Kilroy welcoming message for the Academia Antonia Alonso school board

Academia Antonia Alonso (La Academia)

Board Member 

Gary W. Ferguson – Board Chair 

Mr. Ferguson is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Christiana Care Health System, with thirty-six years of experience in management and governance of non-profit organizations.  

Well this individual is a major plus! 

Maria Alonso – Vice President
Dr. Maria Alonso is a bilingual Clinical Psychologist serving children, families and a variety of school communities in Delaware and Pennsylvania.  “My mother Antonia raised my sisters and I to be bilingual, biliterate and bicultural citizens.  She believed that every child deserved a premier education and especially advocated for her beloved Latino children and families. I joined Academia Antonia Alonso’s board hoping to ensure that the school upholds my mother’s vision, passion and dream.

Brian Fahey – Secretary
Mr. Fahey has been a teacher at Wilmington Friends School since 1985.  He has been a leader in academic development, along with content coordinator for English Language Arts.

Now way! Brian comes down from the ivory tower to serve children of everyday people! (just busting on you Brian and good luck)

Nora Gonzalez Castellanos – Treasurer
Ms. Gonzalez is a Corporate Credit Financial analyst with Artisan’s Bank. She has ten years of relevant experience, and has worked and studied in both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries.

OMG a banker :) Just please don’t take advise from Skipper! (You know the guy from WSFS) 

Caridad Alonso
As a Delaware certified teacher, and as the state’s first Hispanic state Teacher of the Year, Ms. Alonso brings expertise with Exceptional Children, Reading and Spanish Language Mentoring

Maria Matos
Maria Matos, the Latin American Community Center’s (LACC) bilingual President & CEO, has been at the helm of the Agency for 20 years.  She has over 30 years of non-profit experience, working for the Chesapeake Bay Girl Scouts Council before coming to the LACC.  Ms. Matos has transformed the LACC from a small local Agency, to the leading Latino agency in Delaware.  Maria is one of the founding members of Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School. She raised over 4 million dollars to build Los Jardines, a senior Housing complex for low-income abuelitos! She grew up in the Hilltop neighborhood, and knows the community and its challenges.  Maria raised three children as a single parent, and they blessed her with six adorable grandchildren.  Maria is very proud of her eldest grandchild for serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the US Army. Maria was appointed by Governor Markell to serve on the Delaware Hispanic Commission, serves on several boards and committees including Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, Connections, JPMorgan Chase Community Advisory Council, Stewards of Children Steering Committee, Rodel Foundation of Delaware Advisory Council, and as a Trustee for Christiana Care.  She was born on July 18th, she’s an excellent cook, loves to read and spend time with her grandchildren!

Well Maria you have some good credentials but your bedfellows, Makrell and Rodel are scary! I’ll give you a pass for now because you are an excellent cook :) Tell me when you are ready for a meatball cook-off :) 

Melissa Browne
Ms. Browne is a Delaware certified Teacher and Principal. She is currently the director of Life-Long Learning at the LACC, with nine years of relevant experience in the academic world.

Yikes !!!!!!!!!!!! Teach for America run for the hills! OK what is relevant experience? Wait I get it, more experience than Mark Murphy!  

Shawn Stevens
Mr. Stevens has held several board positions including president of the Association of Fundraising Professionals with the Brandywine Chapter and served as a board member of the Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies. Mr. Stevens held a teaching certification in both special and elementary education, with a doctorate in educational leadership. He served in management positions with nonprofit organizations in Delaware for the past thirty years including ten years as Executive Director with Edgemoor Community Center. Currently Mr. Stevens is the Director of Community Impact with the United Way of Delaware.

Jury is out on this guy and we’re watching :) Here’s some more info on Mr. Stevens.,3630103

William J. Hutchinson
Throughout an extensive corporate legal career, Mr. Hutchinson served in multiple legal, management and governance roles for a multi-billion dollar international company.

William and Mary dude! O.K. you’re in! 

Kathleen Laskowski
Kathy Laskowski is an educational consultant in early childhood education program design and teacher development.  She has over 30 years experience as a practicing teacher, mentor of teachers and designer of educational programs. She has worked in both public and private schools.  She has a bachelors degree in early childhood education and a masters degree in special education from Temple University in Philadelphia and a masters degree in pastoral ministry from St. Joseph’s College in Hartford CT.  She has studied the educational philosophies and program designs employed in different countries around the world–including field research in Scotland.   Kathy has a particular interest in the role of play in education, in experiential learning and in bilingual educational programs.  She is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and its Delaware affiliate, as well as the World Forum on Early Care and Education.  Kathy has led international workgroups highlighting the vital role of play in the education of young children.  She is the mother of four grown children and a proud grandmother.

