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CNN Chris Cuomo stoking the flames of war with Iran

I cannot believe what I am hearing coming out of the mouth of CNN scum. Chris Cuomo’s degrading Trump trash-talk at time of a major crisis in the Middle East is nothing more than code-talk telling the Iranians President Trump is incompetent and weak. 

What fuck happen to CNN? I never thought I’d see a day when CNN would side with the likes of Iran. WTF !!!!!!!!!! They bomb oil tankers and shootdown American air craft and Cuomo sides with Iran. 

Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach leads the Socialist charge on charging “state” fuel tax by the mile via mail not at the pump

Delaware Progressive Democrat Paul Baumbach wants you to join him in participating in I-95 Corridor Coalition MBUF (Mileage Bases User Fee) Pilot, This is the first stage in moving state gasoline tax collection from the purchase at the pump to charging Delaware motor vehicle owners taxes by the mile via monthly billing. Drivers will be required to plugin a GPS tracking device in their car’s computer diagnostic port located under the dash. The same place your mechanic plugs in his diagnostic computer device and where DMV plugs their device into the same port during inspection. This GPS device tracks your vehicle and records miles driven on public, and private roads even when crossing into other states. 

Delaware’s current fuel tax at the pump is 23 cents a gallon and the pilot program indicates user fee per mile is 1.25 center per mile. Using that data, and as an example a car getting 20 miles per gallon would be charged 25 cents for the same 20 miles using the per mile formula . Yea sure not that much of a difference. On average motorist drive about 1000 miles per month. That would = $11.50 taxed at the pump (1000 miles divided by 20 miles per gallon x 23 cents). By the mile, 1000 miles x 1.25 per mile = $12.50 billed mailed to you for you to pay. No big deal it’s only 1 dollar more. But kept in mind, you’ll still have to pay federal fuel tax at the pump.

Here’s the insanity of the socialist inspired tax scheme. You have one more monthly bill to worry about and if you pay by credit card odds are you’ll have to pay an extra fee. If you  don’t then the credit card fees passes to the state who does the billing. Do you trust your state government to access your credit card with auto pay ?What percentage of people will pay their monthly tax by mile bill on time? What happens to poor people who live check to check and don’t have a credit card and don’t have the means to pay by computer? Odd are, monthly bill by mile will be done by home state and will include collection for other states you driven through that was recorded. Obviously DEDOT would have to have a billing and collection department for pay by mile. I wonder how much that would cost?

The need for this change is because vehicles have become more fuel efficient going further miles on a gallon of gasoline. Also, there are hybrid cars even using less gas and then , electric cars using no gas. Delaware and other states are losing fuel tax income because of  this efficiency . Why go through this complex process and just raise state fuel tax at the pump? Because our state legislators fear for the jobs whereas, its unpopular to raise taxes. Then there is special interest pushing this technology. 

How much will it cost to audit registered vehicles to ensure the GPS device has been installed?  Delaware has about 450,000 registered motor vehicles. How much will it cost to purchase and install the GPS device in each required vehicle?

If Delaware shifted towards this technology and remove fuel tax payment at the pump. How would they collect for people filling gas cans for for personal lawn equipment , lawn service companies and contractors towing equipment where they stop at a gas stations to fill those pieces of equipment? Same goes for someone pulling a boat and decides to stop at a gas station to fill the boat’s fuel tanks? At then end of the day. our state government is shifting towards socialism creating a cluster-fuck in regards to fuel taxation. 

Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach participation in this political socialist scheme isn’t for the best interest of Delawareans. This is the same legislator who wants to give school board blank checkbook powers to raise school taxes without local taxpayer’s approval aka with out going to referendum. Also, Rep Baumbach supported a Christina School Board Candidate ( a donor to his campaign)  that isn’t going to serve if elected. 

As some of you may know, Delaware installed a Pay Toll By License Plate om Route 301 extension. DEDOT Camera takes a picture you license plate and generates a bill that is mailed to you. There are no toll collector on Route 301 nor is there a place to pay your toll on on ramps and exits. So either you pay via EZ Pass account or Pay by Plate.  This is another Rep Baumbach’s pet project. In time we’ll see fewer toll collectors at the toll booths and eventually none. Then the next phase no automated cash payment options. 

Delaware quality of life and rights of the people are in serious jeopardy with such socialist driven agendas by the likes of Rep Paul Baumbach is sowing seeds for a takeover of those right. 

Is Robert Mueller Sowing Seeds for a Book of The Century ?


This guy slicker than dog shit. The question is, what will be the name of his million dollar seller book be ?

He laced his words very tactfully suggesting President Trump did obstruct justice but by law he can’t accuse the President of a crime. But yet Pelosi and many legislators pretty much calls Trump a criminal.

I say, once Trump is out of office Robert Muller will make a move on a book deal. His book would be the book of the century worth millions.

