Interesting Red Clay Cab observation! Male Discrimination @ Cab ?

According to the Delaware Department of Education holy grail data driven website Cab Calloway “magnet school” has enrollment of 70.1% female students and 29.9% male students. Also I noticed Richardson Park Learning Center has student enrollment of 70.6% male students and 29.4% female students. Central school has 69.2% male and 30.8% female.

Sure kilroy has too much time on his hand however, what is the sense of having data if no one reviews it and ask question when there are disparities. I’ll admit, the validity of data provided by the Delaware Department of Education is weak.

All other Red Clay schools with the exception of the three I noted have a reasonable balanced re: male and female students. Wait DMA is 65.1% male and 34.9% female. But then again the arm forces tend to be male dominate.  

Cab’s data is begging to be explored as to why such disparities? Is there bias towards female applicants?  Could a rejected male applicant yell discrimination? Charter School of Wilmington has male population of 49% male and 51% female! So much for boys are better at math than girls :). But for real, does Cab have a hidden specific interest favorable to females?  Yep, Kilroy will run this one up the Red Clay flag pole! Well once Kenny comes down ;).

Delaware Department of ED tells State Board of ED glitches in data base

Assessment Office At DE DOE Didn’t Get Charter School SAT Scores From College Board…Oops! by Exceptional Delaware 

Touchette explained he was unable to get the information for low-income students because of glitches in the system due to the new DOE website.  What is it with this DOE and low-income data?

Read entire post here ……………………….

Delaware parents asleep at the wheel while their children are being abused by the Delaware Department of Education

Scores to plunge on new standardized test Matthew Albright, The News Journal 

Parents and students should brace for scores on the state standardized test to plunge this year as Delaware moves to a much more difficult national exam, with fewer than half – and, in some cases, fewer than a third – of students taking it likely to score proficient.

Delaware is one of 17 states giving its students the Smarter Balanced Assessment, designed to measure the new, tougher Common Core State Standards. Just as the Common Core aims to set higher expectations for what students should know and be able to do academically, state officials say Smarter Balanced is much tougher than the old test, DCAS.

When will Delaware’s parents wake-up and say no more being political lab rats stroking the ego of Jack Markell and standing by as a band of Rodel clones infest the Delaware Department of Education.  

“Because the new content standards set higher expectations for students and the new tests are designed to assess student performance against those higher standards, the bar has been raised,” said Joe Willhoft, Smarter Balanced’s executive director in a news release. “It’s not surprising that fewer students could score at Level 3 or higher. However, over time, the performance of students will improve.”

State officials say the projected scores more accurately represent how likely students are to succeed in college and more closely mirror performance as measured by the national NAEP test.

“We think this is a more realistic representation of what we are seeing after high school,” said Brian Touchette, director of assessment at the state Department of Education.

So let me get this right! Our most neediest students can’t meeting the current bar set lower than the Smarter Balanced Assessment and the answer to improving their education is raising the the bar?  

If the NAEP is already measuring Delaware student performance against peers in other states why do we need a state test that does the same? DCAS was a growth model “assessment” taken-three times a year in efforts to offer academic intervention. The Smarter Balances Assessment is given at the end of the year way too late to offer students academic intervention. “We think” Mr. Touchette  says! And when Markell’s house of cards come crashing down in two-years we’ll be hearing “we thought”! Just like Rodel “thought” DSTP was a good thing! 

Numbers are not available at the state level because not all states had representative samples, Touchette said.

Touchette emphasized that scores on the test will probably improve steadily as teachers and students begin to more fully implement Common Core.

And Governor Markell is “probably” and ass but we won’t know the fully extent until he is fully out of office. We cannot serve children on “We think” or “probably”. To me those are code word signifying lack of confidence in one’s work!

“We have schools and educators who are dedicated to better instruction in classrooms, and we are confident the scores will start to show that,” he said.

If they could meet the objective of NCLB via DCAS what makes you think they’ll do it here?  

The state has taken steps to blunt the initial shock parents will likely feel when many students who had previously performed well come home with scores telling them they are not meeting the standards set for them.

And parents need to send a blunt message back to corporate owned Delaware Department of Education by opting-out their child from taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The is no Delaware law on record saying they can’t and certainly there is no penalty for doing so!

Teacher evaluations for this year, for example, will not include standardized test scores, a sticking point for some educators.

But the data will be used to set next years priority schools which will be skewed data. Student test schools will be view by many charter schools as par of their admission process and we know about the cherry-picking! If this test is used to measure school performance you can bet charter schools will be going after student who school at proficiency. 

“What we are really trying to emphasize here is that students and teachers are not doing any worse,” Touchette said. “We are just asking them to meet a higher bar.”

