Looks like Super Merv is going to request formal review for revocation Re: Delaware College Prep (Red Clay charter school)

April 16, 2014 board presentation.

Delaware College Preparatory Academy

 School Leader- Angela Dennis
 Board President- Yardise Jones
 Enrollment- 209
 Performance Frameworks
…..Academic- Does not Meet Standard
…..Financial- Does not Meet Standard
…..Organizational- Does Not Meet Standard
 Renewal Year- 2016
 Increased concerns
….Enrollment- DCPA did not make their 80% enrollment by April 1st, 2014.
……Enrollment decreases continue to impact budget resources
……FY12 and FY13 ended with an extremely slight balance
……With no reserves and decreasing enrollment, FY14 is projected to end in a deficit
…..Long term financial viability is in question
 Compliance with law
….Public information on website not up to date (Board minutes, finances, etc.)
….Consistent reminders regarding disciplinary procedures, IDEA regulations and compliance timelines.

Delaware College Preparatory Academy Path Forward

 4/16- Board votes to place DCPA “under formal review for revocation of their Charter.”

 4/17- DCPA receives notice of formal review AND report outlining

 5/2- DCPA’s deadline to respond to formal review notice

 5/3- DCPA receives 30 day notice of public hearing

 6/10- Public hearing

 6/18- Red Clay Consolidated School District Board Meeting


Kilroy says, if Red Clay keeps this school open rolling the $$$$$ dice with local taxpayers’ money chances of a successful operational referendum is near null. We all know the clock is ticking for another Red Clay operational referendum, just a matter of time. Rolling the dice on Delaware College Prep would be a foolish move! DE DOE isn’t $$$ obligated to $$$ bailout DCPA like they did form Pencader to save Jack’s buddy Frank’s honor. Red Clay has invested many man and women hours in offering DCPA technically assistance which did cost local taxpayers in loss productivity of those Red Clay officials involved. Yea agreed, that’s Red Clay obligation for being the charter authorizing and oversight body. But now it appears the end is near for DCPA. I am sure Red Clay will accommodated the best they can getting current Red Clay students at DCPA back to their feeder schools and choice school if space is available. My advise to DCPA parents is to move now and beat the rush and confusion! Also, be wary of the new charter schools planing to open fall 2014. By the looks of their enrollment you’ll be rolling the dice yourselves. Get back to the Red Clay feeder schools and ENGAGE and take OWNERSHIP of your child’s school and education. Don’t be bitter at Red Clay, the administration has been working very hard trying to help DCPA. Folks it ain’t going to happen!

Take action now DCPA parents! Get your child signed up at another school. Don’t wait because all cards indicate CLOSURE aka REVOCATION.    

Delaware: Delaware charter school movement seems to be crumbling via false promises! #netde #edude @ ed_in_de @destateboarded @dedeptofed @Huffingtonpost @fox29philly @naccp @cornelwest @tavissmiley @washingtonpost

State to decide on charter school applications Matthew Albright, The News Journal

State education officials will decide whether to approve five new charters, whether to put three already-approved schools under review for financial issues and whether to allow the New Maurice J. Moyer Academy to shrink its enrollment targets.

From the charter school review committee reports Pike Creek Charter might not be a no go! As for the three charter school set to open fall 2014-2015 that didn’t come close to it approved charter application promised enrollment, these three charters must be revoke! Not delayed! REVOKE! Folks the integrity of  the Delaware Charter School Framework is on the line! Kilroy can’t tip his hand but their enrollment numbers are pathetic and I dare Sec of Ed to massage them before presenting enrollment numbers to the state board.  Personally I think its time we add some criminal charges to those falsify education reports and documentation! As far as Moyer !! What the fuck is this! The “New” Maurice J. Moyer has an approved charter application some might call an agreement with the state and they claimed to have what it takes to turn Moyer around! Heff if you vote yes for Moyer I think anybody with the name Heff needs to get out of government! INTEGRITY! If INTEGRITY is not at top don’t expect it at the bottom!

A group of 20 state lawmakers wrote a letter earlier this month to Murphy and the board expressing “deep concerns” about the scope of the new schools, saying Red Clay School District alone stands to lose 800 students and $2.6 million if the charters are all approved.

The letter argues some of the proposed charters don’t have specialized goals beyond those of a traditional school or rely on advantages regular schools can’t have.

