Delaware eradicates bad teachers! Zero percent of teachers rate ineffective !

Virtually no Del. teachers receive poor evaluations Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Zero percent of Delaware teachers were rated ineffective and only one percent were rated “needs improvement” during the last school year, leaving more than half of teachers to be rated effective and almost half to be rated highly effective.

The new evaluation system stirred controversy when the state announced it would be factoring in standardized test scores. Some educators argued test scores don’t necessarily measure good teaching and don’t account for outside factors like parent involvement. And they worried their evaluations, and job situations, could suffer for circumstances beyond their control. 

But in both years when test scores were considered, 99 percent of teachers received passing grades.

Well I’ll be damned ! Governor Markell’s teacher reform plan worked!

Terri Hodges, president of the state PTA, said her organization strongly supports teachers and knows they aren’t the only factor that determines student success. But she said the fact that virtually no teachers received low ratings “is a big surprise.”

“I think this means we need to take a hard look at this evaluation system,” Hodges said. “We support a fair evaluation system, but we can’t say that 99 percent of teachers are effective when we look at the number of students we’re seeing reaching proficiency or how we stack up to other states.”

Kind of like, if PTA supports Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment all parents in Delaware supports them. Is PTA saying greater emphasis on standardized test results should be used in teacher evaluations?   

The lack of almost any bad ratings upsets some who are trying to improve schools, arguing it places no pressure on teachers to step up their game.

“Everybody needs to be held accountable. Parents, teachers, schools, decision-makers the community, everybody needs to be accountable,” said New Castle County Councilman Jea Street, a longtime critic of how schools serve urban students in Wilmington. “If you’re going to leave any of those out, we’re going to continue to miss the mark. And this does not hold teachers accountable.”

Come on Jea where have you been? All the stakeholders came together at the table and hammered out the new evaluation system! There is no such thing as a bad teacher! Race to The Top worked! Just keep an eye on Moyer charter school all you’ll see amazing things happening! I hear the state board of ed is nominating Moyer for an award.  

Well what to do expect when giving public schools corporate status re: Charter schools?

The Con Artistry of Charter Schools

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 09:15By Ruth Conniff, In These Times | News Analysis

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There’s been a flood of local news stories in recent months about FBI raids on charter schools all over the country.

From Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge, fromHartford to Cincinnatti to Albuquerque, FBI agents have been busting into schools, carting off documents and making arrests leading to high-profile indictments. 

Plenty more to read here ……………….. 

Outgoing state Rep Darryl “I love common core” Scott endorses Sean Lynn to fill his seat!

Departing state rep Darryl Scott to endorse Sean Lynn as replacement By James Dawson / WDDE 91.1

Outgoing Rep. Darryl Scott (D-Dover) is endorsing Dover City Councilman Sean Lynn to take his seat at Legislative Hall.

Scott announced he was stepping down in March, but at the time said he wouldn’t back any candidate.

But he says after a recent debate between Lynn and Ralph Taylor, it was clear that there are “significant differences” in positions he took during his three terms in the General Assembly.

Scott served as the chair of the House Education Committee, opposing school voucher programs and backing Common Core implementation, things he says he and Taylor don’t see eye to eye on.

Read more here ………………

The last thing Delaware’s public education needs is a Rep. Darryl ” I love common core” Scott clone! Well it could be worst! Scott could be staying!

New Survey Shows Support For Common Core Is Fading

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Support for Common Core is fading.  In a survey of 5000 people, the results show a drop in acceptance from last year to this… 

  • Public support dropped from 65% to 53%.
  • Republican support dropped from 57% to 43%.
  • Democrat support stayed statistically the same.  64% to 63%. However of those with no opinion, 7% shifted over to against.
  • Teachers support fell from 76% to 46%….  All from 2013 to 2014……. 

Here is how the pollsters teased out the effect of the words “common core.” Half the respondents were asked the full question, below, including the phrases in brackets. The other half were asked the question without the bracketed text.

“As you may know, in the last few years states have been deciding whether or not to use [the common core, which are] standards for reading and math that are the same across the states. In the states…

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What Delaware Needs Is To Bust Up Greg Lavelle’s “Math” Lab

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As large educational organizations have taken larger and larger pieces of control over your child’s education, the math skills seem to have fallen by the wayside. Although behind a paywall, this Wall Street Journal piece, describes what math is like… It isn’t the same as you and I learned…

Draw a picture to divide 2/3 by 3/4?

