Finanical Judgement Day for Delaware Schools 09/01/2009



 HS 1 FOR HB 119

Signed   On   08/13/2009

 § 1509.  Transparency of District Finances. 

“Each district and charter school shall post on its web site by September 1, 2009 and every three months thereafter a check register indicating the recipient of each check issued by the school district or charter school, the amount of the check, and identifying information regarding the check sufficient to permit members of the public to seek additional information regarding the payment in question.  The only information excepted from inclusion in this database shall be records that would not constitute public records under 29 Del. C. § 10002(g), and records for which the disclosure would violate any federal or state law.”

Delaware public shools on the eve of financial judgement day. Many of us worked very hard lobbying state legislators in securing onlinecheckbooks which will provide the community greater detail in public school spending. I’ve been like a broken record on this issue and have went with the grain and against the grain of government. Special thanks to former state senator Charlie Copeland and state representative and leading GOP candidate for governor 2012 Greg Levelle. Charlie and Greg were the first state legislators who introduced legislation requiring online checkbooks. History runs deep in Delaware but memories run short.

The law states “shall” and by “September 1, 2009″. The law is the law and shall must be followed. The burden falls on the Delaware Secretary of Education  to make sure school districts comply. Also, local school board members under oath affriming that they, “support the laws of Delaware governing public education”. I hope our new Red Clay school board president Buckley and newest members of our school board are on the ball and will make sure Red Clay complies with state law. Don’t forget Red Clay school board, you are the oversight authority for your charter schools, Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware Military Academy, Odyssey CharterSchool and Delaware College Preparatory Charter School and you must make sure these schools also comply with state law on September 01, 2009. The text of the law is clear and no provisions made to give school districts, school boards , the secretary of education or the govenor any authority to delay this state law.

Ted is one slick dude! But no !

I am watching Ted funeralservices at Arlington. The preist is reading a letter Ted sent to the Pope and in it Ted talks for his work on the healthcare legislation. Great politician who knows his letter to the Pope would be shared with the world. His letter reflected wonderful words and is quite spiritual. 

I support Obama’s  healthcare reform package but feel it must follow the legislative process without playing the Kennedy sympathy card. No man poor , rich, political or not should influence legisalation for the mere fact of his passing. I support healthcare reform and hope something passes so that I too can have healthcare. Losing healthcare coverage after 35 year of having it  due to being laid off hurts deeply. However, I will have no respect whatsoever  for Presdient Obama or Joe Biden if they play the Ted Kennedy death card in effort to minipulate the hearts and politics of our nation.

Hats off to you Ted and may God welcome you into his kingdom and God protect all of your family that remains behind.

Kilroy’s Legislative Consultant Services, Inc. (KLCS)

I need to get creative in my future career move. Why not cash in on politics?

KLCS would assist any Delaware state or federal elected official in the capacity of providing research information on given topics and seek out professional and community opinions. All would be done on blind basics not revealing legislator requesting information and identity of respondents.

I am quite creative in gathering information and discrete in communicating with others.  Those of you who side-bar me comments know that information is confidential. I have the means to offer someone the means to even communicate to me confidential leaving no fingerprint.

Surely $1500.00 a year would be a bargain for any legislators or any elected official state or federal. I know many legislators would love to enter the blog mix but when revealing their identity causes unjust attacks. Comments to blogs can be channeled though KLCS whereas those comments would be placed on blogs under KLCS id. Rule would be nothing causing liability issues.

If there are any lobbyist organization out there who want to take me under the wing to provide such a unique discrete service to their clients, I am ready.

I know there are others out there going underground but are party loyalist. KLCS would not be party affiliated and provide a non-bias service.

In previous employment I did get involved at corporate level where internal politics within ruled the day. One thing I know for sure, during corporate conferences, conventions and seminars the real work takes place at the bar.  I am not a corporate seagull who flies into town eats your food, drinks your drinks, shits then flies way. I know how to work the room!

Yes freedom of information would reveal payment to KLCS but all would be based on professional consulting. I would love to work for a lobbyist organization networking with legislators and within legislative hall. Life is a big chess game and I love to play!   

Kilroy reqested new legislation

I E-mailed the following to a few key Delaware legislators.

I am requesting legislation that require all healthcare related questionnaires be faxed or mail to the potential provider keeping employers eyes off off such confidential information. Many times employers may need to downsize or adjust the number of employees however, factoring in an employee’s heath condition impacting employer’s health insurance risk factors that impact their insurance premium shouldn’t be a factor in that decision.

The proposed legislation should be quite simple as; All employers seeking to renew or shop around for employee healthcare coverage must provide a contact name, phone number and fax number to involved insurance carriers and request all health related questionnaire and / or applications be transmitted from the employee to directly to the insurance carrier. Also, all involved insurance carrier’s not be permitted to share employee’s existing and pre-existing healthcare information with employers. If employer feels due to the nature of job position unknown existing employee health condition may impair their ability to perform function or cause safety risk to themselves or other employees, employer must establish pre-employment and annual employee physical requirements for “all” employees. Determination of employees inability to perform task require within job function must be documented by physician performing physical and copy provided to employer and employee.

Synopsis: To secure employee health record confidentiality by requiring all application for employer sponsored healthcare be transmitted to healthcare insurance provider by the employee not employer. To set standards requiring any employer polices requiring physical be applied to all employees or employment applicants.  

Delaware legislators pass government option health care for all children.