According to Governor Markell, U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murhpy Race to The Top is yielding fruit! Traditional public schools GET IT! Why continue to erode the financial base of traditional public schools? If Red Clay’s Lewis or Warner school is forced closed due to cost to operate the building due to low enrollment a charter school would be allow to buy or lease the build. What happens to the feeder school per Neighborhood School Act? Students would be reassigned and no guarantees those children wanting or gaining access in a charter would get in.

Folks we will never know the true success of charter schools unless there is a charter takeover a traditional public school lock stock and barrel and they “won’t” do better. 

The lawmakers specifically pointed to Freire Charter School’s zero-tolerance policy on fighting, bullying and other violence, arguing a district school can’t simply throw out any disruptive students.

Some 41 local Freire supporters sent a letter in response arguing that, given the continuing violence and poor academic futures many Wilmington students face, the school’s model is exactly what many city kids need. They said 90 percent of Freire grads attend college within two years of graduation.

“It is our belief that the school will lead the way in changing the abysmal reality our inner-city students are currently facing in their educational journeys,” the letter said. “It is perplexing that, in a city plagued by violence, charter opponents have criticized Freire’s nonviolence policy, which creates a safe haven in which students can learn and thrive.”

Freire is growing on me because the application they presented is from their “working model”. However, I still struggle with the zero tolerance behavior issues. I see many kids acting-act as a result of emotional baggage they carry. I do have seven years part-time experience and one year full-time working with troubled teens in a Residential Treatment Center and Foster Treatment Program whom some where on suspended commitment to Ferris School aka Level 3 Probation. Many professional is this field will tell you negative behavior is a form of “communication” and it takes a professional to decode that information. How many of our inter-city children loss love-ones or dear friends in street violence or drug addiction? How many are children of drug addicted parents? How many are raised by grandparents due to death, incarceration or abandonment of their parents? Our society takes pity on dogs who were part of dog-fighting ring and damn, looks like rehabilitation and adoption of these dogs exceeds that of trouble youth without parents. Freire and all charter schools must follow the same rules severing children when it comes to student behavior and thing less should be viewed as civil right violation. Wilmington officials need to stepup and see these potential civil rights violations brewing.  Freire has much “success” to offer but I strongly feel they need to add a crisis interventionist not a SRO but a person who can help keep the stray behavior on track! Same goes for all charter schools and traditional schools! No child should be a throw-away child because of factors in their lives that reduces them to undesirables because God didn’t bless the with a parent like Publius. Yes Publius I have bleeding heart not filled with ice. If you ever held a bad-ass street kid in your arms seeing the tears you would know what my eyes and heart have seen.   

Murphy and the Board are also set to decide whether to put three already-approved charters, Academia Antonio Alonso, Delaware MET and Design Lab Charter High School on “formal review” because of concerns over their finances and enrollment. Should they do so, the accountability committee would begin scrutinizing the schools to make sure they are financially viable.

If significant problems are found, the state could revoke the schools’ charters, though Thursday’s vote would only be a first step.

Formal reviews like these could become more common under a new tighter performance framework for charters approved last year, Department spokeswoman Alison May said.

You can bet the Longwood Foundation (Re-Pete over There) and Markell political card will be played to save Academia Antonio Alonso. Certainly we can’t embarrass the unibrow-man.  It would be counter productive to the new charter framework to allow these charters to open and not “REVOKE” there charters! It’s obvious they got it WRONG!

Finally, officials must decide whether to allow the New Moyer Academy to reduce its targeted enrollment by about half, from 455 students next school year to 265.

What is there to decided Heff? Cut enrollment in half? Sad!

“We believe these schools will add unique value to Delaware because of their innovative methodology,” Delaware Charter Schools Network Executive Director Kendall Massett wrote to Murphy. “In the case of two of them, a strong track record of success for kids.”

Massett points out that, while the state’s charter law allows officials to consider the impact on school districts, that can’t be the only factor in whether a school gets approved. Officials also have to consider the larger question of whether the schools will be good for the students and communities they serve.

“We have to put the best interest of the children in front of us and collaborate on how to make that a reality,” Massett wrote. “We have to provide choices that allow for the very different individualized learning styles of all children to be met.”

Lady with all due respects, go back to the hotel industry to play your Tony Robbins’ trumpet! These charter schools are failing to meet the obligation and goals “they” set and promised! This lady drove a knife in the back of Reach Academy a paying customer! With the obvious struggles of these charter schools and others working with Delaware Charter Schools Network, its like stopping to piss along I-10 in Orange Texas facing Huston (West). This lady is pissing all over herself and can’t even smell it! 

