Delaware Governor let’s child abuser operate a Delaware charter school

Delaware schools: Checkered past goes unchecked: Multiple bankruptcies, child abuse conviction all part of charter school founder’s record. Written by NICHOLE DOBO

The state Department of Education allowed Anthony White to open Delaware’s first all-girls charter school in Claymont in 2010, even though he is a convicted child abuser, has declared bankruptcy at least eight times and has several aliases known to law enforcement.

The approval process that gave White access to $2 million in taxpayer money never required him to disclose his credentials or criminal history.

Dear Governor Jack Markell:

Accountability starts at the top and either you step-down or clean house at the Delaware Department of Education and then stay the fuck out of running the Delaware Department of Education.

Jack you have an obligation to keep Reach Academy for Girls open and provide financial and technical support to get in on sound footing. Why punish children because the adults you handpicked to run the Delaware Department of Education fucked up! YOU OWE THESE CHILDREN! Also, while you are at it give Pencader probation and the same technical support. The Delaware Charter School Review Committee circus tent needs to come down.

“One of the most important things we do as a state is to educate our young folks and the public expects us to do that in a safe environment,” said state Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery. “It is the responsibility of state — and state officials — to make sure that those to whom we are entrusting our children to the best of our ability have been vetted appropriately.

Well Lil looks like you screwed up! Before we can do anything to protect children as you say, we need real leadership who is not controlled by their subordinates like you.

Gov. Jack Markell’s office said it is working on legislation that would require criminal background checks for those who found charter schools, along with financial-interest disclosures. But there are other things that can be done without legislation, such as verification of the academic and professional credentials for those who wish to open schools, Markell said.

Right Jack, like we trust your corrupt legislation! You supported HB 119 that required Citizen Budget Oversight Committees that could have help avoid the closure of Reach and Pencader. But your clones at DEDOE ignores the law  you signed.

Delaware Code Title 14 , Chapter 15, Fiscal Provisions § 1508. Citizen oversight of district finances. ”Approved August 13, 2009″ by Governor Jack Markell

“Oversight committees shall have representation from parents, educators, and taxpayers residing in each of the public school districts, provided that in the case of charter schools membership on oversight committees shall consist of parents of students enrolled in the charter school, educators at the charter school, and representatives of the Delaware Department of Education.”

Jack ask Carwell who are the representatives of the Delaware Department of Education on Reach and Pencader’s oversight committee. Guess what num-nuts, there are no oversight committees at theses charter schools and pretty much all Delaware charter schools. So what fucking good are laws if the DEDEO refuses to follow?

Reach parents you need to stand now and demand concessions for the emotional stressed caused by DEDOE failure to protect your children and to follow the law that could have caught the financial wrong doing sooner.

“The parents of these kids that have been affected there have a right to be angry,” Markell said. “I am angry also, and I am committed to turning that anger into reforms that are going make it stronger going from here.”

Bullshit Jack! You’re only angry because of the damage this will do to your political aspirations. Man-up Jack and let these girls keep their school and make DEDOE be the so-called partner in education rather than Jack Markell’s Frankenstein led by your handed picked trolls.  Hey Jack, I am here to tell you there were some folks dear to you who helped push Reach’s charter application. We’ll sit on that until we get closer to the 2012 election to maximize the political shock and awl effect. The best thing you can do for you and the right thing for Reach is, keep Reach open with technical support and “partnership” with” DEDOE.  You can’t have an education circle of trust when DEDOE the one is to be the most trusted is out of the circle.

Family Court records show the state Department of Justice asked the Family Court to place White on the state’s child protection registry, citing sexual abuse allegations by his daughter. State prosecutors said they believed White was a threat to other children, according to court documents.

Holy shit ! United States Vice-President Joe Biden’s son Beau Delaware’s Attorney General knew about this?

In addition to not requesting a criminal background check, no one in the state Department of Education asked any of Reach’s founding board members for a detailed résumé.