At this point, I feel Robert Mueller must testify before congress in open public session. Case is not closed ! He just rang the bell for round 2 and he should come to front and center.  

Is Bebe Coker exposing the whitewashing of Delaware’s public schools ?

Bebe Coker isn’t done speaking truth about Delaware schools. Are we listening? (opinion) , Delaware News Journal Published 11:46 a.m. ET May 23, 2019 | Updated 11:59 a.m. ET May 23, 2019

Beatrice Coker stood in front of some of Delaware’s most influential people and gave them the truth.

Delaware Online: “Let’s get real about this and stop playing games with cute little programs,” she told a roomful of top state leaders, superintendents and business leaders.

If Delaware’s education system has a conscience, it is this lovable fire hose of real-talk, who everybody just calls “Bebe.” 

Coker’s big-hearted advocacy on behalf of Delaware kids, particularly low-income kids of color, has earned her widespread admiration and high honors. She gave that fiery speech while accepting the prestigious John H. Taylor Jr. Education Leadership Award from the State Chamber of Commerce’s education affiliate.

“Even when you’re governor, you’re not beyond the reach of Bebe Coker,” said Gov. John Carney. “She won’t hesitate to say to me ‘Oh c’mon. That’s a bunch of…’ fill in the blank.”

But for all the respect and accolades Delaware has bestowed on Coker, I sometimes wonder if anybody is really listening to what she’s saying.   

Kilroy’s comment: It’s ironic that Bebe accepts an award named afterJohn Taylor Jr the main cheerleader for the Rodel Vision 2015 that was to bring world-class public schools to Delaware.

Much of the failures in public education goes back to my concern to the question of why is it a bunch of millionaire and billionaire white men control the reform of public education? The “cute little programs” is nothing more than a front to justify creation of more useless middle-management in public education and to funnel back monies to educational related industry. Political lobbyist associated with these companies are alive an well.

Delaware Online: But for all the respect and accolades Delaware has bestowed on Coker, I sometimes wonder if anybody is really listening to what she’s saying. 

After all, Bebe’s truth is a hard truth to hear.

We — particularly we white people — like to think that, for all the problems our school system has, things are generally headed in the right direction. After all, we’ve desegregated schools; we’ve created Title I funding for low-income kids; we’ve had a Race to the Top and we’ve Left No Child Behind.

Kilroy’s Comment: OMG Bayou Whiskey Bay Albright lights a fuse with that analogy failing to point out Title 1 isn’t the same as originally authorized under ESSA aka NCLB aka ESEA. In fact, ESSA stripped Title 1 Section 1118 Part A under NCLB now gone  under ESSA . Section 1118 is the cornerstone achievement of William “Hick” Anderson’s  long battle with local and federal government that demanded seats at the decision table for parents of Title 1 students.  The was a systematic assassination of this unique power of parents. Race to The Top didn’t no include Title 1 parents as prescribed by law that required their direct participation because it impacted Title 1. Once Race to The Top was in place it  allowed broad NCLB waivers in which those wavier allowed the state and school districts to ignore Title 1 Section 1118 Part A which was federal law. Title 1 was the core component of  ESEA and NCLB but under ESSA funds are somewhat flexible. 

Delaware Online: “The idea that if you just have black kids and white kids sit together then they’re going to learn — it doesn’t make sense,” Coke said. 

To Coker, busing illustrates a fundamental error: We think that a system that works for one kind of kid works for every kind of kid, and if we can just replicate the systems that work in all our schools, all our kids will perform.

“We give these standardized tests knowing darn well that there aren’t standardized kids,” she says.

Kilroy’s Comment: Coker and I know monies pissed away on broad standardized testing and the bullshit middle management overseeing is a cash cow program. At the end of the day, no matter how you cut it, the academic deficiencies of most poor children relates to “reading”.  Former Delaware Governor Minner got it and provided extra state grant money for extra Reading Teacher followed by extra state grant money for extra Math Teachers. Both became know as Minner Reading and Math Teachers. Governor Minner also support the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC). In comes Governor Jack Markell who installed Rodel associates in the Delaware Department of Education. Under Markell , Minner’s Reading and Math teachers and the defunding of DSPAC. Nothing is being done to restoring and expanding those Read Teachers.