Message to Mr. Pencadermom re: commenting on blogs

Pencadermom, on April 13, 2014 at 10:19 pm said:

This blog has been interesting and I’ve learned a lot about how our education system works (and doesn’t work) but it takes up time I should be working. I’m pretty sure it makes my bp go up a little and I’m burnt out. My husband ask me what is the point of commenting on a blog anyway. If I want to make a difference in a kids life or help them, spending time on here certainly isn’t going to make that happen. He’s right and I’m taking a break. Just wanted to say bye.

Dear Mr. Pencadermom,

In deed blogs and commenting on blogs seem like the dog is chasing his tail. No doubt every parent who visits Kilroy’s are 100% engaged in their child’s education. Then there is the sometimes thankless job of being a PTA member. Over the year I’ve serve as PTA President of my son school, many Red Clay committees, state committee, many seminars and conventions. The sad part of many of these committees and even seminars and committees they are scripted to one side. One thing I hate is the so-called town hall meeting when participants are required to write down their questions and hand it in and hope they’ll be called on. Blogs are like virtual kitchen tables, very spontaneous. Yep and there is the name calling drama Publius enjoys! But Publius is welcome at this table. Yep and it get’s old and people need a break. However, blogs represents a place were people can freely debate and in debate truth does emerge. At time all sides steps back and might learn something from each other. There are many people who check in on blogs where some won’t comment and as you see from time to time brave legislators drop-by. Some call bloggers the trash men of the blogoshere but somebody has to take the trash out :). But do note, there are folks who read through the blog bullshit and hear the concerns and take them serious. The traditional school vs charter debate will go on. However, the real concern is the ever expanding public school reform where each time a new idea / agenda comes along we see expansion of administration, consultants and the need to rewrite the standards and of course need new textbooks to match. Keeping this agenda in check is for the kids and for parents.

 Publius e decere, on April 14, 2014 at 12:11 am said: Edit Comment

Pencadermom,Thanks for being here. I understand your need for a break. I have felt the same. You’ll be back, but take the well-deserved break.

Yes buddy it is very time consuming and distracts from other things in life. I am sure you are here because blogs are the only place we all can hash it out. I don’t see bad people on either side of the debate. I see people with different perspective and yes moral values. There are many time I don’t enjoy blogging and even today I thought about hitting the delete button. Believe it or not is was my son way back in 3rd grade (1995) came home with a letter asking for parents help with Title 1 concerns. I thought Red Clay’s Title 1 program was in trouble and was going to lose funding. My son was being served by Title 1. I went to the meeting and entered a room with about 10 people sitting around a conference table. They said, welcome aboard! I was speechless as I just joined the Red Clay district Title 1 Parent Advisory Council. I was in deep an invested myself and expanded involvement from there. About five years later I looked at my son and said, “baby Kilroy (no his name of course) I think I am call it quits! I don’t think I can make a difference.” Baby Kilroy’s response was, “dad you do make a difference and people are counting on you.” I was like, WOW! Baby Kilroy tagged along to many events with me and saw my involvement. Onetime we were at an event AG Jane Brady hosted where people went up to the microphone and made comments and suggestions! I did and when I came back to my seat Baby Kilory was pissed! He said, “you didn’t say what I would have said.” I told him get, “up there and say your self.” He did!

Parents can be good and bad roll-models (jury still out on Kilroy). However, I feel we must stand up and question reform so laced with political agendas and yes poke them in the eye if need be! Comments here does do that but offers the many “legislators” who visit here and other blogs “raw” opinions and concerns. Many don’t dare comment because they’ll get eaten alive live. I do sidebar many people who don’t comment here. My blogs posts are pushed out to Facebook and Twitter. But yes in deed people do need a break from this headbanging! Pencadermom is valued here just as OMG do I have to say Publius! I am sure she’ll be back commenting after Jerry Springer goes into reruns :). But for real Pencadermom thanks and take a break! Start now by no commenting to this post :)


Thanks for showing your bias. At least we know where you stand, “big tent” notwithstanding. Tell your muse Pandora that charter schools and choice are the Jeffersonian local control that everyone on here keeps blustering about. Just take off your parochial hats and you’ll see it. Or better yet, apply it to your own kids and you’ll get it right away.

Embrace it.