Didn’t need them because a certain group of charter school organizers politically connect  may have put a good word in! (wink)

That nonprofit, which paid White as a director, also helped to pay for parental-involvement events, TV spots and a radio show, “Parent to Parent,” that aired on WDEL, according to IRS filings. The parent group paid WDEL for air time and production support, said Pete Booker, president of Delmarva Broadcasting. The show ran for about four years, he said.

Rumor has it that organization fell apart because of reports of two checkbooks were being worked at once time. The left hand was doing one thing and the right hand another.

Parents and teachers made numerous complaints to the state Department of Education about Reach in the first few months it was open.

In the absence of information after the department’s questions about the school were made public, parent Jodi O’Ferrall began investigating.

Just think if the Delaware Department of Education followed the law that requires Citizen Budget Oversight Committees in all charter schools perhaps much of the financial damage done to Reach could have been avoided. Just think what Jodi would have been able to uncover sooner.

So the system failed the taxpayers, the legislators who wrote HB119, parents, Reach teachers and most of all little girls who wanted to experience a quality education is a safe environment. And now Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell gives the green-light to close Reach. Markell gives a new meaning to political pig.

Sorry folks for the profanity! But I am mad that parents and children’s lives are disruptive because of incompetency in the governor’s office and the Delaware Department of Education that was high-jacked by the governor whose service seems to be to the business round-table who want to re-engineer Delaware’s public education. No one at DEDOE will be held accountable and Markell will shovel more political bullshit.

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28 Responses

  1. The News Journal missed the smoking gun about Reach. Look for the person’s name on the actual Charter at the Delaware Dept of Corporations. Edith Moyer. Related to Rev Moyer and Moyer academy

  2. More info at:

    Vivian c moyer 87
    edith moyer
    maurice j moyer
    thomas j moyer

    • All in all, the real issue is the failure of Markell and DEDOE! Reach should not be close as Markell owes these kids something for his failures.

  3. Hey News Journal…how about some REAL REPORTING…….The DDOE should take responsibility for this horror show.

  4. One thing I noticed. Edith was on the documents at the Divison of Corporations- but on the application- they substituted Anthony’s name on the third try. The actual corporate documents are supposed to be attached to the application- so right there- is where I would start to look. Also- why didn’t anyone report Edith Moyer’s involvement from the start. Her name is still listed as the charter holder and may have some accountability for the missing money. She knew from the start of anthony’s plans for a management company

  5. Somewhere in state government someone has to start throwing the book at the DDOE for not having followed the laws on the books about mandated, direct oversight involvement in schools finances.

  6. Anthony made it very clear from the start that he was starting a Charter Management Organization. He was in constant contact with Joey Wise while Joey was working for Edison Schools. He got Edith to sign the Corporation Documents probably because he knew his name might raise a flag. His agenda was clear to everyone involved in the start up. Mary Cooke- the lawyer for DOE does not miss a trick- she was the sharpest tool in that toolbox. She made a particular note ( stink) at the hearings about making sure the Board was not financially connected to the School- she went on the record and her comments are public. Next thing we know- she disappears and some clown took her place and she was buried in HR when Cruce came into town…she smelled the rat…There is absolutely no question ISDC should be removed – they were at those hearings and were paid as consultants and they could have clearly seen the first check to the quasi managment company and raised a flag. The first time the payment was authorized to the Universal Group- the flag was all the way up the pole. At no time- underno circumstances did DOE authorize a pass through company to tender payments to the church. This was absolutely and explicitly covered in the budget documents so the first management payment was unauthorized. Unfortunatley all this took place when Cruce took over and the folks that knew what was going on had been put out to pasture so he and Harrell could run the show without any institutional memory.

  7. News Journal also missed the connection between White, Reach, and a certain Christina Board Member.

    Ever wonder why so many people want to be unpaid board members? White’s the example. Financial interests disclosures? Wonder what stories those would tell???

    • Come on let’s not go down the love triangle road.

      But board members can’t have financial interest in vendor contracts and I’ll be there is a criminal investigation under way and I am sure the division of revenue / IRS is snooping.

      Many people are very angry that little school girls were victimized by failed leadership and inattentive DEDOE. I think for compensation the school should stay open under probation and DEDOE be required to help with technical assistance to get Reach back on it’s feet.