OMG Ms. Laskowski, “Kathy has a particular interest in the role of play in education”. Can you help Publius overcome his egotistic ways? I am down to throwing a ball playing catch with him. Temple U ?? OMG I think Mike Mattews boss hog of Red Clay’s teacher union went to Temple! 

Alexis Simms
Ms. Simms is a Paraprofessional with the Red Clay School District.

Alexis turn in that Red Clay union card! LOL :)

Rogelio Hernandez
Mr. Hernandez is the Director of ECM Credit Risk at Barclays, with 14 years of experience in financial analysis.

Rogelio whatever you do, stay away from allowing Barclays to give Moyer charter loans.

Dear Academia Antonia Alonso (La Academia) board members:

Don’t believe all the bad thing Publius and his capitalist friends say about Kilroy. My interest is not opposing charter schools and in fact I support school choice in which charter are part of that option. My biggest concern is transparency of school operations and finances. I’ve worked hard to push for local school board to record the public session of their board meetings as a means of an informative and open process that helps parents, community members and legislators better engage and understand the “real” needs of public / charter schools. Because of my efforts, Red Clay, Christina, Capital, DelMar, Brandywine and Colonial school districts all voluntarily record public sessions of their board meetings. The legislation that requires the state board of education to record their meetings was drafted by me and I was fortunate to gain legislative support making it law. H.B. #23 was also drafted by me and it passed the House Education Committee and the House Appropriation Committee and later killed by it’s sponsor Rep Hudson because of charter school dislike. I don’t see this request as punishment or a game of gotcha! Pencader fell and now it looks like Moyer will fall all because their leaders wanted to operate in the dark! At the end of the day, public schools including charters belong to the public and the public has the right to transparency. But more importantly, if parents are partners then they should have access to  complete transcript of school board meetings and digital recordings posted on the schools website is the best vehicle. 

I see one of you funding board member a prominent individual decided to call it quits.

Being a school board member shouldn’t  be about one’s ego or social status. It’s should be an honor and a means to give back to the community without looking for personal gains. As far as Kilroy, though I have my critics, the work I do promoting transparency is part of my community service. Yep!! I do go to the extreme and get obscene! I’ve been down the road as a parent serving on many committees and boards. I refused to allow myself to be a window treatment to make others look good and the taste of the Kool-aid is bitter. Please keep the cards on the table open your arms to transparency.    

Delaware: 2 dead in Wilmington Shootings! So how about those Phillies !

2 dead in Wilmington shootings / Jon P. Zaimes, The News Journal

Two people died early Sunday after they were shot,Wilmington police said.

Both victims were male but police have not released their names, ages or other details.

The latest killings brought Wilmington to 19 homicides by gunfire this year, one more than in all of 2013. In 2010, the city had a record 27. One other homicide in 2014 was by stabbing.

Sorry to sound so insensitive with the blog title but I want to emphasis the fact that many outside Wilmington city limits pretty much don’t care. Day in and day out is seems like another shooting or killing in Wilmington. Sorry to say if it were Hockessin or Greenville it would be a major state crisis. 

When does it end? Janey said this in a recent comment regarding education and Moyer, 50% of the kids we are talking about have never left the city, they see no options other than getting gun and finding a trade in robbery, burglary, dope etc. and trying to carve out a living.” Raising the academic bar when many poor students can’t reach the current bar that many say is too low doesn’t make sense. The Race to The Top funding is over and looks whose still in the starting blocks. Red Clay wants to spend million on new technology and yet they’ll cry there is no money to reduce class sizes required by law! Red Clay will ask for another class size wavier. All the new books, I-Pads, Science Kits, and Smart Boards won’t change the fact that smaller class sizes are effective.  New schools for the suburbs with all the amenities such as sports fields and open space and recycled office buildings for charter schools in Wilmington. 