Now back to you! I got something for you to “embrace”! Publius explain why there are three charter schools set to open fall 2014 that can’t even enroll 100 students! One of those charter has the godfather of the charter school law ( well the one who wrote it in the shadows) on their board! And his better half associated with a well know charter school related organization! Making a pretty good $$$ living off of charter schools wouldn’t you say! FYI you DO NOT want to mess with Pandora! Your esquire friend couldn’t handle her and no way in hell would you. 

Building another Titanic doesn’t solved the problem! You”ll see after the state board of education’s meeting this week! I am sure you’ll be there pretending to be reading your book like always. I have no problem with you coming here getting salty! I know in the scope of things you aren’t on the A Team and Markell only loves your political donations, not you!  You are good man but don’t let your ego be ruled by you social status. Compassion is a blessed gift so repent!

Pandora nails it; The focus on parents’ individual choice is a way to avoid/ignore/not understand the systemic problem in K-12 education. #netde #edude @ed_in_de @dedeptofed @destateboarded

{Pandora’s comments take from this blog post comment sectionMore info on the 3 charter schools failing to meet requirements of applications to openPosted on  by kilroysdelaware}

By Pandora  April 13, 2014 at 10:40 am 

The focus on parents’ individual choice is a way to avoid/ignore/not understand the systemic problem in K-12 education.  Choice is a audience/market tested buzzword, because, in most cases, the word choice is viewed as good – the ability to choose between two, or more, good things.  Should I choose the apple pie or the blueberry pie?  Choice is not, and has never been, a grassroots movement of parents.  Not. One. Little. Bit. 

But school choice has never been about choosing between good schools.  It is a way to escape the perception of ones feeder school – a self-fulfilling prophecy which has actually turned that perception into reality.  Dickinson HS is a prime example.  There was nothing wrong with this school until a group of parents decided that AIHS was better.  The fact that parents choiced their kids into AIHS’s overcrowded classrooms and trailers rather than send their children to Dickinson (and that RCCD allowed this rampant choice) always amazed me, because their choice didn’t strike me as educationally based – especially not when it began.  Choice became status.

I’ve said this before… Choice only means something if you have the ability to choose.  If you have twenty dollars in your wallet for a watch, the fact that there are Rolex watches in the display case doesn’t mean much to you.  If you don’t have a car or a job with a flexible schedule then choice will be like that Rolex – there, but not accessible to you.  

Choice also lets school districts off the hook for basic education.  If parents aren’t happy with their school then they, the parent, should choice out.  If they don’t, or can’t, choice out.  Too bad.

What would be great is if we could stop playing the gotcha game of “where do your kids go to school” and “did you apply to CSW?”  It misses the flippin’ point.  If a parent is happy with their choice for their child – that’s great, but it doesn’t address the systemic issues that have forced parents into choosing. Anecdote is not the plural of data.

Choice, NSA, charters and magnets weren’t created to benefit public education.  They were designed to fracture it.  Right now, the majority of parents do not have a real choice.  A few have an escape hatch that leaves many behind.  Can we even imagine a school choice in which we weren’t fleeing?  Fleeing is not choice.

And for a second, people who received their choice should put themselves in the shoes of parents who didn’t get their choice. There’s more of them, btw, and they’re starting to notice.  This situation is coming to a head.  It would be great if we could come up with solutions that benefit all children, rather than blow everything up.  This inability to address (hell, even flippin’ acknowledge) problems caused by choice, NSA, charters and magnets is why I’m expecting an explosion.

Thanks Pandora! Comment worthy of being it’s own blog post.

More info on the 3 charter schools failing to meet requirements of applications to open

V. C. 4. Recommendation for Formal Review: Academia Antonia Alonso (for Action)



The Department is seeking consent of the State Board of Education to place the charter school on formal review.  The issues for the formal review include concerns relative to  economic viability and compliance with enrollment within their charter.  If the State Board consents, the formal review will be referred to the Charter School Accountability Committee for review and report.

Academia Antonia Alonso was originally approved to open 2013-2014 (this year) asked for a delay was granted.  The approved application state the school would open it’s first year with 300 students (150K and 150 1st grade) 

Make note of this Delaware Charter Law  : 

“A charter school is a public school including 2 or more of grade kindergarten through 12 and having at least 200 students (provided, however, that a charter school may enroll fewer than 200 but no less than 100 students in its first 2 years of operation or for a charter school serving at-risk or special education students),” 

Wow they must be way below their target enrollment! Kind of weird with all the outcry from parents for more charters you’d think there would be a waiting list.