Standardized Testing has become another cash cow. Who remembers , DSTP (Delaware Student Testing Program). Standardize testing was imposed by the federal government as a condition to NCLB funds. It did not require teacher or student consequences Rodel and John Taylor supported, They in fact supported the 3- Tiered Diploma push, This system would have  given high achieving students a Distinguished Diploma, students meeting standards a Standard Diploma and a Basic Diploma based on score on the DSTP nothing else. The DE DOE director of assessment at the time John Tanner support the 3-Tiered Diploma. Old Kilroy looked him right in the eye and said, you are victimizing the very students / Title 1 by giving them a Basic Diploma. His response was, “every war has it victims”. Tanner bailed on DSTP and went to work for Hartcourt Brace the testing company that he worked with to developed the DSTP and who had the state testing contract. DSTP was dumped for DCAS which was under piloting testing when Jack Markell was elected as governor. Markell move toward The Smarter Balanced Assessment and out went DCAS.  We had a generation of students who were exposed to DSTP Piloting Test, DSTP, DCAS Piloting Test, Smarter Balanced Piloting Test and the Smarter Balanced Assessment, today’s Delaware’s standardized test. MILLION OF DOLLARS were pissed away whereas, that money could have been better served adding READING TEACHERS,

What good is it teaching children Social Studies, History, Science and any other subject that requires reading and reading comprehension at grade level? The “cute programs” are not working. 

Delaware Online: Coker thinks this one-size-fits-all approach to education has undermined the profession of teaching, which she thinks ought to be the most noble in the world. 

Teachers, she says, are being trained how to teach “average” children who don’t really exist — and, if they do exist, they are suburban white kids.

Kilroy’s Comment: In comes Common Core methodology that strip teachers of individuality and forces them to teach to the middle. Today’s teacher are forced to stop crying and stop sending disruptive kids to the office and just SUCK IT UP. School administrator refuse to provide supplies students are to bring to school such as paper, notebooks and pencils. Many teacher pay for these supplies out of their pockets.

Delaware Online: Teachers are not equipped to, for example, teach reading to kids whose parents couldn’t or didn’t read to them when they were little. They aren’t properly trained in how to reach kids who don’t get enough food at home, or who are grappling with the trauma of neighborhood violence or domestic abuse.

There is little training for teachers to understand different cultures, and how those cultures might affect a child’s learning.

Kilroy’s Comment: OMG ! King Cake for Matt Albright and throw in a bucket of Crawfish! I also think state certified , Highly Qualified Reading Teacher are qualified to teach many at-risk students. What I find interesting is many new greenhore teachers themselves were products of public K-12 schools and when entering the class for the first time , the culture shock hits. I think was Albright my being unknowing suggesting is, perhaps we need high qualified teacher diverse the culture of at-risk student and the impact of their environment. Albright also leaves out disengaged parents whereas poverty is  not an excuse to be not engage.

Delaware Online: “We expect kids to conform to us, when it should be the other way around,” she said. 

Kilroy’s Commnet: I have to add, we should expect all kids to conform to behavior standards and teach authority. School don’t operation under jailhouse rule where the weak need to lock strong. Flip-side, many schools that went to school uniforms under the pretense that more affluent student attire makes poor children feel inadequate is bullshit. It was a move to prevent intercity kids dressing reflective of their culture style. 

Delaware Online: To be clear, Coker does not blame teachers themselves. She blames the systems we have built around them.

Kilroy’s Online: A system built on a white agenda to circumvent goals of desegregation.  A system that allow charter schools to design programs that through admission preferences that exclude at risk students and student in the district they live in where the charter school is located. Same goes for magnet schools a bit less intrusive. And then their is Carper and Markell’s Choice school systems where Delaware pubic school school can pick their school! BULLSHIT ! What a WHITE LIE !

Delaware Online: Basically, Coker thinks we’ve reduced the job of teaching to paper-pushers who follow inflexible rules. Instead, they should be “educational engineers” who use creativity and inspiration to reach every child in the way that uniquely suits them.

Kilroy’s Comment: Don’t blame the teachers on this. This all goes back to Rodel where Coons. Carper and Markell played $$$$ ball. Them there is the idiot that went from making beds in Hotels to running the Charter School Network.

Delaware Online: Coker is currently trying to convince the colleges that train teachers to develop new coursework that better equips them for more diverse settings. She is not done speaking truth to anyone who will hear it.

Kilroy’s Comment: Maybe she needs to knock the Twins on the head and tell them stop eating out of the hands of the white status quo. She needs to light the fire under the asses of the NAACP. The current condition of Delaware’s public schools is a clear violation of civil right fixated in keep African-America’s down. And look very close! I didn’t say. African-American children. The White rule has the agenda down in that, to keep a race of people down they must do so by keeping children down particularly males.

Bebe you better take Sister Crosby with you. Because you’ll need heavy artillery. 

Delaware Rep Bill Bush refuses to release from committee legislation that protects Delaware children from products laced with cancer causing flame retardant chemicals. Shame of Rep Bill Bush !

Rep Kowalko at it again! Bitch slapping legislators for ignoring the safety and health of Delaware’s children! 

Last week certain members of the Economic/Banking/Insurance & Commerce Committee inexplicably refused to release HB 117 from committee for consideration by the full House. HB 117 would prohibit the manufacture, sale, or distribution of children’s products, upholstered furniture used in residences and mattresses that contain “harmful” flame retardant chemicals in Delaware. Those members chose the special interests of the Chamber of Commerce and the American Chemistry Council over the health and safety of our children and brave first responders. Here is a link highlighting what lobbyists from the chemical industry have been doing throughout this country to defeat legislation of this kind:

This attitude and allegiance to corporate special interests is inexcusable and unacceptable and should be challenged by every concerned Delawarean. Please go to the following link to see how responsible legislators resist putting special corporate interests over the health and safety of children and firefighters.

