Say what !!!!!! Reach Academy under Department of Accounting investigation!

Reach Academy for Girls 

Meeting of the Board of Directors – July 23, 2014

“Mr. Schweers asked about the Department of Accounting investigation. Ms. Thomas stated that it is still on going. Two charges have again been charges by retailers trying to get what is owed to them. Ms. Allen stated that she will again inquire, in writing, about the investigation.”

Thanks to Delaware State Representative Deborah Hudson and closed-minded Publius the taxpayers and parents of Reach Academy are left in the dark! Hudson and Publius have no problems with the limited flow of information. However, it’s students and parents who suffer when charter schools are ordered closed. Rep Hudson was a founding member of the Pencader Board of Directors and knew the transparency fractures! Rather than address them she left the Pencader Board of Directors and turned a blind-eye and we all know how it sadly ended for Pencader Charter. Folks we cannot have accountability in our public school system that includes charter schools until there is “real tangible transparency.” Sadly to say, Rep Hudson loss her competitive edge to be effective.  We need state legislators with the capacity for understanding the core issues when it comes to transparency in public education. More money nor more charter schools will change the condition of public education in Delaware. Blame the unions all you want but save a little dissatisfaction with legislators like Hudson! Sorry Debbie but you left me hanging and walked away.   

Delaware: Moyer charter school in quicksand!

Delaware Secretary of Education denies Moyer’s request for major charter modification! Has not met state  curriculum  alignment standards.  Moyer “is” under formal review! Doesn’t look good parents! State Board of Education Meeting – Audio -8/21/2014 – Full Playlist

Despite Publuis and Rep Hudson’s opposition to record board meetings it looks like the only truth to be had is within these recordings. It’s all here ! 


Is NJ letter writer saying some school board members are Trojan Horses for union?

Demand tougher teacher standards by James R. Thomen / NJ Letters to The Editor

We have been hearing a lot about school reform for a long time now. There always seem to be a new program to distract us from the ongoing deterioration of student acquisition of knowledge and thinking skills. The one thing that has remained constant is the control of public education by the teaching profession. Today, in New Castle County, the school boards (Red Clay, Colonial, Brandywine, and Christiana) are all dominated by members who are members of or have significant connections with the teacher’s union.

Until taxpayers vote to change this, no changes of significance will happen. Until control is wrestled away from union apparatus and returned to local principals and superintendents who have the authority and direct responsibility for results, improvement will not happen. This undoubtedly means turning down federal aid and shaking off the shackles that come with federal money.

All the players in the system — teachers, principals, superintendents and school boards support the status quo. They have a vested interest in the current arrangements. That is why we have a failed system. While voters can have a positive effect over the long haul, immediate change can be achieved through legislative action, now. For example, state financial support could be made contingent on a teacher pay scale that recognizes good performance and penalizes poor performance. No new funds would be needed — just more equitable distribution of existing funds based on contribution to student learning. I hope I live long enough to see such change. In the meantime, I’ll watch the exodus from regular public schools filling the school rooms of private and charter schools.

James R. Thomen


No doubt there are pro labor union school board members. But when it comes to teacher accountability tied a broad education reform plans we need to look towards Wall Street. Each time someone in Washington has a brain-fart about reforming public education a capitalist on Wall Street comes running.

I can agree with the writer to an extent! However, the real failures in public education starts with weak-knees politicians in Dover who fear labor. As far as “the people”, the people don’t posses the organizational skills to trump the unions at the polls. Empowering parents and the public with the truth is the key to real change. However, as we’ve seen with State Representative Deborah Hudson who stands on a political mountain proclaiming she is for transparency at the same time she killed her own legislation the would require all school board and charter school board to record their board meetings. 

