Conrad continues to shed black students

——————– (05)    (06)    (07)       (08)      (09)        (10)—–(11)—–(12)—-(13)–(14)

Amer Indian  0.0    0.1%   0.0%      0.1%     0.0.%      0.0%—0.01%- -0.0%–0.1%–0.1%

African-Amer  30.4%  30.3%  27.7%  24.6%  19.6%  15.1%-13.2%–11.6%–10.4%-11.2%

Asian Amer        1.1%    0.3%     0.0%      0.9%     1.1%      2.5% –2.6%–2.5%—-2.7%-3.9%

Hispanic           36.3%   39.9%  46.2%  36.9%   34.1%   28.9%–24%– 22%—20.3%-18.9%

White               32.2%   29.4%   26.1%   37.5%  45.1%   53.5%–59.7%–63.5%–66%-65.1%

I started this tracking February 16, 2011 Careful how you yell success in school turnaround and the purging of African-American student continues. Conrad is an all choice “magnet” school. The questions are, is there something about Conrad that doesn’t appeal to African-American students? Do they not feel welcome? Has any African-American student choice applications been denied? Don’t get me wrong! Conrad is a great school ! But I want scream MF’er every time I hear Red Clay administrators boast how they turned Conrad around. Read the link!

Delaware Rep.Lavelle calls for a sit-down with AG Beau Biden on rash of sex crimes committed on Delaware students

State Rep. Greg Lavelle Asks for Unified Effort to Decrease Teacher Sex Crimes

“There have been more than a dozen Delaware teachers charged in connection with alleged instances of sexual misconduct over the last five years,” Rep. Lavelle said.  “As both a parent and a public servant, I find this disturbing on many levels.”

Rep. Lavelle said he is requesting a meeting with State Attorney General Beau Biden to ask for his input on crafting a strategy to reduce crimes of this type. “A.G. Biden is known for his efforts to protect children from sexual crimes and I’d welcome his insights on this issue.”

Don’t know what can be done Greg! Looks like these low-life teachers are getting a rush off of  putting their necks and careers on the line. Perhaps the only way is castration and the whipping post. Not sure what’s going on with the Glasgow scandal! Perhaps it’s all a student hoax. But there is an ongoing investigation and tomorrow will make one week since incident was reported to the police. Eye witness claimed that their was inappropriate contact between a student and a teacher. Waiting on Five-o.

So folks, what would you recommend in the way of strengthening existing laws and penalties? What more can be done beyond a background check?

Rep. Lavelle’s letter to AG Beau Biden

Glasgow High School Sex Scandal Update

Still no information being released by the state police on the investigation to the allegations. Nothing new on Glasgow’s webpage! Nothing official whether or not the person of interest (staff) is on the job, on administrative leave, quit or went Elvis.

Waiting on Five-O

OMG ! Johnny is flipping cars in Christina!

@ChadLivengood @DoverDelDenison: How this for a whopper? #netDE #Component5 @dwablog@ Transparent Christina

I feel bad for all teachers in the system: leadership is failing them in so many ways and from so many different places. Keeping highly effective ratings from those who deserve, and more importantly EARN, them will poison any reasonable evaluation system with toxic doses of bad morale, jealousy, anger, and resentment: DPASS-II(R) will be no exception….

Cant wait to see the DDOE PIO spin machine on this load of crap.

Read more

OMG Johnny ! First gunpowder in Lizzie’s eggs and now you! You CSD folks are on fire today ! 

OMG! Somebody put gunpowder in Lizzie’s eggs

Markell does the election two-step, funds education in proposed budget @Children and Educators First

If I still had respect for the Gov (respect is easily lost and much harder to earn) I’d see his proposed education funding as a sign of improved economy and perhaps a sign that he got the message – you can’t balance the state’s budget on the backs of children.  But, I know better now… And I’ll call it what it is (My comments are in red.): Read more

Man on man! When Lizzie get’s fired up she really goes off ! You go girl ! 

Rumor: Glasgow students threaten with suspension if they wear shirts supporting teacher in question

Comment on another post:

idkk: They have told us not to speak about it on social networking sites as well but I did see the girl accused back in school on Friday but several students made free pdot shirts and they are suspending them for 3+ days if they don’t take them off claiming harassment.

Why would students defend a teacher who broke the trust of working with students? I guess from their eyes the incident was more or less it takes two to tango! However, at the end of the day the student was the victim even “if” there was willingness to participate. Glasgow students please step-back and see it for what it is! If true the teacher cross boundaries of trust, Someday you may have a daughter or son in the same situation so how would you feel then ? HOWEVER, you have a right to expression as long as you aren’t doing it so to victimize the female student. She is a victim no matter how you cut it! It’s apparent the school leaders lack capacity to handle this situation and it amazes me Christina School District hasn’t made a public announcement! Rumor has it the teacher in question isn’t listed on the staff directory. Is there a backroom deal to swept this under a rug? However, I have full confidence in the integrity of the Delaware State Police to protect our children. But I wouldn’t put in pass Governor Markell to try to influence the outcome to protect Glasgow PZ status/partial state takeover. Did the CSD super call for an emergency executive session of the school board? Don’t think so! I’ll check ! checking, checking, wait, wait ! OK I’m back! Nope ! Next board meeting is February 14, 2011, Valentine’s Day! WTF! Shouldn’t board members be home making love to their spouses? Gee how ironic! The board will be discussing love making between a student and a teacher.