V. C. 6. Recommendation for Formal Review: Design Lab Charter High School (for Action)


The Department is seeking consent of the State Board of Education to place the charter school on formal review.  The issues for the formal review include concerns relative to  economic viability and compliance with enrollment within their charter.  If the State Board consents, the formal review will be referred to the Charter School Accountability Committee for review and report.  

  Design Lab Charter High School  Per application first year enrollment would be 240-300 students serving grades 9 & 10. 

V. C. 5. Recommendation for Formal Review: Delaware MET (for Action)



The Department is seeking consent of the State Board of Education to place the charter school on formal review.  The issues for the formal review include concerns relative to economic viability and compliance with enrollment within their charter.  If the State Board consents, the formal review will be referred to the Charter School Accountability Committee for review and report.

Delaware MET per application first year enrollment would be 264 students serving 9th & 10th grades.

Hey Publius, what’s going on? Seriously?  I am kind of shock especially with the charter godfather’s school. It appears they don’t have very effective marketing skills.

WAIT STOP THE PRESSES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OMG if these schools don’t open what happens to the students who enrolled? Choice window is closed ! Right! Well thank God their feeder schools has to take them by law! Good thing we have such laws for a safety-net when charters can’t deliver as promised! LOL just pulling  your chain! We all know Secretary of Education will request the state board to approve the opening of these schools. I am sure he’ll cut a deal that if the state board approves allowing these charters to go forward that he’ll resign effective June 30, 2014.   

Well look at it this way, per Arne Duncan and Jack Markell Race to The Top is working! Perhaps the traditional public schools turned around so much the charter school movement is dead! 30th year all time low for high school dropout rate! there’s the proof! 

OMG! Yet another making 3 Delaware charter school heading for a formal review

V. C. 4. Recommendation for Formal Review: Academia Antonia Alonso (for Action)



The Department is seeking consent of the State Board of Education to place the charter school on formal review.  The issues for the formal review include concerns relative to  economic viability and compliance with enrollment within their charter.  If the State Board consents, the formal review will be referred to the Charter School Accountability Committee for review and report.

WFT that makes 3 charter schools heading for formal review before they even open!

So who is going to be accountable for these blunders? You can bet with unibrow being part of this charter school some backdoor save-face deal will be made!

When will our state legislators wake the F up and call for Murphy’s removal? What the hell is going on in Dover? Got Debbie playing Longhurst’s chambermaid and Ramone working to allow drinking in movie theaters! Almost forgot, Ernie down there pushing legislation saying candy with less that 2% alcohol is OK to sell to kids. Then there is Pete playing a shell game with H.B.#23. Almost forgot creepy Sokola telling all the ladies how beautiful their eyes are! Does anyone in Dover see how these charter approvals are getting F’ed up! Folks the law say 200 students makes a legal charter school in Delaware and this rare action before an approved charter school opens it’s door says to me they aren’t even near 200 students. Whatever happen to parents demanding more charter schools? You think there would be waiting list! These charters gave Sec Murphy applications saying they can deliver! Looks like they didn’t. Rumor has it Murphy rather than “revoking” these 3 charters he’ll recommend a year extension re: delay opening! That’s what the little birdie living in Seaford told me ;). Hey Heff! You know how it works! Talk tough then belly-up! Honor Markell’s marching orders!  

Delaware: Governor Markell’s Edinsight discipline database may set the stage for being racially bias #netDe #Edude @dedeptofed @ed_in_de @destateboard ed @cornelwest @tavissmiley @NAACP @jea_street (@TheRevAl @cspanwj

A follow-up from this previous post Delaware walking a dangerous path “profiling” public school children via Edinsight. Posted on  by kilroysdelaware GO READ …………………..

We’ve heard the complaints that black students are disciplined at a higher rate than white students and the severity of consequences tend to be more for black students. Wasn’t this proven by a USDOE Civil Rights report as a result of Jea Street’s complaint against Christina School District on concerns reaching back to when former Delaware Secretary of Education Lowery was superintendent of CSD?