One of these days someone might have the courage to hold a student assembly in a auditorium and ask students to raise their hands if they feel school sucks and is a waste followed by excusing those who didn’t raise their hands and asking those who did, “why does school SUCK?”. Give those who feel school sucks and is waste a pass on using profanity and you’ll hear the truth!   Janey also said, “Theo and his crew understood the enormous risk the student faced and the likely- hood his mom would give him a gun to go to work selling dope. The difference was- Theo and his staff made sure the student was in school. Without a GED or HS Diploma, the kid who grew up with the family business as drug distribution has not other options.” Janey, you are more than welcome to get on your soapbox and share your views and opinion here at Kilroy’s.

So once again Wilmington mother’s will cry over their child’s grave! Once again children will fear going into the street. Once again, those living outside Wilmington will shrug it off! Write all you want Twins but your words are whispers unless you put on your dad’s shoes and step up on the Hicks soapbox! Violation of civil right isn’t exclusive to white on black events! Brothers killing brothers is a violation of human rights!

Frank Murry OMG! Skip the A,B and C’s of Common Core and go right to D as in dumb!

Is teacher education up to Common Core requirements? By Frank B. Murray is the H. Rodney Sharp Professor in the University of Delaware’s School of Education.

OMG Frank! The question shouldn’t be, “Is teacher education up to Common Core requirements?” The question should be, “should parents standby and do nothing about the Wall Street ponzi scheme riding the in ass of the educational Trojan Horse built by Washington capitalists with Governor Jack Markell ride on top holding the reins?” I ‘ve sat through many Red Clay school board meetings where the board praised and honored teachers who went through the rigor of being a National Board Certified Teacher. Many of these teachers commented about the sacrifice they made during the process to better serve their students and the “fact” it wasn’t a cake-walk. The shift in standards should be instilling character in teachers by bringing back teaching to being a noble and asset to the community. Teaching and learning is a personal experience that shouldn’t be twisted into a corporate assembly-line with goals of building Stepford Wives like teachers. Children won’t bond to robots unless their names are Will Robinson. 

So, with regard to teacher education and the Common Core, the glass looks to be about three-quarters full. With regard to how we will know whether we have succeeded in the Common Core experiment, we won’t know for sure until the tests we mandate find a way to respect and reward the ingenuity of students like Sean.

The drive in reforming public education was addressing the concerns of the achievement gap between white and black students. Therefore, the success of the Common Core should be measured by the success of the bottom-tier students not the success of making honor roll students into AP superstar students. Common Core does nothing to ensure equitable education for the children who have become profit centers for Wall Street and proud card carrying capitalist like Jack Markell.

JW highlights the variables within Wilmington’s at-risk groups.

(The follow was taken from previous post Delaware DOE publishes Moyer charter school’s death-warrant re: closure! Posted on by kilroysdelaware)

By Janey Wilson

The group of students in this thread really can’t be racially identified with a broad brush as “black kids from the city,” The kids at play here are a very specific subset that are causing more than the need for additional administrators. These are kids from a few hot sections. One hot section is the West Side between 4th and 8th. Another hot section is North Side off Concord Ave around 25th. Students living in some of these sections may be second or third generation of poverty. Their mom’s are single mom’s who may have children with more than one father. These children have a unique culture that is not being addressed by closing an urban school and shipping them off to the suburbs. One of the problems we know that is hurting suburban schools in recent years is the increase in Heroin distribution. The students in the city are the wholesale suppliers for the suburban kids that are scared to drive into the West Side Heroin gateway. If you don’t know the difference between a brick, a stick, a bundle, or a chicken- please don’t comment as an expert.

The suburban teachers do not really understand the legacy family problems to know when they get a kid in 9th grade from a notorious dope distributing family more than a kid that went to St. John The Beloved. When Theo ran Moyer- he knew which dads were locked up and which kids were most at risk.If the dad was well established distributing Heroin or Cocaine as the family business, Theo and his crew understood the enormous risk the student faced and the likely- hood his mom would give him a gun to go to work selling dope. The difference was- Theo and his staff made sure the student was in school. Without a GED or HS Diploma, the kid who grew up with the family business as drug distribution has not other options. Additionally, when the student from West Side has to go to Glasgow, there is no way he can participate in all that school has to offer after hours. We are setting the student up for failure by legislating a situation that has not hope of working out for the support of the whole child. There are folks in the city that have raised their hands to try to build a sense of community, with additional adult support in the school to provide the extra support and services and we just sit and watch them fail rather than raise our hands to help them.

