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The game of Clue-Politics in Delaware Version By Children and Educators First

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Way to go Appo! U.S. News top Delaware schools 1 & 2

U.S. News tops Delaware schools

Top Ranked DE Schools

To be eligible for a state ranking, a school must be awarded a national gold or silver medal.

#1 Middletown High School 120 SILVER LAKE RD, MIDDLETOWN, DE 19709

#2 Appoquinimink High School 1080 BUNKER HILL RD, MIDDLETOWN, DE 19709

Did Capital School district board really say no to funding Race to The Top with local tax-dollars?

Capital School Board gets high marks for meeting Letter to the Editor

I went to the Capital School Board meeting last Wednesday night and was pleasantly surprised to see the school board so engaged. The representative from the state Department of Education presented a program offering bonuses for teachers who transfer to lower-performing school districts and meet certain performance criteria. Board member Kay Dietz-Sass asked if the teacher’s evaluation would be affected by opting her child out of the DCAS test. There were other good comments and questions, and the board unanimously voted against this program.

The board also voted not to sustain six of the seven Race to the Top positions the district had wanted to keep and pay for from local tax dollars. The Board President Matt Lindell and the Vice President Brian Lewis, voted no on all seven positions.

I came away feeling hopeful.

Lorraine O. Gloede


Well I hope this is true re: not back-filling a federal grant program Race to The Top now in it’s forth and final year of funding with local tax-dollars! Why would a superintendent request their board to do such a thing? As far as bonuses, incentive bonuses should go to the school not individuals. If a teacher is unwilling to teach in a low-performing school and will do so for extra money I wouldn’t call them professional. Also, as a parent of a low-performing student at the school these teachers so willing are at, I’d be concern about their engagement of my child. For those so-called professional and in it for the kids require bonuses on top of all the pay and benefits taxpayers provide them for doing their jobs I’d say we have ab integrity issue. Fire those unwilling and hire those who are.

Will Ron Russo open a charter school called Rodel School for Corporate Cheerleaders?

Making the case for Delaware’s charter schools Ron Russo is former president of the Charter School of Wilmington and the former principal of St. Mark’s High School.

Interesting part here.

Currently we are developing a parallel public school system and that can be divisive. Some folks are looking to limit the number of charter schools by limiting the issuance of new charters. We should be implementing successful ideas in all public schools thereby reducing the demand for new charter schools.

At the April 4 Rodel-sponsored program, “Global Education Event – International Lessons for Delaware,” the power point presentation showed that the greatest gains in public education took place when schools had greater autonomy and there was collaborative sharing among them.

Maybe Delaware should take a trip “back to the future.”

Ron Russo is former president of the Charter School of Wilmington and the former principal of St. Mark’s High School.

Well Ron not all of us believe Rodel is the supreme authority. Traditional public schools can collaborate all they want but the charter school movement will move full steam ahead especially with Rodel agents embedded in DE DOE.

Charter School of Wilmington was and is successful because it was wired with enrollment preferences to make it the best free private school in Delaware. If such autonomy is the God particle of public education why can’t those preferences be applied to traditional public schools? Public schools should never be allowed to chose it’s students and when that happens they are not “public” schools. I say eliminate all charter school preferences and hold lotteries for over enrollment. Also, if a charter organizations fails to meet April 1 enrollment numbers prior it’s initial opening date that charter application should be null and void without formal review process. Also, new charter application must pass though impact study.

Theo Gregory puts Mark Murphy is the corner!

Wow what an amazing video ! Way to go Theo Gregory! I think his point is, students are people too! Success in academics must come hand and hand with success of the individuals as they rise above personal and environmental challenges. Theo get’s it correct on “standardized test” as it can’t be the ultimate bench mark. DSTP, DCAS and The Smarter Balanced Assessment is not an evolution to approve achievement achievement as Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy claims. Murphy praises the growth model but is a cheerleader for The Smarter Balanced Assessment a once a year “standardized test”. The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a once a year standardized test narrowly focused on a set of standards just as DSTP was! Theo get;s it right on standardized test shouldn’t be the benchmark to measure the success of a schools. Theo feels there should be a more comprehensive set of evaluation of the schools that include accomplishments in student growth as individuals which translates into better students and “individuals”. Murphy doesn’t see Theo’s points and claims such an assessment of the schools exist! Murphy is wrong as what Theo refers to isn’t in the school evaluation framework. That framework is all review how schools meet the objectives of meeting the common core standards and not in respects to the humanities side of schools.