    • Please do name the unnamed Christina Board member! I think we would very much like to know that. I certainly would.

    • Department of Education
      Charter School Accountability Meeting

      February 16, 2007

      New Charter Applications
      REACH Academy

      Attending Committee Members:
      Nancy Wilson, Dorcell Spence, Mike Owens, Clifton Coleman
      Ex-officio Member:
      Richard Farmer

      Dr. Wilson called the meeting to order. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the new charter application with the founders from Reach Academy. For the purpose of the record introductions were made:

      Nancy Wilson, Deputy Secretary of Education, Chair of Accountability Committee
      Mary Cooke, Deputy Attorney General, counsel to the committee
      Mike Owens, Associate Secretary, member of the committee
      Scott Kessel, Education Associate, DOE
      Clifton Coleman, member of Charter School Accountability Committee
      Richard Farmer, State Board of Education
      Dorcell Spence, Associate Secretary, member of the committee
      John Marinucci, DOE
      Jeff Bruette, Reach Academy
      Mary Ford, Reach Academy
      Valerie Brown, chair of Reach Academy board of directors
      Anthony White, Reach Academy
      Lan Yong, Reach Academy
      Laura Brown, Reach Academy
      Sonda Alexander, Reach Academy
      Tom Pledgie, Innovative Schools Development Corporation (ISDC)
      Linda Fleetwood, Consultant, Charter Schools Office
      Karen Scaggs, Charter Schools Office

      Dr. Wilson asked the individuals from the school to reintroduce themselves and identify the area they are representing or what their involvement is with Reach Academy.

      Ms. Alexander is a former teacher from a non-public school in New Castle County and a tutor. Ms. Laura Brown is involved with the finance of the school. She has a master in public administration from the University of Delaware and her background is human resources. Ms. Yong is a social worker specializing in children with special needs. Mr. White is a former principal and math teacher and is on the finance committee for Reach Academy. Ms. Valerie Brown is the voted chair of the board of directors for Reach Academy. She teaches at Wilmington College and the University of Delaware in leadership development. Ms. Ford is on the advisory board for Reach Academy. She has been an educator for over 25 years. Mr. Bruette is vice-chair of Reach Academy. His area of expertise is technology and he has an internet based business.

      Dr. Wilson asked the school if they had any remarks to make regarding the progress of the school. Ms. Valerie Brown said the school is looking forward to having an impact on children with the first charter school in Delaware that has single gender classrooms.

      Dr. Wilson said the meeting was to get some clarification on questions the committee had regarding the application. Dr. Wilson said when the committee originally reviewed the application there were some concerns about the budget spreadsheets. On February 1, 2007 a memo was sent to Ms. Valerie Brown stating it appeared the original spreadsheets were prepared on fourteen inch paper but had been copied on eleven inch paper, therefore information on either ends was not copied. The memo requested fifteen correctly printed copies of the spreadsheets for review. Dr. Wilson said the material submitted in response to the memo was not going to be accepted for the committee’s review. She said the material substantially changed the school’s budget pages. Dr. Wilson said the committee would be using the budget pages originally submitted with the application. Ms. Valerie Brown said when the application went to press it was supposed to be printed on 8 ½ inch paper but apparently was cut off and it was oversight on the school’s part. Ms. Brown apologized for the error. She said when they were notified about the error they realized some of the spreadsheets in the original application were not adding the figures properly, therefore they readjusted the figures. Dr. Wilson said there was a deadline to submit the application and whatever was submitted by that deadline was what was to be reviewed. The committee asked for the correctly copied pages on the budget by February 8, 2007. Mrs. Spence said the new spreadsheet increased staff from 15 to 28 staff members with a changed budget.

      Mrs. Spence asked which budget the verbage applies to. Mr. White said the verbage applies to the new spreadsheets. He said the new spreadsheets included additional programs which were not included in the original spreadsheets. Ms. Ford asked if amendments are accepted at any time. Dr. Wilson said the school has the opportunity to respond to a preliminary report and make comments at the public hearing. It will be the decision of the Secretary of Education and State Board of Education as to whether or not any material the school submits substantially changes the application.