The reason Moyer has a lot of adults now is because Dover took over and selected an outside company to keep the school open until the mortgage mess was straighten out. What we need is a group of talent folks that know the city, know the issue to be on a task force to help support the school- not to close it. There should be an entrance exam for everyone on the task force- they have to pass a test on the section of the city and where the East Side begins and West Side ends and name the streets that are not access streets where drug distribution is the highest, they have to name four or five of the most well connected drug distribution families and know the names of all the pastors that support the community and most important understand the growing Muslim community. Additionally, they need to understand the language challenges these kids face growing up in homes with few books, few cultural activities and set realistic expectations for Social Studies for students that do not winter in the South of France and think going to BJ”s is a field trip. 50% of the kids we are talking about have never left the city, they see no options other than getting gun and finding a trade in robbery, burglary, dope etc. and trying to carve out a living.

This the part of blogging I love, when someone comes in with amazing comments that further educates all of us from the heart. In Janey were to try and say this at one of Markell’s town hall meetings it go in one ear and out the other. Also, be forgotten once the audience leaves the hall. I know the legislators who visit Kilroy’s and hope they take Janey’s comments to heart and use it. 

As some of you know I’ll post something in a provoking way to push hard debate. Also, blogging is a learning experience to me. I didn’t get smarter than Publius on the core issues overnight and without work. Janey highlights something about Moyer we’re missing. Moyer takes what we’ll label as the hardcore of the at-risk group but no in the way the baddest kids. We’re taking kids who are expose to all the ills of the worst inner cities have to offer. I just we can say perhaps students are widgets in the education industry driven by Wall Street. I-Pads won’t close the achievement gap as much as it will reap Wall Street profits.

Though hard to believe, Kilroy worked seven-years part-time in a RTC \ Residential Treatment Center for emotionally disturbed delinquent and non-delinquent adolescents. Also, a year full-time in a foster-treatment program where same type of adolescents were place in specialized foster-care. I’ve worked with many street kids (tough kids) and it was hard to reach many who keep their defense shields up. Perhaps are good portion of Moyer kids are prime candidates for the “system”. But don’t be fooled because many kids living in a tough environment are amazing bright and want more out of life. This is what Theo Gregory many have visioned for Moyer, reaching down and hard to those losing direction in life. 

Going full circle, Moyer’s problem seems to be with structural leadership down to it’s board. I think their latest blunder was approving Moyer to purchase their own buses. The board voted the same night as the public presentation and make note, board meeting notes are vague lacking public access to contract and cost of this blunder. Hello, duh , your liability exposure just increased in insurance cost and responsibility of new employees called bus driver who will want benefits. Was the a bid on this contract or a deal? But why would the board extent the school financially knowing their feet aren’t one the ground after the building purchase and clearing themselves of K12.Inc? There was no internal impact study made! Why in the HELL did DE DOE standby and not inject themselves! Should charter have to autonomy to fall on their face if they want! But DAMN, what about the impact on students / children? And you damn right I am going to say Debbie Hudson! Our public schools / charter are funded by the “public” but more importantly, serve the “public’s” children and MUST BE TRANSPARENT! Moyer’s operation is far from being transparent! In my opinion somebody within or perhaps not there any longer reaped $$$$$$$$ re: land /building deal.   

Janey, Moyer’s leaders blew it for Moyer students and parents! Theo I know you see this!  Wilmington needs a body of people to engage pubic education issues and to monitor all public schools including charters. Somebody needs to open the windows of transparency! I am a pain in the ass with my rants about board meeting recordings and what does it get “me”? Nothing! Yep Kilroy is the town idiot with a GED and a pocketful of college credits! Hello Publius!!!!!! I was at the bottom looking up at all those thinking they had the answers for those of us who felt lost in the system. I started this blog knowing my writing skills suck but felt if I wanted others (Title 1 Parents) to speak-up and speak-out, I must be willing to do the same despite my ignorance.

Janey. thank you for your perspective and so sorry to save the “adults” running Moyer are screwing up and the parents sit in the dark like mushrooms.               


Delaware: Closing Moyer charter school “and” firing the Delaware Secretary of Education is a must re: Civil Rights

Tough choice ahead for Moyer decision-makers / News Journal /Opinion

Exceptional Delaware on the move

Jon's blog

Folks, Exceptional Delaware (blog) is making major progress! Our special needs children of Delaware has a guardian angel. Parents of special needs children are the best support for each other. PTA is limited to providing information. However, many parents of special needs children need emotional support and others they can cry with as well as laugh with.  Exceptional Delaware  is building a home (blog) to help support all needs. We must no let education reform leave our special needs children out.  Jon’s Loving Father is an amazing passionate person.