OK Glasgow kids ! You want to protest ! Those in favor of the teacher wear a red arm band (noting written on it) and those who support sexual harassment free schools wear a white arm band (nothing written on it). Call it non-verbal protest. 

Seal Team 6 left one behind in Pakistan

Panetta on bin Laden’s hideout: Someone had to know

Panetta also acknowledged that Shikal Afridi, the Pakistani doctor conducting health tests in the village in an effort to collect DNA and verify bin Laden’s presence, was in fact working for the U.S. Afridi was arrested and charged with treason by the government of Pakistan. “I’m very concerned about what the Pakistanis did with this individual…who in fact helped provide intelligence that was very helpful with regards to this operation,” says Panetta. “He was not in any way treasonous towards Pakistan…Pakistan and the United States have a common cause here against terrorism…and for them to take this kind of action against somebody who was helping to go after terrorism, I just think is a real mistake on their part,” he tells Pelley.

This is very sad news! Obama threw a valuable informant out with the trash and claims he took-out bin Laden. Afridi should be consider an hero for the U.S. and Pakistan but Pakistan charges Afirdi with treason. So that means Pakistan know bin Laden was there and supported him. How else can it be a treasonous act for help capture the world’s number one terrorist? Afridi is either dead or rotting in a Pakistani jail! Boy, talk about blood and glory! Shame on you Mr. President!

Delaware High School Dropout data reveals dropout prevention working for whites not blacks

High School Dropout Reports for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011

Last school year 2010-2011 the Delaware statewide high school dropout rate was 3.7% a 30 year low. But there is some disturbing trends within that data. The dropout rate for Black students increased while it went down for Hispanic and White students. For Black students the rate was 5.1% in 2010-11 compared to 5% in 2009-10, for Hispanics it was 4.4% in 2010-2011 compared to 4.7% in 2009-10  and for Whites it was 2.8% in 2010-11 compared to 3.1% in 2009-10.

The data has been consistent in revealing that 9th grade represents the highest percentage of dropouts of all four years of high school and the trend is the same for all subgroups. One would think lets go after those 9th graders with intense dropout prevention programs. The problem is, waiting that long is too late. I don’t like using this term “cracks in education” but it’s obvious as far as identifying potential high school dropouts, 6th grade is tell all. For years the emphasis has been on early intervention in our public schools and that is why the bulk of Title 1 funding goes to elementary schools. District cry the feds don’t give us enough to help all students. Hello McFly, Title 1 funding is “supplemental” and you do have a state and local responsibility. Minner has her flaws but at least she added something to public schools like so-called Minner reading and math teachers.

 is Kindergarten and now Pre-k is the answers to enhancing early intervention. What next, assigning teachers to birthing rooms to read to babies starting the day of delivery? We can blame parents and the schools but honestly suggest that a student in the 6th grade is old enough to take responsibility for himself (education) is narrow-minded thinking. We’re talking 6th grade student with 3rd grade skills. As the progress through middle school they are not just lost educational, they are lost emotionally. When you hear a student say, “I am just too stupid”! So you just heard them say, “I’m worthless”. The odds are, most if not all these potential high school dropout can’t read at grade level and again probably at a 3rd grade level.

Look at Table 6 (2010-2011) The school/district did not report a reason for dropping out for 85.4% of all dropouts! Very sad! They can find all the excuses to hire more administrators and in Red Clay’s case scam the taxpayers in building neighborhood schools for white suburban kids who think they are too good to fill empty seats in Red Clay Wilmington schools. Get this, last year it was 77.1%. I guess they needed to staff to kiss Jack Markell’s Race to The Top ass!

HOLY SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moyer Academy’s 2010-2011 dropout rate was 29.7% the worst every in the history of any Delaware school! WTF !!!! See Table 12  Pencader was 3.6% below state average. Dickinson the worst for tradition schools in New Castle County at 12.1%. Wait ! My bad ! The worst in the state for traditional schools. Now the real question is why are the votechs outperforming traditional schools in regards to the dropout rate? Why can Jon Dickinson learn from Delcastle Tech HS at a 1.1% dropout rate? Why fly to China when you can drive to Delcastle?

NOW CHECK THIS OUT ! Notice nowhere in the state’s high school dropout report does it list dropout by race at individual high schools. As an African-American parent wouldn’t you like to know which high schools are addressing the needs of all students regardless of their skin color. If reporting race is not necessary then why report it at all?

Breaking News! Markell sends a response team to cleanup the sex scandal at Glasgow High School

Yep ! That’s it Jack! Sweep the scandal up to cover for your PZ school! After all according to school leaders it was a “distraction” !

Obama’s cornbread not done in the middle

Obama ‘putting colleges on notice’ on high tuition

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — President Barack Obama fired a warning at the nation’s colleges and universities on Friday, threatening to strip their federal aid if they “jack up tuition” every year and to give the money instead to schools showing restraint and value.

Obama’s cornbread must not be done in the middle! Some nerve, Obama jacks up  America’s debt and then tells college and universities they are criminals. Hey Obama what about all the big Race to The Top bucks going to Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation? While you at it, have you seen Arne Duncan federal P-card expenditures?


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