Publius said this about recording school board meetings, “As for knowing the score, I used the time honored method of attending the meeting and judging what I heard in first-person. Recording are for wimps.” His beloved Rep Hudson was a no show during critical Red Clay school board meetings where they tried to push through a poor designed district-wide inclusion place for special needs students and ELL students. Red Clay is Rep Hudson’s own school district! THANK GOD and former school board members Jack Buckley and Kim Williams now a state representative for taking the lead to push Red Clay to record their board meetings. Then there is Christina, Capital , Delmar. Brandywine and Colonial school districts who stepped-up and voluntarily record the public sessions of their board meetings. Also, per state law the Delaware State Board of Education records their meetings. Putting roadblocks up keeping the public and parents from knowing the truth only further erodes public education and keeps the shady dealing of some charter schools in the dark out of view of the taxpayers. So Publius implies those who have children to tend that can make board meetings are “wimps”. Also, when the cleaning crews arrives at Publius plush office to clean up after his daily business dealing whereas they can’t attend school board meetings, they are wimps! Poor parents who have no private transportation who can’t attend board meetings are wimps. The fact remains, Publius fears school board members being recorded. 

The NJ writer writes, “In the meantime, I’ll watch the exodus from regular public schools filling the school rooms of private and charter schools.”

In regards to charter schools, they are no better in most cases. Check out this, The world class charter school, Charter School of Wilmington hasn’t posted board meeting minutes sine April 2014! Why Publius? 

It’s short and sweet, the failure of public schools are a directly result of failure in accountability protected by state legislators like Rep Hudson, not the unions. None of the unions of the school districts that voluntarily record their board meetings opposed it!

Governor Markell talks about all this courage needed to reform our schools yet he fails to make an exuctive order ordering all traditional, votech and charter schools to digitally record their board meetings and put online for all to hear.

Yes, unions have their flaws. However, government holds the key to establishing real accountability and Rep Hudson leads the failure parade right right behind Governor Markell!

Red Clay sending REFERENDUM smoke signals! “Hear” for yourself Publius !

August 20, 2014 – Board Meeting Audio – Part 1

After listening to Red Clay’s CFO report on the condition of Red Clay’s finances I found myself wondering why on Earth are district administrators receiving salary increase year after year? In the private sector where profit margins are squeezed and revenues aren’t healthy mangers and blue-collar workers go without any wage increases. Don’t get me wrong, Red Clay hasn’t had an “operating” referendum since 2008 and that was the year the old guard aka school board drove the district finances in the ground and awarding Teach for America a $300,000.00 no bid contract. So of that money was used for bailout of the school board’s blunder. The question here is not the question of do we need a referendum but how management is being compensated! Yea yea I know, you get what you pay for and money talks bullshit walks! If money was the motivator why do charter administrators do it for less?

So we’re hearing with reduction state and federal funding it looks like the local taxpayers need to take up the financial slack. by 2016 Red Clay will have a ending balance of $1.2 million dollar negative and by 2018 a  $24 million dollar negative. Sorry to say, referendum in an election cycle! Yikes!

Ted, is talking about 21th century learning environment! Technology appears to be a big $$$ ticket growth items. I-pads for all students? Nope, 1 to 2 devices! Meaning sharing 1 device to 2 students! Hugh, talks of behavior interventionist being full-time! Instructional interventionist!  O yes in deed this is needed! Targeting reading supports in high need schools.  Supporting TAG and STEM! Personal learning platform?? Software systems!! Here we go with the data driven talk! Textbooks!!!!!!!! Need new math textbooks for K-12. Here we go with common core standards using code talk!

Referendum February 2015, 25/5/5 cents! Smart move wait until after the general election! The 25 cents first year will cover the deficit. 13 million + 2.6 million + 2.6 million cumulative! Could we go back to referendum in 2019? Yes! Impact on tax average homeowner tax bill $200.00 in year one, $40.00 year 2 and $40.00 in year 3, 280.00. Could conversation on this recording folks! August 20, 2014 – Board Meeting Audio – Part 1.

Folks these “recordings” are important and a means to keep the public informed! Publius and Rep Debbie Hudson opposes allowing the public to “hear” such details! Wait until Hudson’s Greenville crowd hear about a 35 cent per 100.00 valuation tax increase! 