Delaware DOE publishes Moyer charter school’s death-warrant re: closure!

Contact Alison May (302) 735-4000
Secretary Murphy to make recommendation at September 18 State Board of Education meeting following public comment period

The Delaware Department of Education’s Charter School Accountability Committee today recommended the revocation of Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute’s charter at the end of this academic year because of poor academic performance and other issues at the Wilmington school.

A public hearing is scheduled for September 10 with public comment accepted through September 15. After reviewing public comment and considering CSAC’s recommendation, Secretary of Education Mark Murphy will make his recommendation regarding the school’s future to the State Board of Education at its September 18 meeting.
Issues raised by the committee include:
  *  Only 23 percent of students passed the state reading exam last year with only 10 percent doing so in math. In science, 6 percent of students were proficient while none were in social studies. The scores were worse than those in 2012-13, when the school also had performance far below the state averages.
  *   The scores are the lowest of any charter school in the state.
  *   Violations to state and federal law regarding services for students with disabilities
  *  Non-alignment of the school’s curriculum to state academic standards
 * An out-of-school suspension rate of 61 percent for the 2013-14 school year and lack of documentation related to five expulsions

Should Murphy and the State Board follow the committee’s recommendation to revoke the charter, the state will assist families in finding other schools for the next academic year. The children may return to the district schools in their home feeder patterns, or fill out the state’s School Choice application for another district or charter school. The application deadline is January 14, 2015.

History leading to the school’s formal review
The school, which previously operated as the New Maurice J. Moyer Academy, received its charter on April 21, 2011. It operates at the same location as the former Maurice J. Moyer Academy, which opened in 2006 but was closed by the state in 2010 because of poor student performance and other problems such as curriculum issues and lack of highly qualified teachers. For the 2010-11 school year, a school operated at the location under a charter management company overseen by the state.

When Moyer’s 2011 charter was approved, it was with conditions that included curriculum and instruction requirements. In December 2012, the school submitted a request for a major modification to its charter to decrease its authorized enrollment and change its educational program from an online program to traditional instruction for core academic courses. The proposed curriculum not being aligned to state academic standards and the request was not approved.

In December 2013, Moyer submitted another major modification request to decrease its authorized enrollment from 455 students to 265 students for the 2014-15 school year.

In May 2014, Moyer submitted a major modification request for its educational plan to implement SpringBoard, a curriculum for mathematics and English language arts. CASC recommended approval of the application pending submission by July 14 of needed documentation regarding the curriculum. Moyer’s submission did not address all the issues raised by the committee, resulting in the group recommending non-approval. The application would have required the assent of the Secretary of Education as well as the State Board of Education, which did not occur.

On July 17, 2014, Murphy recommended to the State Board that Moyer be placed on formal review to determine whether the school is violating the terms of its charter and the law. The State Board assented.
Moyer Formal Review Timeline
•  Placed on formal review: July 17, 2014 during State Board of Education meeting
• Initial CSAC meeting: 2 p.m. August 5, 2014 in the Cabinet Room of the Townsend Building, 401 Federal St., Dover
• Public hearing: 5 p.m. August, 5, 2014 in the Cabinet Room of the Townsend Building, 401 Federal St., Dover
•  Initial CSAC report issued: August 7, 2014
•  School response deadline: August 22, 2014
•  Final CSAC meeting: 1 p.m. August 29, 2014 in the Cabinet Room of the Townsend Building, 401 Federal St., Dover
•  Final CSAC report issued: September 5, 2014
• Second public hearing: 6 p.m. September 10 in the 2nd floor auditorium of the Carvel State Office Building at French and 9th streets, Wilmington
•  Public comment period closes: September 15, 2014
•  State Board of Education Meeting & Decision: September 18, 2014, 1 p.m. in the Cabinet Room of the Townsend Building, 401 Federal St., Dover
About Formal Review

The purpose of the formal review process is to see if a school is violating the terms of its charter. It is an investigative tool to see if remedial measures are needed.