Murphy says there are no for-profit charter schools in Delaware. Yep Theo is correct re: peel back the layers. He didn’t want to go on record! However, there are lawyers capitalizing on charter schools via services while being part on a charter school expansion. Non-profits though non-profit status they extract revenues for so-called services such as Charter Schools Network of Delaware and Innovated Schools. The money they receive is not consider profit because they use monies for their good causes such as rounding-up charter school children and taking them to a descriptive pro-charter rally in Dover. They use children as political stage props to advance the charter school movement even if that movement tears down community feeder schools. Also, they have “paid” employees. Many people think all non-profits are volunteer services. Mr. Rago, corporation are taking over education! Ins’t it a conflict of interest when the “testing companies” also sell education materials. Education reform is being driven by Wall Street education for profits and a bunch of rich white billionaires and millionaires who think they know best for black children. These same companies have internal weakness that can question racial diversity in their own organization and in cases of financial institutes have a track record of discriminatory lending. There are people within the grassroots charter school movement that would join the KKK if it didn’t impede on the social ranking in society and threaten their bank accounts. In Delaware the charter school movement was seeded within the displeasure of the desegregation order that forced “whites” to be bused in the city of Wilmington and “blacks” to the suburbs schools ending the suburban Camelot. But let’s make it clear, the new breed of charter school advocates aren’t the same as the original grassroots folks. They’ve become unknowingly nothing more than human shields for the racist deep in the roots of the charter school movement.

I agree 100% with Theo Gregory that charters are part of the choice school process and I support that. However, to build charter schools in such a way it duplicates what the district offer is nothing more than financially weakening the traditional schools by taking students under false promises and taking students who obviously have parents engaged. Many of the student left behind are children whose own parents don’t give a rat’s ass about them. Yet there are still many parents who prefer traditional public schools and are concern with the flow of outbound funding to charter schools.  Amen to no real impact studies being done to justify a potential charter school. Many traditional schools offer STEM and more are on track to do so! So how are new charter schools offering STEM innovated and not duplicating what STEM programs traditional schools offer? Race to The Top is working according to Governor Markell and the dropout rate is at a 30 year historical low! So traditional schools got their shit together and the reward is further financial and moral destruction of the traditional public school system to make room for many untested charter school so-called innovations. Mr. Rago, the for profit equation is there but it’s more of individuals planting seeds for personal profit down the road once cleared of elected and appointed potions. Look at the Bush boys Jed and Neil how they capitalized on NCLB.

The reference to charters having 15-16% higher test scores is a bit skewed because, if you extract those charter students specifically chosen based on academic performance you’ll see the truth! The so-called teaching innovations at Charter School of Wilmington cannot be duplicated at Dickinson even if Dickinson hired all the Charter School of Wilmington’s teachers. Those teachers don’t have the skills to be successful in traditional public schools. However, if you put Dickinson teachers in Charter School of Wilmington with CSW the same handpicked students those teachers will be equally successful as CSW’s.

As far as Red Clay’s contributions to this little video session, Hugh did a pretty good job and seemed to be held back by professional protocol. Kind of odd Red Clay cries about the impact of charter schools after approving three themselves. But yes that was the old guard! However, Red Clay’s cries today reinforces those of us that pushed for no more Red Clay charter schools. Just think, if the old guard was still in power how many more charter schools would Red Clay have? Dickinson and McKean eroding because the old guard was too busy building and advocating for charter schools even beyond the bounds of Red Clay. Kind of like lifeguards going out to save 10 drowning children where they could only fit three at a time in the lifeboat and saved the white children first and hopefully had time to come back for the black children. Many of those grassroots reformers are please to see predominately black and white charter schools. However, for some it doesn’t matter because their goal was accomplished long ago that satisfied their dark cold hearts. Thank God Hugh isn’t part of that old school mentality. Hugh is very approachable to all parents and community members. He has a job and assignments to do that job. He is an emerging leader and I encourage him to continue his dialogue with Wilmington leaders as a learning missing and a leadership building opportunity. There is a lot of success in Red Clay and Hugh is the right person to defend them in such forums like this.     