      Mrs. Cooke discussed the Student Code of Conduct. She asked what fees or fines were being assessed. Mr. White said the code of conduct was a general code and any fees were for uniforms, school books, outstanding library fees, and books not returned. Mrs. Cooke asked for clarification on where the school got the information regarding the student records policy. Ms. Valerie Brown said they looked at public schools and charter schools student codes to incorporate into their code of conduct. Mrs. Cooke asked about the board of directors. She said the initial board of directors in the by-laws listed Gina Backus as president. Ms. Brown said when the school was originally incorporated Ms. Backus was president but because she has moved to a new position with the Christina School District Board she stepped down from the school’s board. She was a founding board member. Mrs. Cooke asked if the school could clarify approximately when Ms. Backus stepped down from the board of Reach. Ms. Brown said when she was campaigning for the Christina School District. Dr. Wilson said page 10 of the application lists Ms. Backus as president. Ms. Brown said Ms. Backus was on the Certificate of Incorporation but now Ms. Brown is the chair of the board. Mrs. Cooke asked if Ms. Backus was president when the school was initially incorporated. Ms. Brown said yes. Mrs. Cooke noted the school was incorporated in December 2006. Mr. White said the founders started initial conversations two years ago and Ms. Backus was president at that time. He said Ms. Backus helped compose the by-laws. Dr. Wilson said the by-laws were approved by a majority of the board directors on September 30, 2006. Mr. White said Ms. Backus now serves as an advisor to the board. Mrs. Cooke asked if Ms. Backus was the president of the board as of September 30, 2006 when the by-laws were adopted. Ms. Brown clarified that as of September she was the chairman of the board but that Ms. Backus was listed in the incorporation papers. Dr. Wilson said the by-laws were accepted on September 30, 2006 by a majority of the directors which included Ms. Backus. She asked if Ms. Backus was a board member at the time the by-laws were approved. Mr. White said she was serving as an advisor and is not a member of the board. Dr. Wilson asked if the by-laws are then invalid. Mr. White said they are not invalid. He said when they learned Delaware law prohibited her serving on two school boards, Ms. Backus quickly resigned her position from Reach Academy. Dr. Wilson asked when Ms. Backus resigned from the board. Mr. White said June or July. Ms. Brown said Ms. Backus’ name should have been stricken from the by-laws. She said the by-laws were worked on during the summer and not changed in September to reflect Ms. Backus’ resignation.

      Mrs. Cooke asked about the Certificate of Incorporation (Appendix A) which indicates it was filed December 2006. She asked if this was the first Certificate of Incorporation that was filed by Reach. Mr. White said there was one that pre-dated the December corporation papers. Mrs. Cooke asked if the Certificate of Incorporation was for a separate entity than the one filed previously and that it is not an amendment to the corporation papers. Dr. Wilson asked how the by-laws could be approved before the incorporation. Mr. White said originally they thought they would have separate schools for boys and girls. He said through discussions they decided it would be better to have one single school rather than two separate schools.

      Mrs. Cooke said the application lists a preference for children of staff. She said that is allowed under Delaware law but she wanted to make the school aware that there have been recent signals from the USDOE that such a preference is inconsistent with their non-regulatory guidance and may make the school ineligible for federal funds.

      Mrs. Cooke said the quorum requirement in the by-laws is ½ of the board members. She said that is allowable under the General Corporation Law of Delaware but she said it is unusual for an educational public body. Mrs. Cooke asked for clarification of the participation at board meetings by telephone. Ms. Valerie Brown responded that if the board members can not make the meeting they can use tele-conference.

      Dr. Wilson asked about the star chart on page 14 of the application. She asked what the five points of the star are because they are not consistent on page 14. Ms. Brown said the points on the chart are correct not the five points as discussed in the narrative.