Formal review can be prompted by internal concerns, such as questions about finances, or external concerns, such as tips or complaints from the public. Before recommending formal review, charter office staff typically will meet informally with school leadership to present issues and give the school a chance to respond. The State Board of Education must vote to put a school on formal review, typically based on a recommendation from the Secretary of Education, as was the case with Moyer.

Once a school is placed on formal review, the Charter School Accountability Committee convenes. It has 90 days to complete its process. The committee, formed by the Secretary of Education, includes voting members who are Delaware Department of Education staff and a community member as well as ex-officio members, such as representatives from the Delaware Charter School Network and the State Board of Education.

NJ’s Jimmy Olsten reporting Charter School Accountability Committee recommends “closure” of Moyer

The state’s Charter School Accountability Committee has recommended closing the Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute charter school.

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy must now choose whether to accept that recommendation next month and ask the State Board of Education to agree to close the school.

Moyer has been at odds with the state because of low test scores, problems with its curriculum and other concerns. The State Board voted to put Moyer on formal review in July after results from last years test scores showed sliding student performance.

For more on the committee’s recommendation and more background on the school’s struggles, keep reading or read tomorrow’s edition of The News Journal.

Contact Matthew Albright at or at 324-2428. Follow him on Twitter

Wonderful timing right as Moyer’s school year begins! And OMG all those new school buses and you can bet big time bailout of school employees. Hey state board Heff, PLEASE man-up and demand direct DE DOE oversight of school bus driver qualifications re: conforming to the law.  Hey Govenor Markell PLEASE put projected teacher pay in receivership to ensure WE THE TAXPAYER DON’T HAVE TO FOOT THE  BILL LIKE WE DID FOR PENCADER FRANK / PENCADER.

To the parents of Moyer students, don’t forget to thank Delaware State Representative Debbie Hudson for not having your back re: H.B.#23. Yep parents will be clueless because Hudson didn’t have the courage to follow through and dropped to her knees for the Speaker of The House and Rep. Longhurst. Karma will get Hudson when the Greenville and Centerville taxpayers find out she is supporting Red Clay operational referendums. Looks like Publius might have to go back to drinking Billy Beer!

Folks being so early in the school year, things will $$$$$$$$$$ deteriorate fast! Teachers get out while you can!   And OMG!!!!!!!!! Parent remove your kids NOW!

What gives? Big Chief Merv sending up smoke signals re: H.B. #424 elimination of Specific Interest and more!

Strange memo to “staff” / “teachers! Is it an FYI or code talking? What is his position? You know, if changes are made to Specific Interest for charters perhaps magnet specific preferences will be next. Personally, I say all charter schools and magnets should have open admissions with a lottery process for enrollment above the number of open seats. But you know, Rep Darryl ” I love Jeb Bush” Scott decided it was time to quit the House. So with no other sponsor or cosponsors H.B. #424 is nothing  more than a piece of toilet paper. Then again what gives with Merv !

How many times will DE DOE give a failing charter school CPR? Re: Moyer

Decision looming for struggling charter school by Assoicated Press

State education officials are getting closer to a final decision on the fate of a struggling charter school that serves mostly low-income black children in Wilmington. 

The state Charter School Accountability Committee was to hold a final meeting Friday regarding Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute. 

The committee will issue a final report next week for the state board of education to consider on Sept. 18 following a public comment period.

Officials put Moyer on formal review last month, after it turned in the lowest standardized test scores of any Delaware charter school for the 2013-2014 school year. The results were even worse than the previous year, when less than half of Moyer students demonstrated proficiency in reading and math. 

Officials also expressed other concerns involving academics, discipline, attendance and enrollment.  

What gets me is, there is enough red flags to warrant an investigation by the State Auditor’s Office.  I find it very hard to believe Moyer parents aren’t stepping up to the plate! There was a no-show at DE DOE charter committee review! 

This is from Moyer’s website:


Moyer Academy is looking for experienced Bus Drivers to transport our students to and from school. The successful candidates will follow a preplanned route with a defined time schedule. He/she must be able to appropriately handle Middle & High School students, and report any and all discipline issues to the proper school authorities.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Must be at least 25 years of age.

• Possess a valid State of Delaware Commercial Driver’s License.

• Completion of a performance test in school bus operation.

• Must pass an annual physical examination.

• At least 3-5 years of verifiable driving experience.

• Knowledge of traffic and highway safety rules and regulations,and of the precautions necessary to avoid accidents.