What you are not hearing is the negative financial impact caused by charter schools! Charters get a % of local funds that follow the students to charters. So a successful Red Clay referendums equals more $$$ for charter schools per student. And get this, when a charter school buys existing buildings / property the tax revenues are gone via tax exempt for public schools.  

More to hear folks: 

Will Brandywine SD sparingly use of in-school and out-of-school suspension translate into more bullying?

Yep!!!!!!! Like I said parents, “offensive touching” is a criminal violation! Don’t let your school’s admins sweep it under the rug!

Word on the street is Brandywine School District doesn’t want a black-eye for excessive suspensions leading to a federal investigation like Christina School District. So in-school and out-of-school suspension will be used very sparingly in BSD.

I am all for civil rights and social justice but dressing up the school windows could have negative impact on other students and teacher who have a hard enough job as it is. 

Delaware: Protecting your child may require not trusting your school’s administrators

Our public school system have become master in manipulating data but when it comes to school crime and bullying parents can’t just trust their school administrators. 

Folks there are verbal and physical boundaries!   (“Sticks and stones may break my bones / But names will never hurt me“), very true. However, the deadly violence in our schools we are seeing across American are at the hands of many who have been bullied, the victim turns deadly!

Parents cannot fight their children’s playground battles. But when words become physical aggression towards your child serious caution is needed in the trust-factor with your school’s administrators. Sadly to say a program that has proven itself over and over , conflict resolution is not funded in all schools and has not kept in pace with progression of aggression in our society. 

Parents when your child comes home and reports another student pushed them, poked them or grab them, they are a victim of a crime called offensive touching: 

(a) A person is guilty of offensive touching when the person:

(1) Intentionally touches another person either with a member of his or her body or with any instrument, knowing that the person is thereby likely to cause offense or alarm to such other person; or

(2) Intentionally strikes another person with saliva, urine, feces or any other bodily fluid, knowing that the person is thereby likely to cause offense or alarm to such other person.  

Parents you don’t need the school’s permission to call the police when your child is a victim of offensive touching! Odds are the school administrators will discourage you and want you to give them a chance to intervene. Also, there is the street rule, snitches get stitches! But sadly enough, when a victim of bullying can’t take it anymore and becomes violent there is no love and understanding. In all fairness, I guess step one is to communicate to the building principal AND the district superintendent at the same time telling your child to avoid the aggressor.  You should do so verbally and with “written documentation” and ask for documentation in response as to the action plan or follow-up of what the principal and superintendent offered. Another option is going to the police to file an incident report and that could be done without requesting charges against the aggressor. You need to be on record! Don’t give schools an opportunity to cover their ass and manipulate the truth. You are your child’s advocate and you are their protector. 

DE DOE found no evidence that Reach Academy violated DCAS testing security

Reach Academy for Girls

Meeting of the Board of Directors – July 23, 2014 

E. School Leader’s Report: Presented by Ms. Tara Allen

“Correspondence was received from DOE in regards to the testing security. Overall, DOE stated that sufficient evidence was not found to corroborate the accusations against Reach Academy.”

Delaware Senator Hocker wants to control the start of school year to protect his personal profits! Anyone smell conflict of interest?

Beach businesses strapped for help by Rachael Pacella / NJ

Please be patient, business owners on the coast say. With students returning to schools, shops and restaurants are strapped for help.

Beth Webb, owner of Beach Break Bakrie & Cafe, said she’s lost more than half her staff in the past few weeks as students returned to college and high school.

“You’re still busy and you have to do everything you did before with at least half the help,” Webb said. It’s the same story for many other Bethany Beach business owners.

“A couple of stores up here have already reduced their hours because they don’t have staff to keep them open,” she said.

Hello the educational needs of children should come before profits! Surely there are so middle-age and seniors looking for part-time work.

In 2013, a resolution was passed establishing a committee to look at the economic benefit of pushing back the school start date, said Sen. Gerald Hocker, R-Ocean View.

