Colonial School District is apparently buying bulletproof white boards. #netDE #eduDE


Such a waste of money! Are we going to have a live “demo” ?

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I wonder if this will impact class size waivers?


may have been donated…

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Vote for Steve Newton in the 22nd. #netDE #eduDE #prioritizethat

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Red Clay’s professional video. So much edreform jargon.

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Red Clay’s 2014 Discipline / Crime report! Can’t blame this one on social media !

Something special for Merv to help him remember what he got “us” into re: Race to The Top

Sweet! A special cocoa drink may reverse memory loss 

A special type of concentrated cocoa drink seems to turn back the clock on memory, changing the brain and helping middle-aged people ace memory tests, researchers reported on Sunday.

Plant compounds called flavanols seem to be what does the trick, the team at Columbia University Medical Center report in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

“If a participant had the memory of a typical 60-year-old at the beginning of the study, after three months that person on average had the memory of a typical 30- or 40-year-old,” said Dr. Scott Small, who led the study

News Journal’s Heckle and Jeckle takes swipe at social media re: Newark High School

Internet, social media tarnish Newark High’s image, leaders say Terri Sanginiti and Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Local leaders urge parents not to read too much into incidents they say were exaggerated

But it’s O.K. to read the News Journal’s bias Markell bullshit and Rodel can’t do no wrong! Leaving the flow on information up to the schools is insane! Newark High School is a great school but let’s get real Heckle and Jeckle.

Attached is Newark High School crime and discipline report.  Perhaps DE DOE Should stop posting on their website! 

Delaware Education Alternative Compensation Meeting # 7 Power Point; Not looking good Mrs Crabtree @dwablog #netde #edude

Looks like increases for advanced degrees will be eliminated. Gone will be stipends for National Board Certified Teacher that I fully support. I’ve attended many Red Clay school board recognitions of the  NBCT and it wasn’t a cake walk earning that title. A ten year $$$ cap-out unless advancement to Teacher Leader or Senior Teacher Leader. Now that sucks! 

Come on Mr. Matthews put the damn cookie cutters away and give us your spin! I swear sometimes waiting on you is like waiting on Superman! Engage Maverick !

Exploiting the minds of Delaware’s black children!

OMG!! DSEA Queen comes out with needles in her Nerf Darts! OUCH !!!!!!!!!!

Delaware Voice: Frederika Jenner

What are schools teaching us?

“What are schools teaching us?” Good question. A recent editorial piece in The News Journal asked, but did little to uncover answers to this important inquiry.

And the News Journal wants to be more reader friendly!  

Testing season has already begun. By this time, every teacher in every imaginable subject area has given state-sanctioned tests to determine a baseline for student growth. Additional benchmark tests, to be used throughout the year to track progress, can be found on the Delaware Department of Education website. In the spring, educators will follow up with similar batches of tests intended to measure growth.

Personally I think they left out one test! What about drug screening for DE DOE?

Third-graders have already had tests in reading, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical education. Sixth-graders in my home school had tests in English language arts, math, science and social studies, as well as in their two exploratory classes. Tenth-graders will have had tests in every class where grades are given. By the end of this year alone, 11th-graders might have taken as many as 15 to 20 tests outside of those tied directly to each of their classes.

What no high school exit test? Who know Vision 2090 might call for it!

These tests are in addition to the standardized testing program. Until 2009, we used the Delaware Student Testing Program. The Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System testing came in 2010, and in spring 2015, we’ll introduce the Smarter Balanced tests for ELA and math. We have students in our high schools today who within seven years will have experienced DSTP, DCAS and now SBAC testing. And, all this testing is on top of the regular quizzes and tests that are part of every teacher’s curriculum and instructional plans.

Yep I hear ya! Darn shame Markell is stuck in little-man mode!

Elementary kids, and even middle-schoolers, have come to know the joys of test prep. At one time, I bought into the test prep routine, but it has gotten out of hand. Kindergarten through fifth-grade science and social studies instruction time has been significantly curtailed in order to make time for the two tested subjects – math and reading.

Personally, K-3 should be only read , math and social skills 101. What good is science or social studies if they can read or do math? 

So, what have educators learned from standardized testing in Delaware schools?

