need to settle down, find a framework that works, and stick with it.”

Sorry Governor Carney ! DSEA and their satellite pawns once said , give us a growth model test and we’ll be accountable for “growth”. When it was time to pay the piper their song changed! We need a solid framework! However, we must end the VT process when it comes to teachers internal district evaluation! Way too many VTs end up in the most neediest schools! We need the strongest teachers in those schools not the weak ones! 

State Sen. Colin Bonini, R-Dover South, Carney’s Republican opponent in November, said he agrees with Carney that the state needs to be more consistent in education policy. Overall, Bonini said, there isn’t much in the Carney plan that he opposes, other than that the plan doesn’t propose drastic enough change.

Carney sounds like he plans to decentralize Delaware Department of Education and what you can do Senator Bonini is introduce legislation requiring Delaware State Board of Education members be elected no appointed! And yes paid! We need to disconnect the governor from the board!  

Carney also wants to give local education officials more flexibility in how they use their state funding.

“We’re not an underfunded education system, but the funding mechanisms aren’t always as flexible as they need to be so you can get resources into classrooms where they need it the most,” he said.

You got that shit right Johnny ! At the end of the day its results! Charter schools cry foul when it comes to capital funding but have greater flexibility with local and state funding than traditional schools!

Another big theme: continuing to beef up pre-kindergarten education, particularly for low-income families. Carney wants to create a cabinet-level council on early childhood education, strengthen the connections between the K-12 system and pre-K, and maintain financial investments made during Gov. Jack Markell’s tenure despite tight budgets.

 Real nice Carney! Jack Markell fucked you during 2008 primaries and here you want to drop t your knees on Markell’s so-called investment! Bullshit!! You don’t need anymore cabinet level councils! That council should be a committee consisting of a teacher from each district, charter teacher from each county and a state legislator from each county! 

“We know we need to get to them early, particularly kids who are growing up in low-income households or those that might have disadvantages,” Carney said. “In my conversations with educators, I hear over and over again how important this is.”

Why is it “them” when we refer to low-income and disadvantage children! What we need is, stop allowing high-needs schools to become dumping grounds for VTs and add more paraprofessional in high-needs schools complimented by seasoned successful teacher. 

Carney’s platform does not specifically address some of the more hotly debated issues. In an interview, Carney said he thinks charter schools are an important part of the educational system but the state needs to do more to make sure charters fit in the larger educational system, and he said he supports removing the Christina School District from Wilmington.

Pot-shots at Christina OMG! Christina needs to be more diverse with traditional, magnet and Christina approved charter schools that serves Christina students!   

Bonini said problems in many schools are severe enough that more drastic action is necessary, and those changes might upset some people. He called for making it easier for parents to “choice” their kids between schools, for a new funding system where every dollar “follows” the child and an accountability system that gives individual schools more freedom but also tougher consequences for poor results.

“Delaware doesn’t need a couple of aspirin, Delaware needs real medicine,” Bonini said.

Senator grow some ball! Enact some laws that require Wilmington children without neighborhood middle and high schools be provided first choice in suburban schools with “preferential” Choice Transportation. Also, enact legislation that requires all public funded k-12 schools be funded in the same manner as votech school! Why is it our state legislators fund votech schools by legislation and not by referendums?    

Governor John Carney if you support radical change with greater local control then end Rodel’s influence over DE DOE and the governor’s office. Man-up and don’t rule on your knees appeasing the likes of Rodel. Give us our schools back!

Governor John Carney if you support parent participation in decision-making, reinstate the Delaware Parent Advisory Board! The one Markell refunded and eliminated.

John you’ll be a great governor if rule with your pride not your ego like Jack Markell. Markell is the worst governor this state has ever had! He let the Wall Street education Trojan Horse in and will reap the $$$ paybacks once out of office!    

The race for Delaware Congressional Seat! Lisa Blunt-Rocester or Scott Gesty


If I were to endorse a candidate it would be a job because I don’t carry that much political weight. So I just make some observations.