And I am the town idiot with a GED and a pocketful of college credits. You are asking them to kiss Jack Markell’s ass and stroke Rodel’s misguided ego!

The sad part of this academic nightmare is, we have two more years of Jack Markell’s education wrecking-ball. You can bet and the next governor will clean house and purge the most unprofessional kiss asses in DE DOE this state has ever seen!

Did you notice the News Journal didn’t interview one parent or one teacher for their opinion! Not even the PTA!

Where are our state legislators in all of this? When will parents get some relief from this nightmare!

How many more children must endure senseless test anxiety?


OMG! Is Delaware PTA waking up from a Markell induced coma?

Join us on Saturday November 22, 2014 for our Annual State Convention

State assessments are given for the purpose of measuring school accountability. Individual tests results provide information to parents and teachers about student knowledge and understanding. The assessments are aligned to the standards taught in Delaware public schools. As Delaware transitions to the new Smarter Assessments, there is growing concern among parents and educators across the state with regards to how the data is used, the appropriateness of the test and the impact to students, educators and schools. As a result of these concerns, parents are beginning to call for the right to “opt” their student out of state assessments. The purpose of this session is explore what “parent opt-out” really means, understand the short and long term implications of advocating for a parent’s right to opt-out of state assessments and gain a better understanding of what parents can expect from the new Smarter Assessments.

Wow !!! Read between the lines! This is a bold statement coming from PTA. And guess what folks, there in nothing in Delaware Code Title 14 that requires penalties for parents and students opting-out of state testing. 

The law describes the district and school responsibilities and cheating! Good for PTA taking a bold tactful step to address this issue. I’ll bet Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and DE DOE’s mouth piece are walking around the floor of the PTA convention with heads red as fire trucks! If the question was sent to AG Denn, I wonder what his ruling would be? 

As far as the Smarter Balanced Assessment, even DE DOE officials says first-year results are going to be poor because of higher standards! Bullshit! We need to end school ratings based on skewed state standards test!

Exceptional Delaware October 15 ,2014: “The Board of Education for the Capital School District passed a resolution at their meeting tonight to allow parents to opt their children out of standardized testing.  This is a major victory, not just for Capital, but the entire state.  This is the shot heard round the world for education in this state.  This is a district saying no to the DOE.  This is a district saying parents have a choice in their child’s education.  I wish I was there for it, but I am still very happy!  I will update this as I get more information!” 

UNITED OPT OUT: The Movement to End Corporate Education Reform 

In the summer of 2013, United Opt Out spent all of June writing 50 state opt out/refusal guides to arm everyone with an essential tool, specific to their state, in order to halt corporate education reform via opt out. This summer we have taken it a step further. We have documented our activist journey in an effort to share a broader understanding of “opt out” – “opt out” is much more than simply refusing high stakes tests. As we reclaim the conversation on public education with An Activist Handbook for the Education Revolution we share with you our UOO personal journey, detailed actions, and research to support you in 2014-2015. All proceeds from our book will be used to further our efforts at

United Opt Out to educate, take action and allow all children to have the following – as stated in our demand: United Opt Out National serves as a focused point of unyielding resistance to corporate ed. reform. We demand an equitably funded, democratically based, anti-racist, desegregated public school system for all Americans that prepares students to exercise compassionate and critical decision making with civic virtue.

WOW! What a promise Early College High School! 30-60 transferable college credits!

Save the full expense of college by having your high school student graduate with 30-60 transferable college credits which will eliminate the need for 1-2 years of college. Your son or daughter could be a member of the first class of Delaware’s first-ever Early College High School!

Amazing! 30-60 transferable college credits on top a world class high school education! Sound like students enrolling in this charter school must be very focused! Maybe the last post about discipline issues was a rumor! Image going onto college and graduating in two years instead of four! 

Is Delaware newest charter school Early College High School tripping out the gate?

Could be one of those rumors but  I am hearing Delaware newest charter school, Early College High @ Delaware State University is tripping out the gate re: discipline issues.

Many of us know there is a misconception about charter schools being this safe and secure setting where students are all well behaved and don’t bully others. Kids are kids and without proper intervention programs the best of kids will display negative behavior. But when it comes to calling the police into a school the clock ticks re: persistently dangerous schools. 

What I am hearing is, Delaware newest charter school opening this year is having discipline problems and doesn’t have staff trained in crisis intervention. Though the problems could be minor it appears it’s bad enough for parents to start complaining.

Word has it some parents did address the Early College High School board of directors at yesterday’s board meeting, November 20, 2014. Seems the response was a bit lame-ass!