Markell is full of (damn can’t saying because Publius will lecture me on online behavior) But I am sure you get the drift!

In many cases, testing confirms what a teacher already knows about Suzy’s progress. Test scores and growth targets are used for ranking students, but what teachers really need are diagnostic results that pinpoint students’ areas of weakness and offer prescriptions for improvement. DCAS failed to provide this information.

Diagnostic? Don’t they have people for that when the classroom teacher’s observations indicates possible learning disabilities?

DCAS and SBAC tests are administered on computers. It can take weeks to run an entire student body through each round of computerized testing. During this time, technology classes are forced to meet in regular classrooms and libraries are off-limits.

Yea than you have DE DOE techies screwing with the data!

Not only are reading and math skills measured by the tests, but many times students’ adeptness with computers is measured as well. This digital divide is a very real part of the opportunity gap.

Yep for sure 100%! 

Standardized testing, like DCAS, might not be right for every student. Concerns were raised by educators and parents alike about requirements for some students with special needs to sit through DCAS testing when, in their expert opinion, this was totally inappropriate for the child.

I think trained observant teachers have a good idea which students need intervention! 

You see, most Delaware teachers never saw the computerized DCAS tests. So, how was I supposed to know what I’m teaching and the way I am teaching are aligned to the test? I don’t want to teach to the test, but I do want to be confident my instruction and the effort my students put into learning are reflected in the test items.

And DCAS doesn’t measure absenteeism, class room behavior and if homework is completed! 

DSTP tests, as much as they were maligned for not showing growth and for late delivery of results, were designed and updated by Delaware teachers to match Delaware standards.

Growth is the golden egg! 

Finally, educators and parents aren’t convinced students need to endure annual standardized testing. Could there be another testing schedule?

Let’s go back to old school to the days homework, quizzes, chapter review test, midterms and finals all meant something!  

In the end, the editors made this recommendation: “As the testing season approaches, the state and the schools would be advised to clearly demonstrate to parents and any doubters the advantages of the test.” Talk to educators. Talk to kids. I’m not sure it’s possible to demonstrate the advantages of all this testing.

In the end as in the beginning the News Journal is bias to Rodel and Markell! 

Frederika Jenner is president of the Delaware State Education Association.

Kilroy is mining the Delaware high school data re: college bound graduates or lack of

Just a follow up from my previous post:

As in mine the Delaware high school data re: college bound students I notice some interesting data trends.

In further review of Delaware Military Academy data I noticed females represented 74% of the total student enrolled in higher ed and males 56%. This a wider deviation that the other high schools. What I am reading into the data is “perhaps” more males opted to join the military than females. So I wouldn’t right it off as male achievement is less.

As far as traditional Red Clay high schools, here is one with data way out of whack with other Red Clay high school data. Mckean reports 44% of college bound students are females leaving 27% males. Dickinson is 28% female and 29% male.

As for those wanting to bash Christina School District compare them to Red Clay (traditional high schools)

Christiana High School 41% college bound

Glasgow High School 44% college bound

Newark High School 52% college bound.

Much better than Red Clay’s three traditional high schools. Sure all can stand a little improvement. Like major improvement!

Reviewing all this data and hearing all about Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy claiming his plan will prepare students for college or career tells me that’s an awful big objective. Sure, we all want this for kids. The big dilemma in Murphy’s plan is the “career” aspect. Where in the Common Core Standards does it track students to “careers”? And what is a definition of a career? Red Clay has some career things going on mirroring some Votech programs such as culinary and media audio/ visual. Does any of our Delaware high schools offer programs relating to the customer service an industry Delaware economy has shifted to from manufacturing? Sad to say an it’s a reality, many students who don’t go to college or military careers will end up in the service industry. Is anyone teaching them about things like external and internal customers? Verbal and nonverbal communication skills? How about interpersonal communication skills? Here’s one for Publius! Hey Publius do you think it’s far fetch to align some business courses with Six-Sigma? Wait! Does any of our high schools offer business as a career path?  

Tracking students towards college is very defined. However, tracking them to “careers” begs the question “what careers”? Blowing smoke is one’s vision of every student being prepared for college or career has some answers to the mechanics.


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