Lisa Blunt Rochester is an amazing intelligent person and right for a political career. Lisa is a product of amazing parents one being papa Ted. Ted Blunt ran for Lt. Governor back in 2000 but suspended his campaign. Ted was director of state and federal funded education programming in Red Clay  with Title 1 being the largest funded program. He and I  spent a few year working together and sometime with friction. He taught me so political fighting skills and introduce me to the amazing RIP Ron Houston his DEDOE counter part. As far as Lisa,  she is seasoned in the political world. What scares  me the most about Lisa is how deep is she connect to the Rodel Foundation or better yet, Rodel’s ideology when it comes to education. She is no doubt an independent individual and has access to an education advisory who will give it to her straight.

Reading Lisa’s campaign website I don’t see the Rodel / Markell’s K-12 education reform rhetoric. I see concerns with student college debt and some more fresh ideals. Lisa is an independent individual and the only persons I think she owes something to is mom and dad. I think the payback will be doing an honest job and never forget the roots. 


Scott A Gesty:

Scott Gesty represents the creditable voice of change that weighs in on the foundation of America that as a country we have drifted to far for that foundation. There has been a cry for another political choice and dissatisfaction of a two party system. As far as public education, Scott is one the money! The federal government reach is too intrusive into local control! As a matter of fact, in my opinion the federal government is too intrusive at many levels. 

Scott says this,  “The Federal income tax (along with the entire IRS) should be scrapped in favor of a national consumption tax. No more tax forms, no more withholding, everybody pays. Savings and investment are stimulated. The Government will continue to raise revenue from corporate and business taxes, as well as capital gains and excise taxes. This is the closest that America will ever get to a truly “fair tax.””. Scott represents radical change whereas many know it! However, the is paranoia associated with such change. The two party system (democrat and republican) created a fear among the people that such radical changes are too risky. Me, I think not! A consumption tax vs income tax requires all the pay their fair share! Even illegals! Visit Scott’s campaign website for more information.

Scott is fighting an uphill battle know he faces big odds! But lets take a look at America’s history! George Washington faced big odds taking on the ruling British government and honestly in today’s America , Washington would be label a terrorist plotting to overthrow the government!  Scott says this, “Being a Libertarian or Liberty candidate allows me to represent the very best historical attributes of the two parties currently failing America. Libertarians are fiscally prudent and socially tolerant; we believe in Constitutionally limited government and unwavering support of civil liberties. Many people seem to have forgotten in this country that civil liberty includes the right to make bad decisions and to have to deal with the consequences of our own actions. When our government turns into a nanny state, we all become prisoners of somebody else’s good intentions. Likewise, being a Libertarian means that you don’t let government keep spending money it doesn’t have, or use our military forces to invade other countries without a Congressional Declaration of War.”

For the record, Kilory is a registered Libertarian but not politically active in the party. I am former GOP RD Chair for the 19th RD. I openly voted for Obama and Markell (first term only).  I was suckered into the big hope and change lie! A two years after Obama’s win I was laid off from a “career”. The affordable Obama healthcare after the healthcare credit cost me $250.00 a month plus a $6200.00 yearly deductible. So how is that affordable for some who loss their job at no fault of their own. FYI all! Obamacare required electronic medical records is building a mega database on the population beyond health conditions. I still share Republican values and “respect” Democrat values. However, the Delaware Republican Party “leader” has taken the party to the extreme right alienating it’s center!

Scott has a tough battle and needs to say in the game no matter what! Delaware needs a third party to help take the self-serving politics out of Dover and get back to serving Delaware not Washington. Governor Markell has bartered Delaware’s public school system away into the hands of the Wall Street profiteers whereas after public office he’ll reap some $$$ benefits. His own party gave him the golden ticket while the Delaware Republican Party gave him a pass for protecting their charter schools.

My endorsement of anyone would be a joke! However, DSEA endorsement of anyone after their endorsement of Race to The Top aka Wall Street Trojan Horse will be pathetic! DSEA is just as responsible for the public education mess as Markell!  