To the parents of Early College High School: Your charter schools is a “public school” belonging to “you”. Never forget that! I urge you and you PTA / PTO to demand the school board digitally record their board meetings and until a time they agree you should take on the responsibility! Those of you who have a smart phone have a built in digital recorder and video record. I urge you to use those “tools”. The board may tell you digital recorders are expensive and I say bullshit !

Philips 8GB Voice Tracer 898 Digital Meeting Recorder   $129.99

Parents must stay engaged in the issues and not sit around clueless like mushrooms growing the dark. However and more importantly, parents and the community must be an active part of the school and yes issues. Don’t let Early College High School end up another Pencader or be forced closed like other charter schools. The school founders made a promise in their charter school application and “you” must hold them to that promise.

To the PTA / PTO of Early College High School: You have the greatest responsibility to ensure this school delivers the “promise”. Keep this board working in the daylight and I suggest you also, record your PTA / PTO meetings. Pencader and other charter schools “ordered” closed failed to keep the accountability cards on the table!  

Most of you know, once you choice you child into all charter or out of district school your child is stuck there for one year! Unless there is “good cause”. Do keep in mind this rule is about money not kids! The local funds from feeder district are required to follow the student to charters or out of district choice schools.

Do keep in mind all new charter schools have growing pains but that should mean physical or emotional threats towards your child by other students. Always remember this, if another student touches your child in any way with aggressive intentions it is called ” offensive touching”.  You don’t need your school’s administration to call the police! If schools are acting in good faith by acknowledging or address safety issues they aren’t good protectors of your child.  

I honestly hope what I am hearing is all rumor! I did weigh the source and it was enough for me to express my concern. Too many things get swept under the rug in this state and we can’t take chances with our kids.  

Charter School of Wilmington leaders and board member comes out swing at Red Clay Board President re: Specific Interest

If you take time to listen to Red Clay school board meetings you’ll hear Charter School of Wilmington’s school leader and board member blast Red Clay’s school board president for raising concerns about CSW discriminatory Specif Interest Admission Process.  However, in their defense was Red Clay’s own discriminatory admission process for Conrad, CAB and other specialized programs! The underlining message from CSW officials was don’t throw stone if you live in glass houses.

At the end of the day, public schools are failing to see the importance of diversity of programming needs within each and every public school buildings! The process allows schools skim and cherry pick students while other schools feel the impact of the brain drain leaving them to serve the most neediest.

Well one thing for sure is, CSW officials finally went on record to justify their Specific Interest.  I think the CSW board members and school leader who chastised Red Clay’s board president need to take some personal inventory!  CSW can’t even post their board minutes in a timely manner and forget about recording CSW board meetings! If CSW had better transparency there would be better understanding of their position.

At this point in time I’ll support CSW position because their pointing out Red Clay specific interest being used at CAB, Conrad and other Red Clay specialize programming has merit. As far as the misconceptions regarding CSW perhaps the needs to be a little more transparent. Look how many months it’s been sine CSW posted board minutes! But the will be changing with some Red Clay leadership changes. Hear me well pal! If the webpage isn’t updated by this coming Wednesday there will be some Red Clay administrative changes.     

Some parents say ,Red Clay School Board lacks transparency! Listen to that lack of transparency here!

Listening to public comments during the November 19, 2014 Red Clay school board meeting many say Red Clay isn’t transparency. If Red Clay is hiding something re: transparency what’s missing on these recordings of board meetings?      

September 30th Unit Count Report from Delaware DOE w/Special Education Units, Charters Still Underserving Students With Disabilities @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @RCEAPrez @Apl_Jax @ecpaige @nannyfat @Roof_o #netde #Delaware #edchat #eduDE

Originally posted on Exceptional Delaware:

Special Needs Parents of Delaware: The Delaware DOE has just released their September 30th Annual Enrollment Unit Count for every single public school in Delaware, including charters and vocational schools.  The unit counts are based on the following categories: regular students, basic special education and regular students in K-3, basic special education in 4-12, intensive special education in K-12, and complex special education in K-12.  To qualify as special education in this report, a student with a disability must have an Individualized Education Plan.

If you wanted to see how many special needs students go to the priority schools, this is your chance.  If you wanted to choice your child out to a charter and he/she is a student with disabilities, you might want to take a careful look at which charters really don’t cater to children with special needs.  The report can be read here:

How did the charter…

View original 521 more words

Breaking !!!!!!!!! Joe Doe hijacks Pandora’s post over at Delaware Liberal

“Concerned Neighbors Of Cooke Elementary School” VS The Red Clay School Board Filed in Delaware by pandora on November 18, 2014 

Go read the comment section for this Pandora post here……………. ! Joe Doe is churning up heated conversation!  


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