All mathematicians say: WTF?

Who needs to learn how to draw something that stupid? Have you done it yet? Go ahead, try it.. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Just draw it… Make a circle and cut out a third, and then, divide what is left, into three fourths. Notice, I didn’t say into fourths and shade in three of them. I said divide that 2/3rds by 3/4th….

So … did you get 8/9ths? But wait, isn’t  8/9ths  larger than the original 2/3rds… Why yes, it is. You see what you were thinking of was…

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Exceptional Children Group at Delaware DOE: What Do They Spend Money On? And What Company is BUYING Special Education Data? #netde #eduDE #edchat @ed_in_de @KilroysDelaware

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Being a blogger geek that checks finances for everything, I always get excited when Delaware Online Checkbook updates their website.  It used to be quarterly, but now they do it monthly.  Around the 15th of the month, I get to see where the money is going at the DOE and what the schools are spending money on.  I can usually find some interesting items, as well as some ones that raise my eyebrows.  The amounts below are just for the month of July, the first of the new fiscal year.

The first thing I look for is the residential treatment centers.  Especially the out of state ones the ICT group sends severely complex special needs kids to, because our state doesn’t have the resources (see Delaware DOE: Eye of the Hurricane Part 3).

Advoserv (in Delaware): $407,198.34

Benedictine (in Maryland): $79,200.56

Devereux (in Pennsylvania): $463,743.12

High Road School: $329,669.00


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Even the homeless in Wilmington Delaware has a blogger! Keep it coming brother!

I originally posted this in may. but considering what’s happening in ferguson, mo and all the debate and arguing about race and racism, I’m going to repost it today.

racism and discrimination are alive and well. they are more subtle and less violent but they sill lurk in the shadows and corners of our society. I experience it and deal with it on a regular a basis. it raises its ugly head and attempts to cast a shadow over my daily life quite often….more often than i’d like to admit. discrimination against the homeless is prevelant whether or not we want to admit it. It happens daily to many of us and it takes place in every public place and venue. we can’t escape it.


This blogger is the real deal, a homeless person in Wilmington Delaware.  Fellow Delaware bloggers please consider adding HOMELESS IN WILMINGTON blog to your sidebar blogroll. Everybody in our society must have an equal voice even the homeless! Many people are a paycheck , rent payment or a mortgage payment away from being homeless. You could be next! Thanks dude for your insight and caring !   

DE State Rep John Kowalko spitting fire over Chip Flowers political lynching

Go here for Podcast , Susan Monday Show Delaware 105.9 News Talk. Also, Podcast of the WDEL Allan Loudell Show

Burning Out The Black Man

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Lynchings still take place. Chip Flowers is stepping down. It is time to consider his legacy, and boy, what a great legacy it was…

Chip Flowers is the first and only treasurer to take on the Cash Management Board, a select group of appointees who can get their position by donating large amounts of cash to the successful Governor candidates, even when one has a record for making investments on the fly without informing the investors trusting you with their money, of your personal conflict of interest against making money for them. Even if you were fined and had to pay over $976,000 for your illegal activity?

David Marvin of the Cash Management Board did just that. Paid $976,980 in a fine to the SEC. Through his generous PAC donation to Jack Markell, he now sits on the Cash Management Board, and who knows what conflict of interests are in…

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Delaware’s civil rights time-bomb goes unnoticed!

Folks, I am not yelling fire or stoking the flames! I’ve raised many concerns about civil rights as it relates to public education. I am hear to tell the lids will come off the civil rights time-bomb.

Going beyond the obvious re-segregation of Delaware public schools using Charter schools as the carrot on the stick, black children are no where better off than before the charter school movement. The Race to The Top is over and looks who is still left at the starting gate! As far as Red Clay School District one must ask, why is the administration allowing voluntary teacher transfers aka VT by under-performing teachers via their evaluations into the most neediest schools? If we’re really raising the bar why are we stuck in the mud when it comes to allocation of experience highly qualified via evaluation to the most neediest schools? Why are we classifying Teach for American teachers as the saviors when in fact many of them weren’t education majors and most see Teach for America a resume builder and a place of employment during the economic downturn?

To compound our social problem as it relates to civil right and education, we have Delaware State Representative Deborah Hudson surrendering her own legislation at the request of the pro charter school reformers such as Publius that would require all public school districts, votech districts and charter schools school boards to record the public session of the board meeting and post online for all the hear. Many of Delaware’s public and charter schools failing to meet basic standards are high poverty and predominately African-American. We all agree engaging parents is key to the success of their children yet, the likes of Rep Hudson selling out to the white status quo is shameful. Transparency is dangerous because the truth would be known!  Rep Hudson’s turnabout on transparency is a disgrace!