I see Lisa and Scott as equal candidates in their own right! As far as the GOP ! A vote for that candidate would be a wasted vote!   

Formula for capital funding for Delaware’s charter schools

1) All Delaware’s public schools which include traditional, voctech and charter schools must be funded the way votech schools are! The state legislators set the tax-rate for for each votech districts. No referendums are required! 

2) Because charter schools are “corporations”, their properties are not state owned as traditional and votech schools are. A charter school corporation can dissolve itself and reorganize as a private school or a business related organization. Sure I am crazy!🙂. But what will happen to the restate / equity if say Newark Charter School calls it quits? Legally who does the $$$$$$ belong to?  So to any of you legislators thinking of finding a way to provide charter schools with capital funding you need to address my $$$ concern. One way would be, if a charter school closes or order closes the state has ownership in restate equal to any capital funding. And are first in line to collect.

Folks! When the taxpayer approve capital funding for our public schools we know at the end of the day that property belongs to the state aka the people!

Delaware charter schools know the rules of engagement when they submit a charter school application and that includes the capital funding issues. However, the agenda long ago was, lets establish the charter schools then come back unified demanding capital funding!!

One thing we need to do for all public schools that include charter schools is end all the state and federal “underfunded” mandates! End the overreach of the governor via his puppet-show called the Delaware Department of Education. Elected state board of education members and yes pay them!

One way to throw water on all the capital funding talk is YIKES allow virtual charter schools like OMG K12,Inc. “with” the stipulation all online teachers serving Delaware students live in Delaware and hold Delaware state teaching certificates and licenses. 

MOT Charter first to step-up with board meeting recordings

As far as I can see, MOT Charter School is the first charter school in Delaware to comply with the new law requiring all traditional districts, votech districts and charter school boards to record the public session of their board meetings an post online with 7 days after the meeting. Hopefully all the other charter schools , traditional school districts and votech district “comply” with the  “law”.

Publius and the clueless sheep that follows him say, in large the public doesn’t give a rats ass about hearing board meeting recordings! But I say, as far as charter schools it will strengthen many! If Moyer, Pencader and Reach charter schools recorded their meetings for all to hear; perhaps the community, parents, DOE and our state legislators could of helped avoid closure of these schools.  

NJ Gator Boy Albright needs to go back to Whiskey Bay

Democratic leaders in General Assembly challenged , The News Journal

Saying Delaware needs new blood in the Legislature, several political newcomers are challenging veteran, high-ranking General Assembly Democrats in the Sept. 13 primary.

The highest-ranking members of the House of Representatives, Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf and Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, each have challengers. So does Sen. Harris McDowell, one of the longest-tenured lawmakers and chairman of the influential Joint Finance Committee.

The odds solidly favor the incumbents, who have been getting elected for years and have better name recognition and better-funded campaigns. But their opponents say they’re running because Delaware needs new leaders with new ideas.

“I think the fact is that the establishment needs to be questioned and challenged,” said Don Peterson, who is facing Schwartzkopf. “That’s what this election is all about”

The Delaware rat race was over a long time ago when the rat’s won! Many Republicans were in bed with Markell who pushed the charter school agenda! The failed student testing programs were by design to have skewed data somehow justify the need for charter schools. The GOP Don’s $$$ hands are in as well as his pilot fish from both sides. John Carney will walk in because its “his turn”.

Schwartzkopf isn’t going anywhere!! Election day will come and go and the quality of life in Delaware will continue the down-turn! DSEA endorses Markell two times even after he baited them into the Race to The Top bed! 

If you real want to impress the readers ! Expose Markell’s self serving agenda at the expense of the taxpayers and the education of at-risk students! 