HOUSE BILL NO. 139 signed by Gov Markell 08/27/2009

“This Bill extends Delaware’s Childrens’ Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to include reduced-cost health insurance coverage for children of families with personal incomes above 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.  However, a cost-sharing program is to be implemented under CHIP whereby payments, as determined by DHSS, must be paid on behalf of the child for such care; notwithstanding the above, the cost-sharing provision of the bill is designed to have the new program impose no cost whatsoever on the State unless funds are specifically appropriated for it.”

I originally had reservations about this legislation because as you notice the “above” in 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. There was no cap set and therefore a family making $500,000.00 a year can participate. Surely once DHSS submits the cost sharing factors a family making $500,000.00 won’t be getting such an overall discount.

Make not this legislation passed house and senate unanimously without any no votes. It’s kind of odd that many of my Republican friends oppose government sponsor healthcare but yet support government sponsor healthcare for children in Delaware. Then there are those want to be politicians who are screaming don’t take away my choice and too bad for those without affordable healthcare. So when the healthcare issues are about kids then healthcare reform isn’t such a debate.

No lets all put out Sunday morning thinking caps on! Those adults who can afford healthcare for children apparently don’t have healthcare themselves. If they have healthcare for themselves therefore they must have healthcare at work or through a self employed plan. Certainly we’re not talking about people living in high poverty because this legislation provides a government option for those families earning over 200% of the poverty level with no cap.

This is a great day for all Delaware children without a doubt and I know Lt. Governor Matt Denn has been working his butt off to help gain support for this legislation.

My teary eyed Republican friends failed to ask Governor Markell’s DHSS for a cost sharing plan prior to voting on this legislation. If it’s there I apologize but it wasn’t shared with the public.

The big question is why did Delaware state legislators Republicans and Democrats support a government sponsored optional healthcare plan for children but refuse to support a national plan that includes all age groups?  

Are our Delaware politicians saying governor run healthcare is OK as long as it’s the state government running it not the federal government? Wait; isn’t CHIP a federally funded program managed by the state?

Hey Protack what’s you spin on this Delaware sponored heathcare reform giving the parents the option?

Red Clay’s New Cell Phone Policy

Newton points out Cash for Clunkers taxable income

Steve Newton over at Delaware Libertarian posted a piece on Cash for Clunkers providing a link suggesting the Cash for Clunker rebates are taxable income. One little detail that the Feds neglected to advertise in Cash for Clunkers–the rebates are taxable income If all true it’s going to be one hell of  surprise at tax time.

Steve made reference to Kilroy re: unemployment. Unemployment benefits are taxable income and has been for a long time. However, Obama added $25.00 a week federal stimulus money the state unemployment compensation and that amount is also taxable income.

Here’s another way the government sticks it to you! Nine years ago my mother passed away and I was the  executorof her estate. She (her estate) had credit card  debt however, my mother paid a premium each month against the balance for credit card life insurance . I sent a copy of her death certificate to the credit card company and sure enough debt was covered. However, I received a tax form ( I forget the tax-form number ) that indicated I( the estate) had to claim the amount of debt the card company written off as “forgiveness of debt”. I was like, stop the presses, this was paid through life insurance and life insurance payouts is not subjected to income tax. No one forgave my mother’s debt as she had credit life insurance protection. 

If those Americans who took Uncle Sam’s offer re: Cash for Clunkers has to pay taxes of money used via the federal stimulus program don’t you think the banks and auto makers who received  the federal bailout should pay taxes on that income? As far as I know, the banks and auto industry don’t even have to pay interest.

Those in government suggesting that employees pay taxes on employer provided healthcare are nuts!

Wasn’t the American Revolutionary War about rebelling againstthe ruling British government’s high taxation? Perhaps those Tax Party folks ought to set up camp for homeless people at Valley Forge. I can see it now, people being arrested for trespassing on federal property . That property belongs to the American people not the government.

Just once let Ted be Ted not a Kennedy

So far everything I’ve seen on TV memorializing Ted Kennedy was more about Ted being a Kennedy rather than Ted being Ted.

Neither Ted’s brothers nor his father can take credit for his accomplishment as a senator and independent voice he has become. For congress to rally and unite to pass healthcare reform to honor Ted is a dishonor to our founding fathers.

Its obvious Ted’s biggest accomplishment was being a father and an uncle holding a family together through a life time of human tragedy.   Ted was like a black hole absorbing the pain and sorrow of the Kennedy family tragedies. In his hours of pain he put his time to morn aside to help others morn and become stronger.

God will address one on one with Ted about any wrong doings. Honor Ted for being Ted and not a Kennedy and let this one time be about the man not the family.

Also, it is absurd to think Obama will carry the Kennedy torch to keep the dream alive. It would be wiser for Obama to carry the torch Martin Luther King lit because; many deprived are the result of people like father Joe Kennedy. Carrying a torch father Joe Kennedy lit out of greed and self-gratification will tarnish the memory of the true American heroes who laid down their lives to deliver this free nation.

Judge and honor Ted Kennedy as a man not a Kennedy.     

RTI scam, who is cashing in?

RTI Business Scam! Delaware DOE bites the hook

America’s Number 1 teacher speaks

“If we are to put an end to stubborn cycles of poverty and social failure, and put our country on track for long-term economic prosperity, we must address the needs of children who have long been ignored and marginalized in chronically low-achieving schools,” said Duncan”

Today, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced draft requirements for $3.5 billion in Title I School Improvement grants to turn around the nation’s lowest performing schools.

Let me get this right, giving more money to public schools for Title 1 a “supplemental” program that has been nothing but a “supplant” program will end social failures?

I say, let’s put the Title 1 teachers  in a room with golden boy Duncan and have them tell him what is needed! Duncan turns a blind eye to Title 1 fudning is being funneled to TFA.


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