      Dr. Wilson asked about the preferences listed on page 15(c) which states students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. She asked how that would work with the gender distribution. Ms. Valerie Brown said the school would have a cut-off date for accepting applications. She said if the goal is not reached for equal amounts of boys and girls the school would have to adjust to accommodate more classes for whichever group had more applications. Ms. Brown projected 100 each of boys and girls. Dr. Wilson asked if there may be a larger number of classrooms that are completely one gender than the other. Ms. Brown said the school’s goal is to have 50% boys and 50% girls but they do not know if that is going to pan out by April 1st. Dr. Wilson asked if the student population would be divided proportionately into gender specific classrooms. Ms. Brown said yes. Mrs. Cooke questioned if at the cut off date there are more than 173 of one of the genders but less than 173 of the other what would the school do. Mr. White said they would do a first come, first served basis at that point in time.

      Dr. Marinucci asked about the building being a H pattern and how the school would operate with the separate sides and the common space if there was an unbalanced gender population given the facility the school is contemplating. Ms. Valerie Brown said the school would have to re-structure the building if more classrooms of one gender are needed than other.

      Dr. Wilson asked what the school would do if they received more applications than slots by the deadline. Ms. Brown said it would be first come, first served by April 1st. Mrs. Cooke asked how they would determine which students then get in to the classrooms. Ms. Brown and Mr. White said it would be first come, first served pre-dating April 1st within gender. Ms. Brown said the school’s goal is to have 10 classrooms for girls and 10 classrooms for boys. Dr. Wilson asked if they had enough girls register for first grade for a full classroom but only had 5 boys enroll for first grade what would they do. Mrs. Brown responded that they would not be able to have first grade for boys in that case.

      Mrs. Spence asked about revenue projections. Mrs. Spence asked if the original budget reflects enrollment of only 173 students. Mr. White said that was correct. Mrs. Spence discussed the contingency finance plan. She asked if this was the plan for the minimal number of students to remain economically viable. Mr. White said that was correct. Mrs. Spence asked if the school intends to participate in the USDOE school lunch program. Mr. White said it was not being considered at the time the application was prepared. Mrs. Spence asked if the school has a timeline for renovations or if the school anticipates not having to make any renovations to a building. Mr. White said by December 2007 a building would be identified and begin renovations as soon as the building was under the school’s control. Ms. Brown said the time period from December 2007 to March 2008 was to prepare and put in furniture. Mrs. Spence asked if the school was looking for a school that would meet their needs or require renovations if necessary. Ms. Brown said a committee for the school would start looking for a location in June 2007 and hopefully finalize a building lease by December 2007. Mr. White said the intent is that after the building comes under the control of the school they begin the renovations work. Mrs. Spence asked when the school would start paying for the lease. Ms. Brown said between March and June 2008.

      Dr. Marinucci said the budget sheets reflect $375,000 rent that remains constant over the years. He asked how the school developed that figure. Mr. White said they had been talking to developers and they provided that number as an average. He said one developer talked to them about having a smaller space and adding to the property as the grade configurations change. He said they had identified several locations. One location is a space currently called the White Creek Medical Center which is down the street from the old Keystone building. They have also been looking at a location in People’s Plaza. Dr. Marinucci asked how they plan to address playground and athletic facilities. Ms. Brown said both locations have facilities nearby such as the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club. She also said the school is looking into having a playground on the school property. Dr. Marinucci asked the school if they are looking at new construction or leasing a place. Ms. Brown said they are looking to lease but they would like to lease with option to buy. Dr. Marinucci asked if the locations identified are existing buildings. Ms. Brown said one is in the process of being built. Mr. White said the other is a 20,000 square feet building with room to grow. Dr. Marinucci said he did not see a leasehold improvement line in the budget. Mr. White said if they go with the People’s Plaza location the owner would fix the building to their specifications.

      Dr. Wilson discussed questions from Mrs. Robin Taylor had about the school’s achievement goals. Dr. Wilson asked for clarification on how the school will measure performance goals. Ms. Valerie Brown said they would use MAPS scores and the DSTP. Dr. Wilson referred back to the earlier discussion about the enrollment process. She said the application talks about a lottery process but earlier in the meeting it was said the school would use a first come, first served basis. Dr. Wilson said if the school does not use the lottery process the school would not be eligible for federal funds.

      Dr. Wilson discussed the process of the remaining meetings.

      No further discussion. Meeting was adjourned.