We can’t improve the streets of Wilmington (crime) if we don’t improve our public schools. Publius and his elitist want to blame “unions” but the truth is, the white elitist run public education in Delaware and “owns” the governor. Just step-back and ask, why is it a bunch of rich white men with a pocketful of $$$ Uncle Toms control the so-called education reform? But I’ll yield and admit Wilmington parents and the real civil rights leaders (whom ever they are) fail to take an active seat in decision making as it pertains to ensuring the promise of fair and equitable promised.  Folks, we are way beyond preaching to the choir and are failing to “act”.

Wilmington Delaware’s murder rate is beyond the norm of the nation! Once could speculate drugs are related and many innocent victims are in the crossfire! Where there is no hope there is dope!  

Yea, I know I am ranting in every direction but it goes like this, when Obama was elected president it transcended into a minority high of pride and hope! Obama’s election wasn’t redemption for all the wrongs against blacks but it did give a sense of hope and changes in race relations for the better. Many see the Republican white status quo as keeping President Obama on the ropes preventing him to deliver the promise change. As for Obamacare, many poor minorities had healthcare via Medicaid. Though many whites will dispute this but, many minorities want a leg-up with good paying jobs not handouts. Obama is the preacher looking to the promise land but the status quo is in the driver’s seat and guess who is still in the back of the bus!

Delaware’s State Treasure is black and comes under-fire for questionable travels on the taxpayer’s dime! Governor Markell is white and is questioned about his travels on the taxpayer’s dime but not under-fire! Honestly, I feel the white money bags that own Delaware fears a black man with his hands on the state’s money. It all comes down to “transparency” and as longs as we have elected officials like Rep Hudson standing on a platform of transparency by fails to deliver because of some white status quo people, we’ll never have real transparency for the people.

I foresee bad days ahead once President Obama finishes his term! One could say if a black president didn’t leave a legacy of improved race relations measure by opportunity and decreased poverty the odds are we’ll have a community of people dishearten and on the edge!

Wilmington’s endless what seems to be daily murder and violent crime puts Wilmington on a course of self-destruct. Governor Markell has failed Wilmington and refuses to effectively address the crime crisis. We have an untapped rainy-day fund at the time Wilmington’s streets run blood red. How hard does it need to rain Jack?

The events in Missouri being driven by animosity towards police because one of their own stepped across the line and others lacking skills in addressing social unrest  will have a ripple effect across America. Then there are the capitalist aka looters taken advantage of a community in “emotional” crisis! When the lid comes of the civil rights time-bomb we’ll see many innocent victims and communities burned.

I can only hope here is Delaware new young civil rights leaders step-up now and take back the community by taking back “their” public schools. Many forget and want to forget Delaware’s past during the riots following the death of Dr. King. However, one man stepped up and bridge the community in the spirit of Dr. King’s position on nonviolence when it came to protest! That person was William “Hicks” Anderson and Hicks is the Godfather of Delaware’s Title 1 and lead a nonviolent revolution with laid the foundation for Title 1 Section 1118 no nothing more than doormat for capitalist like Governor Markell to wipe his feet on. And if you think Kilroy has a potty mouth OMG Hicks didn’t shy away from the F-bomb! I once recommended to a Red Clay board member (former) to dedicate Warner’s Library in the name of William Hicks Anderson and the response was a cold no head-shake. 

Teddy the Tiger, I hear you re: buildup and not tear-down analogy. But the foundation is crack and filled with status quo poison. Many young civil minded men of yesterday have filled their pockets and sold themselves for the sake of greenbacks. Many black education professional dare not stoke the flames of wanted effective reforms with real vocal input from the community served. When the voice of the community is coming from those seeking profits or status there is no community voice.

Sadly to say, a day will come perhaps in this decade America will be faced with a civil rights crisis the will turn America inside-out and yep, once again bring out the troops. We must stop the Wall Street $$$ rape of our public education and the collection of data beyond student academic grades! Build a data dashboard from cradle to career has no merit and will produce a unhealthy social fingerprint of all children and their parents. Secure data!!!!!!!!!!! Yea right! Prosecutors will breech that security to gain more convictions.

Here is the proven blueprint for real change:


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