Please call each and every member of the committee that tabled HB 117 and demand they release the bill to protect our families and friends.

The members of the committee are:

• Bill Bush (Chair): 670-2949 / 744-4351 /

• Andria Bennett (Vice Chair): 734-8699 / 744-4351 /

• Krista Griffith: 528-1779 / 577-8476 /

• Sherry Dorsey Walker: 377-5199 / 577-8476 /

• Quinton Johnson: 378-2681 / 577-8476 /

• Paul Baumbach: 562-4546 / 577-8476 /

• Ray Seigfried: 981-0399 / 577-8476 /

• Sean Matthews: 331-1020 / 577-8476 /

• Kevin Hensley: 449-2510 / 577-8723 /

• Mike Ramone: 584-8601 / 577-8723 /

• Michael Smith: 319-8684 / 577-8723 /

• Jeff Spiegelman: 399-7729 / 744-4171 /

• Lyndon Yearick: 387-2510 / 744-4171 /

Representative John Kowalko

Delaware’s Odyssey Charter School DOOMED !

Odyssey Charter parents continue to seek answers amid investigation Natalia Alamdari, Delaware News JournalPublished 5:39 p.m. ET May 23, 2019 | Updated 6:15 p.m. ET May 23, 2019

At a packed town hall meeting at Odyssey Charter School Wednesday, Josiah Wolcott painted an optimistic picture for parents concerned about the state’s recent decision to place the school under Formal Review. ( Delaware Online)

Look close at this law: TITLE 14 Education Free Public Schools  CHAPTER 15. FISCAL PROVISIONS

The Department of Education shall promulgate regulations by November 1, 2009, establishing procedures for appointment of citizen budget oversight committees for each of the public school districts and charter schools. These committees shall have full access either electronically or in hard-copy format to all financial documents and financial information in the possession of the school districts they are assigned to oversee, with redactions permitted only to protect confidential personal information regarding students or employees. Oversight committees shall have representation from parents, educators, and taxpayers residing in each of the public school districts, provided that in the case of charter schools membership on oversight committees shall consist of parents of students enrolled in the charter school, educators at the charter school, and representatives of the Delaware Department of Education. Where possible, oversight committees shall contain at least 2 members with formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to oversight of school district financial statements. The Department of Education shall provide training to committee members. The Department shall also promulgate regulations by November 1, 2009, dictating uniformity and transparency in the financial recording and bookkeeping practices of the school districts and charter schools.


3/20/19 OCS CBOC Meeting Minutes:

In attendance: Denise Parks Head of School, Riccardo Stoeckicht Campus Operations Officer, Evan Winokur Manager, Transportation, Richard Riggs, Kevin Smith, Michael Padovani, George Hantzandreou Board Member, Vanessa McCall, Samantha Pietryak

How is it possible with all these professional and school employees on the CBOC did this shit go down ?

Some parents are still concerned about the future of their children’s school, using the meeting as a chance to air their grievances, speak in support of Odyssey and ask the question: How did it even get to this point? (Delaware Online)

You  got this point because you don’t have a adequate uninhibited  financial financial review committee that doesn’t understand their responsibility and who are being spoon-fed by committee member who are school administrators. 

I see nothing in the committee’s minutes suggest any committee member asked for copies of any finical document beyond what was presented to them by the school

Who is the taxpayers residing in the community on this committee?  

Odyssey’s connection to the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association became the main focus of the night, just as it’s become the main focus of the Department of Education’s investigation into the school. Delaware Online

WTF ! Dopy DE DOE Rep was at the financial review table.  Why did they questioned related financial concerns and create a conversation a budget review meeting ?

Last week, Odyssey, at 4319 Lancaster Pike in Barley Mill Plaza, was placed under Formal Review by the department. For nearly a year, parents, teachers and community members have raised concerns to the department about the school’s governance and financial dealings. Delaware Online

Nearly a year parents and teachers had their heads up their asses drinking Odyssey Charter School Kool-Aid baking cookies and doing fundraiser like clueless sheep.

Potential conflicts of interest with the Greek organization have been brought to light over the past year, including the group’s control of the school board, influence in hiring decisions, and policy of holding school-related meetings closed to women. The Department of Education is also looking into possible misappropriation of Odyssey funds for the benefit of the Hellenic association.  Delaware Online 

CLOSED TO WOMEN. I thought this was a Greek theme school? No a radical Muslin school where women are lower than dirt! Misappropriation of funds? WTF. 