Now I’ll bet there will be some folks coming in here taking cheap-shots at Theo Gregory and yep his former relationship with Moyer Academy which was rated “commendable” under his leadership and never to reach such rating again. Theo has no problem sitting-down at the table with friends and foe and giving them equal voice! Have I ? Damn right! Theo knows the ugly truth!

As far as Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, his pocket it full of scripts written by the likes of Rodel. Indeed he is personal and articulate but he lacks substance beyond his Rodel programming. Take away his script and put him in a spontaneous town hall meeting setting and he’ll buckle-under!  Just as he did at the New Castle Combined School Boards meeting. Nice person but as a state leader, terrible and must go! The fact is, he is not a leader and is a follower and poisoned by the likes of Rodel. We need a Delaware Secretary of Education that speaks for Delaware children before speaking for Rodel, corporate  America and political agenda.

Hey Rick Jenson, check out John Rago’s slick tactics to bait out guest! I think he would make a great addition to WDEL someday! Duh me! Brain fart! He was with WDEL re: The John Rago Show! I remember being on his show and he thought I was going to drop the F-Bomb on air at Anthony who was calling in! Anthony was to be on the show with us claiming he had to visit a sick friend but the reality was he wanted to attack me.  John’s face was like don’t do it ! LOL :) 

Delaware to go to sheriff sale! Will Maryland Annex Delaware first?

Budget panel: Tax collections more than $75M short Jonathan Starkey /News Journal

The state is showing a $33 million deficit in the current year that Office of Management and Budget Director Ann Visalli says she hopes to solve before June 30, which would still leave the General Assembly to contemplate more than $20 million in cuts for the next budget.


Jeb Bush wants to fix brother George’s failed NCLB! Bring in the clowns (Murphy)

If Matt Denn can’t stand-up to Jack Markell how can he fight crime in Delaware as AG

Matt Denn enters Attorney General race by Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

Lt. Gov. Matt Denn has filed to seek the Attorney General’s office just days after Beau Biden said he would skip a third term to focus on a campaign for the governor’s office in 2016.

Denn said on Thursday after Biden’s announcement that he would give consideration to an attorney general campaign. He made it official Monday, filing with the state elections commissioner and releasing a statement on his website.

So running for AG is a matter of politics not heart for Denn! If Denn’s heart was in wanting to be AG he should have been willing to primary Beau Biden if Beau were to run for another term as AG. After all, Biden was prepared to primary Denn for governor in 2016.

What cracks me up is, Denn wants to lead the charge in fighting crime in Delaware yet he is Governor Markell’s Race to The Top, Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessment cheerleader! Denn doesn’t call for state audits of a suspicious land transaction with Moyer charter schools and some odd:





Transaction with Markell’s old Mckinsey / Chicago Booth buddies. Denn was independently elected as Lt. Governor. Yet he acts like a loyal Vice President to Governor Markell. Yea yea Denn as AG is going to fight to protect kids. All AG’s have done that going way back to Jane Brady’s Safe and Sound Schools. Denn wants to hide behind kids and yet he allows Jack Markell to re-engineer public education to increase the flow of profits going to Wall Street and the Bush family.    

Markell is capitalizing on education sowing seeds for life after governorship and if Denn can’t see this immoral social crime no way should Denn be AG. Matt Denn’s cup of tea is Insurance Commissioner and that’s where is belongs.

But as I have thought about it and talked it over with my family, I’ve realized that the Attorney General’s office would allow me to take a leadership role on some issues that are critical to our state, while still staying involved in the issues involving Delaware’s children that have been the core of my work over the last six years.”

Yet a no show during Red Clay’s Special Ed and ELL inclusion agenda which threatened the integrity of the IEP process and pushed ELL students out of Conrad because ELL students were a drag on Conrad’s AYP. Denn supported legislation that take funding from traditional public schools and move it to charter schools. Denn supports a discriminatory charter school admission preference. 

Denn, 48, was a lawyer for Gov. Ruth Ann Minner

So what does he know about those Minner land deals?

Jennings, who is well known and respected in political circles and the criminal justice community, said in a Friday interview that she is seriously weighing a run.

“I’ve been approached by several people, both inside and outside law enforcement, in the wake of (Biden’s) decision urging me to run…I care deeply for the mission of the Attorney General’s office and the people who work there every day. For all of those reasons, I am carefully considering my options,” Jennings said.