Fair warning minority community, this Governor Markell agenda to build a database to improve education to track students from cradle to career as they say might be more sinister than that. For minorities we might be talking cradle to incarceration. If Edinsight database is to track details of student discipline from the behavior infractions to associated consequences from grades k-12 we’ll end up with a school criminal record printout that could be used by militarily recruiters which could be basis for denial of entry if a student wanted to enlist. And that goes deep because now you’ll have the government determining your child is unfit for military duty. The discipline data could be requested by family court or even superior court. Remember this wonderful data bases will be linked across the country so the so-called educational data follows the student moving across district or state-line. Some Charter schools look at behavior records and maybe not now but colleges and universities might have access. Currently for now I think the biggest impact would be charter school admission applications! This discipline data will contain notes by principals, teachers, counselors and possible comments by other students who were the so-called victim (put into database by school staff). Call me crazy if you want but many know the importance of documentation and surely the district needs detailed documentation such in the event of lawsuits by victims or parents who feel their child is being over discipline. Make note anyone with access can change or update information at will.

Parents will not have access to this discipline data and the only printed reports they’ll see is cherry-picked academic performance.  

If the goal of education reform is driven by the need to improve student achievement why the need for such a big brother database. Yes we know the links to absenteeism and negative behavior to achievement. However, don’t you think using the time to detail documentation of events could be better used on behavior modification techniques to reduce negitive behavior in schools. And parents what about you! What about those parent teacher conferences? Don’t you think you have a right to see teacher reports going into this database? And you can bet you comments will be documented. 

Dear Delaware Legislators, PLEASE will someone introduce legislation that gives parents rights request full complete printout report of such databases and copies of current school records. Please make sure such request form is highly visible on DE DOE website! Hey Debbie you don’t need to engage this one! Please don’t! I don’t want to burden your love-affair with the sellout gang!  

Folks we know many of our affluent parents are obsessed with their child being perfect and you know damn well they fight anything and everything to keep something negative of their child’s record. Also, odds are system notation on minorities will be more in-dept because schools fear civil rights complaints so they need all the details they can get to cover their asses.

As far as system security don’t worry Markell, Murphy, DE DOE and even the software vendor will tell you don’t worry our system is secure and nothing to worry about. Folks anyone with a system password and student ID# has access and we’re talking thousands of people just in Delaware! If that information was accidentally left on a teachers desk or in view of a student LOOK OUT! Folks we need to be very very careful what kind of personal information is being put into a system with so many users and across state lines. If you trust Jack then go back to sleep! 

Yikes another Delaware Charter school heading for formal review! This time Delaware MET

V. C. 5. Recommendation for Formal Review: Delaware MET (for Action)


The Department is seeking consent of the State Board of Education to place the charter school on formal review.  The issues for the formal review include concerns relative to economic viability and compliance with enrollment within their charter.  If the State Board consents, the formal review will be referred to the Charter School Accountability Committee for review and report.

Delaware State Legislators sitting around with their thumbs up their asses! WHY STATE LEGISLATORS?  WHY? Another Murphy blunder!!!!

Delaware: Judgment day for Delaware charter school applications next week 04/17/2014



An Application to open a new charter was submitted by the founding members of the following boards.  The Charter School Accountability Committee has issued its report on the application.  Two public hearings were held on each of the applications 

The Secretary will make his recommendations with respect to each of the applications.

(Link to the complete record for consideration in each of the New Applications is posted below)

Delaware STEM Academy

Freire Charter School

Great Oaks High School

Mapleton Charter School at Whitehall

Pike Creek Charter Middle School

Forget it Pike Creek, Kilroy doesn’t see it in the cards! Debbie wasn’t a team-player ;).

Delaware walking a dangerous path “profiling” public school children via Edinsight.

DE DOE Dashboard

Here’s how it goes, teacher can tag the profile of each student in the class and access the data base. Sounds good but remember as far a discipline it’s added each discipline event starting at Kindergarten. I can understand tracking academic progress for the purpose of academic intervention but giving teachers full access of student discipline going back to kindergartner is looking for trouble and sets students up for stigmatizing negative labels. I can see a behavior interventionist needing full view or school discipline administrator but I caution giving teachers full access beyond student behavior issue within their class. And then this dashboard information is accessible to other schools if the student transfers out of district or even other states. WERE ARE THE LIMITS TO WHAT IS TO BE SHARED? And don’t give me that shit the system is secure! NO WAY! Keeping a profile is one thing but “profiling” is another. Folks we’re heading into the social danger zone with possible civil rights ramifications. Maybe not now but who knows, colleges might ask for discipline reports. Yea yea, incentives for kids to behavior themselves. But we are talking kids and building a public school discipline criminal record is very dangerous  !   



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