• Ability to understand and carry out instructions and to perform work requiring good physical condition.

• Ability to relate to students, parents and school system personnel.

• Ability to complete various forms and records, including updated route sheets, timesheets, field trip forms, incident and accident reports. 

Nothing about passing a criminal background check and random drug test. Here is state law:

(a) No person shall drive, nor shall any contractor or public, parochial or private school, permit any person to drive a school bus within the State unless such driver has qualified for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) under Chapter 26 of this title, and a school bus endorsement under this chapter, and other pertinent rules and regulations of the Department. Furthermore, except when in possession of a CDL permit and undergoing training or evaluation and accompanied by a certified Delaware School Bus Driver Trainer, school bus drivers shall at all times, while operating or in control of a school bus have in their immediate possession the following:

(1) A properly endorsed and classified Delaware CDL license, with a P (passenger) and S (school bus) endorsement. In exceptional circumstances, the Department of Education may request that the Department issue a 45-day temporary S endorsement to allow a driver to drive upon completion of all requirements except the 12 hours of classroom training. Out-of-state school bus drivers shall comply with § 2709 of this title.

(1) needs to to be revise with “no exceptions”!  Also notice Moyer’s ad with no reference to (P) and (S) endorsements re: State of Delaware Commercial Driver’s License. 

(3) Show completion of a course of training with specific course content as determined by the Department of Education and including the knowledge specified in 49 C.F.R. § 383.123(a)(2). Such course shall contain as a minimum 12 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of training aboard a school bus with a certified Delaware School Bus Driver Trainer. Training on the school bus must include 4 hours of actual driving, 2 of which must be with students on the bus.

(4) Pass a road test in a school bus administered by the Department and until September 30, 2005, has otherwise met the conditions of 49 C.F.R. § 383.123(b).

(5) Not have more than 5 points on the applicant’s 3-year driving record at the time of application.

(6) Not have had the applicant’s license suspended, revoked or disqualified in this State or any other jurisdiction for moving violations in the last 5 years.

(7) Never have been convicted of any of the following crimes under the laws of this State or of any other jurisdiction: 

(8) Submit to a drug test, to be administered pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Department of Education, the results of which must be negative for controlled substances as defined by 49 U.S.C. § 31306 and the implementing regulations issued by the Secretary of Transportation pursuant thereto unless the controlled substances have been ingested pursuant to a valid prescription or order of a practitioner while acting in the course of the practitioner’s professional practice. Anyone testing positive to the drug test required in this paragraph shall have the right to request and pay for further analysis of their split sample, pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Department of Education, to determine whether the result was a false positive or the controlled substance was ingested pursuant to a valid prescription or order of a practitioner wile acting in the course of the practitioner’s practice. Refusal to submit to testing, which shall include the provision of a substituted or adulterated test sample, shall be deemed to be a positive test result under this subsection.

There is way more! It appears Moyer purchased their own buses and will be responsible for drivers; per January 2014 board meeting c. Bus Purchases – Strategic plan proposal for bus purchase presented i. A motion was made to accept the proposal to purchase buses for Moyer over the next three (3) year period – unanimously approved

Did DE DOE approve Moyer’s charter to switch from transportation vendor to school owned? Yea right Publius, none of DE DOE’s business! Bullshit! It changes the dynamics of the school finances and insurance liabilities not to include overhead of salaries, benefits and pension! Shit, if they can’t maintain promises made to students re: academics, I am concerned about their oversight of a fleet of buses! Check this out  2014-2015 PRINTABLE SCHOOL YEAR BUS ROUTES! A hyperlink to “Page Not Found”.

So now what????????? School ordered closed and parents and student some whom may of came from Pencader out on the street. And do remember it was DE DOE who pointed many Pencader students to Moyer.

At the end of the day, public schools fail because parents fail to realize they are public /charter schools that belong to them! If Rep Hudson did her job re” H.B.#23 parents and the community could have heard what the hell is going on at Moyer’s board meetings. It’s all about transparency and what we have is limited transparency! Yep and we’ll hear crying coming from Greenville and Centerville re: Red Clay upcoming referendum. Don’t blame Red Clay admins, blame your Rep Debbie Hudson! Well one thing for sure, the Greenville and Centerville crowd can listen to Red Clay school board meeting recordings. Save a lot of banged Mercedes doors! But then again Publius will fill them in at his power table at The Wilmington CC.  





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