Letter From Newark Charter School Board Chairman May Turn District/Charter/Delaware DOE Funding War On Its Ear

Exceptional Delaware

No sooner do I receive the official word that no changes to the local cost per pupil formula will be changed than I get multiple emails with a letter from Newark Charter School Board Chairman Stephen Dressel sent to Newark Charter School parents.  This letter shows a very different take on the whole issue and alleges that Christina has been hiding funds in a certain bucket in their local funding.  The letter further states that the Delaware Department of Education approved this every single year.  That it wasn’t until this year that this funding bucket was found and corrected.  At this point in time, I truly don’t know what to believe.  While I have serious concerns with Newark Charter School’s enrollment practices and other financial issues at the school, if (and this is a very large if) what they are saying is true, I have serious questions about that as…

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The time has come for open admissions for Delaware charter schools and magent schools! NO MORE ADMISSION TEST

Charter funding firestorm continues , The News Journal

The head of that department, Secretary of Education Steven Godowsky, found himself at the center of a social media firestorm last weekend after public school advocates raised an uproar over the proposed changes that could cost one district as much as $3 million.

Charter school supporters have long lobbied for a review of the funding formula, arguing that districts haven’t been paying their fair share.

On Monday, following calls from legislators and district advocates over the weekend, the department’s spokeswoman, Alison May, said that the department would not be implementing the changes for this school year. That announcement took charter school supporters by surprise, since they had been expecting more money to come in this year.

Under state law, the department is obligated to send out bills to the districts by Sept. 1.

But late Wednesday, one day before the decision is due, the department was still unsure of what changes, if any, it would be making.

May said Wednesday night that the department was in discussions with district and charter leaders that would determine which formula would ultimately be used this year.

If Governor John Carney retains this snake of a secretary of education parents should call for Carney resignation! And the time has come to elected the Delaware Secretary of Education and to keep the governors hands out of local control! 

As for charter schools  and their discriminatory admission practices that fuel de facto segregation, it MUST END.  Creating charter schools designed for at-risk minorities is shameful! Limiting special needs students in charter schools is immoral. Traditional public schools don’t require entrance tests or proof of specific internet!  The doors swing equal for all! Delaware charter school admission laws should mirror that of traditional public schools but via open lottery controlled by DE DOE whereas; application for a given charter school be submitted to  DE DOE to keep charter schools for using counseling out techniques.

Delaware traditional school suffered the White-Flight due to desegregation order and now with charter schools, its call the brain-drain. HOWEVER, there is blame to be shared with DSEA and local district unions! These groups supported Race to The Top laced with the Smarter Balanced Assessment! DSEA Judas was rewarded with a DE DOE job a few years before retiring which gave Judas a bump in pension.

I support 100% choice schools and at this point leaning toward school vouchers! HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! These options must be via schools that don’t discriminate during the admission process. Charter schools want equal funding then perhaps their doors should swing the same way as traditional schools!

As for magnet school aka the other white meat! Magnet schools also need open admission via a lottery system.

Odds are DSEA will endorse John Carney who is taking the Rodel reform plan baton from Jack Markell!

Delaware schools suck because those Markell lap-dogs in Dover supported his Washington-Wall Street Trojan Horse reform lack real courage to reform public education via local control partnership. Shifting millions more out of traditional public school to support charter schools that discriminate racially and low academic abilities is noting more than social rape. 

And, for Newark Charter School, which would be one of the primary beneficiaries of an adjusted system from Christina, it would mean an additional $1 million, according to Gregory Meece, the school’s director.

And Newark Charter Schools excludes Christina’s Wilmington city children from the application process via their 5 mile keep them out preference zone!  

Charter schools have been lobbying the Department of Education for years to reconcile the differences in how the formula is applied and make its application uniform, said Kendall Massett, executive director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network.

“It has been brought to their attention numerous times,” she said of the department. “I’m happy that they started to look into it this year.”

No remorse as to the impact on traditional district students! I assure Baldwin’s Frankenstein there will be changingin charter school admissions within the next three years. Just as I said 7 years ago, “DE State Board of Education, all traditional, voctech and charter school boards  will be required to record their public sessions of their board meetings and put online for all to hear”; there “WILL BE” changes to charter school admission laws! The rough draft legislation is in the works! First to go is the 5 mile preference and then rewrite of the Specific Interest!! Also, there will be a more transparent lottery!    

