Delaware State Test Scores In, Spec Ed kids not worth reporting on News Journal?

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According to the News Journal, kids on state standardized tests remained about the same as last year in Delaware.  This is the last year on DCAS, and next year starts the abysmal monstrosity called Smarter Balanced Assessment.  You know, the one that got voted against in the Delaware Senate last month, only to have Markell’s team come in and say “We would have implemented it anyways”.  So the Senate did a revote and passed it, eternally pissing off Kilroy cause of Greg Lavelle’s flip-flop. 

Hey News Journal, how about a little love for the special needs children who have to take these crappy tests.  You didn’t mention one word about how they did. 

The article goes on to talk about how the Smarter Balanced test will be tougher for the kids, but it’s more in line with common core.  And it will only take 7 hours for elementary kids and 8.5…

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Audio of Cape Henlopen School Board meeting re: Book Banning

Cape Henlopen School Board went about the business of book banning on June 12, 2014.

I found this article on  Huffington Post

My Letter to the Members of the Cape Henlopen School Board About Their Censorship of my Great Big Gay-YA Novel

Posted: 07/07/2014 3:17 pm EDT 

As the writer of the book in question, my reaction to your unfortunate decision to remove The Miseducation of Cameron Post from your district’s summer reading list is one of both sincere disappointment, and also one of unexpected pride.

I’m disappointed, of course, that you, the members of this school board, have taken it upon yourselves to overrule the work of the dedicated and informed librarians who crafted the Blue Hen reading list in the first place, particularly because you admit to not even fully reading my book before voting to remove it from said list.

Go here to read entire article …..

DE DOE Blowman spits it out re: Bancroft PZ /AYP! Charter conversion coming ?

Is Partnership Zone about to Rear Its Ugly Head in Wilmington? by Children and Educators First

UPDATE:  DOE’s Chief Turnaround Officer, Keith Sanders (of Miller-McCoy testing scandal fame) has resigned from his position in Dover effective July 15, 2014.  I suppose it’s just another hop, skip, and jump through Delaware onto greater fame and controversy! 

While we are still awaiting confirmation, the rumor on the street is that DOE is planning to enact the next level of intervention in a Wilmington school.

At least one PZ schools is rumored to have failed to make AYP for in two years for two years. Here’s the letter:

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go visit Lizzie here and see a copy Blowman’s letter re: Bancroft PZ / AYP. Will DE DOE play the charter school conversion on Bancroft? 

Dear parents of Delaware public school children! DE Rep Hudson and Longhurst have failed you


Delaware State Representatives Hudson and Longhurst blocked transparency legislation that would of held all Delaware public school more accountable and responsible to parents, students and the taxpayers. You’ll see their names on the election ballot in November 2014! PLEASE VOTE FOR THEIR OPPONENTS! Hudson is a Republican and Longhurst a Democrat! My call for removal of both these irresponsible legislators has nothing to do with party politics. They are BAD for public education reform that must be more transparent. Hudson and Longhurst has FAILED! Their vote on H.B#334 support greater federal intervention in local school control and support yet another wrongheaded student assessment process linked to Wall Street profiteers.

Rep Hudson and Longhurst has failed the community they claim to represent and transparency they both promised. Remember NO for Hudson and Longhurst!

Dear Senator Lavelle! Your H.B.#334 flip-flop vote has opened gates of education hell

Delaware Department of Education

Office of Assessment

Delaware System of Student Assessments (DeSSA)
Delaware High School Assessment – 2014–2015

As part of our efforts to promote College and Career Readiness outcomes for all students, Delaware remains strongly committed to robust accountability for raising student achievement and closing achievement gaps. The move to new Common Core assessments is an opportunity to meaningfully inform and reflect strong teaching and learning. Students will not take a Smarter test in grades 9 and 10. The following assessments will be administered by the state during the 2014–2015 school year:

 Students in grade 10 will take the PSAT in the fall.
 Students will take the grade 10 science summative.
 Students will take the end-of-course U.S. history.
 Students in grade 11 will take the SAT in the spring.
 Students in grade 11 will take the Smarter ELA and mathematics tests in the spring.