“The committee voted to recommend to the General Assembly to look into starting schools after Labor Day,” Hocker said. “I am preparing the legislation now, but we need help because the northern schools do not want it to happen.”

SCR #44 was introduced and passed in 2014 because SCR #22 introduced and passed in 2013 failed to produce results to the liking of Senator Hocker produce. Senator Hocker appears to be violating conflict of interest laws by  being primary sponsor and voted on this legislation. Hocker is the proud owner of G&E, Inc., Hockers Super Center and G&E Hardware; Co-owner, CEA-AG Apartments.


All about money and “Hocker’s”. All Hocker’s business are downstate near the beaches. I find it odd big-shot Hocker is snubbed by his two local school district whom both have the power to set school calendar. So Hocker wants to enact a law statewide requiring no charter or traditional public school to start the school year prior to Labor Day! Here we are at a time many call for a longer school year so our children can be better prepared to join the global economy and to top it off, we hear how Delaware’s economic recover that hinges on being part of the global economy also hinges on education. Hocker is nothing but a slave-master and embodies those business men of yesterday who ran sweatshops. FYI folks, it was the teacher unions who stepped in and help shaped America’s child labor laws. I hope DSEA and local school unions oppose Hocker and his greed-driven legislation.  I encourage all local teacher unions to pass resolutions opposing Hocker’s run for the money

Hocker, who owns several markets in Sussex County, said he has had his own issues with finding workers at the end of the summer.

“We were forced to hire foreign students because of the situation with our locals leaving early,” he said. “I’d prefer to hire all local people if we could, but we’re just not able.”

Yea and I guess you are forced to stock your shelves with the shit made in China! Perhaps you need to “resign” from being a senator and put on an apron and work a little harder! Hire some senior citizens whom many would love to work! O yea I forgot, senior citizens are slow and too sociable at the checkout counter. But you know many aren’t into texting and Facebook.  

Folks, it is VERY CLEAR, there is a conflict of interest here and no one is addressing it not even Delaware’s Attorney General. Hocker’s local school board seem not to support his greedy desire. So Hocker wants to disrupt education statewide for the majority of children who have nothing to do with working at the beach.  

Just another Delaware way, state legislators serving themselves! 



Should Red Clay teachers be prohibited from socializing with “former students” via social media and E-mail?


Prohibited Electronic Communications A Staff Member may not use any Covered Technology, other than Approved Technology, to communicate with a Student unless the Staff Member has first received written consent to do so from the Student’s parent or guardian. For the purposes of this Policy, written consent shall include consent issued through text message, email, or other electronic form. The Staff Member shall be responsible for maintaining a record of such consent. 

Prohibited Social-Media Conduct and Use A Staff Member may not: engage in any Online Conduct that undermines or interferes with the Staff Member’s ability to effectively perform his or her official duties; disclose any confidential information (as defined in Policy 4003) via Social Media; disparage any Student; make or accept a request from a Student to connect via Social Media (other than Approved Technology), including but not limited to a Facebook “friend request.” For the purposes of this Policy, a “Student” shall mean any person who currently is enrolled in any school in the District but shall not include: (a) a former student who is no longer enrolled in the District; (b) the Staff Member’s child; (c) a child who resides in the Staff Member’s home; or (d) a child for whom the Staff Member is the legal guardian. Prohibited Electronic Communications A Staff Member may not use any Covered Technology, other than Approved Technology, to communicate with a Student unless the Staff Member has first received written consent to do so from the Student’s parent or guardian. For the purposes of this Policy, written consent shall include consent issued through text message, email, or other electronic form. The Staff Member shall be responsible for maintaining a record of such consent.


“Prohibited Social-Media Conduct and Use A Staff Member may not: engage in any Online Conduct that undermines or interferes with the Staff Member’s ability to effectively perform his or her official duties; disclose any confidential information” Yes, makes some sense! However,”(a) a former student who is no longer enrolled in the District;” ?????????????????

Another Common Core failure after teacher uses role-playing re: M. Brown and T Martin case



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