  8. An excellent job by Nichole Dobo, and it is greatly appreciated. Though I would point out that actually the sign with White’s name on it as founder was taken down Friday. No one could stand to look at his name on the wall another day, even though school let’s out this week.

    So where do we go from here? Why should these DOE bums have jobs if the entire staff of Reach might not? I say fire the DOE accountability people and give the hardworking stafff – and the parents and children! – the opportunity and the credit they deserve! This staff had to overcome tremendous difficulty thanks to White – and let us NOT forget Mary Ford! The imbecile that had to pinchhit as school leader until someone sane and capable took over November lst. The new school leader as of 11/l, Tara Allen, had to deal with the on-the-ground disaster left by these two, and on top of that, she had to do it while dealing with White on a daily basis. This man told at least 2 staffers, “do you think I do this for money? Do you think I get paid for this? I don’t get paid for this job. I do it because I believe in the mission.” Oh yeah…and that nice house he’s got down in Smyrna, worth around $350,000, pool and all…that’s in his WIFE’s name. This is one smooth psychopath, this guy. I hope he goes to jail.

    • All bloggers should get this story out front and center. I will do so today. DoBo should hunker down with a few more NJ reporters and really give this a work-over. If the paper stops at the salacious and sicko corruption of White and ignores the bigger picture so amply depicted in this thread, then we can call attention to that too. Cruce, Markell, Lowery and the Charter Venture Capitalist Gang need a thorough public spanking. Nicole, do you read me????????

  9. Dang,
    Former Reach person your on it!!

  10. In the documents submitted with the Charter Article II- the name of the registered agent at that address does not match the entity search at the Divison of Corporations.

    They need to match- or so I thought. Edith is on the document filed in Dover.
    Article ii says: “The name and mailing address of the incorporate is as follows: A. Leslie White”

    Then when you look at the Division of Corporations in Dover- .


    File Number: 4273611 Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 12/21/2006
    Residency: DOMESTIC State: DE


    Address: 515 E. 5TH STREET
    State: DE Postal Code: 19801

    Then after you scratch your head and go back to the documents they submitted with the Charter- they phrase registered office of the corporation comes up. And then- the documents thay submitted with the Charter specifically say that the name of the registered agent at that address is Anthony- but he never refiled in Dover.

    The address of the registered office of the corporation in the state of delaware is 1016 west 8th st wilmington del. the name of its registered agent at that address is a. lesline white-
    this is in the document they submitted but if you do an entitty seach at the Division of corporations..

    We all know they were turned down twice and so obviously back in 2006 Edith Moyer was in the on the land scam. She intended to be principal through the management company since she was retired as an administrator from Newark HighSchool. Anthouny probably convinced her to sign up and he would get her a gravy train job as Head of School paid for by the private management company so she would not jeporadize her pension. When things got too dicey- she backed off but she was stil the registered agent and the President of the Board on the Charter. I do believe she was also on the payroll for a time as a school leader.. you may want to check that out. Mary Cook specifially cautioned the Reach Board that they could not work for the school and be on the Board.

  11. Keep in mind- Anthony was meeting Joey Wise regularly for advice during this time.

  12. One other thing to check into: Rumor has it that Anthony deposited the money from the Longwood Foundation into a separate checking account. This account would not appear on the online checkbook for the State of Delaware. The word on the street among other carpetbaggers like Anthony is that money donated privately was not subject to public bid laws. These acts were intended to intentionally defraud the public and hurt the very constituents that they Black Power elite in Wilmington claims to protect. The same land deal- foundation scam was the bread and butter of Moyer Academy and the Phase IV men that are collecting 10 thousand dollars a year in rent from Thomas Edison Charter School when the land and building were donated for $1.00. This corruption begins and ends with the Mayor’s office- Sills and his friends. Poor kids

    • Well let’s hope Vice President Biden son Beau Delaware State Attorney General does a complete investigation.

      Folks when are we going to hold Markell and Lowery accountable?