During the 2014–2015 school year only as the state transitions to the Smarter test, the Department of Education would like to support local districts with the following options for ELA
and mathematics for grades 9 and 10:

1. Smarter ELA and Mathematics Interim Comprehensive Assessment (ICA) – Will mirror the summative assessment as it will use the same blueprint and require the same administration time. The ICA will feature a computer adaptive component and performance tasks. Additionally, the ICA will report the same information as the summative—overall composite scale score, achievement levels, and claim-level information.
Benefits – Will be Common Core aligned and scaled for grades 9 and 10. Potential Challenges – Hand-scoring will be necessary for a portion of assessment at the local level and will be at each district’s expense. Items will not be secure.

2. Preliminary SAT Scoring Service (PSSS) – Measures critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills using the pre-disclosed 2013 PSAT/NMSQT Saturday test form.

Benefits – Will be externally scored, and DOE will pay costs.
Potential Challenges – Will not be Common Core aligned—same test as fall Saturday 2013 PSAT.

3. Local District Decision for Alternative Spring Assessment – Assessment that is created and administered according to unique district/school perspective.

Benefits – Flexibility to use district assessment. Potential Challenges – Common Core alignment, hand-scoring may be necessary. Districts selecting this option should contact DOE to discuss potential cost-sharing.

4. Local District Decision – No assessment will be administered in the spring for grades 9 or 10.

Senator Lavelle, see this shit above? You and your other Republican friends who vote for H.B.#334 will not be forgotten! Dare any of you “yes” H.B.#334 voters come out and criticize teachers and their unions when test scores drop through the bottom and when the call comes to once again reform Delaware’s public education. And you can count on parents getting pissed off with this wrongheaded assessment agenda! We’ll know when to send them! 9 out of 12 state senators voted “NO” for H.B.#334 which included democrats and republicans. Dude you BLEW IT! You jammed one deep in the backs of parents and students! You BLEW IT!

Here we go again!!!! Moyer charter school to be put on formal review!

V. C. 3. Recommendation for Formal Review of an Existing Charter (For Action)

The Department is seeking consent of the State Board of Education to place Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute on formal review.  

The issues for the formal review include concerns relative to: 

Academic Performance; Appropriate Strategies to Accommodate the Needs of At-Risk Students and Those Needing Special Education Services; Educational Program; School Discipline; Attendance; Student Assessment; Economic Viability; Staff Credentialing; and Financial and Administrative Operations. 

If the State Board consents, the formal review will be referred to the Charter School Accountability Committee for review and report.

And when is DE DOE releasing results of Moyer’s Spec Ed full audit ? 

Delaware: Obama to cover for Gov. Markell’s I-495 bridge blunder @foxnews @Washingtonpost @huffingtonpost @cnn @cnbc

Obama plans new center to spur projects Melissa Nann Burke, The News Journal

The president will deliver his remarks Thursday afternoon at the Port of Wilmington, in front of the tilted I-495 bridge over the Christina River. The event is not open to the public.

Crews this week finished the first phase of a $35 million emergency project to repair the leaning section of the bridge, which was shut down June 2.

Engineers blame the damage on a 50,000-ton pile of soil placed next to key bridge supports, and not on the 40-year-old structure’s age, or a failure to properly maintain or inspect the span. Federal funds are expected to cover the bulk of repair costs.

Work to repair the bridge will continue during Obama’s visit, officials said.

Poor choice for backdrop of highlighting crumbing highway infrastructure Mr. President. The damage to I-495 was caused by negligence on Governor Markell’s Delaware Department of Transportation. To date, Gov. Markell fails to expose the idiot who permitted the dumping of 50,000 tons of dirt against I-495 support columns causing the damage!

Something you need to know about Lou re: ICT / Placements

Who’s Lou? ICT Dialogue is Rolling at Kilroys! by Children and Educators First

We’ve started a dialogue over at Kilroys, More Proof Delaware’s Sec. of Education Lacks Capacity to Lead,  about ICT and placements for children who need more services than are available in the State of Delaware.  And since we are finally talking about this small, but important subset of children, we’ve been combing annual reports that date back 10 years.

Who’s Lou? In the Annual Report issued for FY 2009, Lou is a composite profile of students served by ICT.  