Hellenic association ? WTF ! One of Odyssey’s financial review committee member is on the Board of Governor for Hellenic  

Odyssey Parents grow some balls and demand a new head master for Odyssey and demand new board leadership. Do give this school any more donations until these changes are made. Also, demand at report from the Delaware Secretary of Education as to why her designee from DE DOE on the Citizen Budget Oversight Committee failed to see these financial conflict of interest and misappropriation of school aka public taxpayer’s funds. The Delaware Department of Education is part of the problem because the secretary of education lack the skill set to effectively provide “proactive” oversight of Delaware’s public schools. 

“I can’t speak on behalf of the board,” Wolcott said. “But, it’s definitely something that we’ve discussed. If that eventually happens, it’s going to be a long, robust, detailed conversation.” Delaware Online

Said the goat to the sheep before the slaughter. 

WDEL’s Rick Jensen endorses John Young for Christina School Board member


WDEL’s Rick Jensen endorses John Young for Christina School Board member



Former DSEA President presents school funding plan that rearranges the chairs on the K12 Titanic. No Mr. Matthews! No blank checkbooks for school boards!

School funding: We can give voters a voice without failing Delaware kids (opinion)

Mike Matthews Published 10:03 a.m. ET May 13, 2019 | Updated 12:08 p.m. ET May 13, 2019   

Mike Matthews lives in Wilmington and is past president of the Delaware State Education Association.

Nothing is a greater indicator of a society’s success or failure than whether our children are receiving a quality education that meets their unique intellectual, developmental, and emotional needs.

In order to meet those needs, schools must be appropriately funded to ensure adequate staffing levels and a wide range of programming to support the diverse needs of students around the state.

And that’s why the recent failures of the Christina School District’s operational referendum and the Indian River School Districts’ capital referendum are so disappointing and saddening.

Real students and educators will be impacted by this outcome. In Christina, the effects on the community will begin to take effect in just a few short months. Already, the school board has voted to lay off five teachers and eliminate another 58 temporary teaching jobs.  

Indian River, meanwhile, will not get the resources it needs to build more classroom space as the number of students it serves grows.

We have a problem here in Delaware with how we fund our schools. The fact that too many of our districts have to ask voters to raise their own taxes to maintain the bare minimum costs of keeping the lights on is not productive or efficient.

Delaware must embrace a school funding model that, at the very least, allows for districts to raise necessary local funds to keep up with the barest costs of doing business — namely maintaining appropriate staffing levels and needed programmatic expenses.

To that end, I have a proposal broken out into four areas for how we can better fund capital and operating expenses throughout the state that will give the voters, elected school boards, and the state a level of say in how our schools are funded.

First things first, though: We must begin by having a real conversation on property reassessment. Houses in Delaware have not been reassessed in 30-40 years. This is unacceptable and any action the state takes on discussing funding reform must be coupled with property reassessments.

With that consideration at the fore, here are my tips on making this happen:

  1. Current operating expenses: For this category, I support the move to grant school boards more authority to raise a modest amount of taxes on residents. This is the model used in hundreds of school districts around the country, including in Pennsylvania. In order to maintain adequate levels of staffing based on student enrollments as well as basic costs to keep our schools running, school boards should have the authority to raise the tax.

  2. New operating/program expenses: If a district chooses to unveil a new program (ie. purchasing one-to-one devices for each student or reconfiguring/creating new schools to attract students), then these expenses should be subject to a public vote. Residents of the district can determine the worthiness of the programs and grant the district more funds to implement them.   

  3.  Current capital expenses: Because the state chips in between 60-70% of school funding, it should look into creating a commission that regularly goes into all 200+ of our schools to ensure they are up to par when it comes to safety, environmental concerns, and basic functionality to meet the needs of students in the 21st century. As issues are identified, then schools around the state should be prioritized for the upgrades they need. These buildings are state properties and they need to be treated and funded as the assets they are and not be allowed to fall into disrepair because voters have decided not to support them. 

  4. New construction expenses: Several districts around the state have seen explosions of growth in the last 10 years. A few have successfully passed new construction referenda to build schools. Some, like Indian River, have had a tough time passing referenda for new schools. For any new construction, I believe voters in a district should have a say on whether taxes should be levied to build. If voters consistently turn down referenda for new construction, at a certain point I believe it’s in the state’s best interest to step in and mitigate a solution to get needed schools built.

    These ideas are by no means exhaustive. For too long, we’ve sidestepped some critical conversations on school funding, and I believe we are in the stage where we need to be creative in our thinking because our current situation is dysfunctional.

    I support a plan where voters are still given a say, school board members are given a slight increase in authority, and the state steps in to share a greater responsibility for the physical needs of our schools.

    Students across the state can no longer wait for action. Their futures depend on a system that works for them. The time is now to do what is necessary to ensure our schools have what they need to best serve students.

Giving schools an ounce of authority to raise taxes without going to referendums opens Pandora’s box. We seen have the just a cup of coffee tactics when with referendums and then , if you don’t support the referendums you don’t support kids.