    • If you request the 605 report- there should be a line item appropriation code to reflect the exact amount of the Longwood Grant. All charges against the grant are required to be included on the State Report that should what the charges were. You can ask the accounting Department for the report as part of the Freedom of Information Act. The June one is ready but I would also ask for May. There will be a line with the appropriation for the grant and any charges against it. They can send it electronically or I would ask to pick it up and then look for the grant. If Anthony really did deposit it in Wilmington Trust and pay his lawyer in Cash from the grant- he has committed a crime.

  13. As a healthcare provider and child advocate, I am appalled to learn of Anthony White’s history of chid abuse. Yes, he has mismanaged funds, but that is nothing compared to what he had to capacity to do to the girls of Reach Academy. He took advantage of the families who bought into his vision. He took advantage of the staff that worked so hard to maintain that vision. He needs to be held accountable. Delaware DOE needs to be held accountable. DOE can not longer pull into a shell…they need to stand up and address this issue. A simple “sorry” should not be accepted. Child abuse is a serious offense. The families of Reach need to stand together and DEMAND answers.

  14. If the feds only knew this prior so long race to the top money.

  15. Everyone above is correctly outraged at today’s article exposing (no pun intended) child abuse, financial mismanagement, multiple ID’s and SS#s, and multiple bankruptcies. Please allow me to add my anger to those above. Please know that although there are still instances of various serious law-breakers in the regular public schools. at least all employees, substitutes and volunteers must initially go through a criminal background check. Even though Nancy Doorey was on Carper’s staff when she volunteered for my classroom for a day, she did the background check as she felt that was most appropriate. Markell, Lowery, Sokola, or any of the other so-called bright lights in Dover cannot justify this horror show. They’ve yet to answer my request for information on their ignoring Title 14 – and it looks like no wonder!! They’re “for the kids”? Which kids????

    • Markell is above the law and his clones feel secure in his presence. Laws are for the people not for government.

      Markell owes the Reach girls compensation for not protecting them and for emotional stress. So here we have one side an apparent physical abuser and the other side of the system causing emotional distress.

      DEDOE is not a partner in education and if they were Reach would stay open with technical assistance provide by DEDOE and requirement that all schools including charter adhere to Delaware Code Title 14 , Chapter 15, Fiscal Provisions § 1508. Citizen oversight of district finances. ”Approved August 13, 2009″

      Markell supported this law and signed it but yet told DEDOE to ignore it! He should be impeached.

      Soon Delaware legislators will recess until January 2012 while Reach and Pencader students and parents stress about where they will attend school next year.

  16. Newsjournal:

    Call DOE and ask the accounting Department for the 605 report for Reach for the months of May and June. It is ready now. They can email it to you as a spread sheet. Look for an appropriation coded something like 8010 or something to designate a non-proft donation. See if Anthony deposited the Longwood Check in the regular checking account or an “offshore” account up the street at Wilmington Trust. He is required by law to deposit the money and get the correct appropriation code for a donation. If it is not there- he should be arrested for stealing the money if he used one penny of it to pay his lawyer in cash.

    Additionally- the lawyer Mary Cooke- the lawyer from DOE instructed the Board about the standards that the Board could not have a financial interest in any company that did business with Reach.

  17. JEFF BRUETTE was recently arrested for sexual child abuse!

    Nancy Wilson, Deputy Secretary of Education, Chair of Accountability Committee
    Mary Cooke, Deputy Attorney General, counsel to the committee
    Mike Owens, Associate Secretary, member of the committee
    Scott Kessel, Education Associate, DOE
    Clifton Coleman, member of Charter School Accountability Committee
    Richard Farmer, State Board of Education
    Dorcell Spence, Associate Secretary, member of the committee
    John Marinucci, DOE
    >>>>Jeff Bruette, Reach Academy<<<<
    Mary Ford, Reach Academy
    Valerie Brown, chair of Reach Academy board of directors
    Anthony White, Reach Academy
    Lan Yong, Reach Academy
    Laura Brown, Reach Academy
    Sonda Alexander, Reach Academy
    Tom Pledgie, Innovative Schools Development Corporation (ISDC)
    Linda Fleetwood, Consultant, Charter Schools Office
    Karen Scaggs, Charter Schools Office

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