As for the News Journal, do take note that I do make sure to cite the reporter name on my blog post and make sure I put their work in quotations.   

The head of that department, Secretary of Education Steven Godowsky, found himself at the center of a social media firestorm last weekend

Looks like the reporter failed to credit Kevin over at Exceptional Delaware aka the social media outlet the broke the story! Thank you Kevin!  

Does Delaware AAA auto club support Markell’s backdoor fuel tax increase?

Feds approve grant to test gas tax replacement , The News Journal

An earlier version of this story did not precisely describe the recipients of the federal grant. This story has been updated.

The Delaware Department of Transportation won a $1.49 million federal grant for a coalition of five East Coast states to test the viability of a mileage-based fee system for drivers.

The money will fund a pilot project for transportation officials to track the driving habits of 50 volunteer Delaware motorists and assess a charge based on their mileage. Similar projects will also occur in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The total cost in all five states is $2.98 million.

Nothing more than raping the public to support bloated government!

Gov. Jack Markell said it is economically imperative for the state to find a reliable transportation funding source.

“Investments in transportation infrastructure are critical to create jobs, grow the economy and protect our people,” he said. “So it is vital that we have sustainable funding for our roads and bridges.”

And we trust Jack why ???? He invested in inadvisable Fisker cars being build at Boxwood and  Bloom Boxes that turn sand into electricity! Then there was the big investment into public education that saw three standardize test for one generation of students.

AAA auto club spokeswoman Cathy Rossi, who until 2014 was an aide to Markell, said public support for gas tax increases has wavered and so something might need to be done differently to fix the country’s roads.

We know “our roads and bridges need ongoing repair and the money to make those repairs doesn’t just fall from the sky,” Rossi said.

So Markell’s former aid is speaking for all AAA members ! So you can’t fuck the taxpayers one way but fuck them another way! Many of us have no problem with a gas tax hike. However, when we have cluster-fucks like Markell as governor the mood turns sour! So this is how my AAA membership is being spent! Playing bias politics !  

FYI ! Kilroy’s Delaware did not go Elivs

Image result for kilroy's delaware

Blogging has been a little slow but rest assured Kilroy isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been down state a lot working on my future retirement nest and haven’t hooked up internet service yet! I’ve been enjoying some well earned R & R and getting the hang of having a golf cart as primary community vehical. And securing crab pods on the back before making my crab pod drop in Rehoboth Bay. Only have two pods allowed by law with no commercial fishing licence.

To be honest, Delaware education is complete fucked up thanks to Jack Markell and sorry to say, Governor Carney will take the Rodel education playbook from Markell and keep heading down the “wrong” road! Carney has already turned his head to requiring charter schools to have open admission with no entrance test whereas, only having open lotteries. Carney has no intention is proving preferential school choice with choice transportation  for Wilmington’s 6-12 grades student with insufficient 6-12 traditional school seating within the city of Wilmington. Carney will allow the continuation of de facto segregation and transportation barriers forcing city kids to stay within assigned feeder schools.

The presidential elections !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! Either choice “SUCKS” Trumps is for school choice and less federal intrusion in local control! But some of the fed’s Wall Street seeded school choice plans are federal intrusion! Obama and Hillary nixed out Title 1 Section 1118. The voice of Title 1 parents has been squashed! Trumps talks out of his ass and Clinton play minorities like clueless sheep! Sad to say brothers and sisters! Get ready for the same old same old!

Kilroy is stoking the furnace so stay tuned towards the end of September! 

Delaware’s charter school slow to record board meetings

I see no charter school in Delaware recording their board meetings prior to the August 25th effective date. Many had their meetings before August 25th. So at best we should see all Delaware charter school board recordings online in September 2016, within 7 days of their board meetings.

So, Kilroy will be on patrol reporting which schools comply with the law and which ones don’t! We can’t count on the Delaware Secretary of Education to ensure the districts and charter school boards comply with the law. It appears he is a DE DOE bias charter school Trojan Horse.