“We have a problem here in Delaware with how we fund our schools” What about fixing the problem? The problem is the inequity in school funding across the counties and the state. Why do some students schools get more funding than another ? Lets take New Castle Count for an example. Why ins’t the local share of public education constant? Some people oppose consolidated school district in New Castle County because it would infringe on local control and parental engagement.  I get it! However , there is nothing stopping us from having equal funding state and local. Wait perhaps their is and it “politics”. The LEAD report emphasized cost sayings via consolidation of school districts. What has been done to outsource HR, Food Service , Transportation and maintenance of public schools via countywide contacts. I have a hunch organized labor. But all this has it debates and controversy.

The real problem lies within the core of politics centered in legislative hall.  Our state legislators approves up or down votech aka public schools request for more funding. Delaware Code Title 14 Chapter 26 has a review process vs arbitrarily raise local tax rate as you suggest.

(a) The board of education for each vocational technical high school district shall, no later than the second Thursday in July, deliver its warrant, with a duplicate of the assessment list, to the receiver of taxes and county treasurer of the county or counties where the district is located.

(b) Prior to submitting any subsequent legislation to the General Assembly for approval that proposes to increase the tax rate authorized by § 2601(a)(1) of this title, the Sussex County Vocational Technical School District Board of Education shall first submit by March 15 of that year its proposed tax rate increase and justification therefor to a Tax Rate Review Committee composed of the following members:

(1) A representative of the Department of Education designated by the Secretary;

(2) Two public members from Sussex County designated by the Governor;

(3) The Controller General;

(4) The Director of the Office of Management and Budget;

(5) The superintendent of 1 of the Sussex County school districts designated by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

The Tax Rate Review Committee shall, in a timely fashion, review the proposed tax rate increase taking into account the District’s projected enrollment, current operating expense requirements and the county’s taxable assessment, and shall file a report by April 15 of that year with the Governor, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, indicating whether or not the proposed tax rate is sufficient to meet the District’s reasonable operating requirements. Copies of this report shall also be distributed to each local board of education in the county.

The funding process for public votech schools has been working and has an organized no bias review of necessity of need process. State legislators keep their pencils sharp to keep votech funding focused on the needs not the wants. When was the last time a votech went into financial recovery. The “problem” fix is right in front of us and once  local school taxes are equalized by counties the “combined school boards” that exist in each county pull together and formulate the necessity of need for traditional public schools within  in the county. At the end of  the day equality in school funding is out of balanced between each school district and yes the referendum process where one district is successful and another is not expanding the funding gap. FIX THE CORE PROBLEM! And our state legislators need to due an impact study on each and every piece of K-12 legislation before that legislation is voted on. This was the process in the past until Senator Sokola had the required “written Impact analysis” repealed. But what the fuck do I know ? I only have a GED and pocketful of college credits.

Former Delaware Senator Peterson opposes giving local school boards blank check powers to raise property taxes without going to referendum.

Bill would not fix school funding problems

The Sunday “Your Turn” column by Rep. Earl Jaques indicated that House Bill No. 129 would “fix our broken school tax system.” In reality, it does no such thing. It simply adds a second mechanism for school boards to increase our property taxes. 

HB 129 would give school boards the right to increase property taxes annually by the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or 2%, whichever is higher (not “lower,” as Rep. Jaques claims). The CPI, by the way, has exceeded 2% in three of the past five years.  

The bill goes on to say that school boards may request a tax increase higher than the CPI increase or the 2%, but would have to hold a referendum to get the additional funds. So, HB 129 doesn’t “fix” the school tax system, it compounds the problem by giving school boards two mechanisms for raising taxes, instead of one (the referendum). 

Further, the bill does nothing to help the poorer-performing districts. The more affluent districts will collect more revenue because their tax base is higher, and the poorer-performing districts will collect less, thus widening the funding gap.

Delaware already spends considerably more per pupil than the national average ($14,713 vs. $11,762 per year). We are eleventh highest in the nation in terms of spending per pupil.  

Money is not the problem. How the money is spent is the problem.

Karen Peterson, retired state senator, Wilmington

(Letter to the Editor Delaware Online 5/9/2019 ) 

Delaware’s Jack Wells schools state legislators on their wrongheaded HB 129 that allows school boards to raise property taxes without referendum or legislators review. @wdel @delawareonline @DelawareToday @TheStateNews @JohnCarneyDE @DEHouseMinority @DEHouseDems @DEDeptofEd @DEStateBoardEd

When 3 referendums are defeated in the last several months and many more in prior years, I do not believe the first action taken by our legislators is to take the voting rights away from the residents, rather legislators should find out WHY the residents are voting NO.  If this bill passes without first finding out why residents are voting NO and addressing those issues, I believe it will be almost impossible to pass any referendum. This sends the message, “we the elected officials don’t want to know why residents are voting NO. 