OMG it’s a non brainer State Prosecutor Kathy Jennings should be AG over Matt Denn! SHE HAS COURTROOM EXPERIENCE fighting crime!  The only person out there that could possibly be her is Ferris Wharton!

Electing Matt Denn as Attorney General would be rewarding him for failing to confront Jack Markell on a destructive education reform policy that harms students, parents, the community and educators. Denn says NOTHING about Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy joining ranks with Jeb Bush’s Chief for Change organization.  Matt Denn hides in the corner after supporting Speaker of The House hijacking of House Bill #23! Denn apparently doesn’t want the public to hear recordings of school board meetings because charter schools want to operate like corporation yet the want public money because they are public schools. 

PLEASE KATHY JENNINGS RUN FOR AG. Keep protecting our children and adults! If Ferris Wharton runs against Jennings at least it would be a battle between two professional with experience and far far far more that what Denn has to offer.

Matt man-up and get your head out of Markell’s ass and run for “governor”. If you don’t help stop the crimes against public education, students, parents, teacher and the taxpayers you helped fuel by supporting Markell you’re not fit to serve in the judicial system! Finish the job and promise of open and transparent government! We’re not going to reward you for standing by Jack Markell!    

Did Matt Denn get invited to Beau Biden’s June 13th Seminar with Arne Duncan?

Yep it was an old 2013 event but it demonstrates Beau Biden “may” just run the same Arne Duncan  Wall Street inspired education agenda. Sure we’re talking over two-years away re: 2016 election but the changes like Common Core Standard and the Smarter Balanced Assessment is causing major structural damage to public education now! Superman never came and Matt Denn sat in the corner! So the now in education must wait on G.I.Beau two and half years! OMG Kilroy is so impatient :). This last year’s event demonstrates Beau Biden may be taking Delaware public education dop the same dark road as Jack Markell and Matt Denn. Perhaps Beau may be running for governor to stop this train wreck and perhaps the 2013 event was related to school crime and school bullying. Sorry Beau if you want to run with the dogs you gotta get off the porch! Throw us a bone as to what your vision is on public education reform.      

Beau Biden
We are very pleased to announce that the Beau Biden Spring Seminar special guest will be the Honorable Arne Duncan.

The Seminar is scheduled for Thursday, June 13, 2013 at Arsht Hall. The reception will be from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, and the program will begin at 6:45pm.

We all know there is much discussion these days about the importance of quality education for all of our children, and as the former CEO of the Chicago Public School System, we’re excited for the Honorable Arne Duncan to lead a robust conversation about this critical issue.

If you are not already a 2013 Seminar Member, please reserve your seats for the seminar by going to: If you’re unsure of your status, please contact Jennifer Karakul at

We look forward to seeing you all June 13th and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Stuart M. Grant

Beau Biden’s announcement reinforces Matt Denn is still stuck in Jack’s cheeks

Beau Biden’s announcement he’s running for governor of Delaware in 2016 reinforces the fact the Markell / Denn administration is a complete failure. 

Would I vote for Beau Biden over Denn? I might just switch parties “temporarily” just to make that vote! 

No matter how you cut it, Beau Biden’s announcement puts Lt Governor Matt Denn in the corner and a no-win position. If Matt wants a good shot at being governor he needs to get his head out of Governor Markell’s ass cheeks! Matt was elected independently of Markell. Matt would have won if John Carney won the primary. But for sure Denn’s self-esteem has taken a hit like all of Markell’s other subordinates. I hear there is going to be another Delaware state quarter with Markell’s face on one side and Matt Denn bent-over holding his ankles on the other side.    

Governor Markell has made a complete mess of Delaware’s public education and sadly Matt Denn cheers him on! Markell and Denn ran on open government yet Matt Denn has his hands in railroading H.B. #23. Face it, the speaker of house own’s Matt Denn just as he owns Rep Hudson and his pet legislator Longhurst! We’ll be taking a hard looks at Dover.

Back to Beau Biden! If his announcement is a cover for stepping down for undisclosed health issues where next year he’ll announce something to that effect I’d be disappointed in the “man”. The message he sent is Matt Denn sucks and hasn’t proven himself to be fit to be the next governor. But I wouldn’t be surprised Senator Carper steps down and Markell appoints Beau leaving the door open for Matt Denn to be unopposed for governor. Then again with Marekell’s ego he might appoint himself as senator. However, it’s going to be an interesting political dilemma. 


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