Meet Lou: Here …………………………..

Read Children and Educators First entire post here ………….

Red Clay updates webpage re: Share Your Thoughts re: new attendance zone

Red Clay updates their webpage to share the “Share Your Thoughts” on the new attendance zone. Hopefully meeting minutes will be posted soon. Thank you Jack Wells for pointing out Red Clay’s dropping the ball on transparency. However, historically there will be those who wait until the board takes action (vote) and then complain, no one told them! I haven’t real digest all the information beyond the board presentation and I do have “trust” in many of the members on the committee and the board, all of them, to get it right as possibly as can be! I still take issue with Red Clay not having middle and high school neighborhood schools at the same time they use the Neighborhood Schools Act to justify new schools in the suburbs. But you know, Wilmington’s so-called civil rights leaders aren’t engaged in this issue so I am pissing in the wind! And why isn’t there representation from the mayor of Wilmington’s office on this committee?

Thank you Red Clay for updating the webpage

Tom Gordon has real vision! Just might see him in the 2016 Governor Race

A new vision for Port of Wilmington Maureen Milford, The News Journal

The ambitious concept, which maritime experts estimate would cost $400 million to $600 million for the first phase, envisions capitalizing on the existing rail near the properties to tie the Riveredge operation with the Port of Wilmington and the former General Motors assembly plant on Boxwood Road near Newport.

The Boxwood location, the former Fisker Automotive site that Gordon has said the county is offering to buy, would serve as a central location for the distribution to retailers of goods and products by rail or highway.

Gordon calls the vision a “no brainer” that would create needed high-paying middle-class jobs. The existing port on the Christina and Delaware River, which had 367 vessel calls in 2013, is estimated to support 5,200 families both directly and indirectly.

I know there are those who will call Tom Gordon a crook! However, his downfall in the past was him letting his ego control his morals. In contrast to Governor Markell, Gordon is a saint! Markell is using his position to sow $$$$ seeds for life after public office such as in education consultant or a tech organization that has it’s hooks is education. Gordon, picked himself up and came back to serving the local community and seems not to have dreams beyond his service to Delaware. 

Gordon sees the connection of the old G.M. Boxwood plant within a major rail hub and the port of Wilmington. Also, Delaware is in the middle of it all being located in the Mid-Atlantic. As far as the Port of Wilmington it has the potential of being a major link to Delaware’s economy, out bound and in-bound. Gordon seems to understand we need quality blue-collar jobs not more low-paying service industry jobs.

The little backroom deals with Matt Denn and Beau Biden re: AG’s position and Beau claiming to be running for governor in 2016 may be smoke and mirrors. Chances are Denn will still give it a go for Governor 2016. Markell appointed Ferris Wharton Superior Court Judge to clear the way for Matt Denn re: 2014 AG race. More power to Ferris and he’ll serve us well and will be fair! The Delaware GOP has noting that could touch Denn or Gordon! Lavelle’s H.B.#334 blunder leave him with a big scar (damn Greg how fucking stupid can you be) and FYI the education reform, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment house of cards will implode as will DE DOE after Markell’s departure. I think Gordon is catching on that real transparency in education wil be giving the public the empowerment to be a more effective watchdog than Dover. Hudson and Lavelle proved the Delaware GOP doesn’t give a shit about federal intervention or empowering the people! Debbie you blew it big time!

Gordon seems to be on top his game and is focused on DELAWARE! Gordon has the foresight to empower his subordinate rather than micromanage them. I’ll bet Markell has the folks at DE DOE going to the bathroom in alphabetical order and do notice all the Sec of Ed assistants seem to be bailing! I have a hunch Gordon as governor would select a secretary of education that is a “seasoned” education professional not a puppet on a string like Murphy.

Yea yea, I could be delusional but look at Jack Markell! The worst governor on education Delaware has ever seen and the economy, well that speaks for itself! SUCKS! The Delaware GOP will beat the Delaware Markell economy sucks drums re: 2014 political races but won’t dare be critical of Markell’s education reform blunder! Go forbid we don’t want to piss off Pete and Re-Pete and the Rodel boys! Gordon is no fool and is street wise to the political bullshit Markell spins!     


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