Here are a few reasons why I believe residents are voting NO. 

1. The State has reduced funding, passing more and more funding onto property owners, not only for education but social needs. {DDOE has even stopped updating reports that show the significant cuts made by the state and the significant increase in local funding, further evidence that transparency on funding is strongly opposed, the legislators have shown they are strongly opposed to accountability by slashing the staffing of our auditors while providing more and more funding to our agencies.

2. Delinquent school taxes have skyrocketed. Many middle class jobs have been lost and while it is true many are now working,their income is far less.

3. Local funds are being used to fund the “social needs” of our children, clearly social needs should be funded by other agencies and funded by ALL taxpayers, not just property owners.

4. Property owners are convinced we do not need 19 school districts, the last study did not even have a funding analysis. Why are some administrators percentage of local funding in their salaries much higher than school level employees. Why don’t the salary scales for administrators show the amount funded by the state and amount funded from local funds? 

5. Failure to take any action to reduce overhead by consolidating support services.  What has been done is to fund the New Castle Data Service Center to provide the districts and DDOE with services, yet no employees have been terminated and or reassigned.   

6. Every year property owners school taxes are increasing because of the skyrocketing increase of children with special needs, especially those in the category of intensive and complex. Currently our school boards have authority to raise this tax rate without informing the residents or providing any justification. This year 16% of our children have special needs and they earn 37% of the Div. I Units and almost all of the related service specialists, plus providing authority for other units, many of these children are also ELL and low income. { I believe the average cost for a child attending one of our special schools is around $90,000. I have just learned from a Freedom of Information Request that at least in one special school ALL local salaries are funded from Tuition Tax Revenue, also last year 624 fulltime employees were funded 100% from local funds, most from tuition tax revenue. Very few employees and very very few residents are aware current operating local revenue is funding only 63% of Div. 1 Units, very few related service units and very few if any paraprofessionals. Why do our school boards not provide this information to the property owners, another example of no transparency. 

7. No transparency on how and where our districts, charter schools are spending $2.5 billion annually, and because the miscoding of expenditures is so widespread our auditor could not compare spending between districts, we cannot develop best practices on what allocation of resource provides the best results. 

8. To further limit the information being provided to the residents, DDOE has stopped updating staffing reports and state financial reports, the residents don’t even know have much money they are providing by category or how many employees they are funding, for some reason DDOE thinks this information is not important. {DOE staffing reports never included DOE employees.} 

9. No audits which are required by state law are conducted to verify $2.5 billion in annual expenditures are being used for the purpose provided and expenditures are legal.

10. The state funds district wide choice transportation for high achieving students starting in the 6th grade. In order to attend these schools, the children must be selected to attend schools like Conrad, CSW, CAB, DMA, IB at Dickinson, 6-8 grade at BSS, however for children who are not selected to these special schools and would like to choice and for every other student in our K-5 schools, they must provide their own choice transportation. {In Delaware, if you are poor, you have no choice, however if you are a high achiever or you can provide your own transportation, you have a choice, that is a disgrace.}

11. Unlike those children who are high achievers, if you want to attend vocational courses, you are not provided any opportunity starting in the 6th grade, and if you cannot qualify in the 9th, you cannot attend vocational courses in one of our vocational schools. {Sussex Tech denied over 1000 children over a 4 year period, no one knows what happens to these children. I wonder how many end up in jail.} 

I believe we must find a way to provide local funding for our children, but taking the voting rights away from the residents as the first course of action, will only make the problem worse.

Jack Wells

Delaware Governor John Carney slips in the shower and chokes on Rep Baumbach’s soap on a rope @JonhCarneyDE @DEDeptofEd @wdel @DeStateBoardEd @DSEA1 @Delaware_gov @christinak12 @DEcharterNetwrk @CRI_Delaware @delawareonline @DeGop @DelawarePTA

Delaware Governor John Carney weighs in on failed public school referendums across the state.“You really have to look what is at play when those referendums fail,” he said. “Whether or not it’s an appropriate public response to lack of performance or whether it’s just people who don’t want to pay more in taxes.” This is proof on Delaware Governor is out of touch. What an idiot !

Taxpayer are tired of being nickle and dimed to death every other year by a public school funding system that doesn’t work. Taxpayers who questions school referendum are often accused of hating children if they don’t support the referendum. Then there is “it’s only the cost of a cup of coffee a day.” I think we’re to the point where its the cost of the stove that the coffee pots sits on. As far as performance, the state under former Governor Jack Markell engaged in a reckless political Wall Street laced national public school reformed agenda that increased the size of oversight of public schools adding to the already over-bloated administrative positions and caused greater financial burden on local schools.

Giving traditional school district school boards the freehand to raise local school taxes 2% a year is asinine. The schools board members for the most part a being pulled around by the noses and being fed Kool-aid to support whatever the district superintendent wants. Dopey Ass Delaware State Representative wants reduce school board terms from 5 years to 3 years. Folks it takes about a year and half to train a school board member. Rep Baumbach supports Christina School District school board candidate who said she wouldn’t serve if elected.   

Governor Carney refuses to fund Delaware traditional public schools as he does Delaware public votech schools that don’t require referendums. Votech public school district presents a necessity of need for more funding to the state legislators who in- turn reviews it and votes up or down on setting new local votech school tax rates. When you look at you property tax bill you’ll see a tax for your local school district and a seperate line for votech school tax. When was the last time you voted on a Delaware public votech school referendum? Some think their local traditional school tax is shared with votech schools. That is wrong! The local school tax is shared with charter schools within that district.

We need radical changes in how we fund our public schools. Reassessment of properties for the sake of generating more money for schools is a fools-journey. Giving school boards the discretion to raise school taxes every year by 2% leaving themselves as the means of checks and balance is like leave a 3 year old unattended in a candy shop. 

The time has come to fund all Delaware traditional public schools the same way Delaware votech are funded. Governor Carney needs to stop playing games and not worry about former Governor Jack Markell ridiculous Delaware education legacy. Carney needs to man up or move the hell over ! 

Delaware State Legislator’s unethical attempt to unseat another public election official aka school board member! Wait until you see this! Just like a Joe Biden supporter.

Rep Paul Baumbach interference is Christina School District School Board Election by supporting a candidate who publicly announced she wouldn’t serve if elected in attempt to unseat board member John Young because he disagree with his position on issues will harm CSD. Rep Baumbach endorsement of the candidate who won’t serve isn’t about supporting the better candidate in his mind ( I wouldn’t take issue with that) but rather undermining an public elected official who has a responsibility to the taxpayers as well students, teachers, school administrator and parents of school children.

Rep Baumbach reserve his positioning on social issues such as gun laws that displeases many in the public. His participation in undermining an elected official such as John Young is unethical. John M. Young No position on the referendum and no position on terminating teachers is a attempt to force the hands of Dover to address a failed public school funding process. Rather than face responsibility to address this issue as a legislators Rep Paul Baumbach orders a political Code Red on John Young by urging his constituent to vote for a board candidate who has no intention serving if elected. Rep Paul Baumbach doesn’t share an issues of a SES Contract that went before Christina’s school board for a vote in which John M. Young voted no along with another board member. Other board members who supported the motion voted yes and SES contact was approve, That SES Contact entities have a connection to the other board candidate. There is an appearance that there could be retaliation as part of this election fiasco.

Rep Paul Baumbach appears to be clueless as what happen if Christina School District goes into Financial Recovery . Baumbach uses the term “bankrupt” which is a false analogy. This is what happens if any school district goes into financial recovery as Red Clay and Christina has. They didn’t go bankrupt:

Title 14 , Chapter 18 subsection 1802 (2) “During any period of time when it is determined that a school district or charter school is in financial distress, the Financial Recovery Team shall be empowered to exercise, subject to the approval of the Secretary, control over the expenditure of funds appropriated to a school district or charter school as deemed necessary by the members of the Team. Control shall include, without limiting the foregoing, the right to approve the school district’s or charter school’s annual budget and any subsequent material amendment thereto, the right to approve district tax rates, the right to request drawdown of state financial assistance if applicable, the right to approve financial reporting to the local board of education or charter school board, the right to approve accounting policies, procedures and reports, the right to require a Financial Responsibility Committee be established by the local school board or charter school comprised of 1 or more members of the said board and/or residents of the district or, in the case of a charter school, parents of students attending the school. The Committee shall examine and report on the financial status of the district or charter school and shall have the right to pre-approve any obligation or contract that would require the expenditure of funds by the school district or charter school. Notwithstanding any provision of either this Code or any applicable rule or regulation to the contrary, the authority extended under this section shall apply to the expenditure of all funds received by a school district or charter school.

Rep Baumbach is running a block to avoid a legislation solution to address Delaware’s out dated traditional school funding mechanism. Rep Baumbach supports legislation that allows Delaware public votech schools to circumvent the referendum process. Delaware votech local school property tax is set by the state legislators one they review the votech’s necessity of need via a funding request to the legislators. The legislators performs a needs and impact study before “voting” on setting new local school tax rate assets against property value. Rep Baumbach refuses to introduce legislation bring traditional public  and  public charter schools under the same funding umbrella as Delaware’s public votech schools.

I wouldn’t note take issue with Rep Baumbach if he supported a legitimate board candidate. Certainly that is his right. However , supporting a candidate who stated they wouldn’t serve is unethical and pays his constituents. If this candidate wins  and doesn’t serve her opponent John Young does not win by default. I would how Rep Paul Baumbach would feel when “he” runs unopposed voters can come in and vote yes or no. That doesn’t happen in Delaware/ Unopposed candidates win by default.